How Fraxel Worked on Me

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Currently, I have had two Fraxel treaments, with...

Currently, I have had two Fraxel treaments, with my third one coming up in about three weeks.  The pain, to me, was bad but not the worst I've felt.  I was given a valium to take & a pain medication to take an hour before the procedure...neither did much good so the pain medication was increased.

I have not noticed a difference at all, in pore size, fine lines that I had, or small sun/brown spots I had....they all still exist.  However, it is a series of treatments (four total that I have paid for), and the results are suppose to be best seen @ 3 months after the fourth treatment.  I am hopeful.

The first treatment left my face looking like a sunburn for about 24 hours.  The second treatment left my face looking sunburned for about a week (the intensity was increased), and my face now easily flushes.

I had CO2 laser treatment just around  my eyes a few years back.  The pain after the procedure was UNBAREABLE!  It stayed blood red around my eyes for about 3 months after the treatment!  To this day, around my eyes where the laser was done is still lighter than the rest of my face.  However, after about six months of healing, the results were awesome!!!  The fine lines around my eyes are gone!  I just couldn't bare to have it done all over my face, which is why I am trying Fraxel.

So far, Fraxel has not been worth the money/pain, but I will see after the fouth treatment.  Perhaps it will be...I hope so!

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