Purse String Mastopexy with 375cc Implant - Charlotte, NC

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A little about myself, by the age of 15 I was in a...

A little about myself, by the age of 15 I was in a full C, Definitely teardrop shape or possibly even sagging then! After breast-feeding two children currently a medium C Definitely sagging! I had my preop with Dr. Kortesis... He had a few different suggestions including a full lift no implant or a gummy bear implant with no lift. I really feel I will be self-conscious about the scars So I am choosing a pursestring mastopexy with a 375cc moderate plus profile silicone implant. My skin surgery is scheduled for October 16 and I'm going to have a second consult on the 15th Because I am still a little worried that my decision After looking on This website I see very few people do just a pursestring most do a full lift?? !! But he thinks it will be fine so will just see I guess!!

There is always tomorrow for dreams to come true!!!!

So tomorrow is this big day!!!!!!!!! I have my pre op today at 3, and surgery in the morning :) I am pretty nervous but honestly right now I'm super excited!!!! The nerves will lick in in the morning when I start getting Medicated :-/ I am super worried about that part. Hopefully I will update tomorrow if I'm up to it :) Prayers appreciated!!!!!


Well I am finally home. Saw the Dr. Again this morning he is super happy with the turn out and so am I this far :) I am very swollen inbetween my breast so there is kinda a wide space there now it's not as bad when standing as it is laying down... Anyway he assured me when that swelling went away my breast would be much closer, so that made me happy :).. I ask if they would drop a lot once the swelling down, he assured me the were not going anywhere for a long time! During my pre op I mentioned all the things I had heard about maybe not being satisfied if I just went with the purse string... He said was pretty positive I would be completely happy with the purse string and if I wasn't he wouldn't charge me anything to go back and do the full lift!!! That was very surprising :)
Recovery hasn't been too bad just very sore and uncomfortable. I have taken my pills every four hours to make sure I don't get in much pain. Up until now I have been very drowsy probably still from the anesthesia. Being put to sleep wasn't bad at all having surgery so early in the morning I was tired and ready to go to sleep!! I posted a few pics from this morning but you can't tell much there kind of dark. I must say I love Dr. Kortesis he has been awesome and his staff is awesome. I go back next week to have to tape taken off I'm excited but scared. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers.. I think the Lord everything went smoothly that I have had a easy recovery this far !!! :)


Shower felt great!

I was really worried about the shower I'm not sure why but I think it was A mix of getting the tape wet and having my bra off for so long! However it actually felt really good. My breast still feel really tight and swollen I'm not sure how long that's going to take to go away. I have had a terrible headache all night and all day today. But other than that the soreness has really been the worst of it and it's not too bad. The pain pills make me really grumpy at least that's what my four-year-old says :( got a few more pictures today thar are a little more clear. Not sure why my cameras doing these weird things but anyway hoping things will Relax in a few days it takes a lot of energy just walking around because my breast feel so heavy!!

Been a while

Sorry that it has taken me so long to post again!! On my last post I thought I was going to get my tape off. However, I didn't get to see my PS I saw his PA...( She was awesome by the way) anyway she said I really wasn't healed enough, and the longer we leave the tape on the more smooth the scars will heal. So I'm fine with that!! She also said I still had a lot of swelling and that if I liked my breast now I was going to LOVE them when the swelling was gone! from the way she explained it I should have really good cleavage in between??? That's pretty funny cause that was the one thing I thought looked bad after my surgery!! I thought they were way too far apart! Lol but I can tell a huge difference after just 2 1/2 weeks. They are dropping a little but not too much, they look lifted to me :) they do feel really heavy and I have a hard time maintaining good posture. After the first week my back absolutely killed me!!! It hurt more than anything and it last up until about 3 days ago, and if I do a lot if cleaning it starts hurting really bad again.
Around a week and 1/2 post op I started getting really sick... I had tones of congestion I was really short of breath when I would walk around... So needless to say with those symptoms plus the back pain I assumed I had phnemonia!!! Lol... I am a little bit if a hypochondriac hahaha!!! Had a chest x-Ray and it looked fine so that was a relief ;) Anyway, as of now I should get the tape off Thursday I am happy but a little nervous... With the tape on I haven't had to really decide if I am completely happy with the procedure or not... With it off I will see the real deal and I am a little scared!!! I will try to do better keeping everyone updated!! I know it was such a HUGE help to me when I would read everyone's posts. Compared to all of the other girls who have had a lift, I would say.... I am a huge wimp!!!! Lol everybody else seems to thing this was super easy and they were able to go to work and ready to exercise.... Until about week 2 I didn't want to move!!! Every time I got up I held on to my breast so they wouldn't support themselves because they were so heavy it felt AWFUL!!!! And I still have a hard time lifting or pulling my arms backward and the bottom of my breast feel like they are raw or something it feels weird and it hurts.... At any rate.... I am not trying to say it has been terrible pain because it has not been... It has just been a little more uncomfortable and has taken a little longer to recuperate than I though it would but like I said I think I must be a huge wimp!!! :)




Tape Off!!

Well I went back to the doctor last week hoped to get to see my PS but yet again I only saw his PA I know he's busy but I would really kinda like to get his opinion now!! I just want to make sure he thinks this lift is going to last a while :) he did say I could wait to see him but I didn't want to make him any more backed up than he already was!! Anyway I am pretty happy with my results right now Scaring is a little yucky but it could be worse I know! I kind of think I would have liked my areola a little smaller :/ ... I have absolutely no sensation in my nipples and the inside of my left breast is completely numb. But everywhere else is really sensitive when I get cold my boobs hurt really bad and I feel tingly and itchy but it doesn't feel good to scratch!!?? They're starting to feel kind of like they are a part of me now not as heavy but I still feel the need to kind of support them when I have my bra off. Trying to make my shower as quick as possible!! Lol anyway I go back in December just for another check up and my PS is going to try to see me then hopefully...will see what happens! Funny thing is I have 1 million questions and then when the doctor walks in the room I'm like ummmmmm..... Nope can't think of anything!! Haha then I get in my car and I'm like oh yeah!!! this is what I wanted to ask! Drives me crazy :). If I were smart I would write it down but then I would kind of feel like an idiot reading a notepad full of questions to my PS!! ha ha

Quick pic

Just a quick shot before I put on the scar cream this morning!


Well I walked on the treadmill for the first time yesterday it felt great... But when I say walked I mean walked!! Lol 25 mins for 1mile!!! Anyway, I had to wear 2 sports bras they all feel awful :/
Also, I bought 2 bras yesterday.. I tried them on in the store and thought they were perfect... I think they are vanity fair... Anyway I got a 34 DD!!! Put on in today and I'm not sure what the deal is but there is a gap under my breast.. Like the bottom of the bra doesn't press up against my ribs it just sticks out so I don't know if that means the cup size is to small of if I just need the dreaded 32 DD that nobody has!!! Anyway I don't think the bra is gonna work I just didn't feel like it was supporting me with that gap underneath!! Lol.
Breast seem to drop more and more every time I look!!! Scares me to death!!! They need to stop now I don't want them any lower!! :)
Natural is great but not too natural that's why I had a lift in the first place!!! :)


Not much to update... I have started running in an elliptical that is very refreshing! My breast are feeling kinda normal but heavy :/
I am happy with the shape would have probably liked the look of a full lift better if I wouldn't have had the scars. So, I'm happy with this shape because I don't have the scar!! lol
However, I am not happy with my areola :( my right is a lot bigger than my left! It's is a lot bigger than I want it to be. My left us kinda jagged but I like it better it still kinda looks natural the right is just big and round!
So I definitely plan to talk to my PS about fixing it when I go for my next visit in Dec. My husband says I am making a big deal out of it that is not bad but, I say $7200 should really bring perfection!!!

Spitting suture ???? and revision

Just thought I would do a little update everything is pretty much normal now I'm back to all my usual activities except the treadmill I don't really like the thought of running so I've moved to the elliptical which works really well if I only do it ha ha!!
I have this really nasty place around my incision area called a spitting suture!! It is very unpleasant to look at not too painful but I don't have much sensation anywhere on my breast. I can feel when I remove the Band-Aid or things like that it does hurt if it has drained and dried and the Band-Aid get stuck.
So I had posted earlier about not being happy with my right areola. fortunately when I went for a check up last week he could tell a difference also and suggested he would like to fix it!! I was really glad he mentioned it to me because I dreaded telling him I had wanted it fixed! Anyway he thinks the sutures either opened up were broke because it's definitely scar tissue that is making it appear bigger not actually my Areola. I will post a few pics the one of the spitting suture is probably not for the faint at heart!! I will post another update hopefully after I have my revision which will be sometime in January hopefully!!

The last one is icky!!

Thinking about a Full lift!! Any suggestions about scars??

I am going back for a revision on my areola because the sutures opened on the right side and it's a lot bigger... I am considering going ahead and doing a full lift because I just feel there not as lifted as I would like.. I'm not sure what to do! I want to but I am afraid the scar will stay red??!!! If I new it would fade white I would definitely do it because I have stretch marks anyway so it might would blend in!!

Revision complete!!

So I had my revision on Friday I was fully awake during the entire procedure which was awesome a little crazy but awesome! We made both Areola smaller hopefully they'll stay that way! It did make them lifted a little more which is really nice hopefully they'll say that way as well :)

After revision

My revision went well, basically look the same as they did the first time. I'm hoping my area doesn't stretch and they don't drop anymore and then I will be happy with them!!!
Charlotte Plastic Surgeon

Love him so far!!!!Super nice, easy to talk to. Seems very confident in his work.

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