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?So I've been going to consultations for the past 10 years....

So I've been going to consultations for the past 10 years. I guess I've just been putting it off until after I got married and had kids. I'm 28 and still am not married so I've decided that I'm tired of waiting and I'm finally just gonna go for it!

I'm pretty athletic and work out a lot, so I'm not wanting to get anything too major or obvious. I'm a little worried I'll regret going too small though, so I'll probably go a little bigger than I want to just to rid any doubts. I'm also nervous playing contact sports could increase the likelihood of my implants popping, so a cohesive gel implant may be best for me.

I think I would like to go under the muscle with an armpit incision with the gummy bear implant. I'm not even sure if those three options are possible, but those are my initial thoughts. I haven't done too much research because I don't want to hear anyone's opinion because I'm 100% doing this for myself. I've also decided not to tell anyone, and not because I care that they know (I'm a pretty open and outgoing person and will prob tell everyone post-surgery), but because I (again) don't want to hear anyone's opinion on what they think I should or should not do (I'm a little nervous even posting on here due to it being open to opinions and thoughts, but I enjoy this site and would like to help others if possible). I'm small as hell and ready to not be self conscious every time I put on a sports bra and go to the beach.

If you're interested in following me on this journey, feel free to check back on my posts. I'm 5'4, 130 lbs, about an A-B cup. My pre-op is January 6th and surgery is Jan 16th.

28 Hours Left to Go!

I’m getting pretty excited! Just 28 hours to go!

I had my consultation on Jan 6th and it went pretty well. I waited for an hour, but that’s because someone else was in the room with the Vectra machine and I mean, I can’t really be upset that someone is taking their time to make a decision as important as this. Anyway, I went into the room and felt all the different implants, took my Vectra image (that machine is cool as hell BTW). Next Dr Kortesis came in so I could tell him my goals, concerns, and I also showed him some photos I brought in. I would suggest that everyone brings in various photos of what they like and don’t like. My biggest concern was going too big to where it limits my athletic activities (I’ve played soccer for 20 years and run so I work out 3-5 times per week), but also not go so small where I regretted the size after spending so much money. I knew I wanted the gummy bear implant and assumed I would go with textured from the many reviews I’ve read on, and that ended up being the final choice.

So, he suggested the Sientra smooth, round, under the muscle (no kids and I’m pretty thin so there’s like zero breast tissue) since I wanted to do the armpit incision. I asked him why he suggests round over shaped and smooth over textured. He told me he actually favors textured, but since I wanted the armpit incision, that smooth would be the best option. He suggested round because I naturally have a pretty big gap between my boobs and that round shape would help fill that a little bit. When I was showing him breasts that I liked, I had made some comments like “these are nice, but too far apart” or “these are nice but too close together,” and he explained that has nothing to do with their implant choice and more to do with their body. After some more talking, we decided to go with everything explained above, except textured and inframammary (breast fold) incision. I’ve been 100% against this since the first day I ever considered this (10 years ago), but after hearing all the benefits compared to the armpit incision, I decided to value my health and safety over vanity. He said that incision provides much more control of the placement and pocket size, less tissue damage, and, again, allowed me to go with textured. Plus, he assured me the incision would be 2-3 cm’s in length.

So, next we were discussing size. I don’t know why, but CCs over 300 scares the hell out of me, but he suggested 385-410 based off the photos I provided and goals I expressed. I think the problem is that I don’t really know how boobs work (I’ve read many reviews where people say they were obsessed with the number of CC’s, but they are happy with their size because they can still hide their boobs when they want or let them out to play if they want). I’m just so used to having nothing that I’m afraid I’m going to have these crazy big jugs all in my way and it’s going to piss me off. I’ve seen women with implants in the range with the same amount of breast tissue to begin with, none, and they look great, even a little small for my preference, so again, I think I’m just freaking myself out and need to just trust the professionals here.

I left the office really happy with what was discussed and settled on (again, sientra 5th generation, round, textured, under the muscle, inframammary, 385 CCs), but on the way home (I have a 3 hour drive) I was freaking out a bit. I just kept thinking of everything I should’ve asked and said and checked and done and then I thought maybe my dr didn’t know I already had my surgery scheduled and thought I was just a consult and maybe if he had known the visit would’ve gone differently and I damn near about had a panic attack thinking about the breast size and kept looking at my Vectra image over and over again. The next day I called my Dr’s office and asked them to please have the 355CCs on surgery day just in case. I know the difference between the 2 is a matter of tablespoons, bit for whatever reason the number 355 made me feel so much more at ease. In case you’re wondering, I did look at smaller sizes on Vectra and didn’t feel happy with the gap I would have and decided less than 300CCs was too small to achieve what I wanted. The next day I was going to call back and request to also have 325CCs for the day of surgery, but I decided that if it was between the 3 sizes, the smart choice would be to go with the middle size, so I decided not to request that smaller size. Yesterday was the first time I started to feel like 385 would be too small (because I looked at those Vectra pics all day) so again, I think I just need to stop thinking about it. It’s hard not to because this is such a big thing, but I wish I could shut my brain off. I’m not too worried about capsular contracture or bottoming out, but I am a little worried about muscular deformity or my muscles causing the implants to look deformed. I’ve seen quite a few reviews of women who have dents or lopsided breasts or breasts that look really funky when they flex, so since I work out a lot, I really hope that doesn’t occur. I don’t lift on my arms or chest at all, but I do have a BMI of 21 so I guess that’s making me think my chances are high.

Anyways, wish me luck tomorrow! Apparently my ittie bitties are damn near perfect in terms of asymmetry and size so I guess that means I’ll have damn near perfect bigger boobs, right?!?

Day of and Day 1 Post-op

Yesterday was the big day. I only got two hours of sleep the night before bc I had to get up at 3:45 to be at the appointment by 8am (3.5 hour drive). I got there at 8 and waited about 15 mins and got called back. A nurses assistant came in fist to take my vitals. Next another lady came in to speak about the meds I'm supposed to take and she had me take my clothes off and put on my gown. She left and the anesthesiologist came in and spoke with me for a while about how everything will go and what to expect and she asked me a lot of general questions like my medical history. She didn't say or do anything significant, but for some reason I really liked her. She just seemed super sweet and put me at ease. She left and another lady walked in to take all my before pictures. Then the Dr came in to grab my dream boobs photos and make all the markings on my boobs. The lady took another photo with my markings and then they both left the room. Then it was time to go back!

I was taken into the OR, which was a first for me. It was kind of cool seeing everything that I would see on TV. lol I laid on the table and they gave me a super warm blanket and these massager things that she wrapped around my legs so I was SUPER comfortable. Dr. Williams, my anesthesiologist, then put my IV in, which kind of stung, but at least she got it in on the first try. Then she put the feel good stuff in my veins that feels like chugging a 6 pack in a minute, which made me giggly. Then another nurse put the mask on over my mouth and I was out. I'm sure my lack of sleep helped knock me out super fast.

Next things I recall is waking up in the recovery room and my mom was in there. I think the surgery lasted just a little over an hour. The nurse and my mom helped me walk to the potty so I didn't fall over. I got pretty dizzy at first, but was OK and I didn't puke at all. Then I got rolled out in a wheelchair to go home.

I wasn't in any pain and took my first pain pill and all the other ones as soon as I got home. I was able to eat my soup OK then I passed out for a little bit. I woke up for a little while and then passed out for the night at about 11pm. At 1am the pain in my boobs woke me up. This was the most pain I had been in so far. Yesterday the only pain I had was a bruising feeling. My boobs aren't bruised, but it felt like someone was pushing on a bruise, if that makes sense. I have a foam mattress so it was pretty hard to get out bed like most people have said. I put some ice on my boobs and passed out on the couch bc it's a lot easier to get up from. I didn't take any pills because I couldn't get the bottles open and didn't want to wake up my mom. I woke up again at 7am and woke my mom up so she could open my pill bottles for me. I had some fruit, napped a bit, then my mom made me get up and shower, but I'm glad she did because it felt good. BTW, she's a nurse so she likes to make me do things I don't wanna do bc she knows it's good for me.

Some challenges for the day was pulling my pants up after using the restroom and I can't get my jackets or shirts on. My chest was a lot more swollen and stiff today. I've been doing these exercises where I put my arms up to the side like you would if you were doing the muscle man pose (except you def don't want to flex your arm muscles) and then I pull my forearms as close together as I can in front of me. I was told to these at least once an hour, but I haven't been very disciplined with it. These were a lot easier to do yesterday than today probably because the swelling was so bad. Lot's of swelling in my armpits, the tops of my shoulders and my upper chest area. I've been icing on and off in 20 min periods, but I've also not been very good at icing them every 20 mins. BTW, i used a solution for form-fitting ice packs that's 1 part water and 2 parts rubbing alcohol. That keeps the bags from freezing rock hard so it remains slushy and can form to your curves. Today was also the first day I took muscle relaxers. I've been having minor spasms just under my armpits...I couldn't image having the incision in my armpit and I'm happy I didn't. The scars under my boobs look amazing!There was no blood and they aren't puffy and the line is very thin and short in length.

I was able to go for a walk on the beach and look for sharks teeth and grabbed lunch out with my mom. Anywho, I'm rambling, but that's how everything went the day of and the day after surgery. My implants feel like they are in my armpits and up in my chest. Oh, and the final size was 385 CCs.

25 Surprising Things Post-op

I thought I would just share some things that I never anticipated or didn’t fully understand from others who submitted reviews of their experience.

1. Being able to feel my boobs with the side of my arms. I’m guessing I won’t be able to feel them as much after the swelling completely subsides
2. A lot of swelling in my sides along my ribcage
3. Almost zero bruising only along my sides about where the bra strap goes around the ribs (perhaps from the Arnica or Bromelain?)
4. The heaviness in the chest every.single.time. I get up
5. How hard it is to get up, especially when you have a foam mattress :/
6. The depth of swelling in my sternum. Makes my boobs look abnormal
7. How weird it feels to have numb areas and non-numb areas in my boobs
8. Not being able to wash my hair by myself for the first 5 days.
9. As of day 9, I still can’t put my hair up in a ponytail to my liking, but I’m very picky
10. As of day 9, I'm still not able to wash my upper back or backs of my arms
11. Started driving 7 days post-op. It takes getting used to steering the wheel in a hand-off fashion
12. Sneezing. OMG I HATE sneezing.
13. Not once did I get sick and vomit. Ever.
14. The exhaustion from doing nothing. My body is just so tired and I napped every day up until day 8!
15. Not being able to pull my pants up after using the restroom on days 1 and 2
16. How small my boobs looked immediately after surgery
17. How good icing your boobs feels. It doesn’t sting like a cold compress does for a sprained ankle. I’m assuming the numbness is to credit here.
18. How stiff my upper body movements are.
19. How easy it is to conceal them and show them off ?
20. No itching. Everyone said they itched really bad, but I haven’t experienced that as of day 9.
21. Bending over is not an option. It feels like they are going to fall off my chest. I’ve been squatting to grab everything that’s low lol
22. How knotted up my back was from rolling my shoulders forward to accommodate the twins and the tight skin
23. Gaining 10 pounds in water weight. I didn’t notice any bloating until day 2, and by day 9 it had redused by a lot
24. The desire to grab my boobs all day. I just feel like they need to be held lol
25. How hard it is to hold my purse on my shoulder just like I’ve always done

20 tips and tricks up to day 9

I’m on day 9 and wanted to share some tips and tricks
1. Stop your sneezes if you can. They suck AND hurt
2. Drive extra cautiously and don’t tailgate in case you need to suddenly stop.
3. Arnica or Bromelain (I think) made me have almost no bruising. I started them 3 days prior and continued up to day 8 post op
4. Get off the heavy meds (norco, xanax, zofran) ASAP. They completely drain you and make you sleep all day
5. Do your arm and chest exercises as advised. I believe it really helped. I did 3 sets of 10, 3 times a day. I put my arms up to the side like you would if you were doing the muscle man pose (except you def don't want to flex your arm muscles) and then I pull my forearms/elbows as close together as I can in front of me. Lift your arms from the sides to a T shape. Lift your arms from a T shape to an A shape to touch your hands above your head.
6. Make an alcohol/water (1 part water, 2 parts rubbing alcohol) ice pack solution. The alcohol keeps it from freezing to a complete solid. Double bag them though and you will need to change them because the alcohol will start to create holes in the plastic
7. Swing your leg and squeeze your abs as tight as you can to help you get up out of bed. Sleeping on the couch is way easier to get up from
8. Drink a pre-workout packed with antioxidants, protein and other natural ingredients if you are feeling nauseous. I felt this way only once and as soon as I drank that, I was almost instantly better.
9. Let yourself take deep breaths
10. Have someone who can wash your hair and your upper back for you for at least the first week
11. Drink lots and lots of fluids. I stuck to water and Gatorade and some juice
12. When you’re feeling sleepy, go for a walk and keep moving.
13. Mind your posture. You will naturally want to roll your shoulders forward
14. Use cocoa butter, but don’t put it on too close to your incision bc the tape over the sutures needs to stay on
15. I was advised to use hydrocortisone cream for your rash, not baby powder
16. When having trouble getting your shirts off, put your arms up to reach over your shoulders to your back and pull it up from the back as slowly as possible until you can get it high enough to get one elbow out of the sleeve and you’ll be golden
17. Icing does nothing for the swelling past the first few days
18. Miralax made constipation a thing of the past, and works extremely fast
19. Since I work in an office full of men, I wore double padded bras for a month prior to my surgery combined with bulky shirts and scarves to make the transition not so obvious. I will continue with the bulky shirts and scarves for at least another 2 weeks.
20. Squat to pick things up that are low to the ground.

1 week post op

Again, here are my stats:
5'4", 132 lbs, 36A/34B to start, athletic build
Sientra, round, textured, 5th generation, 385 CC, under the muscle, inframammary incision

It’s now day 9 post op. I can wash my own hair, use the restroom normally, I’m off all meds, I’m feeling those little twinges everyone else feels, but apparently it’s the nerves firing off again. I have no pain, but as of yesterday I started having a little fluttering, odd feeling/spot in my left side, located just at the bottom of my rib cage. I don’t feel anything different compared to my other side, there’s no bruising or redness, or bulging, so I don’t know what it is. My sternum still looks swollen and my boobs seem too far apart still.

That’s all for now. I've included some photos and for some reason some of them are uploading upside down. I've tried everything to fix it, but can't.

Just some more photos

more photos

Adding more comparison photos

As of current, I'm in LOVE with my boobs and how they look and how confident I feel! It's still so wild that I finally got them done and I finally did what I've always wanted to do for 10 years. I love the way they look and can't wait to see how they change through the next year. I won't be posting nearly as frequently, but would like to add pics every now and then as I progress. I feel like a lot of reviewers drop off about 1 mo post-op and I would like to provide a snapshot of how they change over the months. Anywho, here are some new pics!


2 Month post-op

Here are some pics of my progress at 2 months post-op

3 Months Post Op

1 year post-op

I’m finally 1 year post-op and wanted to post updates! I have just 2 complaints, but I’m still happier with them that I was without them. One, I think the scars are riding too high and they aren’t “hidden” in the fold at all. If I had known this I would’ve had them inserted through my armpit or nipple. I chose the fold because I do plan on breastfeeding one day and didn’t want to risk damaging any glands, and because I was told it allowed for more control and less complications for the surgeon. To add to that, I also think my scars are probably one of the worst I’ve seen on this website. I did not tan and I put on their scar cream every single freaking day, but it didn’t do anything to help. And two, I still think they are too far apart.

Front Comparison from pre-op to 1 year post-op

Wanted to post one more! This is a front comparison from pre-op to 1 year post-op!
Charlotte Plastic Surgeon

I liked Dr Kortesis a lot. When he was looking at my wish boobs and marking on my boobs and he said he was really excited for me and that they are going to turn out so good and he's excited to get started and see the results. I don't know if he tells all of his patients that, but either way, it made me feel really happy and trust him a lot. I was no longer nervous after hearing him say those things. The incisions are really small and there was no blood on my dressings when I took them off.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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