43 Yr After Breastfeeding 7 Yr of 310 Silicon Implant Removal Without Lift - Hungary

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Hi all After 6 yrs i decided to remove my 310...

Hi all
After 6 yrs i decided to remove my 310 implant. Before ops.and implant i was a/b cup with no sugging breast and skin. I made this decision because of lack of self confidence but now i realised that i am accepting my body...
My doctor advised to remove it without lift because he is projecting good result from my skin condition and from the size of the implant.
in left one there is baker 2/3. He told he is not sure whether the capsule is remove or not...it will turn out during the surgery.but i would read that could have many side affect if capsule is stay in. What is your thoughts about it? I have read it can cause distorsion of breast, fluid, wrong mammomography result etc but if removed that it can have a risk of bleeding..etc.
i am also full of complex how i will look like after it. What if these will be saggy and would
Have been lift....?
Muscles also will be reconstructed..
what i also worry after this op.will i found any man who like me like my real...?

6 weeks before explant

6 weeks before explant...i am with full mixed emotions and questions coming up...
did sy has mammography or ultrasound regular screening checkup after explant?
Did show the pocket? Did not give false result the screening? I am asking because i do not want worrying in my rest life because of misunderstandable results...?
I am wondering if sy has the same a/b cap before implant and wore it for few years after breastfeading how was the result with good skin but 40+:-))


Just a quick update..
Yesterday i visit my general doctor i did not feel well and starting pneumenia he prescribed me lot of doctor. I am lucky because it became much much worse witout medicine. Hope this will not influence my scedule date what i expect. What i also noticed in the last 1-2 years i am having cough flue sore through more often than before BA. And i am sleeping is not so comfortable than before. Someone told using compression bra before ops....is it useful..?what i plan to take vitamin e and collagen capsule 1 week before ops.and now started to put cream like at ppreagnacy

tight thing after ops

i have seen at some of you but not remembert at whom wearing a wrapping thing very tigh like after giving birth to child to help reduce skin at tummy..is it good fir skin.did the doctor

dec 26 6 weeks before the big day

Healing well from pneumenia till tuesday i am taking antibiitic
Hope that it will not postpone my operation date.
I will have only 5 weeks...i am so
Excited. I have askef my ps to emove the capsule "en block" and he ok with that. I want to get rid of everything which is related this implant..
I went through so many times your pictures and try to find out how mine will look like. I would like to be a small b....;-) my doc said half of my breast could be mine..can it happen that i increased a little..? In weigh i have not...

for those who have already been explanted

What did you feel phisically after explantation apart from pain....?
Is it easier to breath or sth like this. I only cary 0.6 kg together but expect to feel lighter.....

almost a moth before explantation

I am so excited...how i will look like...and hope and pray that the ops will go well and after also.
do someone know what to eat or take before the opd for the best healing?
What i will 1000 mg c vitamin 200 e vitamin collagen drink..calendula and mcadan oil to massage..and some silicone stripsto scars..did i miss sth?

last day of year happy nee year to eone

It is still s month ahead..here in hungary there is minus 10-25 now. Quite cold. After going outside snd walk 10 minutes i sm freezin from inside...hate this feeling it is impossible to dress enough clothes with implants to keep me warm.. did youalso feel that...is this feeling has been dissapeared after explant. Hope so..i ask God every day to succed the ops anf could accept my new body....
I also can hardly expect to get rid of the weight i am carrying.
i hope i will be free aftet this..
the only thing i do not know how to survive;-) that i can not exercise for 3 months...because my chest muscle will be also revonstructed. ..but i will in some way. .

en block capsule removal

Has someone here en block capsule removal...? What are the experince after that? Healing..drains etc...
did it reduce the size significantly if breast...?
Other questions. Has someone mammography or other regular screening after year a time...did it show the capsula..or just show normal negative result...?

left one has contracture....

What do you think do i have own tissue left...? I do not know how much is the implant...

photo again

waiting for 2rd of Feb

I have already arranged my 2 weeks vacation with my boss and fixed the operation date with the doctor...
i am so excited...only 2 and a half week.
i have found pos op bra...have chosen the oil to massage and silicon strip on the scars...
based on your pictures i can see nice results. Why is that in my country doctors pictures the worst scenario. Any of them want to make the operation.
the have no practise in explant....
the only way of how i could find a "not money maker" doctor based on my gynoecologist doctor....
all the doctors told so weird things......;-(
In my country woman dos not ask explantation only implantation....it is strange...did you feel some pressure feeling in your brest ....very uncomfortable ..before yor period? It is like my brass also much more disturbing.. i have nor felt that before....

only 3 weeks

I am sooo excited..i went yesterday to buy some sport bra in Hungary budapest wth estimating my future size....i was dissaponting because A size can not be bought...so i have to order from internet..
why i am also worrying i can not be sick...and now there is the flue season...i am taking 1000 mg c vitamin and will drink echinacea...do you have any suggestion what to take to strengthen my immune system...?


And as a plus the operation will be 1 week before my period...and i know that these time i got herpes...because of my immune system is weaker these days....
so hope i will be healty...i am reading all of your story and so grateful that you've shared your experiences and post picture...

only 2 weeks....

Im so excited i also have dreamt that i have small boobs like before BA.
i am drinking collagen taking 500 C per day and someone here suggested vitamin A also.
i bought arnica montana and staphyzagria after surgery...what else?
Vitamin E after?
I have bought bras... oil..etc.
mentally i am up &down..... What i know i want i my small boobs back....but i do not know how i will look like... my skin is very good


No big implants /310 for not so long..they are not sagging...BUT i am 43...so i do know know in this age how my skin is able to retract...because i am not young.....is someone with the same feature....? I would like to be 1 month older;-)))

i have to sleep 9 more days...yeahhhh;-)))

5 working days...comuting with train in the middle of flue season..
As can i take multivitamins before surgery i only take c vitamin drink echinacia and pray every day..just flue avoid me....and as a plus...;-) after explant 2/feb, i will have new workplace...office work..new collegues new breast ;-) so at least i do not have to explain to anyone what has happened.
but pleeease pray for me to be able to be as for health by the date!!!!;-)
I want to get rid of these plastic things..i hardly expect....regarding after ops...did someone have tried this tapes one girl used..to avoid deformiti and concave nipples. I have read so many stories that i do not remember who was it..

i have to sleep only 4!!!!!

Winter has came in Hunngary lots of snow..i am on vacation tomorrow. I bought everything with exception of pain killers. I quited and will start at new workplace in March. Till i can hopefully be at home and rest with exception a few days...so will have time..i have to be healty by the operation and after also i sm saying to myself...but inside excting to be at least normal & and natural..i would like it so much...
These last few days are the worst....hope everything will go well! Pray for me...please...! Thanks everyone who posted pictures it helps lot lot lit to imagine what can be the realistic picture;-)

update; surgery time: monday 9-10 am...

Today i called my doctor and he told me the exact time of operation...huuuu i am so excited;-))))

today i will be implant free!

It is very strange feeling the day before the surgery...i am saying goodby to my bug breast and will leave on a new way..with small one.
trust myself, my doctor, an GOD that everything will be smooth good and get natural breast. ;-)) and will be peace in my soul! Be prepared mentally, phisically and bought everything after the op.
Cleaned the flat bought foods and so on by next week that i can cure....
pls pray for me!
Will post pictures soon. Thank all the support; picture, reviews from you what really helped to make this smart decision!

they are finally out:-)))

I am over...yesterday slept all days.
There was an en block removal what i have asked.
no need any painkiller so far..only a small blood in the drain...but very dire throuht because of the tube...
i only have seen the bandage...small size is

3 days girls-))

Just to quick update for you:-)
No pain..feeling grear happy to do it and love my small breasts...they could be beween A and B cup....luiquid in my right starting to be better. The only thing is that hard sore throught. Probably because of the tube...does anyone has this?

how they look like

without bra 3 days post op

3 days

3 days

How i look like


3 days

3 days

3 days

4th day of the operation

First of all i thank to your support...try to give you a quick update how i feel now..
mentally very haply i do not miss for a second my past plastic breast since the operation.
skin is rectracting continuously i have noticed improcement at the nipple.
Using coconat and macadan wallnot oil..
the wound area is little sensitive.
fluid in left breast almost dessapeared but noticed area with fluid at back part in the same line where the breast is. I am going to call my doctor to check if this is normal..
Breast form is almost the same as before BA but little softer. I trust and hope it will improve lot in the next month.
as my breast muscles has been sewed i can limitatately use my arm that us bad..
sore throught is better but 100 percent it hurts when swallowing..hope it will heal also.
And there is another thing since 2 days of explant and till now i have strong sweating during night. Did you have someone like this.? I have normal period.. and i am not old.
my implants has not ruptured.
My blood test perfect. So i have no clue if this is some detox of m body ir hormone or just part of the healing process....???

4 day after operation

Just a quick update: sore throght is quite ok...just a little but. i can not see odema iam healing well, little discomfort at wound side.
What only disturbs night sweating. Did you have also? How long did it take?
I am having it since 1-2 days from the operation. I do not know whether ut has to do with the operation..pls write if someone has sny experiance like this...

5 days

sleeping on side

After how many days you dared to sleep on your side...? I am so fed up sleeping on my back and would like to lay on my side..what do you think? I had the operation on Monday. Can i do it?

6th day;-)

Just a very quk update how i feel..
feeeling stronger every day..today a walked a lot enjoyed sunshine at bank or river feeling great. Night sweeting almost gone away just midly.
what is challenge take care of my movement as i have inner stiches inside with dissolving stiches.
hope they will keept till they dissolving.
my skine and condition is improving day by day. Unbelievable how smart our body;-))).
Being very positive everything turns to the right decision.
love respect than ever my new body.
some further positive things: i am not freezing in minus 2!;-) my breast are warm and soft...i am full of energy. I think it is to breath deeply and properly. My constant tiredness dissapearead.
i live in 4the floor and no elevator.. amaizing it is easier to go up..Cant beleive it;-)))) On Monday i will visit my doctor hope everything will be ok..pray for me please! ;-) thanks.. i wish good healing to those who are over it and keep fingers crossed who are before it.
That was one of my best decision in my lie.;-))

night sweating

I am 7 days PO and have night sweating. Does anyone has it...? How long did it take? It is slightly better than after surgery but has not stopped yet.....;-(
Could it be the part of healing process ormy body id trying to get used the different circumstances?

1 week




1 week update

Today i had chechkup with my doc.everything is ok.next mondays he takes out stches.inner stiches need 3 more weeks to fix the muscles so i have to be very cautious...with my movement.
i asked about the dent at left side. He told size will not change dent might not skin and condition will improve.
i hope that the dent will dissapear and i can expect some fluffness as i even do not fill A cup completely no and in Hungary there id no AA sizw-(( so i bought 2 skinny bra which half full....but this is it...;)
Good night to you!




7 days

10 days

I am feeling great and stronger day by day.
what i am feeling now...at the scar some pulling sensation at the stitches. I have to bear 5 more days with stitches. I can not wait the take it out..

Sleeping is still uncoumfortable as i am sleeping on my back...i want to wait removal if stiches tilk to sleep on my side..actually i could already but i am afraid.

skind and breast condition is improving..i hope the softness will better over the time.

Sweating...?!?... well it is not so bad like a week ago but there. This i really hope it will go away as it is disturbing so much...

dent at left..not perfect but better.

do someone have muscles stitches? How long does it take to heal....?

One more thing. After surgery a time did yoe


Did you have it controlled by ultra soung the inside...? If everything has been healed properly?

All the answers would make me me happy...;-))


3 week

try to upload again

3 weeks




21 days

On right one left side of picture there is a dent below nipples and wrinkles but above scars some more tissue:-((which should be where the dent is....here the scar is also harder. At th part doctor worked more and there were fluid which has been dissolved.
Will it have breast shape ....? I am.worried...;-(((

and one more thing

Scar is much below the natural fold...why....? I have never seen this at anybody.....here. with implant it was in....and i did not have big one only 300 cm..

pre b/a

pre b/a

pre ba

1 month

My breat is im one month but above scar according to my doctor there some loose skin. I have to wear comprassion bandage for the next 2-3 weeks daily 3-4 hours. Will it be pressef back? Isn t it a double bubble?

one month

Name not provided

not yet performed. Xxx

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