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I'm going back to Dr. Kortesis on 3/10/16 for my...

I'm going back to Dr. Kortesis on 3/10/16 for my final consult!

We will be discussing my final phase of body contouring after major weight loss, which will be an arm lift w/lipo, thigh lift with lipo, and breast lift with implants. I imagine he will also lipo my back as well, although I do not have rolls or fat deposits bad enough to warrant a bra line lift. I'm really grateful for that!

I originally wanted to just have my breasts lifted without any implants, but I was advised that I would not look the way I wanted without the implant since I'm so deflated. I have a fair amount of breast tissue as I used to be a DD when I has heavy, so I'm excited to hear about my options. More than anything, I want my breasts to look natural and proportionate to my body.

I think I will want to go under the muscle so that I don't have to worry as much about repeated sagging, but I will let the Vectra imagining help me decide. I haven't thought too much about my breasts until now, and now I can't decide if I want a C or a D cup....probably a D cup. My husband is chanting "bigger is better" LOL

I am more excited to have my arms and thighs addressed than anything else, as this is the only thing holding me back from my clothes fitting correctly at this point. I originally met with Dr. Kortesis to address my arms and wound up doing my lower body lift surgery first; on January 6th I underwent a circumferential lower body lift with vertical fleur de lis, and he removed 26 surgical pounds!! I am literally a brand new person and I'm really excited to start this final phase of my journey.....I'm considering this the finish line!

If anyone reading this has followed my first review, I am really enjoying blogging on RealSelf and plan to continue checking in with my progress.....Here's hoping I have a new surgery date come Thursday!

Surgery is scheduled for May 9th!

Met with Dr. Kortesis at the new SouthPark location and while I will not be able to finish my surgeries in one more round, the great news is that I will only have to go back for a thigh lift as my last procedure. He will be doing all the lipo I need on my thighs with this surgery, as well lipo on my arms, flanks, an extended arm lift, full breast lift, and breast augmentation.

I have pretty severe sagging so once I'm lifted I will be around a B cup....I'm going with 700cc gel implants sub muscular and round so they are high, round, and a full D cup. Don't want any boob greed!

Took a pic of myself with the implants on under a fitting bra to get an idea, and while they aren't as high as they will be it gave me a pretty good idea. I told Dr. K if they seemed too big for my frame while I'm under to use his judgement- I trust my doctor completely!

Surgery is May 9th! Pre-op is April 12th, and I will be saving for my final surgery which I hope to have in December/January of 2017.

Wish pic!

High, round, full breasts

Rice Sizers- 250 or 350?

So I decided to use rice sizers at home to see how I would look after having my consult, and 700cc is just way too big for me....I think the computer imaging is super helpful but I also think starting with a B cup and wanting a full D, I shouldn't need the largest implant....

Tried rice sizers with 700ml rice, and they were way too big. The pics below are with 250ml sizers, and I think I will scale up 100cc, to compensate for going under the muscle and make sure I don't have any boob greed.

So it's looking like 350cc instead of 700....maybe 450 at the largest.

I don't need that kind of back pain! I also had to hold them up to simulate the lift because my boobs are super saggy and he said they'd be pretty high up when it was all said and done.

What do you think? Did anyone else have trouble with the rice sizers? I flattened mine as much as I could but I seem to struggle with them....I may try a ziplock with water next....

Literally can't figure out what size to go

700cc is out- way too big. Now the question is, 250-500?!?! I wish I could figure out what I want but the problem is I have no way to gauge!

Did anyone else run into this?

Surgery date confirmed, deposit paid!

Finally worked out all the logistics for my surgery, and we wound up pushing the date back a little to June 27th.

I am fairly confident that I'm going to wind up going with 450cc, smooth gel, sub muscular. I seriously considered saline but ultimately, I want a more natural feeling implant since I'm going to have to have the larger scar regardless.

I have so much redundant breast tissue, sag, and axillary tissue that I am not really a good candidate for incisions with less scarring. So the tradeoff is really nice boobies! :)

I'm super excited, and although my surgery date could possibly be moved up if someone cancels, the idea of waiting another 3 months isn't bad as I'll be almost six months healed from my first procedure.

Hope you're all doing well!!! I finally got my leg swelling down to almost normal size, and I fit into size 12 pants today!!!! Can't wait to really fit into them once my legs are deflated!

More wish pics

These are exactly what I'm looking for in my results....I have gone back and forth so many times over sizing I am driving myself crazy....but I keep coming back to this woman's results. I've put some photos in a gallery and will give them to Dr. K and just trust that I'm in good hands. I know he'll give me the look I'm striving for :)

At the end of the day saying "I want x size in a bra" is not realistic- I can wear different sizes now and I expect the same after surgery. But knowing that I like to exercise and that I want to wear certain clothes, I don't want to go too big. Wearing a backless dress with no bra is the ultimate goal, and I definitely don't want to have implants that are so heavy that I wind up with back pain.

So excited for June!

Surgery paid in full, PreOp is done!

I paid my surgery in full today and had my pre-op appointment done, and after speaking again with Dr. K he recommended low or moderate profile implants to give me a wider base without so much projection. I expressed that I didn't want to be top heavy or have breasts bigger than I currently have and he understood, so we'll be in the 350 range. I'm going to bring pictures the day of as well..I'm really hoping for a full C cup, no bigger than D.

Having my pre-op done today was because I was previously scheduled for May, and they may be able to move my surgery date back again, but if not, I'm excited for June 27!

I hope everyone is well!

Back to May 9th!

I'm so nervous and excited now! My dates got moved back to the original date of May 9th, as it seems they had an opening to fill and I'm able to come in three weeks!!!

I need to finalize my wish pics and get those suddenly just got very real! I'll be filling my prescriptions today after work as well.

Updated wish pics for the doctor

Narrowed down my wish pics and I'll be bringing these with me the day of surgery for reference. Found an actual HK patient to use as well as some random searches and celebrity wish pics. This is as close to perfection as I could ever hope to be and I am confident Dr. Kortesis will give me as close to these results as I can have!

So excited for May 9th!

Vitamins and exercise

I'm 13 days pre-op and I started taking my Vitron-C on Sunday, and starting my Miralax regimen next Monday so I hopefully don't get too constipated from all the iron and the drugs I'll be taking after surgery. I had started incorporating workouts back into my lifestyle about six weeks ago, and I'll continue to try and build up as much strength as I can before I'm not able to do anything other than walk for two months.

So excited that's it's almost here! These last 13 days are going to fly by and next thing I know I'll be waking up with new arms, legs, and boobs! I'm really lucky because my mom, best friend, and husband will be taking care of me the first week until I'm able to start taking care of myself again.....I don't know what I'd do without my support system. I'm really glad I've found this online community too, you all have been so helpful. I hope everyone is well!

In recovery!

So during my markup, Dr. Kortesis asked me if I would be comfortable waiting to do my thighs until later, and wanting to be safe, I agreed. Waking up after surgery, I am so glad I listened and wasn't stubborn on that point!

My arms are very very swollen, and my chest feels very heavy when I sit up straight. I was told he went with 360cc low profile on both sides. I have full sensation in my left nipple and none in my right, so I'm very hopeful all sensation will come back after a few months.

My flanks feel a burning sensation when I move to walk but it's not intolerable & that seems to be the only place they liposuctioned that I can really feel much pain.... My arms hurt the most, and I was told they'd took 1lb off each arm! I believe they took 4-5lbs off me total.

Recovering well and no stomach upset- my husband was so sweet and brought me some food but it was a little cold so I think I complained. I will have to be extra sweet to him for that one, I feel bad now.

Can't sleep and keep wanting to walk around. The next few days will be the worst and only better from here! I'm uploading some of my markup pics

Fighting the blues

I don't normally get sad or depressed during this process since I know it's a long road but my arms are just making me sad. I am struggling to see a difference at all in their size and while I know they are swollen, I am worried that they will not shrink down the way I want them to. I absolutely trust Dr. Kortesis so I will be interested to see what he says when I go in for my post op today. I'm hoping it's just in my head and I can't see what I want because it's so the lower body lift is such an instant gratification surgery you really expect to wake up and just be smaller like last time. My touch up lipo looks great so far, my tummy is totally flat and the little pocket on my left side is gone! I haven't seen my flanks yet but my mom and hubby said its looking good. My favorite part? My boobs!!! I am in love with my breasts already and they haven't dropped yet, so I know it will only get better from here. They are not too big and not too small, and I can't wait to see how they drop and fluff. I would guess a full C, and he did low profile 360cc in each. Also pretty excited that I didn't lose sensation on the left one, that gives me hope the right one will bounce back after a while. I hope everyone is doing good! I will post some pictures when I go to my post op appointment today.

Swollen and nervous

I promised some pictures so here they are!

First off, I love my breasts, I haven't even seen the incisions yet but the shape and size are great and I know they will drop and fluff to be gorgeous. Absolutely no complaints whatsoever.

My arms are my biggest personal bane, and I am really struggling at the moment mostly because I know that I'm swollen, but also because they are the part of me that I wanted gone more than anything. Right now it is very difficult for me to see a big difference, and my right arm particularly looks like there is still a fair amount of redundancy that could be removed. I haven't complained to anyone at the office but I did ask Dr. Kortesis if this was all just swelling and he said yes, so I'm trying really hard to be positive and just remind myself that it's way too early to tell. I am only a few days post op, and they WILL change over the next three months. But every time I look at my arms I get sad all over again.....I love the placement of the incision, but I am very concerned that not enough was removed. I really hope I am wrong, and that I will be kicking myself for ever feeling this way once I'm healed.

I really hate myself for being this critical, and I don't want to be that patient since nothing is perfect....I just hate that droopy, saggy skin at the base of my arm :(

If anyone else has had an arm lift, what are your thoughts? I hope I'm being paranoid!

Healing and itchy!

I never thought my arms would be so itchy!! I am trying hard not to scratch but I know that's a good sign that I'm healing if I'm feeling this itchy. Swelling improves daily, and I'm doing my very best to keep a positive attitude. Even at their worst, with all this swelling, they are still vastly improved from where they were. I'm determined to keep my negative thoughts away since I know firsthand Dr. Kortesis has my best interests at heart. He has never let me down and always went above and beyond to make sure that I am happy with my results. I just need to be patient and give it some time to heal. Excited to go back for a followup visit today and hopefully get these strips of tape exchanged, plus I'd love to get a new dressing for my armpits as they're a bit more sensitive than everywhere else. I'm worried I'm rubbing them too much in my sleep as my ABD pads keep shifting. Breasts continue to heal and look more and more amazing every day; I'm a woman obsessed with her boobs haha :) I'll post more pictures once I go to post op, I'd like to get some with the new tape on so I don't look so horror-movie esque. Drop me a line! I miss talking to all the ladies on here, and you all have been such a great support system. I hope everyone is doing well.

Compression for arms

Had another post op appointment today and they were able to give me some compression sleeves! I wasn't able to put them on at the office but after coming home and resting some, I tried again and was successful.

I LOVE the way my arms look in these sleeves, and if this is any indication of what they'll look like when the swelling has gone done, I am a VERY happy woman. I really love that the axillary fat bubbles are gone as well, and I'm over the moon with my breasts so far. They just get better and better!

I got a chance to see my incisions on the breasts today as well, and I'm confident that my scarring will be just as good, if not better, than my LBL. I am so impressed with Dr. Kortesis, and I have already scheduled my final surgery with him! My thigh lipo and lift will be in November, unless my work can spare me later this summer around late July or early August.

I have to give a big shoutout to his staff, everyone has been so amazing and kind throughout this process. Stephanie and Jordan have been amazing in coordinating my surgeries and answering questions, and Belinda has been wonderful with my preop appointments. Terry and Melissa are fantastic in the MedSpa for MLD and Endermologie, and the entire nurse staff has treated me like family. Can't thank you ladies enough for your hard work and how you've treated me throughout this process. I know I'm forgetting some names here so please forgive me, but I've literally not had a single experience with anyone at the HK centers that didn't treat me like a friend and not just a client.

I'll check in again in a few days with some updated pictures. Hopefully my bruising will be better by then. Hope everyone is doing well!

take 2 on pictures

trouble uploading, retrying

Swelling seems to be improving

So I love using this layout application for instagram, and I put one together for my arms that helps me to see the progress in the swelling.

The bottom photo is pre-surgery, the middle photo is 3 days post op, and the top photo is from today! Glad to see my bruising is improving, and I can't wait to see how much more the swelling recedes over the next month or two.

Still taking it easy but I'm itching to get back into strength training! I know that sounds crazy but I miss working out!

My breasts get better and better every day, and I'm so excited to see them continue to drop and fluff. Dr. Kortesis truly is an artist! I'm also excited to find that I'm slowly gaining sensation back in my right nipple, and I believe I should have a full recovery of sensation after a few months. My left remains hyper-sensitive.

I'll be talking to my work tomorrow about getting an additional five days of PTO so I can get my last procedure done late summer instead of during our busy season; fingers crossed that they'll work with me!

Drop me a line, I really enjoy talking with all you real self ladies!

Prolene sutures removed and final surgery scheduled!

I had another followup appointment this morning and I must be the superwoman of healing because everyone is just super pleased with how my incisions are progressing. My prolene sutures were all removed, and my tape was re-applied, so now it's just down to continued healing and waiting. Bruising gets better every day, although its super weird seeing so much yellow on my chest!

I scheduled my final surgery (thigh lipo and thigh lift) for august 31st, so plenty of time to heal and prepare for this final round. I'm almost to the finish line!!!! It's been a hell of a ride.

My right boob is lower than my left boob so the infamous dropping has officially begun, and I am just in love with how they look. I think Dr. Kortesis more than did me justice and I can't wait to see what they look like healed. I cannot speak highly enough of his practice, I am so happy I chose to have my surgeries with him.

I hope everyone is well!

Picture update- 10 days post op!

Just wanted to show another comparison photo- you can really see the swelling starting to go down here.

Bottom is before, middle is 6 days post, top is last night

I also took a pic of me in my compression garments at work and I'm hoping these get loose after a while and I can trade in for some smaller ones! My right arm is still much bigger but so is my right breast, and they say your dominant side will swell more than the other.

Take 2 on picture comparison

Better picture comparison over the last ten days- swelling and bruising is most definitely better

Right elbow leaking some fluid

Well had a little scare tonight! I was relaxing with the hubby when I felt this full and irritated sensation at my right inner elbow and immediately took my arm binder off. Sure enough, my incision at the end of my right arm, at the elbow, has opened up some and was leaking what looked like pus. No odor, and no significant pain, but after wiping away the drainage and pressing gently on the sides of the opening, more pus-like fluid came out. I continued to drain it until just blood-like fluid came out, cleaned it with an alcohol prep pad and covered it with a band aid before putting my arm compression garment back on.

I have an appointment with Dr. Kortesis on tuesday so I'll be keeping an eye on it in the meantime. I know they don't want patients changing out their tape but it seems like if I didn't change the tape for a lot of these portions of the incisions they would be much more prone to infection, especially when they become saturated with fluids from the wounds closing.

Most of my incisions are closed along my arms, and I'm sure it's nothing to be worried about, it just kind of freaked me out seeing what looked like pus coming out of my incision. Most likely a small incision abscess, and I'm praying it heals up quickly. I've been very lucky in all of my healing so I am really hoping I'm not heading into wound breakdown or complications.

Starting to worry

It's still very early, and I am still swollen, however more and more I'm very scared that he did not remove enough tissue from my arms, especially my left arm.

I'm trying really very hard to stay positive, but I'm becoming depressed by this. It appears I'm having some wound breakdown as well but I know that will eventually heal.

My left arm is seriously making me so upset. What do you all think?

Comparison- snap me back to reality!

Top is the right arm and bottom is the left. I really need to chill. Stupid hormones I swear to god.

Follow up appointment and photos from surgery

Had another follow up appointment and found that I have about four spots on my left arm that are spitting sutures, and two on my right, so they've decided to cover those spots with saline dressings. I'll have to change these dressings three times a day for roughly 2 to 3 weeks until they heal. I'm just really glad it's not an infection and they say this is pretty normal for brachioplasty patients. Thin skin plus tension just doesn't bode well for incisions.

Other than this minor setback, everything seems to be healing nicely. I will address any revisions to my arms in July during my final consult in six weeks. That will put me at just over 2 months healed. My final surgery is still set for August 31st, thigh lipo and full lift. I've started a new review for that procedure as well and will update it as we go along.

Saline dressings and no more pain meds

The last five days have been an emotional rollercoaster. So I've been changing the saline dressings on my arms three times a day as instructed, and when they tell you "it will look worse before it looks better", believe them! It's only been five days since I've started this regimen but the change in appearance in my wounds has been unreal. The second and third day saw them looking worse, just as the nurse instructed me they would, and I'll be honest, I broke down several times just bawling crying during that time. I think the stress of having these surgeries so close together, combined with the complications of the spitting sutures finally got to me, not to mention the paper tape being pulled off my skin and reapplied so many times a day has my good skin feeling ROUGH. Beyond irritated, with some spots red and even bleeding. Sometimes taking the tape off is more painful than the wound itself. I've started putting band-aids across the skin horizontally above the wounds to be taped so that I'm not putting so much stress on my healthy skin, and it seems to be helping. My husband has been my rock, and I really don't know what I'd do without him.....I couldn't ask for a better partner and he has been nothing but supportive. I took a long shower tonight, and changed my dressings again, and they are definitely better! Happy to see pink skin finally, and the nurse told me once you see new pink skin you're almost done and that means it's healing up to close. I'm hoping another six or seven days will do the trick, although it can take up to three weeks or more. I sincerely hope it doesn't take that long, but at least my spirits are better seeing that pink skin starting to come through. I also stopped taking my Percocet meds today, and will only be taking Valium for the next week until I can stop meds altogether. My thigh surgery is still scheduled for August 31st, and I'm seeing more and more improvement in my arms and the swelling. Even though I'm fairly confident that I'll need a minor revision on my arms during this final surgery, I am still very pleased with my results and will be very excited to see my arms after my suture issues have closed. I know Dr. Kortesis will take care of me, he has been nothing but kind, caring, and aggressive to work with me to achieve the results I'm looking for. I really cannot speak highly enough of him, and I am just so grateful for everything he's done for me. As he says, "you deserve it"! I hope everyone is recovering well, and for those of you with surgeries upcoming, good luck! Drop me a line anytime :) I'll keep this updated, as always.

Pictures not uploading- take two!

Pictures from my update that I just posted; they didn't go through so uploading them again.


Just wanted to show the openings/complications I've been dealing with the last week.

I've been using saline dressings as I have six openings, four on the left arm and two on the right, however now I'm using a bandaid on the right elbow and a saline dressing on the right upper arm. Two bandaids on the left arm, the small one on the side is just being taped, and the armpit is still getting a saline dressing as it is still very large.

I'm really hoping they will continue to improve and I will be closed up over the next two to three weeks. This has been extremely hard to handle emotionally and I'm not sure why. While my arms are absolutely smaller than they were before, I know I'll need a revision and I'm scared I'll have more wound issues the second time around as well. I'm now worried about my thigh lift. But I trust my doctor and know that even with his best efforts, how my body heals is not within his control.

I do want my arms and legs to look the way I want though, so I'll be talking to him about that when we do my final consult in July

Moving over to Povidine dressings

Saw Dr. K this morning, and while the saline dressings were working and my skin was definitely making progress, all the taping and redressing was killing the skin around the wounds and causing so much irritation. Plus I was emotionally tapped out, so I asked if he could restitch the wounds shut or if there was another option. I hate to be whiny but I can't keep doing these dressings 3x a day and having an emotional breakdown every single time because it hurts so bad to change them. Given the progress they've made in the last week, I was moved over to Betadine/Povidine dressings, and only once per day. I was told this is more of a dual ointment with an antibiotic that's designed to dry out and heal these openings and keep them infection-free. Happy to report, no infection either :) Also, all of my dis-solvable sutures were cut as most of them were being rejected from my body. I did fine with my LBL, but my upper body skin does NOT like these sutures and it just spitting them everywhere. Rather than have more open wounds, Dr. K had any that were surface level cut to keep them from further irritating me. There were only two or three that were unable to be clipped since they would have had to break the skin to get to them. I'm optimistic about my progress at this point, and my swelling has gone done dramatically, so at least there's that. I'm healing, slowly, but surely. I'll be going back in to see Dr. K this Thursday given these complications and hopefully the Povidine dressings will improve things even further. I'll post picture updates on later this week. I hope everyone is doing well!


So my right arm is nearly completely healed with everything closed or scabbed over except my armpits, but the picture below shows how small it is. I don't have an updated shot of my left armpit but it is MUCH less shallow and starting to come to the surface to close. All holes are gone, now I just have two spots on my left arm that need to scab and close but they are surface level. It really helped having my sutures clipped that were showing, I think it prevented a lot more of these. Plus Dr. K cauterized them last week to help w/the healing process and I can see such a huge improvement, I'm feeling much better about it. I included a photo of my right breast, this is the only spot that has oozed or tried to open, it already looks better than this photo (3 days old) and my hubby says it should close within another few days. I'm really trying to baby these as I don't want my scars to widen. Very hopeful these will heal without further issue and it seems to be coming along. Woke up this morning with a closed spot on my right elbow at the end of my incision line hurting again, lots of pressure and it felt exactly as it did when I started spitting a stitch. Very gently squeezed because it's already scabbed over and more pus like blood mix came out but it was a very very small amount, so I used povidine and a bandaid to disinfect it and cover it back up- it's already scabbed so this is oozing from a small opening in the scab, and not much else I can do. All in all it seems to be getting better. I start endermologie next Thursday and I still have to see the doctor once a week until my issues have sealed. Final surgery was bumped to July 27 as well!!!

Still healing and Scar revision

My armpits are the only issues that are still requiring dressings- everything else is scabby and nearly done healing. I was instructed to stop the povidine and go back to wet-to-dry saline dressings but only 2x a day so they really get a chance to dry out before changing. My right armpit is a smaller opening than the left, but they are both still shallow and haven't finished granulating tissue to the surface, although they're getting there. I imagine it will be another two to three weeks before they're closed, which is frustrating but encouraging at the same time. I keep hoping to wake up and just see them closed....that'd be a dream come true :) I've upped my protein intake drastically to help this process along- can't heal without protein! Plus it has really been helping me to start coming back down weight-wise after all that surgery bloat. I am not weighing more than once every 5-7 days, and I've gone down from 244 to 237. Sharkweek is in 3 days so I know I've got a good 5-6lb drop coming lol. The weight always eventually comes back down but for me it seems to really want to stick around obnoxiously, even though I drink lots of water and follow the Dr.'s orders. I was 223 morning of surgery! I've noticed both my armpits are bloody when I change dressings so I take that as a good sign. Typically when I start seeing blood on one of these it means they're closer to being done. Going on week three of healing so I would love to see some more drastic improvement. Finally met Dr. Hunstad at my followup yesterday and he noted that they would definitely be doing scar revision for me, which I really appreciated especially as I never even mentioned it. I was going to wait and see how these healed before bringing that up but they have always gone above and beyond to take care of me there so I'm not super surprised :) Love HK Centers! I'll see Dr. K again on next Tuesday, and tomorrow is my first Endermologie treatment. Hopefully my armpits will be surface level when I go in next week, fingers crossed!

Still healing and spitting

I swear I have spit every single stitch Dr. K put in me!! Not all of them turn into wounds but some do if they don't surface fast enough for me to pull them out, and I am still tending to some open areas....staying positive but some days I'm just like "when will this be done?"

Stopped using wet to dry dressings and moved to Vaseline per doctors orders yesterday- I seem to be rounding the corner but until these things are sealed I'm just drinking protein and waiting.

My breasts are still very sore and I'm wondering when I can start wearing a supportive bra, although I've noticed I'm sleeping better finally. I'm a side sleeper so being on my back is really getting old haha.

Dr. K said to come back in two weeks so I get a little break from coming into the office :) I take that as a good thing!

July 27 is coming up fast!!! My last procedure and I won't lie, I'm really nervous. But I trust my doctor- it's not his fault my body is rejecting these dissolvable sutures. I just hope my lower body doesn't react the same way although I'm taking extra precautions and going to force myself to take it super easy until I'm out of the woods.

Hope everyone is well!!!

7 weeks postop

All my openings have closed or scabbed over with the exception of my left armpit, which they cauterized again today. I stopped wearing my arm sleeves on Wednesday of last week to see if the pressure was delaying my healing, and wouldn't you know it, my wounds literally closed overnight!

My left armpit improved so drastically over the last five days, I'm sure that the sleeves were delaying my healing somehow. Fortunately my swelling is not that bad, or at least I'm not noticing it as much, so it's not bothering me to go without the sleeves. I have started walking everyday again for at least 25-30 minutes, and I am incorporating lower body gym moves back in as well. I'm feeling up to some light impact cardio today believe it or not!

I refuse to get on the scale, I already know the number is just water weight :)

I'll definitely need some scar revision, but it's really not as bad as I thought it would be. I'll be interested to see what my left armpit looks like once closed. I'll finally get my endermologie treatment starting tomorrow!

Happy with breasts, but arms will be revised late 2016 or early 2017

So my arm lift scars are still fresh so they are red, but I spit so many sutures my scars came out pretty badly. That is not my surgeons fault, although he is going to revise my brachioplasty itself and fix them while I'm under.

My arms are much improved, but I still have a significant wing on both sides, so we will be revising probably Jan 17'.

Overall I'm pleased with my result, and my breasts are wonderful- I will be happy to see the remaining redundancy removed from my upper arms later down the road!

Revision tentatively scheduled for February 13th

I had my revision consultation with Dr. Kortesis and have tentatively scheduled my arm lift revision for February 13th, provided I get clearance from my Endocrinologist.

After my last surgery I was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism, and I'm still in the process of getting my hormones under control. Once I'm cleared by my doctor I will have this done to take more off my arms and fix my scars.

I am extremely optimistic and I trust Dr. Kortesis 100%! I will update more as it comes!
Charlotte Plastic Surgeon

I could not ask for a better doctor. From start to finish, Dr. Kortesis is caring and responsive. He really takes the time to listen to what you want, and ensures that you get exactly what you ask for. I really also appreciate that he is realistic with his patients in what they can expect, and the aftercare you receive at his practice is second to none. You truly feel like family at Hunstad/Kortesis. I'm so glad I chose them and will never go to another physician for any work I may need.

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