34Y, 1kid. BA 365cc mentor hp. Lipo sculpture lumb/outer thighs.

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Excited to get new boobs and lipo on 'love...

Excited to get new boobs and lipo on 'love handles' and 'saddlebags'. Breast Amount:365cc Lipo: lipo sculpture to even out cello shape. I live as expat in Hungary, therefor I choose to have my 'touch up' done here. Hungary is known for the land of silicone breast. Europeans comes here for surgery vacation all year. 4 more weeks... Counting down... Keep you updated soon with my pre op pictures;) Cheers...

Pre OP pictures.

I did what I could to tone up with clean eating and exercise. I had a 30kg(62lbs) weight loss over 1-2 year. I am a little worried about the elasticity on my thighs.

Finally my OP!

I wasnt really that nerveus, more excited. I arrived at 8 am. Got my room and waited for my Doc. The girl who greeted my spoke only a little english and seemed insecure. She couldn't answer my questions and it made me irritated. After that I only spoke with my nurse, she is great, professional and really carring. It all went really quickly after getting my surgery clothes on I was taken to the operating theater and put to sleep. The anesthetist's assistant smelled of sweat, which kind of made me a litte uncomfortable, i guess you don't expect that in such sterilised surrounding. He just moved me around like I was some puppet. ???? Luckily I felt really secure and safe about the anesthetist, it comforted me knowing he wasn't going to leave me at any point. I woke up in my room, feeling o'right. I had a soup, painkillers and a shoot. I drak lots of water and was up to go to the restroom after 1 hour. The night was long, i couldn't sleep properly and moved around. The lipo doesn't bother me at all. He removed 400 qubic cm in total. Doc checked in on me at 6 am and I had a light breakfast. I'm asked to leave before 9 am, which is okay. My hub will pick me up shortly. Returning for check up in 7 days. I will not be able to see my new boobs before then???? that is going to be a long waiting time!!!

Home again

Got home at 9 am. Pain is duable, still need to rest... Can't wait to get this garment off... I'm so excited about my results.

Day 2

Svollen and sore.. I hope they will settle closer together, like my wish boobs.

Day 4

Feeling better today...

Day 6

Went for 1st follow up today. Doc. happy with healing process. My right implant is higher and bit more swollen. Recommended me to stay with the sport/operation bra. Give time and patience to see final result. Lipo sticthes removed, swollen and no brushes.. Result will show in 6-8 weeks. I most stick with the garment for 6 weeks. Next follow up in one week.

Day 8 / Sports bra

Got great sportbras from Nike today.
1 Nike Pro Fierce Bra and 2 Nike Pro Classic bras.
Pain is getting better, but withourt painkillers I still cant leave my house.

2 weeks update

Breast softens and pain is only shortly when moving arms quickly or lifting too heavy. I still see no result on the lipo. He took out in total 400cc from flanks and saddle bags. (My)Right boob drooped, (my)Left is still high and hard. I was told to wear no sports bra until breast seattled. That is much more comfortable. Still wear garment 24/7.

2 weeks

I expected much more smoothness over the saddlebag area. Quess 5-10kg weightloss will do that trick... ????

Day 16

Pain level is still very high. I'm taking 6-8 Ibuprofen 600mg/day, just to manage the pain in both breasts. They are insane sore and i also feel some shooting pain.

Unhealthy lifestyle

I miss my work out rutine.. I must remind my self how easily the extra kilos sneak up on me...

10 week up date

I only had 400cc in total removed on lumbar and outer hips. My ps said he destroyed many fat cell, therefor result would show over longer time. I can see some changes from 2nd til 10th week.
Breast are fine. No pain and I returned to my exercise routines this week, 50% strengths.

Up Date (3months 4 days)

Loving my implants.
I have no discomfort.

5 month + 1 week update

No discomfort. Scars almost white. I couldn't be more pleased with the results.
Still working on getting the lower body fit. Squad squad squad:-)

2 wk/10wk/22wk

Comparing photos.
Dr. György Sobor

Serious honest, but a bit insecure about his lipo qualifications.

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