Large Black Rose Tattoo on Neck - Hove, UK

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Hi all, thought I would share the long journey I...

Hi all, thought I would share the long journey I am about to undertake. Without going into to much detail I had a mad moment back in February and got a large black rose tattoo on my neck, this I regretted straight away.
I Have been inspired by other stories on this site and has helped me set expectations.
Well patch test was done yesterday using Pico Sure laser, and I am due back Tuesday for my first treatment

1st Traetment

Well had first treatment last Tuesday, was quite uncomfortable but took less than 10 minutes which was bearable.
I have been lucky it did feel sore for a couple of days, but now there is no redness ( I didn't get any blisters or scabs) Moat of the shading has gone but as I expected not much other change, already impatient for next treatment end of May.
One issue with having it on my neck is that I keep looking in mirror to see if there are any changes.

Pre 2nd Treatment

Well it's been 8 weeks since my first treatment due for 2nd treatment later today . Pic taken this morning fingers crossed for noticeable improvement.

4 Days Post 2nd Treatment

Well somewhat more I comftable as lazer was turned up. Again Ellie who did the procedure was very good.
Again no blistering was a bit I comftable for 24 hours but even after such a short time no redness or swelling in fact feels just about healed , I am applying Vaseline that seemed to sooth it will carry on doing that for a couple more days just to be sure.
Any change well it has faded very slightly and can start to see some slight braking of some of lines( judge for yourselves) let's see what the body does over the next 8 weeks next treatment end of July

Video Taken for my 2nd treatment

1 week pre 3rd Treatment

Hi ,well its nearly that time again for next treatment was hoping for slightly more fading but just have to be patient Pics taken day before 3rd treatment

3 day post 3rd Treatment

Just had 3rd treatment didnt take too long . Higher setting was used on the final part of lasering as a test patch for next time , you can see this as slightly redder on the line in first picture.
As with previous 2 times bit red and sore for 3 days then more or less settled down after that.
Was hoping to see slightly better results , lower lines are slowly starting to break and reduce but larger rose doesnt seem to have budged at all.
Guess I need to be patient.

Post 4th Treatment

Well will be going for number 4 very soon, I guess there is fading and some of lines are definitely starting to break in places what do you think?

1 Week Post 4th Treatment

Getting there slowly, hopefully about halfway through fingers crossed

8 weeks post 4th Treatment

Well not far off 5th treatment there is definite fading and line breaking especially on lower rose.

1 month post 5th Treatment

Well it is slowly fading and starting to break up what do you think?

6 weeks post 6th Treatment

Well latest update the tattoo is definatley getting lighter with every treatment, I guess you can all judge for yourselves. It's nice now people who have seen it in its full glory comment on how light it is becoming . Number 7 is due over next few weeks.

4 Day post 7th Treament

Guess you guys will be the judges!Yes fading nicely hoping only a Few more treatments, laser turned up to higher level

I had a very comprehensive consultation about 3 weeks ago because of the age of the tattoo had to wait a few more weeks for my first treatment .

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