Vaser Lipo on Abdomen - Love the Results

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I underwent laser lipo on April 29,2010. After...

I underwent laser lipo on April 29,2010. After several years of dealing with loose abdominal skin. I must admit that after reading some of the reviews from RealSelf, I was nervous and truly concerned about the procedure itself, the recovery process and the results. At the pre-op, I was fortunate to actually meet and talk to a woman that had literally just had the procedure done an hour before and she walked out of the office in very little pain and told me that the Dr. and staff were wonderful.

4/29/10- (Day of the Procedure) I was very nervous and took a xanax to calm me down about two hours before the procedure. The staff was very friendly and the Dr. was amazing about talking me through the procedure and calming me down. They checked my pulse, placed markings allover my body. Then it was off to the surgical room. The initial injection used to numb the incision site was all that I really felt. He waited until I was numb and placed ports in the incisions where the tools would enter. The first part of the procedure is filling the treated areas with a saline numbing fluid. It didn’t hurt; I just felt a little pressure here and there. Once the fluid is in and the area is numb the Dr. will then go in and start the laser to melt the fat cells. I felt very little pain except in a few small areas (my rib area). The Dr. and nurse talked with me through the entire procedure and he let me know exactly what he was doing and which areas he was working on. He would ask me if I was feeling any pain and wanted to make sure that I let him know if I did. Honestly, there was never any unbearable pain. The last part of the procedure is when the saline fluid and fat cells are removed. No real pain, just pressure. He removed almost a liter of fat from my abdomen, love handles, and lower back areas. Immediately after the procedure, the nurse helped me into a garment, we covered the incisions with sanitary pads and I was ready to go. I scheduled my first of four ReForm treatments for the following morning.

Once I got home, I changed the sanitary pads because they were soaked. I ate something for dinner, took a vicodin and went to bed. I didn’t have any problems that evening, woke up once for the bathroom and to change the pads once more.

Day 1 - I woke up a little sore, bruised and swollen but didn’t need to take any pain pills. I was curious about the way I looked so I removed the garment and took my first pictures. I was able to drive myself to the ReForm appointment. I spent most of day 1 on the couch and was able to take my dog for a walk later in the evening. By the end of day 1, the leaking had stopped completely. I did wake up in the middle of the night with some discomfort in my back area but took a vicodin and went right back to sleep.

Day 2 - Still swollen and bruised but I was able to go on my regular daily activities without any problems. Walked my dog, went grocery shopping, and got back to work.

One week out, I can honestly say that I would do it again. I am still a little swollen and the recovery keeps getting better every day. The garment is big on me now and the Dr. has allowed me to wear shape wear from this point forward. I’m now starting to see results as the swelling goes down. My skin is still very loose around my upper abdomen but I am hoping that the ReForm treatments will help with that. My incisions on my abdomen and belly button have healed nicely but I'm concerned about the ones on my back. It looks like I have an infection and they are red and starting to scab over. The Dr. prescribed me a topical antibiotic to help. I don't scar well so I’m praying that they get better.

10 days - Just got back from a relaxing weekend away. Feeling better and better every day. I am still swollen, the bruising is gone and still wearing the garment. I have started walking everyday and am anxious to get back into the gym. I’ve been watching my diet closely since I can't workout. I know that once the Dr. says that I can get back in the gym my results will only get better.

My only concerns at this time are that my upper abdomen is not contracting like I hoped it would and the incisions on my back are still a little infected and dark. Keeping up with the ReForm treatments and I know we have a long time before I will see the final results. I’m satisfied with the procedure; I know that it will only get better from this point on. I already look better than I did before and I'm so glad that I talked myself out of getting that tummy tuck.

Almost 8 weeks out, Results are great!! I am still...

Almost 8 weeks out, Results are great!! I am still a little sore and swollen on my lower back but other than that the healing process is almost over. I will try to post pics today, for some reason they wouldnt post.

Here are pics.

Here are pics.

More Pics up!!

More Pics up!!

Dr. Carpenter Lipo and Laser Center, Houston, Tx.

Wonderful doctor, he is truly concerned about the patients and the results. I have already recommended him to my friends and family.

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