25 Yr, 2 Vaginal Births - Houston, TX

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My husband first mentioned to me I had become...

My husband first mentioned to me I had become loose about a year after my second child was born. I was devastated because I had been doing kegels since before my son was born to help with delivery and return things to normal afterwards. After some research I realized kegels do not always work especially if the muscles have been damaged. I later realized I couldn't feel him anymore after penetration and struggled to squeeze as tight as I could but he would still lose his erection. I love sex way more than masterbating so it was depressing to see him slowly lose interest in sex with me. I did more research and learned about this surgery. I was so happy that there was still hope and my sex life wouldn't have to basically end. I told my husband about it and he was very excited as well. We scheduled the surgery soon after that and let me tell you the pain is much worse than the doctors describe. I had a diamond shaped incision with one triangle on the posterior wall of the vagina all the way to the back and the connecting triangle continuing from the opening down to the anus. I had local anesthesia and the surgery was tolerable but you will feel pain. I was also given an injection for pain that should last 72 hours but may vary from patient to patient. I had no pain for about an hour during the three hour drive home, after that I was in excruciating pain. As advised by the nurse I went ahead and took the percocet when we got home but the pain got worse and worse. At 2 a.m. my husband called 911 and I was rushed to the ER. I was diagnosed with acute urinairy retention ( I couldn't pee due to swelling) This is no fault of the doctor but I want to let people know that this can happen though rare with this procedure. After they finally got the catheter in ( I am sutured a little past the urethra so it was hard to find) I found relief as I filled 3 bags full of urine. My percocet started to actually work but I was bed ridden mostly for two weeks and the pain at times was unbearable. My pain tolerance is high so that's saying a lot. Four days later I went to a urologist to see if I could take out the catheter but I still couldn't pee so I had to get another one inserted. They are painful as well because the tubing lays right on your sutures unless you pull it up towards your belly. Even with stool softeners and drinking lots of water I became impacted and had to use milk of magnesia to bring a gigantic rock of stool down to the opening. Then it was either go to the hospital so they could use forceps to break it up or break it up and pull it out with my finger. I decided on the latter since I was in so much pain and I couldn't wait. I recommend if you get into this predicament to have an enema at home just in case so hopefully, you won't have to do what I did. I wasn't expecting anything that bad so, I didn't have one. Granny panties and thick wide pads work great for holding your dressing together. I used an estrogen vaginal cream to minimize and soften the scaring, antibiotic cream, and tucks for a large hemorrhoid I got from the surgery, ( It was not from constipation it was there right after surgery) maybe because of the sutures tugging it outward? I had the catheter removed the day before yesterday. Yay! And also had a bowel movement without any help except from milk of magnesia :) I am also able to walk much better for short periods of time and don't have to lean over like an old women. I have an area that looks like the sutures split open but the doctor saw the pictures and said everything looks great and is healing well. A nurse said my hemorrhoid should go away when the swelling goes down. I now have a yest infection due to the antibiotic ointment ridding me of my good bacteria but that is easily taken care of with over the counter medications. I am so excited to have sex and satisfy myself and my husband again. Also, I wish this surgery wasn't called cosmetic. It is not for looks. It is beneficial and improves the function of the vagina, and it can help prevent future prolapse which could of happened to me down the road. But now, I can actually do effective kegels! :D

PS. Sorry for any misspelled words, it's late, and for the graphic parts and the length of my review but, I want you all to be as informed as possible. Sometimes the doctor won't tell you everything or you might not go through with it, lol ( VERY PAINFUL!). But I hope it is all worth it. The bruising in the picture is from the local anesthesia, you can also see the catheter tubing and a little bit of separation of the insicion between the vaginal opening and the anus. You can also see a bit of the hemorrhoid. I pushed as much of it back in as I could so it wouldn't look too bad ( my husband was taking the picture so I was embarrassed). I will post again once things are healed to give my final review and tell you about the sex afterwords and weather or not it fixed a minor stress incontinence problem ;)

25 Yr, 2 Vaginal Births - Houston, TX

I apologize that it has taken so long to give an update but I had to move twice since my last update. As far as appearance, It actually looks better than before surgery by tightening skin around the vagina as well as the inside. The hemroid is gone and the small separation from the sutures has completely healed. I can not see any scaring though I was sure I would. The picture below is from 5 weeks post-op. My doctor said I was a weird case and he had employees have the surgery done and go to work that same day, sitting upright and not feeling a thing. I, on the other hand, couldn't sit without reclining some or it hurt badly. Now on to the sex. Wow, just wow! Yes, there is sharp pinching even when going slow but then it feels awesome! My partner feels huge and completely fills me. It is so great that I am able to experience this again. My husband could not go all the way in for about a month but it felt like he was. He also has no problems holding an erection. I still think is sex drive is way below mine but he is 10 years older so and very much overweight. He did promise me that if we went through the relationship problems that we had before the surgery, he would go to the doctor and check his testosterone levels. For me, this surgery, despite the problems I had, was definitely worth it all and the depression and self-consciousness is gone.
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My doctor was very nice and so was all the staff I met. There was virtually no wait time and they took their time with me even when I got lost and was late. The nurse in preop and during the surgery was great and I am sure the postop nurse was too but I don't remember her or being wheeled out of the clinic for that matter. lol

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