560cc round Butt implants from London

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Hey Everyone I have been on this site since...

Hey Everyone

I have been on this site since forever and been reading and reading a lot of your reviews. I have seen some amazing results which I wish I will be able to have myself too after the procedure.

I am 178cm tall an 64 kg and looking to get big butt. My recent size is quite tiny and flat and my desired size is meant to be biiiig lol .

I have just contacted my surgeon and said that most probably my surgery date will be the 27th of januray. I was looking to get 530 cc high profile implants but he told me for my body frame there would only fit in the 370-410 cc implants which i wasnt the happiest to hear.

I have just contacted some other doctors if they could do for me bigger size, what do you all think with your experiences could i have with my frame implants over 500cc ?

The sebbin manufacturer makes one type of round implant which got 530cc volume and 5.9cm projection which seems to be quite good.

I am sooo soo excited to have my surgery done. I post some pictures of my recent flatty bum and the desired look.

Ill keep you all posted



New surgeon , date fixed soo excited for 560cc round implants

hey everyone
The other day I could reach the best plastic surgeon in Hungary who had done a lot of butt augmentations so I was quite sure I will go with him once I ever reach him.
He quoted me a price which is double of the avarage for this surgery in Hungary but I said yes.
We will go with 560cc round implants, my projection will be 4,9cm or 5cm which is alright , even tho he said its high profile. I am so so excited the date is 25th of March.
Let's hope he will make wonders to this flat batty lol

Could anyone help me girls and boys about preparation for the surgery and after care?

Could you help me write down here what kind of products did you use prior to surgery and post op to make this procedure smoother and to help the healing?

Vitamins,creams,pillow etc?


57 days till my date

I'm so excited and nervous at the same time. It's really not too long left to go. I can't wait to look at the mirror and see the results of my new butt. I really have to start buying all the stuff for the surgery. What should I expect in regards of size changes in clothing and underwear? What are the experiences of yours?

I will get 560cc polytech round butt implants

5 days till my surgery whooaa

I am extremely excited! Flying to Hungary on Wednesday and scheduled for my surgery on Friday morning. I packed up all my stuff and looking forward to see the results.

Some pic I got of the work of my doc

I do like the shapes ???? exciting

Surgery in the morning YAYY!

I've had my consultation with my doc , he measured my butt and said it will look dramatically bigger than now with the 560cc. I'm so excited can't wait to see how it looks. He said I'll be fine even though I'm pushing it to my limits lol

I will keep you updated once I'm done , wish me good luck xxx

I've made it trough YAYYY!!

I'm so happy but still wasted from the anaesthetics. I came to the clinic 8 am in the morning had my consultation with the nurses and anesthetic doctor and went into surgery at 9-9.20
They gave me good meds and I dosed off. Woke up in pain in my lower back but my butt feels ok just sore. I am really happy with the results what I can see so far.

Day 2

got up to walk some time but still feel so dizzy and after a bit of walking I start to feel very warm inside and start sweating...maybe it's the coffee lol. Pain is ok, it's more like a big discomfort rather than pain. I had pain yesterday where I had my lipo but the butt is just tight.

Some pics before my first shower

so far it's really good I don't have much pain I would say it's like 2 out of 10. I'm walking around and finally hit the toilet which I could sit on haha. I'm very happy with my results. It's more exhausting mentally than phisically... Also it gets uncomfortable the most during the night,but in general I would say it's nothing major.
Hope u like the pics xxx

Laying all day like this is so boring lolll

some pics

Some questions to you dolls

I was wondering to share your experience what kind of pain have you experienced after having butt implants?

One of my butt cheek is healing much faster I hardly can feel anything there, sometimes a bit tingling.

The other side theres a lump on my buttcheek which the doc said its the inner incision stiffness still swollen. There i experience some kind of needle burning pain sometimes and after a bubbly tingling feeling and numbness. That side is also more uncomfortable,sometimes painful. My incision is closing up nicely,I'm 3 days post op but this was concerning me. Please share with me your experiences and tell me if this is normal, if I should worry haha

About walking and getting up I'm getting better day by day I feel just a tight discomfort no pain during walking, only when this kind of 1000needle pain occur on my right cheek.

And the other question if anyone knows anything about the fucidin cream and when can I start using it. It's an antibiotic cream. So far I been applying iodine and changing dressings everyday.


It's getting better everyday

I'm slowly walking around and being able to cope without any pain meds during the whole day, I only take one during the night to make sure my sleep is not disturbed. I got my implant papers and the doc said it's nicely healing.

I'm flying back to London on Saturday

1 week post op

Walking getting better, sometimes I can walk straight slowly lol...

I am so scared of tomorrow I have my flight back to London and that's gonna tire me out.

My doc has been coming to see me in my hotel room numerous times just to check how I am doing, he is such a adorable and passionate person. I'll have my clinic appointment with him tomorrow as well so he will have a better look of the healing process.

Just to mention, I am experiencing that one of my cheecks is healing much faster than the other. The left is kinda settled in place and I hardly can feel it, the right side is still higher, tighter a bit and the lump is still hasn't smoothen out from the stitches in the inner layers.

I will post some pics and you can have a better look.

Anyways I'm still extremely happy


Almost 6 weeks post op

I have been really great, have been giving time for my butt to heal and it is going really well. I love my results, took it on its first ride out- went partying last weekend and had so much attention and approach from people how can my ass looks so perfect lol...a lot of squats yeah
I update you with some pics xx

Ass video

Ass video
A lil a bit of update for you to see my results hope you will like it. Xx

Ass ????????

a picture before my first "lay down" bath. I love it so much!!

Pics update

healing is going very well xx

Pics update

got my waist trainer to support the lipo area a bit more agressively and it does wonders. Butt still looking perfect. X

Picture updates

i don't even know how many weeks post op I am now, I stopped counting as I am feeling perfectly normal now! It's like my own lol kinda weird not feeling it's implant this quick. I love love love it so much my doctor is a master sculptor... I'm deffo taking my mum soon for a bbl and facelift to him loool
Dr Tizedes Gyorgy

Great communication and assistance. Helpful staff and strong professionalism. Efficient result . Recommend it

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