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I got my implants at 22 years old. I was...

I got my implants at 22 years old. I was extremely self conscious of my breasts. When I first started growing breasts I noticed my right one was growing more slowly than the left. My left breast ended up a B cup and my right breast was an A cup. This made if very difficult for me to find bras that fit and didn't show that I was uneven. I didn't have much support from my mother and in fact she made me feel even worse about it when she took me bra shopping. She was so impatient with me having to try on every single bra and also with a shirt on because t-shirts showed the asymmetry the worst. It was exhausting and very depleting of my self esteem. When I learned about breast augmentation around the age of 15/16 I knew I wanted them as soon as possible.

At 22, I was living on my own and decided I wasn't going to wait any longer. I chose saline implants under the muscle. I asked the PS for a full C cup and that is exactly what I got. I was wearing 34B bras (with only the left side filling it out) and after surgery I was exactly a 34C. I absolutely loved my implants when I got them. I felt "normal" for the first time in my life. For the first time, I was able to go into a bra section or Victoria's Secret and buy any 34C bra and KNOW that it was going to fit me perfectly. I must admit, that felt pretty great. But back then I was also a lot more concerned about the way I looked and having a certain image that I thought was the ideal.

Fast forward 4 months to meeting my husband and getting married the next year. Two years later I gave birth to twins. During my pregnancy my breasts got larger and after their birth my breasts were HUGE!!! I was probably an E cup right after when my milk came in. I pumped breast milk for 5 months and then gave in to exhaustion and couldn't keep up anymore. Now my breasts are very saggy. The implants stick out at the top and the breast tissue is sagging down pretty low.

I now HATE the way they feel. The left breast is larger and saggier so it flops against my rib cage sometimes. It literally makes an audible slap sound. Now THIS makes me self conscious and I can't stand it. My right breast has occasional pains and I can feel how contracted and tight my pectoral muscles are. I've been told by my Chiropractor that my pectoral muscles feel like a bunch of scar tissue. Perhaps this is why my neck is always bothering me. In addition, the right implant (the smaller breast to begin with) shifts around if I bend over, during exercise, etc. I literally have to push it back into place. It travels to the medial line of my chest. I HATE this. It is especially bothersome if I am out in public and have to do this. My breasts right now are a D. I had gained a lot of weight with my pregnancy and afterward. I've lost 30 pounds over the last couple of years and I have 30 more to go to be back at the weight I want to be/used to be. I really just want to feel normal. I don't want anymore implants. I don't care anymore about asymmetry. I'm a grown adult now and I realize that most people do not have perfectly matching breasts. As one surgeon put it, breasts are more like sisters. That made a light bulb go off for me.

I want to have an explant with a breast lift. I am really scared about the scars from the lift but my previous scars (in the breast fold) healed really well. I wish I wasn't so saggy because then I'd just do the explant right away. But I know that I will feel horrible about how saggy and floppy they would be after an explant with no lift. I'm hoping to have my surgery before the end of the year.
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