My Breast Reduction 09/11/2013

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Hello, all. I've been reading many reviews and...

Hello, all. I've been reading many reviews and I've decided to finally write my own experiences. I just had my breast reduction on 09/11/2013 about 8:00 in the morning. I didn't get out until noon. I opted to stay overnight at the hospital which I'm glad I did during my pre-op appointment with my doctor. I was very sensitive to the anesthesia so it took me longer than usual to wake up. I was then nauseated and just threw up while trying to use the bathroom. Last night, I had very bad constipation from the pain killers. I wasn't fully aware of that at all. So after some googling, I took Milk of Magnesia at 11:00 pm. Woke up at 2:30 and didn't fully release my clogged up self until 3:30 AM. So for those that may not know, get some prune juice, Actavia yogurt and milk of magnesia ready. Cause you will need that while on painkillers. Today I'm finally having good bowel movement though still loose, it's better than being clogged up. (Sorry for being TMI but this was something important that I should have known about. LOL)
I've had some great support from my husband and my best friend. Especially my best friend who was here to help me, my husband and son with dinner, meals, some home made soup and remedy for my recovery.
Today I still have my headaches and my pain from the surgery. I had liposuction done as well as a nipple reduction too. My pain is about a 3 and 4. Not bad just a lot of discomfort. I'll be having my post-op appointment with my PS today at 4:30. I don't know if my drainage will be ready to be taken out. I rather have it in so it can drain all the fluids, but we shall see what my PS says.
I'm glad it's over with so I can start recovering. It was scary the day of my surgery because I was just so sick. I'm hoping to feel so much better in the coming days and I will continue to write and post pictures up. Good luck to all of you out there trying to get this done and hope you all are recovering well too!

Day 6. Post Op Breast Reduction

Very itchy now. Taking Benadryl to help. Still on pain medication. Still dizzy and drowsy from it. Bowel movement much better now since drinking prune juice daily. Very bloated but lost four pounds since Surgery day. Stitches from the nipple will be remove on Friday, September 20th. Scared. Going to research if taking pain meds before the appointment will help the pain.

Day 1 Surgery Day.

Markings of where things will be going!

Day 2 Picture

This is Day 2.

Still trying to navigate around

Here is Day 2

Still learning to navigate around

Day 3 at PS.

Day 5

Day 5 picture. I also had a nipple reduction.

Day 6. Underneath the breast

For the past few days, I've had yellow fluid coming from the incisions. Not bad or heavy but it leaves spots on my ace bandages.

Day 5. Underneath the breasts

Below the right breast.

Day 8.

I am sick today and looks like a small infection forming on the bottom of the anchor incision. Call the PS office and the nurse ask me to go in today to check it out. I hope it's not an infection.

Not an infection

Met my doctor and I don't have infection. Thank goodness. Though I still have Mt headaches. Nauseated. I had the stitches from my nipples removed and it was "OUCH!!". It felt weird like it's being pulled and was painful on the right nipple. It sends like the thread was stuck and he had to pull on it. Ouch!! My doctor told me that I'm bleeding around the nipples so that means I have blood supply located there and it's a very good sign! Yay! Other than that I'm doing fine so far.

Day 10, well, Day 11 Post Op.

I've finally had a chance to update my progress. I was sick since Wednesday. Vomiting. No appetite. Cried. Wanted to just die from my misery. My girlfriend was here and made me a chicken (hen) soup with ginger root. That soup helped so much! It was the only thing I was able to keep down. Today I felt much better. Still have the slight headaches but not as bad as throwing up and crying because I was so miserable. Box of tissues is definitely something I should have bought for the recovery. lol. Here are pictures of my current progress.

Day 12. Post Op. I think it's Day 11. I'M SO CONFUSED! \*-*/

I am a little concern for my breasts as they are getting too red around the nipples. I was itching all day yesterday. Feeling better however. My sister and her kids came to visit me and brought me more cucumbers. She cooked a noodle dish for dinner and brought doughnuts. Ate more than my share all night. It's great seeing her and my nephews and niece!
My PS told me I can start wearing sports bra on my last checkup but I haven't gone to the store yet. Last time I went, I came home sick. I'm sure something else may have trigger my sickness but I'm still scared to go shopping. lol.
I'm still wearing my ace bandages and have gauges over my nipples.
I will have to go buy a sports bra that opens in the front. I'm not looking forward to it at all.
I'm still

Day 12.

I am feeling much better today. No bad headaches *knock-on-wood* I won't return to work until next Monday. So this week will be recovery. I went to Wal-Mart today to get my sports bra. They didn't have much selection of any sports bra with the open front. I went with Fruit of the Loom's open front Sports Bra. My pre-op bra size was 38DDD. I bought a size 40 no cup size in these Sports Bra. I didn't want it too tight on me. It fits pretty well.
I've noticed for the past week and a half that there is a much larger problem to my body. I have a very huge stomach. I never saw it before until after the BR surgery. LOL. So my goal for the rest of the year and next year is to lose my stomach. Start going back to the gym in 6 weeks or maybe 7 weeks and continue my Hip Hop gym classes. And work on my flat buttocks and flatten my stomach. Without the big breasts now, I will be able to exercise more freely and not having to worry about my babies jumping and running with me too.

24 Days. Post Op

Wanted to update my pictures. Was sick for a couple of days but feeling better now. Will go back to work on Monday. Not really looking forward to that. Rather be a housewife, but middle classes don't get that luxury.
I'm still itching every day around my breasts. On Wednesday, my PS removed the steri-strips. I now have to put Vaseline and antibiotic ointment on my nipples and incisions. I went and got a bra with a thicker band at Dillards that I wear during the day and the sports bra I wear when I sleep. I still can't sleep on my sides because it hurts.
Oh, I hate the itching the most! Benadryl I still take but sleep be visiting.
I talked to my PS about that problem area I had and he said there's nothing to worry about and just put antibiotics on it and it should heal over time. I also put a question about that on and got the same responses from other doctors too so I am relieved.
I'm just ready for the recovery to be over with....

Another concern. Dark area on right breast.

The area near the incisions on my right breast is causing me some concerns. I was actually poking on it and I couldn't feel anything. I jumped over the incision to feel the other side and I was able to feel my fingernail in that area. Now I'm really worried that I may not have any feelings on that dark spot and the tissue underneath the skin is dead?!??! I am keeping an eye on it for the next few days then I'll call my PS to see if he can look at it. I'll be doing more research on this kind of problem to see if I find any other answers too. Let's all hope and pray that we all heal and recover beautifully. *gulp*

3 Weeks Post-Op Update

Hello everyone! It's been three weeks today since I had my Breast Reduction surgery. Can't believe how time has flown by! But yet I am so ready for this healing and recovery to be over with!
I would like to complain that I am still itchy around my breasts!!! Even when I take Benadryl! I love it when I take the bandages off and just slightly scratch around my breasts. The incisions are not itchy, it's everything else around it that is itchy. As my pictures are portrayed, you can see red marks where I've scratched myself stupid! I can't help it! IT FEELS SO GOOD WHEN I SCRATCH IT!! I need to stop or else, I'll be worrying about healing the skin of my breasts too.
Okay. Last week or a few days ago, I thought I was on Day 25 of my Post Op, but I'm not. I've been losing count and not remembering much. Sorry!
I'm still worried about the little yellow almost-scab below my right nipple, the numbness on the right side of my right breast and then three days ago, there was a blister that formed, but looks like it's slowly disappearing, which is below my right breast near the bottom incision. Also, Righty still has that dark spot that I'm a little bit concern about but I'm just going to keep an eye on it. Righty just don't want to cooperate.
Lefty is doing really well so far, except for the nipple. It was sort of yellowing but then it looks like it may have stopped. I just got to keep putting Neosporin on it.
I went to visit my PS last Wednesday and he said I can put Vaseline on my incisions and only put the antibiotic ointment on my nipples, however, I'm putting antibiotic ointment along my incisions. I'm afraid to stop and something happens. My PS also said I can start putting moisturizers around my breasts but I've just been putting Vaseline instead. I will start moisturizing my breasts once my mind "thinks" my incisions are COMPLETELY LOCKED AND SEALED. I'm trying to be so careful! LOL!
Besides the itching, I also have muscle tensions on my shoulders. I think it's because I'm trying so hard not to hurt myself and my shoulders are the first to tense up. LOL!
For the past two days, my breasts has been sore and having pins and needle jabbing around my breasts. NOT a nice feeling but it comes and goes. I'm trying to not do too much so it won't cause more pain.
Went back to work on Monday and I am learning to not walk so fast going places, like the bathroom, to the car, to the food court, etc... because it does hurt my breasts when I walk to fast bouncing my breasts. And yes, my breasts are slowly getting their bounce back. More from Righty then Lefty. My left breast, I'm still very much swollen where I had liposuction. I'm still sore in the back from both the sides because of that too, but I'm so glad I had it done cause I no longer have that caterpillar look where my bra line is at. LOL.
My PS still want me to put non-stick gauze on my nipples and it's become quite expensive so now I'm using pantie-liners. They are not as comfortable as the gauze but they work nonetheless.
So far, only two person said it looks like I've lost weight. So I am blaming my stomach who somehow miraculously showed up after my surgery. I believe my surgeon remove my breast tissue and put it there. LOL! But seriously, I never knew how big my stomach was until my breasts were gone! Ai-Ya!
Can't wait to get the a-okay to start working out again so I can lose that stomach!! It's SO HUGE!! BUT I LOVE TO EAT EVEN MORE!!
Well, I've attached a few pictures of my 3 weeks Post-Op.
Have yourself a great week, ladies!!! I shall update next week or if anything else interesting comes to mind....

HA! Just realized something!!

Realself provides the Post Op days for us each time we update our profile! HA! I was not aware of that and just realized it! So I am 21 Days Post Op today!! Awesomeness!!

With new bra

I bought two new Bali bras from Kohls yesterday. It's very comfortable HOWEVER, due to me having a huge belly fat, the seam rolls up when I sit down. Grrr... That just means, I've got to lose weight. LOL! But this Bali bra (Comfort Revolution) has better material than the ones I got for really cheap at another store cause it doesn't irritate my skin and is much smoother. So I give it two thumbs up for the Bali Bra Comfort Revolution Full-Figure with Smart Sizes - 3484!!

4 Weeks Post-Op today!!!

I just love coming to this site and reading everyone's reviews of their breast reduction! I love reading and seeing pictures of everyone's progress!! I'm just so glad I am not doing this alone and have you ladies here because I know my friends and family and husband are not enthused as much as I am. HA! So thank you for posting your reviews, your pictures, your progress and sharing this with me!!

Well, I'm at 4 weeks post up!! And that was a long time coming!! Cannot wait to be at 4 months! And I'm still itching like crazy!! The bottom of my breasts are red from my scratches!
The little yellow spot underneath my right nipple is slowly healing! I still have that same bruise and it looks like the left is developing a bruise too. I hope it's nothing serious. But I'll keep an eye out for it. That small blistered that form underneath my right breast is gone. Only a trace of red.

I bought a Marena bra from Amazon and I was so excited to get it in the mail on Tuesday. It was tight on me but I figured I needed the compression, right? So I wash it and dried it and wore it that night to sleep. 4 hours into my sleep, I HAD A NIGHTMARE. Dreamt that my mom was possessed by some demon.
She was in her bedroom on her bed and her room was full of steam. It was so hot in there. My mom was giving everyone this crazy eye look and I was just so scared of her and was sad that she was possessed, then suddenly shots of pain just came through my breasts and I started screaming so loud. Scream liked I've never had before. My chest felt like it was on fire!! It was the worse feeling ever! Worse then after my surgery. My mom looked at me and snapped out of her possessive stance and said, "My daughter is in pain! She just had a breast reduction! Please help her!!!" Then I cried and scream in agony and scream so loud that it woke me up from my dream. When I woke up, my breasts were in PAIN!!! The Marena bra was too damn tight!!! I should have return it for an extra large (I ordered a large) but I didn't.
Anyhow, even though it was tight, I still didn't want to get up. I laid in bed with the lights on for 30 minutes and couldn't fall back to sleep. My husband woke up and asked why the lamp was on and I told him I had a nightmare and he just put his arms around me without coming close to my breasts. LOL. But after laying there for a little bit, I decided to get up and wear the loose sports bra instead. After that, I finally went to sleep! Now I have to lose weight so I can fit into that expensive Marena bra. If you plan to order one, order one larger than you would. I should have measured myself but I figured a large size was big enough, but it wasn't.

Anyway, my breasts still have zingers here and there. And if I wear my bras too loose, I can feel pain later and if I wear it too tight, I have nightmares and my breasts would be burning with pain. LOL.
My breasts hurts when I drive with the seatbelt wrapped over it so I brought a fleece blanket in my car and put it between the seatbelt and my breasts. That helped with the rubbing of the seatbelt against my chest.

Overall, I'm feeling pretty good. My butt still hurts from lying on it, sleeping on it and sitting on it. I'm ready to sleep on my sides again and my stomach too! I'm just ready for the healing to be over!!!

Anyway, here are my pictures at 4 weeks!! I'm still hoping and praying that everything will go smoothly! I'm not home safe yet. So more praying I gotta' do until I'm at my one year post op!!

Happy healing to you all, ladies!!!

Sharp pain on right breast

Wow! Had sharp pains underneath right nipple and hurts even more when pressing on it. I had to remove the gauge from my right breast. The pain started at 5:00 until I got home from work and took Hydrocodone at 9:00. Now I have a headache. Ready to heal.

5 Weeks Post Op Today!

Grrrrr.... I wrote this long long review for today but Google Chrome said, "NOPE! NOT TODAY! No one wants to read a novel about your boobs!"

So lucky you! It won't be long today!

But I do want to say that today I just started using Mederma Scar Gel for my side incisions of where my drainage where at. Using it because it's lumpy and want the incisions to go down. Let's see how well it works within a couple of months.

And as my internal sutures are still trying to keep my breast tissue and fat together, I need to wear a supportive bra because gravity is just pulling it downward and causing my breasts to be in pain and sore if I don't hold them in place. That's my reason and I'm sticking to it. LOL!

But here are my breasts at 5 weeks post-op!!!

Red along the incisions.

Anyone else having these red incisions? It seems, my right is getting more red and wider. I'm afraid my nipple is going to split open! It's getting thin along the incisions too. =0\

6 & 1/2 Weeks Post Op - 46 Days

Posting new pictures. I've stopped using the Mederma Scar gel. It makes me itch too darn much.
I developed a blister underneath my left breast about a week and a half ago so I've been babying it and it's finally closing up.
My breasts are still store and still have zingers. My nipples still are sensitive and hurts every once in a while but it's tolerable.
My breasts are finally getting softer and it's dropping slowly. My sides are still sore especially when I sleep flat on my back.
My best friend (Alex-monthly) in the whole wide world (WWW) finally showed up last Sunday since my surgery. I was just irritable!! Was mad at everyone and everything. But I'm glad it did came because it was over 5 weeks when it showed up. Usually it's 3 weeks! But I did enjoy not having it come around either.
Here are the updated pictures from October 26, 2013.

Oops. Let me finish uploading the rest.

Hit Post/Save Changes by mistake when I didn't finish adding all my pics yet.

7 weeks Post Op today!

It's getting so close to 2 months!! Can't believe it. My incisions are red especially on my left side and my nipples. Hopefully that will calm down in a few weeks. I still have zingers and pain here and there.

But what worries me even more is getting my insurance straighten out with my hospital and anesthesia bills. So I'm stressed about that. I hope I won't be paying more than what I've already had. Need to call BCBS insurance to see what is going on. *sigh*

"God is good! God always provide."

Here are my pictures again. Not much has changed. So I'm just posting a few pictures.

Hallow spot underneath nipple and areola...

Has anyone ran their finger over their nipple and areola and felt a hallow spot underneath it?

Sad and depressed...

I went to Target today to finally try on some "real" bras and it left me DEPRESSED!! I took a picture of it and *sigh* my left breast still looks much bigger than my right. So after being disappointed in the fitting room, I just bought a sports bra and came home.

I took out the measuring tape and finally MEASURE my breasts. *sigh* my left breast is off by half an inch to 1/4 inch bigger than my right. I'm 9 1/2 inch from one nipple to the other. About 8 1/4 from my collarbone to nipple on both but the distance from my rib cage to the nipple is off by 1/4 inch. Left being bigger.
Then measuring the bottom incision to the nipple, the left is also 1/4 inch longer.

I'm so sad and depressed now that I'm heading straight down to the fridge and eat a half a gallon of ice cream then some Oreo cookies with milk. And if that doesn't stop the pain, I'm going to order two large pizzas AND an order of cheesy breadsticks! LOL!

Okay, I'm not going to do that. LOL. I am a little disappointed but you know, our plastic surgeons are NOT perfect. They can only help enhance our bodies and make it better than what it was before. (God didn't have the time to make us perfect and so He gave us plastic surgeons. tehehe)

I am thankful that my new breasts looks so much better than before and as I was walking around Target today, I finally realize that my upper shoulders did NOT hurt at all. So that I am grateful for. =0)

The depressing bra

Yeap, these were the bras I tried that got me all sad.

11.12.13 - Today is my birthday

I've been very stressed out lately so I haven't updated my profile. It's my birthday today and I just feel sad. It's snowing too.
I hope this coming year will be better.

But I'm sorry I haven't responded to everyone's responses but I will.

9 Week Post Op

Thank you for those that wished me a Happy Birthday. It has been one of those sad birthdays but at least I accomplished something that I've been wanting to do for so long... my BR!

Today marks my 9 week Post Op.

I also saw my PS last week, November 6th. He told me that I had 550 taken from my left breast and a little over 600 on my right, I think. Forgot which breast was bigger.

And the nipple reduction he gave me which the left nip didn't close up correctly, he will redo it again in six months for free. He won't take much out. He will sort of shave it down a little and then stitch it. Then the stitches will be taken out after a week or two. He said it should only take about 15 minutes to do. So I'm thankful he will help correct that in six months.
I'll call to schedule this procedure in May 2014. Maybe I'll get it done May 7th or May 8th. If I can do it sooner, I would love to do it instead right before the summer months.

About my breasts, I still get zingers once in a blue moon and I notice that if i get stressed out about something, I'll get it more. So I'm trying to stay positive and worry free. That is hard to do considering my life isn't going so well for me except my breast reduction. But I'll have to be strong and carry this through. God always provide. He is good.

Right now, I'm not sure what my bra size is. I still haven't gone to measure myself but I've tried on some more bras and it looks like I may be a 38B or a 36C. My PS did tell me that my breasts will go down some more and he asked if I will be fine with it. I told him I will be fine with it. I've had those humongous boobs for so long that I will be happy if it goes down smaller. Plus it will equal out with my butt. LOL. But mainly, I can't wait to lose weight and wear pretty sundresses or finally wear a bikini top.

Speaking of losing weight, I haven't gotten back to working out yet. My life is too stressful to do that now.

And I've gained five pounds within two weeks. I do need to stop eating so much carbs, like bread, rice, pasta and desserts!!

Also, I've stopped using Mederma because it itches. I don't know if I mentioned that on my earlier posts. But I may have to go back to it for the incisions on my left side cause it's so RED!!

Alright... Thanks for reading, ladies. I'm going to reply to everyone's comment now. =0)

Sharing 2 Days Post Op pictures

I thought I'd share close up pictures of me on Day 2 Post Op.... After looking at these photos compared to what I see now, I'm happy with the results thus far!!

Sharing 66 Days Post Op Picture

Here is today's compared to one of the 2 Days Post Op picture. The picture is blurry because I took this myself and I had to take many shots to duplicate the position like the Day 2 pic. After a while, I just didn't care if it looks the same or not so out of all of them, this is the closest one.

Posting Day 2 and Day 66 next to each other.

Sorry, I deleted the other two pictures from today's Post Op Day 2 and Day 66. Want to uploaded it all together in one post.

I haven't shown anyone my new breasts except my husband.

I haven't shown my new breasts to my best friends or my sisters or my mom! I'm Asian so we are more modest... NO! NOT modest, just afraid they will point finger and laugh at it.

So yeah, I don't want to turn beet red with embarrassment that's all. And they've never seen my before-breasts and they won't be seeing my after-breasts either. ESPECIALLY since my friends and sisters love to crack jokes! LOL!

But if they want to see it badly enough, they can come to this site. =0)

11 Weeks Post Op

Today is my 11 Weeks Post Op!

Drove in my car the other day, just thinking and I still can't believe I finally got small boobs!!!

So far, my scars in some areas are invisible but some are still red and some are swollen or raised. The bruises on breasts near the T junction is still visible. I hope it goes away. I just hope it's not dead skin underneath that or blood clots. I'm still numb on my right side boobs where the bruise is at.

My side liposuction, I'm still a little bit sore and numb in some parts.

I still get zingers here and there but not drastic anymore.

Still have not gone out to buy a shaped bra. I'm still wearing sports bra, genie bras, that tight Marena bra, Bali bras, but not those cup bras yet. I'm between a B and C so the cups fit funny. My PS says I may go down even more.

I hate wearing bras though, especially since I got rolls on my stomach. I just hate the tightness of the bra. I rather not wear one but I have to or my breasts will start sagging again and getting bigger.

I need to start working out again and start eating better. I don't want my breasts to grow big again.


14 Weeks or 3 Months and 1 week Post Op

Hello, everyone.

For the three days my right nipple has been very sensitive and painful when touched. Feels like a big needle is in there and each time you press it, it pricks and hurt. The areola around it is fine. Just the nipple itself that hurts!!
The left side incision is really big and red. I hope it heals with time. Still afraid to sleep on stomach.
Went bra shopping and I am a 38D. I gained 5 pounds!!! We can't be eating what we want and then gaining weight while still trying to heal our incisions.... I'm about to bust my incisions!!!
Need. To. Stop. Over. Eating.

6 Months Pre-Op

I've been missing but wanted to update on my six month pre-op. Exactly six months ago.

It's been along recovery! My scars are not healing well. I still itch along my scars. I've been using bio oil religiously but my red raised scars are still there. I'm not losing hope... Yet. I've gained ten pounds since surgery and I really dislike myself right now!! I need to really, really, seriously get back in the gym and eat healthy! Ok. The diet starts tomorrow.... I think.

Anyway, here is one updated pic of my breasts. Not as perky as it was before. Sad. Might need to do some chest exercises. LOL.

fixing nipple

In 12 hours going in to fix my left nipple.. so scared! More scared than the BR surgery itself. Needless. Got steroid shots for my bad scars and they hurt like a mofo!!!

Revision on nipple 06/27/14

Hello! Did my revision on Friday, June 27th. The procedure took about 20 minutes. The PS cut open the nip again and took out the scar tissues. Then sewed it back. This time, it wasn't a straight cut so I have funky stitches. I will go back Pon Thursday to have the stitches removed. I hope it's not too soon and I hope my nip don't split open again. I'm ready to heal!!
Still sad that my PS did such an amazing job with my breast reduction but my body didn't want to heal properly. So no matter how great your doctor can be, it depends on how well your body recovers and heal.
After this, I need to go back and work our and lose weight. I've gained ten pounds since my surgery from September 2013.

I have no self control when it comes to food. And no ambition to work out at all. Hopefully, I'll get out of that funk soon.

1 year and 1 month post up

Since the surgery I've developed either keloids or hypotrophic scars. They do hurt really be. I went for my second shots of steroid injections, not sure the name of it. Will have to get details of it from my PS. It really hurt! I was trying not to cry or sweat from the pain. Just want to update pictures of my breasts.

2 years & 5 months post up for scar update

I've been getting the shots to reduce my hypertrophic scars. Some scars have reduced and now flat. While there's still the big scar on my left side boobs. It seems my skin has also thin in the process for the left side breast where the scars are at.
I'm in the beginning stages if finding why it's causing my skin to thin out as if there's no top fat layer. It's as thin as the eyelids. If I can't find anything, I'll have to go back to my PS to see if he can determine the cause of it.
Charlotte Plastic Surgeon

I will review further but so far Dr. Miles has been great! He's given me last minute surgeries that I forgot to mentioned to him about. Hopefully, I won't have to pay much more after it's processed through my insurance.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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