"So...you're over 35, Right?" Houston, TX

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Yag destroyed my face. I really wouldn't recommend...

Yag destroyed my face. I really wouldn't recommend this laser. I went in to get rid of melasma, and left with uneven skin texture, scars, way worse hyperpigmentation, and micro holes. I'm not sure what went wrong. I do know that on day 5 of healing my face got super itchy, burned, and was quite painful for a week. Infection? Contact dermatitis (what I got diagnosed with)? My body starting to scar??
I'm severely depressed over this. My life hasn't been the same since I've had this done. At first I thought my cheeks lost fat or something and that it was giving me wrinkles on my cheeks, but when I went to have a consultation for fillers the doctor asked me if I was going to correct my texture problem. I went home confused and started looking more in the mirror.....and yeah. I definitely have a texture problem. I have columns (and patches) of skin that are raised/lowered than the rest of my skin giving the appearance of a bunch of little wrinkles.

Has anyone successfully improved their faces with this kind of damage?? I need to do something, I can't keep living like this. My entire life turned upside down. I went from the happiest person I know, to someone who is too embarrassed to be seen.

I was hoping it wasn't *that* bad, and I'm the only one who sees it, but...
I went to the store to pick up beer for my husband. I pulled out my ID to give to the cashier and she looks at me, confused, and said, "So...you're over 35, right? I don't need that.".
I'm 25.

I'm so broken by this.



Went to a new doctor

He wants to do a v beam to get some of the color out of my face, then he wants to address the texture. He put me on a strict skincare regimen as follows:
Morning: Avar cleanser (for rosacea), Soolantra (anti parasitic), Elure Cream (for melasma. My face hasn't been able to handle Triluma), Elta MD sunscreen

Night: Avar, Finacea Foam (for rosacea, with added bleaching benefits), Elure cream.

I go see him next month for Voluma, and I'm also going to see if he can patch test the V beam. I really don't want to make things worse.

He hasn't told me how we're going to help the texture. He told me we're going to take this one step at a time. I'll update as I go, and I'll be sure to let everyone know exactly what he does (with pics!). I'm extremely nervous about it. I'm terrified of making things worse (I really couldn't handle it), but I'm also terrified of staying like this. So....here it goes.

Also, the hair on my face since the laser has been ridiculous. It grew back coarse, and extreme in numbers. It's still peach fuzz, but there's so much it makes my skin look worse. So I got dermaplaning and a mandelic peel. No more fur face! Go me!

Starting to really wonder

If my body just heals insufficiently. Or maybe it was something I did while I had contact dermatitis. I mean, my face was burning and itching so bad, I almost went insane. Maybe I was too rough with my face while it was all inflamed.
Even amazing doctors can have patients who scar. Is it really always their fault? Or can it equally be the patients body and how they handle aftercare?

In my case, I'm thinking it wasn't just the technician at fault.

This time around I'm going to be meticulous about after care. And if my face blows up again, I know now that it IS a big deal, and to get to my doctor ASAP.

Hoping for a different experience this time around.

Had my first round of vbeam

Since my last update I've had fillers and vbeam. First, the fillers are amazing, and helped smooth out my skin a lot. Second, the vbeam smoothed out my texture even more. My derm was only able to do my cheeks before I almost had (did have?) a full blown panic attack. It surprisingly didn't hurt at all. I was only pink for a couple of days, and had swelling until the day after. Nothing like my yag experience. My skin handled it very well.
I'm not sure if the skin improvement is from micro swelling, bc I'm only 1 week out from the vbeam, but I'll re-update in a week to let everyone know. I'm excited!!

It's been a while

Due to life getting in the way I haven't been able to get on here, and I haven't been able to get any more vbeams yet. My final word on the first one: it did help. About day 13 it started to go back to normal, but it didn't completely. The change was ever so slight, but it made a difference. And hey, any improvement is AMAZING (right!?) so I'm running with it. I'll update after each round.

Oh, and for all of the people who have asked, I finally got in touch with office who did my yag, and it was erbium.
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