Finally!!!!!! Breast Reduction and Lipo on the Sides. - Memphis, TN

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You all know..when we have breasts that have...

You all know..when we have breasts that have fallen and point south its no longer a pretty site !!
Its time for a reduction and lift,
After two children my breasts took a life of their own. Each year keeps getting worse.
You know, shirts can't fit or button. Bras are impossible, I"m constantly hiding my upper body.
Not to mention all the shoulder and back pain!!
I've gone for three consultations. They all had a great plan but I choose my DR from a confident feeling I had talking to him. I know I will be in wonderful gifted hands. The staff is great too.
We believe Im about a 38DD might be a bit smaller on one side. The plan is a C.
That would be a gift. I cant even imagine. Even though I was a C before my kids. Having my sons are worth any of this. They are the loves of my life!
I will add some pictures in the morning.

Three Days To GO!!!

I've been so busy with everyone else in my life that this date snuck up on me!! I think it was better this way for me -but today in grocery store .. Hit me!! I'm really doing this in three days!!! I'm so excited!!
Getting a little freaked out have to admit!

Ready as Ill Ever Be!

Tomorrow is the day!!!
I feel actually pretty calm right now. I hope it lasts! Lol
I know Im in the hands of an amazing surgeon. I know it will be so much better than what I have. :)
Finally have some pictures for comparison. I never realized how much bigger I am on one side!!!
The morning can't come soon enough! I am ready!!!!

I DID IT!!!! :))

It was the most organized process I've ever had. Got there at 6:15 and in surgery by 7:15.
One thing they did was give me alka seltzer before anesthisia. If you have any reflux it will help.
Next thing I was in OR. Just before they started I asked them if they play music while operating.They all laughed. ( I watch too much TV) .They always have music blasting. They all said .. of course we do. We have Michael Jackson planed for today. I was happy with that choice. I said please no country! Im not a fan . lol Then I was out...
I woke up in some pain but more of a burning feeling. My nurse gave me pain meds through IV. Everything was fine after that.
When I got home just slept rest of the day. Just keep taking your pain pills every 4 hours. Like my nurse said-" You do not need to be a hero right now." I'm taking her advice.
Today is fine too!! I sponge bathed today and change my gauze pads that cover the scares.. Only doing that tired me out.
First day is not bad at all!! I cant wait to see it my new breasts. I will post pics tomorrow.
I know its stressfull Until your day comes ,but I'm here to say don't worry .You will be more than happy!! I can't believe this is my body:)

On The Third Day...

I really haven't much to say! This surgery is by far the easiest one I've ever had. Very minimal pain. Easy to control with pain meds. The lipo is what hurts the most.
I think of it as a little pain for many years to come of confidence in my cloths and myself .
I know it's only been 3 days but I am so thrilled with my results. The swelling has to come down and bruises will heal. I just can't believe it's me when I look in a mirror. Just took a shower- felt fantastic!!
Washed my garment and feel fresh and clean! I'm still sleeping in living room on my recliner. It's easier that way so I don't wake my husband.
Things I found helpful next to me on small table:
Throat lozengers and gum. -throat still scratchy afterwards.
Protein Bars-
Scented body cream- for legs and arms
Activia and Senokot xttra-neither worked yet:(
Lip balm (Carmex)
Cleansing towelettes for face -then face cream.
Reading glasses
Pepto Bysmol
About Three good pillows for around you to protect when you sleep.
Pen and paper to mark your last pain pill. (If I didn't I would have forgotten when.)
Most important ... My YETI !!!
Hope this helps .
Time to take a nap:))

It's been one week already!!

I think this surgery is one of the best things we can ever do for ourselves ladies!! The way time has inched it's way , little by little, to have us carry such weight on our backs and shoulders is amazing!
I forgot how light I can feel ! And it feels GOOD!
I'm still feeling some pain but nothing at all like I expected! Very manageable if you follow DR'S orders. Take time for yourself and heal! We are worth it!
Good Luck to all who are having surgery this week ! Also, hope everyone who has had surgery is healing and happy!????

Three weeks later...

Things get better everyday. I don't have all my energy back yet but I know that comes in time.
All my glue is off. I'm amazed at my scars!
The only place that looks like I need scar therapy is underneath. I expected them to be red and raised for awhile. Every scar I've had in my life was like that. These are flat and not that noticeable already:) My PS is amazing!!! I know I have a long way to recover and see the end result completely but so far I'm thrilled!!!!
I went out last night on a date with my hubby. First time getting dressed up. I felt so good . What a difference!!! I always covered up constantly with jackets and sweaters. Feels great to look normal. :))
Good luck to all the Ladies that are having surgery soon. Best decision I ever made!

The Best thing I've ever done!

I just went for my last checkup after surgery. About 7 weeks later. Everything looks like it should so I'm finished. I have to say, I didn't really feel that great for about 6 weeks. Just really sore and tired. Still able to do things but I think I healed slower. Everyone is different. I read woman who feel great right away. That wasn't my case. But.. It was worth it!!
My breasts look better than I ever imagined they could. After years of sagging and back and neck pain my life has changed for the better in so many ways. My confidence is back, clothes are so much fun to try on and buy. Best of all.. no more pain!
I want to wish all the woman that have up coming BR the best! You will never regret it! It's a life changer.
I had an amazing PS. Dr. Adams is a true artist and perfectionist. Most definatly the best I've ever met and talked to. (And Ive talked to many in the area.) I'd never go to anyone else.
A before and after comparison.
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Dr Adams is a perfectionist and a true artist. He takes his time explaining procedure and what he envisions. I couldn't be any more thrilled with my entire experience. Especially my surgery and outcome. His office staff is great. His personal nurses are sweet, encouraging, and so helpful. The Babtist East Surgery Center that he does all procedures in is fantastic as well. The care from beginning to end was amazing. I would highly recommend Dr. Adams. If your considering this surgery do yourself a favor and go for a consult. You wont regret it:)

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