49 Yr Old Carrying 27 Lb Baby! Huntersville, NC

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I've had a weight problem all my life I was the...

I've had a weight problem all my life I was the heaviest of all my friends since I was a kid. At 21 I started exercising and lost 40 lbs in 3 months became A size 7 but my belly was always a problem area. People assumed I was pregnant. Had my first child at 24 lost weight again 2nd child at 28.. Belly grew out of proportion, like I was having twins. Lost weight again but my mid section was still big. I'll be 49 next month and people still think I looked pregnant because all my weight is in the belly. I had enough of this so I decided to have a tummy tuck. Had a couple of consults and choose my doctor. He said he thought he would get 20 lbs of fat out of my mid section. Hooray I said. Well one week before my surgery I came down with the flu... Can you believe that??? Just how lucky can I get.? Well thank God by surgery day I was ok so I went in for my procedure. I have never been more calm in my life. I can honestly tell you that it's like I made it all up in my mind. If it wasn't for the excruciating pain, I would say it's like a I fell asleep during a movie . I guess I'm still in shock that I went through with it. Or did I? Surgery was March 28. I can only get up to pee which I have to do like every hour. Now here's the funny part, are you ready? Harry Potter has nothing on Dr Kortesis because he took out 27 lbs of fat out of my belly. That's three 9 lbs babies!!!! And the funniest part yet is that I don't know what I look like yet! I can't stand up straight the compression garment is been on me since I woke up from surgery and even though I took it off to wash it while I showered, I haven't seen myself in the mirror. It's like I'm afraid if I look I'll wake up and I'll realize it was just a dream. I just can't stand up straight long enough to take a peek. I mean 27 lbs is a ridiculous number. I know I'm very swollen even my feet and hands are. I might just have a mental breakdown over this. Here are some before surgery photos so you can see I'm not making this up. I have my 3rd post op appt Monday and I'll ask the doctor's office to take some photos of what I look like now because I don't think I can do it. I'm just too freaked out to look at myself. For those of you considering a procedure like this ,I can tell you to prepare for a lot of pain because it's real, but if my results are like I hope they are, I would do it a thousand times over.

49 yr old gets rid of Bat Signal and 27lb baby she's carried for 23years!!!

Boy, I was really out of it last night when I wrote my first post about my procedure, because I talked all kinds of non-sense, but all it is true. Do l tummy tuck with lipo of the flanks and back. 27 lbs gone, and the bat signal is no more! I'm team superman anyways, Ben Affleck just doesn't do it for me. Or wait! There's wonder woman now... Yeah, and she kicks ass. I have dark hair so maybe.... See what I'm mean, I'm talking smack again!!! My daughter is getting a kick out of all the craziness I'm saying... She hasn't figured out she's the 27lb baby ice been referring to so the joke is on her!

What ever you do, DON'T DO THIS!!

I'm sure you all will agree that not having a bowel movement for days is not fun, but you know what is worst than going through that? Or rather after going through that? Getting diarrhea!!! Oh man. It's bad enough to get it when you're healthy and can move at a normal speed, but when you're a week out from having a tummy tuck and are moving like a snail... It is the worst!! I mean , I can barely make it to go pee with all the water (a gallon+ a day) per doctor's orders. But having to run or poop where you're sitting, it is the worst feeling in the world!!!! l think milk of magnesia is what did it for me...i was taking miralax but after 4 days nothing was happening so I took milk of magnesia and next thing I know, it was like an atomic bomb hit me. As nasty as this post may be to some, I think you need to know and be prepared... Trust me, I wish someone would have warned me.


Oh my God, swollen doesn't even begin to describe how I am. My mid section back and hips are puffy but hard like stone, how is that even possible? And at this point I don't think I'll ever be able to stand up straight again. I'm not in pain, it's just that my muscles are so right that they feel like my boobs are tied together with my incision at the hips. I could play Igor in Frankenstein because that's how I feel.
Can anyone tell me how long before I can start being able to straighten up? I know it's only been 10 days but man, this is hard walking bent in half!

Pre-op Photos....

So I had a doctor visit today and got one of my drains out, Yay! I consider myself lucky because they haven't really bothered me. The tip I got from one of the Realselfers to clip them to a lanyard to make sure they're not getting snagged on and accidentally pulled on things was a godsend, I highly recommend it.
So anyways, I also got access to my pre-op photos, let me tell you, I think I owe extra money for how much marker the doctor had to use to mark up all the areas to be lipo'd. I can also tell you that I knew I had fat and extra skin, I mean, I see myself naked everyday, but when I saw the photos they took, I couldn't believe I only weighed 150 lbs, which is what I weighed that morning when I went to pre-op!!!! Come On? It's impossible! You see the photos.
As the doctor was marking me up he said " You don't know what's about to hit you girl, all this will be gone" I just couldn't fathom getting lipo on my waist and hip rolls and having that tighten the skin. I knew the skin he would cut from the tummy would make a big difference but never in my wildest dreams did I think that my shape was going to change so much. Dr. Kortesis really is to me like Harry Potter, a real wizard. He liquified and cut out Voldemort (AKA) "the fat" for good! I still have a lot of swelling and recovery to go through so I know this can only get better and right now my friends, I feel like I have abs of steel. Be prepared, these photos are nasty. My post op photos will be taken tomorrow so you can please tell me I'm not crazy or dreaming because sometimes I still feel like I am.
Good night to all you ladies, don't be discouraged or afraid of going through this procedure. Like my son said to me, think positive and you will be okay!

First post-op photos

Taking these photos was extremely hard because trying to stand up straight is extremely hard. I had to ice my back for a while before being able to stand long enough to take these photos but here you go!

I'm definitely not the same person. 2 weeks 1 day post -op

I took these photos yesterday before I went to the doctor to have my second drain out.
The doctor said I'm doing great, scar is healing nicely and the best part, he said that if I'm happy with my results now, I haven't seen anything yet! He said I still am extremely swollen and that when that swelling goes down I'm gonna see a huge change, what?? That was music to my ears of course, because I'm already so happy, I can't imagine it getting better.

I really wish all of you ladies thinking of having this type of procedure a smooth journey as the one I'm having. It is definitely the best investment I've ever made! Truly Life-changing!

Never in my wildest dreams would I've believed this!

So even though they recommend that you don't shop for new clothes after a tummy tuck for a few weeks and that most likely you won't even be able to fit in your current wardrobe because of swelling, I went ahead and ordered a few dressers and tops online. Right before my tummy tuck I bought a medium stretchy cotton dress which I figured would fit me in a medium of not right after surgery, hopefully in s the weeks. I have not worn a dress in over 6 years because my stomach was so flabby I looked like a badly packaged sausage. Well to my surprise my stretchy dress for me ( it's the gray one you see on the photos). I figured the pieces I ordered should be medium too just to be safe. Well I started getting my packages on Friday and some today and I am still on shock because they are all being returned...I am officially a small!! All medium or 8/10 fit me too big. If this isn't magic I don't know what it is!!! I was wearing size 16 pants and 1X and even some 2X tops. My doctor is a wizard, or miracle man to have made this happen and I feel like I'm still shrinking. There is still swelling in my back and abdomen. I'll upload some new photos tomorrow so you can see the transformation. I hope this helps encourage any of you who are having doubts about what your results might be like. I sure never would have thought my body would change so much and I'm not even 3 weeks post-op yet.

Going back to work is tough!

I went back to work on Wednesday and the response I got from my co workers when they saw me made me feel like a million bucks! One of them even shouted profanity, she said she couldn't believe what she was f....n seeing. Their reaction was more than what I expected!
Now I do have to tell you being at work those 3 days sitting down 8 hours even though I got up frequently Tu go to the bathroom which is a good walk from my desk, was brutal on my body. I was so swollen and sore like I felt a few days after surgery. I literally have not gotten out of bed today except to eat breakfast a few minutes ago, and it's 2:00 p.m.! My body needed sleep and loud of rest for sure. I'm definitely much less swollen this morning.
So with that being said, moving is important, but so is rest so make sure you get lots of it! All and all, pain and scar, this is the best thing I've ever done for myself. Any of you who have doubts about having a tummy tuck and lipo, don't. You will not regret it, it will change your life!
Charlotte Plastic Surgeon

Dr Kortesis is amazing. He made me feel very comfortable since my consultation. You are gonna hate me for a little while he said because I'm very aggressive and want you to get the best results possible. I met in person with some of his patients and also chatted on real self with someone else who has a lower body lift in January and all his patients spoke wonders about him. I know that I could not have had anybody else do this procedure for me except maybe Dr Hunstad who is one of the most renouned plastic surgeons in the country and Dr kortesis' partner. The extra care you get at the Hunstad-Kortesis center is first class ladies. I just need to stop being such a chicken and see my after photos so I'll know it's not all a dream. Maybe tomorrow is the day!!!

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