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Now to the next phase of transformation. My...

Now to the next phase of transformation. My breast lift surgery has been scheduled for August 23rd with Dr. Horndeski. I found his work to be exceptional. He offers a lift with no vertical scar and added fullness using your own breast tissue. Noone in NYC does this technique so Ill be traveling to Houston TX for my procedure. I am sure it will be worth it. He guarantees that Ill remain a DD. Im excited!!!


I'm apprehensive about putting my before pictures of my breast up. They are not attractive. Just because I dislike them so much, I think I will wait until August, right before my surgery to show you all how unattractive they are. Nevertheless, it could be worst and they are going to get fixed soon!

Today is The Day!!!!

I go in at 10am for my Breast Lift and inner thigh lipo. I will post before and after pics asap.

It's Done!

I got my breast lifted. It was the lollipop technique. I didnt want a scar but this technique and the anchor is the most tried and true.
I woke up crying. PAIN. Doctor gave me a shot of morphine and it didnt work! Horrible. Then, I immediately was given 2 prescription pain pills and it helped.
My thighs are soar but my breast are killing me. I am taking pain meds every 4 hours. Im also very cold. My mom said my blood pressure must be low.
I was afraid to get my thighs lipo'd but the doctor made me feel comfortable. Hoping for a gap. SMILE!


More Photos

Sneak peek

I saw the doctor today. He said that I was healing nicely and could take a shower. I am going to wait a couple of days just to be cautious. The nipples are to the sky so I am happy. The lollipop scar looks atrocious but with time, I am sure the scar will fade. I go back to see the doctor next Friday unless I need him.
I am so happy to have some time off. My little girl is home from school so we will be cuddling watching movies. My family is taking turns staying home with me. Its only been 2 days but the doctor advised me to walk around. So I went to the eye doctor with my husband and tomorrow, I may need to go find another bra that closes in the front.
Since the doctor took the gauze off and I was able to see my breast; I feel much better.
I dont see much change in my thighs. I guess once they heal, I will see the difference. Dr Berger wasnt aggressive on my thighs because with a lot of women, lipo on the inner thighs are problematic and can cause sagging skin and ripples. I dont want that! He said he would get my problem area and as I lose weight it will be easier to see the difference because the problem area will be gone. I was surprised that my thighs didnt drain at all. I have seen some pictures of people that the swelling went into their feet. I guess he is really good...
I am taking my pain meds every 4 hours. I do not want the pain to creep up on me. Nevertheless, I can tell that the pain will subside in a few days.

Completely Happy!

I am happy with my body. I am still uneven from Dr. M's lower abdominal smart lipo but I am not looking to be perfect. Just the best me that I can be. My husband has been such a great help. I think this is actually bringing us closer. People tend to show their real colors when you are down. He is proving to be the man I wanted and needed to marry.
I am going to have some senna tea tonight because I havent gone #2 since I had the surgery. I have also been taking SinEcch which is Arnica montana in specific dosages that you take preop and post op. I dont have much swelling at all. I feel good! Now it's just concentrating on my scars....after healing! I am really happy SMILE.

A bit of complications

So I had a fever because there was fluid built up in my right breast. Dr Berger relieved the swelling by opening the bottom stitches and allowing excess blood to drain. It freaked me out because he didn't stitch me back up but said it would heal. I didn't need drains...thank God. There isn't any pain. Tylenol manages any uncomfort. I use a hot compress on my breast 4 times a day and shower for swelling. I am soooo happy I did it. Did you see that before picture? Yuck! I'm so blessed to have my breast, lower abs, and inner thighs done. I'm going to kill it in the gym as soon as I get the doctors permission. A personal trainer 3 times a week to get shredded abs, back, arms and thighs is the goal. Real self family...We can do anything we put our minds to! Summer is here. Be the best you, that you can be! I feel like a million bucks.! I did take a Percocet today. Hahaha bedtime.

Good night

A little scary

My areola are so fragile. The skin is peeling around the reattachment sites where the sealant is coming off. I went to see my PS and he said this happens with African American skin and it takes a while for the skin to darken...months. He said the vertical closure should start to fade and drop in 3-4 months because of the way he gathered the skin but he assured me that it will heal a lot nicer than it looks now. Overall, I am so happy. Check out the before picture vs now. I think anything would have been better than "grandma's old socks with rocks in them" thats what I use to call my boobs. LOL!!!! Keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I heal.

Not healing fast enough


I am devastated. I contracted MRSA and began taking Bactrim, only after a month of useless antibiotics. My surgeon is still saying ok, lets wait it out. I am scared, confused and possibly scarring! The wound is healing now with a dark circle around the areola. Doctor says, oh if it doesnt go away, it will look more natural. I didnt pay to look natural. LOL. My inner thighs kinda look the same. I am being patient but with all this going on, I feel like it wasnt worth getting lipo on my thighs. It hasnt been a month yet but with my abs, I saw immediate results. I was awake and made sure Dr. M was aggressive. Happy thoughts...the shape of my breasts are perfect!

Happy but infected....

I got MRSA! Ugly really ugly. I am on Zyvox (expensive as heck) but doing a great job in clearing things up.
My breast are so pretty, I cant even be mad. They are healing and I cant imagine how gorgeous they would be if I hadnt got the superbug MRSA.

THE SAGA CONTINUES....Can't take LIFE for granted.

I was just released from the hospital. As you all know, I was diagnosed with MRSA. I was on Bactrim and Zyvox. I had a severe reaction to this medicine. I thought I had Stephen Johnson syndrome when my mouth filled with blood filled blisters. I then got a rash from my hips to my feet. My doctor and surgeon both told me to go to the ER. I rushed there and was seen immediately. Results came back that I did not have SJS...THANK GOD! My platelets were so low that I was placed in ICU. I had 2 platelet transfusions and prednisone. Things started to look up and then my white blood cells dropped. Everyone that came into my isolated room had to wear a mask for my protection. I had nothing in my body to fight off infections! I was scared but faithful that my body was strong, healthy and would pull through. Doctors even mentioned leukemia! Cancer ... scary as hell. I was released today but am working with a team of hematologist. I had doctors caring for me in the hospital. It was nice. My surgeon sent 2 of his colleagues that he were affiliated with the hospital that he advised me to go to, on the night that the blistering started. I was well taken care of and now home relaxing for a whole week. Then back to work after my all of my checkups... primary physician, hematologist and plastic surgeon. I did get an ultra sound and my breast were all good. Everyone thought I got implants because the work was so nice. Just a lift and loving it.

Today is a better day!

I am feeling much better today. Really happy with all of my results- breast, inner thighs and lower abs. The work nor I am perfect but that is not what I strived for. If you are striving for perfection you probably will be disappointed. I just wanted to be the best me, that I could be.
Now it's time to engage a personal trainer for muscle definition. I never thought I would get to a point were I can say, I dont want to lose any weight. I love my proportion. I need to get jacked! I love being muscular, not manly but defined. Hopefully, my braces will come off by November and I can get my teeth bleached or whitened, I am not sure of the difference but will research. If you have any suggestions, let me know. Love you all for your support and prayers. I am still taking medicine to recover but hope to taper off starting friday. XOXOXO

Update pictures!

Update pictures cont.


I am very pleased with my body. My breast are perky and stomach is flat. Inner thighs are still healing but Im back in the gym and toning it all. I am trying not to lose weight because I cant afford to lose any volume in my breast. They are perfect for the look I am going for. Now I just need my braces to come off and a hair cut. SMILE!

New pictures

Surgery Day!

Getting my thighs revised and having my inner knee done. I gained a few pounds over the past year and had to get my upper body lipo'd. I did that on Friday with the same doctor that I went to for Smart Lipo in March 2013. My measurements are 41-31-45. Hoping for 41-29-45. My upper thighs are 25 inches and knee is 18 yuck! I want them to go down as much as possible. I'll keep you posted. I go in to surgery at 3:30pm. Pray for me!
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