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Hi everyone! I'm so excited to finally be posting...

Hi everyone! I'm so excited to finally be posting my own story after months of reading everyone else's. I'm still in the exploratory stage of my surgeon search. A little bit about me: I have 2 beautiful children a 4 yr old boy and an almost 2 yr old little girl. I breastfed both for over a year each. I am just over 5'7" and fluctuate between 118 and 122 most days.
Before getting pregnant with my son I was a very small A. I have always had a nice shape and feel. But after by boobs shrank down from the c cup I was while breastfeeding they are not even A cups anymore. Thankfully the skin shrank back but unless I wear a really padded push up, my chest is concave. Even with a push up I am only a small A because of the bra padding.

I once made the mistake of going to a home depot after doing yardwork. I was wearing a non padded bra and baggy clothes that obviously were dirty. I was with my son. The young guy working in the garden department mistook me for a man! That happened a lot in college as well but whatvreally got me was afterwards as we were leaving my son son asked me "mommy why did he think you were a boy?" So after that I started more seriously considering a BA. I want to go forward with it soon so hope fully my kids will have minimal memory of me without tatas. I would hate to give them the impression that I was anything less than confident about my self. Children learn so much from their parents.

As far as implant goes I am leaning heavily toward silicone. I want very natural and proportionate implants. I want to be able to forget I have them lol. For my husband's sake I want them to feel natural too. It would be great if I could accomplish a large B. I definitely don't want the ball on chest look. Ivery been told I would be a good candidate for shaped implants but since they are textured I'm worried about rippling and the fact that they won't move as naturally as smooth.

If anyone has suggestions for a great surgeon with experience with small breaststroke I would really appreciate it. I have a few consults set up but still undecided. My husband and I are not opposed to traveling for surgery either.

I will post some photos later.

2 consults so far!

Okay so I had my first consult the other day and I wasn't super impressed. The Dr's results were all over the place. He wanted to push 450 cc's and didn't really talk in detail about profiles and how to get the results I wanted. Today I had an online consult with a Dr. over skype and it went really well. He totally acted like a surgeon but was really great about going into detail about how he inserts the implant and he mentioned a size that was definitely more in line with what I was thinking. And he is much more reasonably priced. Still haven't had the guts to post my before pics lol

Okay so I might be setting a surgery date soon!!!

So I talked with a few more ladies today and have found a surgeon in Texas who has great results and is a woman. Not sure about her cost but I'll be finding out soon. I also found a surgeon in Utah who is only a smidge more than the surgeon close to me but I think based on his before's and after's, is infinitely better. Also his staff was more personable. I'll wait until the consult and talking with him to actually decide. Buutttt........... the hubs and I decided that whatever surgeon I like best to just go ahead and schedule the surgery!!! We're going to schedule it for the beginning of April so we'll have plenty of time to save up since we want to pay for as much as possible out of pocket. Posting some wish pics now.

Surgery Scheduled! and the Surgeon is.......

Dr. Steven Constantine in Salt Lake City Utah!!! He called me after hours for a phone consultation. answered all of my questions thoroughly and kindly. He put me totally at ease by answering all my questions with sound medical reasoning. My pre surgery consult is scheduled for April 8th and surgery will take place the next day on the 9th. I will stay one more night for my post op consult on the 10th and then we will fly home that evening! I am soooo pumped and a little terrified of the numbers lol. Its costing a lot but I just have to remind myself it will be worth it.

Paid my deposit!

So today I paid my deposit and booked the tickets for my husband and myself. very excited but also nervous. I get a little sick to my tummy whenever I think about it or get online to do research. Whats up with that? Any advice or words of comfort?

posting some before pics

The Waiting Game

So now that we have the date set and the deposit paid all I have to do is wait. I hate it! lol does anyone have any tips for prepping your body for the surgery? I have been using bio oil twice a day on my breasts as well as jergen's collagen stimulating lotion on them at night. I know I have to stop all vitamins and what not 2 weeks before surgery but it there anything I can be doing or taking up until then to help make recovery and results better? Thanks!

paid in full and only 3 weeks to go!

Wow it has been so long since I posted. Sorry for that. I have been so busy with school (I graduate in 3 months!) and our move (we got orders to Germany!). So I guess I have more than just a booby update lol. Just to recap, I am 24, 5'7" and weigh 125lbs. I have a 4 yr old and a 2 yr old who were both breastfed for at least a year. As you can tell from my prep photos I am pretty much a walking nipple. As far as size of implant goes were looking at the mentor silicone mod profile 350 cc. I want full natural beasts but not too much perk. I know that sounds weird but I'm a mom that breastfed and I want to look semi maternal. On the other hand I'm only 24 and I have hips (yay babies) and broader shoulders so I need some fullness and side boob and cleavage. I also want them to age well so they can't be too big.

Anyway I know my ps is going to do great work. If you want you can check out his before and afters on his practice page. His name is Dr. Steve Constantine in Salt Lake City, Utah. Oh also we are doing a peri areola incision for minimal scaring and better placement.

A good friend who just happens to be med surg nurse and coworker of my husband's is coming with me for the surgery since my hubby can't. Didn't want to fly from Ohio to Utah and back on my own for surgery lol. It should be a blast. We are renting a little loft apartment downtown while we're there. I made her swear she wouldn't video me all drugged up and got a "no promises" in response so my next update might be really entertaining for you all.

Hate the waiting game!

So my friend and I leave for UT this Tuesday. I am soooo excited and literally think about boobs all the time. I have even started having the boob dreams some ladies talk about. I dreamed that the doc made them too small and that after they healed you couldn't even tell I had implants. It was awful! My PS faxed my prescriptions to the base hospital so now I can get them filled at no cost. Federal regs prohibit the filling of a percocet script by phone or fax so that one I have to wait to fill until I get to UT. I have to call and find out if there is any bloodwork he wants me to have done beforehand. I might just bring my latest lab work with me for him. I tend to have low platelets and I'm not sure if that will have an impact on the meds they use.

It's done!

Finally made it to Utah after a huge fiasco with our original airline. Wound up having to pay over 1300 dollars to get here on time. Surgery went well but i woke up in soooo much pain. It was a really deep ache and tightness like I've never felt before. I want breathing well so I had to stay an extra hour before my friend could take me home. They bandaged me super tight since we are flying home in just a few days which why I think it hurts so bad. Its manageable though. I take 2 percocet a day and a Valium at night. The day of surgery I did manage to get dressed and go out for sushi with my freind for dinner.
My ps said no sports bras. Apparently they push the implants down and cause the pocket to stretch and the implant to drop too low. So far I don't have any bloating or nausea.
I was told to do bird flaps 10 times a day. Basically arms out straight like wings and raise them as high as you can 10 times. So far I can only reach my shoulders but its a good kind of pain. I go for my follow up today at 9. Wish me luck ladies!

3 days post op!

So my follow up went great! The nurse said I am doing remarkable well. I have full range of motion and the night of surgery I felt well enough to go out for sushi! Then shopping the next day and they day after! My breasts were a little high at first but not boxy. They are still high but the swelling is going down. I'm still wearing the surgery bra and ace wrap. They look sooooo amazing! They are fairly soft already. I'll post pics now.

shopping 6 days out!

Hey ladies! So first I just want to say again how amazing my ps is. Second vs sizes are crazy! Got sized today as a 32 DDD! Nonsense. Anyway. I felt really good today so I went out without my ace wrap and managed 2 hours until I needed to put it back on. They get softer every day! Still haven't dropped a whole lot and I'm getting a little nervous but I know everything will be fine and my ps will confirm that when we have our Skype session in a day or two. adding more pics now.

more pictures

I'm so glad I finally feel confident enough to share my face with you ladies! Here's some cleavage just for you all!

8 days post and loving them!

Sorry I haven't posted pics in a few days. I started my last semester of school which is really just externships but my hours are crazy! Anyway here's pics from each of the last 3 days!

7 and 8 days post op pictures

sorry my pics are only uploading one at a time. Has anyone else noticed that with the periareolar incision that you can feel your implant brush against the inside layer. it's really bizarre. does that go away eventually? Also my ps has been mia since my surgery and I've only been able to talk with one of the assistants. it's kind of pissing me off. any advice as to how I should handle that. I don't want to be rude but I also feel that since he did the work he should be doing the follow ups.

11 days post

Steri strip started to peel off today but my incision line is no where near being closed and healed. Had to go out and buy more strip and apply them myself. I really hope I did it right. I had talked to my ps's medical assistant today about it and I am finally going to have a follow up with my ps either late Monday or Tuesday. They look really good so far I think the key is just keeping them where they are now lol. did anyone else notice that there incision line looked folded over and in on itself? My ps said it's totally normal and will smooth out. His gallery shows beautiful scars that are barely there so I want to believe him but I'm a total worrier.

Pretty things

My new nightie! Also some pics to show sqishiness.

cleavage hasn't changed much.

new pics!

Hubby took some new ]iTunes tonight after I re-did my steri strips. I put a silicone strip over each just to make sure they don't peel off again and to protect my nips a bit more. My ps said the longer the strips stay on the better the scar will be. After 4 to 6 weeks I can remove steri strips and start using silicone gel.

feeling very frustrated!

So I had a stitch pop. My incisions are still oozy and I have been unable to actually talk to my ps since the surgery. I even made a phone appointment and he never called me! I've only been able to talk with his nurses. I've been massaging based on how they told me over the phone but I've never been shown. I have no clue if I'm doing it right. My breasts have become slightly uneven. At this point I don't know if I should try to get into plastics on base since it seems now that my ps has done the surgery and been paid he doesn't have time for me! Posting more pics now.

incision itchiness!

Omg ladies my nipple itch like crazy! Has anyone else had this? It's like mosquito bite itchy. I'll post some incision pics. Let me know what you guys have done for itchy incisions. Thanks!

nipple pics!

pic I sent the doc

the stickers are just so you don't get distracted by my still healing nipples. Lol

dropped a bit more

I'm not sure if I mentioned this but I was having an allergic reaction to the steri strips so the nurse told me to take them off. They were causing inflammation and oozing. Just in case you were wondering why I had bare nipples. Also I think they dropped a teensy bit more. I'm really trying to keep them from dropping more so I tightened the surgical bra.

I think I have boob greed!

So I've been feeling lately that my breasts don't fit me as much as I wanted. I feel that when I move my arms they don't look as natural as I expected and I think they may be too round on the outside and not as big as I hoped for. My husband says they look amazing and feel very natural. I do have some pectoral deformity when I flex. I find its hard not to flex even doing simple things with my arms. Has anyone's ps given them tips to help lessen this? Thanks ladies!

It's been a while-2.5 months post

Dr. Steve Constantine

I cannot say enough good things about this surgeon. He is kind and gentle and so considerate. His staff is excellent. My nurses were fantastic. My healing experience so far has been a breeze and I know that it's due to his skill and care. Since I won't be in the same state during my healing he has suggested we do Skype follow ups. Seriously just a wonderful experience so far. And ladies you have to check out his before and afters. They are so gorgeous and natural!

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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