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I am scheduled to have a Lipo Tuck procedure on...

I am scheduled to have a Lipo Tuck procedure on December 10, 2013 and I am feeling very nervous and excited! I'm not even sure exactly what to expect but after reading a lot of the stories on this blog and seeing the after pictures I feel more excited than nervous! Hope that makes since. LOL
I had my 3 week post op appointment today and they went over all of the steps with me. One of the things that was mentioned that really freaked me out was that I will not be able to wear any type of pants (not even jogging pants) for 6 weeks! Is this true? I can't imagine doing this for 6 weeks. I don't even own dresses. LOL
Oh well, I did promise myself that I will do every single thing the doctor tells me to do. I will post before pics as soon as I figure out how to do it. Don't get scared though, just keep in mind that about 7 years ago I lost over 100 pounds and I have lots of loose skin around my belly area. I can't even imagine how I will look afterwards. I kept thinking that I'm not going to recognize myself. LOL. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Just picked up my meds!

Wow I was a little surprised to find out I had 8 prescriptions. I freaked out when I found out one of them is for anxiety! But I guess a calming pill will help with these nerves! This is all happening so fast now. I can only imagine how I will feel that morning! I'm scared but I know there's no turning back now! I guess my biggest fear besides pain is death! But I googled the death rate associated with tummy tucks and was pleasantly surprised to see it was very low! Whew.....
Still working in taking photos but I have been so so busy at work and home preparing for this. I will keep everyone in touch ????

2 Weeks Away

Well 13 days away from my big day! I have been thinking about nothing else but this day. Sometimes I think to myself what the heck am I thinking, but I have worked really hard for this and I know in the long run I will not regret it! I am so happy I found this site because it really helps me not be as scared reading about everyones experiences. My biggest fear is dying, but everyone tells me I'm crazy and that I will be just fine. I wouldn't care so much if it wasn't for my grandson. He is four years old and is my life! He lives with me so he's really like the son I never had. I can't imagine my life without him or his without me. And because this is an elective surgery, I feel guilty for taking a chance on him losing me! see, I told you I was crazy! LOL
But after reading a lot of the posts, I see it's just a normal feeling and I'm sure everything will be ok. I hope.
As the time gets closer I just pray for a quick and easy recovery. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you everyone for sharing your stories and pictures. I still can't figure out how to post pictures but my sister will be here tomorrow for Thanksgiving and hopefully she can show me how.
Well, I guess that's it for now, I have lots to do for our feast tomorrow which by the way I will enjoy since it may be the last time I can eat this much! LOL
Happy Thanksgiving :)

Before Pictures- Yuck!!!!

Please don't be sacred but it is what it is :(

One Week Post OP Pics

I was X Mas shopping today and tried on a few things at a clothing store and figured it would be a good idea to download a couple of pictures of me with clothes on since I already posted the horrible pics of my full blown stomach! LOL


OMG I think I had food poisoning yesterday. I had Whataburger for lunch and right after that I started feeling sick to my stomach. Somehow I made it through the rest of the day but by the time I was driving home, I was in horrible pain. I almost pulled over to call my husband to pick me up from the side of the freeway but I knew that would just freak him out so I just prayed the whole way home for God to help me make it. Needless to say as soon as I got home I ran straight to my room and started vomiting and had the worst diaherra and stomach cramps ever! I knew that I couldn't take any meds this close to surgery so I suffered all night long :(
I started thinking to myself, what the hell am I fixing to do to myself! If this pain feels unbearable imagine after surgery! Well, because my job is so demanding I had to get up at 5:30 am, take a shower and get to work. It was terrible, I was sick all day. About 4pm I called my PS and told Rachel the situation and she said she would talk to the doctor and call me back, and he did saying that he said I could go ahead and take something for my stomach like Imodium. that was music to my ears although I felt guilty about taking medication this close to surgery. Well Thank God by the time I got home around 6pm I felt better. My stomach cramps weren't as painful although I still feel them. My husband rushed out and bought me some medicine and as of right now, I have not taken them. I'm so scared to do anything I'm not supposed to but my PS said the most important thing is for me not to be sick on Monday when I go in for my markings! I was just tripping when I started to dought this surgery and the pain I am going to be in! But then I came on this site and remembered how wonderful I will feel in a few months! I just want to say Thank You to everyone for sharing and caring so much for total strangers! God Bless :)

5 Days Pre OP Pics

Hey ladies, well I'm happy to announce that I am feeling much better today! YAY
And I didn't take any medication after all. I was so afraid to do something that I'm not supposed to do that I just toughed it out! LOL
I'm still a little weak but much better than Tuesday and Wednesday. I swear I'm such a worry wart but I seen the news today and we are in for some bad weather this weekend starting tomorrow which has me worried about getting sick! UGH does it ever stop! Everyone keeps telling me if I'm sick with a cold or anything they surgery will have to be rescheduled because they can not put you under when you are sick so of course I'm worried about that! Monday I go in for my markings, then on Tuesday my check in time is 7am. According to the weatherman it will be 28 degrees on Tuesday morning! Yikes
Oh well, with that being said I came home and decided to take a few more pics of myself prior to surgery because I never want to forget where I started from. I kept thinking to myself as I looked at these pictures, what the hell do you expect from this poor doctor a Miracle?? I am so huge! I can't even imagine how my stomach looked 100 pounds heavier! Of course I wouldn't know because I NEVER looked at myself when I was that big much less took any pictures without clothes on! This is actually the first time in my life I have reveled my gut to anyone, even myself. LOL
I even took a picture of my fortune that was in my fortune cookie that I had for lunch, it made me smile :)

The Time Is Near!!!!!

Well I about 36 hours away from my surgery! I have been so busy this weekend trying not to forget anything I may need. I have cooked so much and shopped for every thing everyone has suggested. I couldn't find a toilet riser though. I have been so emotional tonight. I just cried my eyes out wondering what the heck I'm about to do. My main concern is dying. Lol, I know I've said that before and at times I know I'm not but then I have those what if moments. Normal I guess.
Tomorrow I go in for my markings, then I check in at 7am on Tuesday for the surgery. The weatherman said it will be 28 degrees that morning. Yikes!
My husband keeps telling me to quit worrying about every single thing, but that's hard for me to do when I'm the one in charge of everything all the time! I'm so scared but I know that's just normal and deep down inside I know I will be ok. I'm going to try and get some sleep cause tomorrow I will have to work until 2pm then off to get my markings. I will post pics of my markings tomorrow. Nite nite :0

Markings Time

Well I just got here for my markings. I was feeling really nervous until I took one of those anti anxiety pills. Now I feel so sleepy! I can't believe I drove here. Lol
My husband will definitely be driving home. Oh yeah this Liquid Diet sucks! Yuck
My bed was delivered today so I guess I'm ready! I will post pics of my markings tonight


Well it's over! It all went well, thanks to god. I couldn't keep my eyes open more than five minutes at a time yesterday! Lol
I'm on the way to see my ps right now. Apparently they are going to put my compression garment on me today. I definitelyfeel a lot more pain today than yesterday. I didn't look cause I felt so weak and figured it would just make me dwell on the pain. My husband said it looks fine, just real bloody! Yuck
I hope everyone is healing fine and once again, thank you for your prayers!

Hello ladies

Well here I am, been up since 3am. Had to take my meds, I'm keeping up with those meds cause I'm afraid to know what it feels like without them. So far I've been doing pretty good just really sore in upper abdomen area. I don't feel any pain in the insecion thank god! And it only hurts when I stand up! Laying and sitting on the bed feels wonderful but when it's time for my walks, ouch!!!
I do feel pretty lucky not having back pain though cause I know that's a big complaint! I sent my husband to but me a toilet riser! That's a plus! Still haven't has a bm but I haven't been eating that much either. I've pretty much been living on crackers and water or tea! Well guess I'm going to try to sleep a few more hours before my grandson wakes me up while he gets ready for school.

More photos

I accidentally pressed the wrong button and had more photos to add. Blame the meds. Lol

Not Very Happy

Well after my shower tonight I felt I was ready to see my incision. I have to admit I am not very happy with the results. I know I'm still really swollen and it will take a lot of time to get to the final results but omg the right side of my body looks horrible! I almost started crying but didn't want to upset my family so I just said wow that's horrible. Immediately my husband started telling me it's only been two days and I shouldn't expect too much too soon. I've been looking at photos on this website for months and if can tell you when something isn't right. Oh well, I have a doctors appointment tomorrow so I will bring it to his attention. I wonder what he will say! Being that at my appointment on Monday he said I was going to have a very nice figure once all the swelling goes away! Now I'm not so sure! :(

3 Days Post OP

I went to see my ps again today and he said everything looks like it should at this point. My stomach wasn't as swollen as it was on Wednesday but my sides still look weird to me. I just don't see how that can "fix itself" i do like the front of my stomach though so I guess there's a plus. I still have a lot of weight to lose and I'm hoping the combination of diet and exercise will make a big difference in the appearance. I mean I never intended on wearing stomach reveling clothes but I did dream about wearing form fitting tops tucked into my pants. It's just that I feel after going through the whole process I should at least have the option if I wanted to but if my sides stay looking like they do I would never show my belly to anyone and that makes me a little sad. Sorry to sound like such a cry baby but I guess I'm emotional right now too! I'm usually a take charge kind of person and always look for the positive in things. And I'm sure in time I will. Just wanted to post a couple of pictures because I promised I would no matter what. Weather their ugly or not I will stand by my word. Have a great weekend sistas :)

Better Day

I'm happy to announce that today was a better day for me! I woke up feeling a little stiff but then realized that I hadn't taken a pain pill in like ten hours. Plus I was starving, so as soon as I ate and took my meds I felt really good. My sis in law came by to visit me today and brought me a big book if puzzles and some wonderful white chocolate truffles that my grandson ended up eating. Lol
He did allow me a bite though.
Later in the afternoon I took a shower and afterwards inspected my body again and wasn't as disappointed as the first time. My stomach area looked a little less swollen and even the ugly side didn't look as bad. I mean it's still weird looking but it looked a little flatter to me! Thank You Jesus. Lol
I'm convinced that with time it should be okay. Either way I will work as hard as I can to look as best as I can, after all that's one of the reasons I did this in the first place. I pulled out an old photo album if when I was at my heaviest and wanted to slap myself for whining. Lol
I guess that reality check of where I started from made me realize how far I have come. I am so glad to be able to share this experience with all the wonderful people on this website. I don't know what condition I would be in right now without everyone! So, a big Thank You for all the kind reassuring words that you all have given me! God Bless....muah


Hi ladies, just wanted to post before I go to bed. Today was kinda weird. I was so emotional for some reason. It started with my husband having to go back to work after taking care of me all last week. I really missed him.
But then I cried just about all day for any reason. I cried because the cable kept going in and out, because I felt lonely, because I'm tired of lying on this hospital bed, because I can't stand straight, you name it, I cried.
But as soon as my grandson came home from school I felt so much better! That boy owns my heart! I seen a couple of posts saying the same thing so I guess it's just part of recovery. On a happy note, tomorrow I will complete seven days post OP. Yay!!!!!
I've been doing pretty good, no pain at all, just a lot of soreness around my torso. I can't wait until the healing process is over and I can feel normal again! I hope everyone is doing well, I will post some pics tomorrow after my shower! Nite


Today makes 7 days Post OP! This is one of the milestones I wanted to reach. 7 days, 2 weeks and 6 weeks!
I didn't get to take my shower today until late due to watching The Voice on TV so I had also already had dinner and by the time I showered, I was pretty swollen. I was pleasantly surprised to see how good my incision is healing! Even the pleating didn't look so crazy! It will be a longtime before I will be considered "flat" but hey I'm on my way! I'm pretty happy for one week! Thank God cause I thought I was gonna go crazy! Lol
I've been walking a lot straighter and thankfully have never had back pain. I do feel the bruising a little more now but I think that may be to me taking less and less pain pills. I drank a diet coke yesterday and one today and noticed my stomach had a burning sensation that I never felt before! I have been addicted to diet coke for years and couldn't help myself but I think my stomach isn't ready for it yet so I'm not going to drink anymore to see if that was it! I swear before surgery I would drink a 12 pack a day so from that to none has been a bit challenging. Oh well, maybe it's a good thing. Lol
Other than that, everything else has felt really good. Happy healing sisters :)

More pics

I finally got the app to do side by side photos so I wanted to post a couple. Had a pretty good day today. Officially ran out of pain pills so I started taking extra strength Tylenol. Didn't ask my ps what I should take but I read a lot of ladies take extra strength Tylenol. Not so much pain but after awhile I feel an uncomfortable tightness so I like to take something before it gets out of hand. How long are we supposed to keep the incision covered? Every time I change the pads, there is a tiny line of dried blood. I am still putting ointment and covering up but I was just wondering how long were supposed to do that! Well, I got brave today and tried on some jeans! I was happy for one that they fit, and I didn't have a muffin top which was an awesome feeling. Especially since I am still really swollen and had lots of padding underneath! Yay, I felt so so good :)

Infection :(

Yep, it all started last night when I was fixing to take a shower I noticed the pad covering my incision right below my belly button had quite a bit of blood on it! Then while I was showering that part burned when water touched it. I knew right away something was wrong because I've never felt this before. I called my ps first thing this morning and he said for me to go in so he could take a look at it. Which I'm glad I did because his office is going to be closed until next Thursday! When I got there he seen me right away!
As soon as he seen it he said this is something very common seen in women who are too active too soon. I was shocked because I feel like I haven't done anything! I haven't even left my house since my last appointment. I told him the only thing I started doing is sitting at the dining table to visit and talk with family. He asked how long I sit there and I said actually the last few days I have sat for hours. He said that's it!
I couldn't believe sitting is considered being too active. So anyway he proceeds to squeeze my incision so hard I felt like I was going to faint! He took a lot of fluid out and gave me a prescription for antibiotics. He also said just sit for an hour then lay down again. I am so sick of laying down :(
But I didn't come this far for any set backs! I'm looking forward to my next milestone, two weeks post OP! I'm so close!
So anyway, I decided to take a pic of myself before going to the doctor since it's really the first time I've warn regular clothes. I'm still really sore but I must say, I was pretty happy! My husband couldn't stop telling me how great I looked. Lol, he's so sweet!

Make up!!!!

It's crazy how a little make up can lift your spirits! I decided to try and feel a little like my old self and put some make up on. I'm going to attempt to to out and find me another body garment because I'm sick of washing this one over and over again. Any suggestions? Do I get one with the bottom cut out? Are there any like that? Still have some leakage from my incision but it's not as much! Thank God. I just hope this clears up before my next appt so hopefully I can stop having to cover up this incision. Hope everyone is having a positive day! :)

Two Week Post OP, Finally!!!!!

It felt like it was never going to get here! Another one of my milestones has been reached and I am so happy! This is the first time ever I've wanted time to move fast. Lol
This morning when I woke up and was in the bathroom washing up I happen to glance over to my scale.
Then I realized that I hadn't even weighed myself since surgery two weeks ago!
So needless to say, I stepped on the scale and was pleasantly surprised to find that I lost 21 pounds!!!!!!
I couldn't believe my eyes so I stepped on it three times to confirm, and yes a whopping 21 pounds!
I have been recording my weight for years since I started losing weight.
The morning before my surgery I weighed in at 181 pounds and this morning, two weeks later I weighed 161 pounds! I am so happy!!!!!!
Just wanted to share with my sisters!
I hope everyone has a great Christmas, God Bless ;)

Fever :(

I'm really getting scared. Today I woke up with fever and felt really dizzy.
When I got up my incision was oozing with a lot of discharge. I have been taking antibiotics 4 times a day for a week and I thought I was getting better but I guess not :(
At one point I was freezing to the point where my husband placed gloves on my hands, two pair of socks, and a comforter. Not an hour later, I was sweating and my fever was up again. What is so scary is how much discharge is coming out if my incision. Sometimes I wonder if it's because I didn't have drains. It's like when I sit on the commode, as soon as I stand up the discharge is running down my legs. So scary. I start crying so much because this didn't seem normal but I want sure. I started freaking myself out. I finally calmed down and have kept the fever down with Advil. As soon as I wake up I'm calling my ps to see what the heck is going on.
Worse Christmas ever!!!!

I'm still alive!!!

Hey ladies, just wanted to update. I finally seen my ps on Friday and unfortunately the news wasn't good.
As soon as he seen me he was like wow, you definitely have an infection going on. I was so scared cause I knew something was wrong. By that morning I was draining puss n blood and even seen a couple of blood clots. My incision looked dark red all round it. On top of that I was now leaking on another part of my incision. It was awful.
He said that I had developed an abscess and had to make a choice if either having someone start packing gauze inside the incision three times a day or admit me in the hospital so that can do it. At this point my heart was racing my mind was trying to figure out what he was saying and I just started crying. He kinda freaked out and was very compassionate. He kept saying look at me, and while holing my hand he assured me that I was going to be ok. After repeating that a few times I told him that I trust him and will do whatever he says.
I asked him to call in my daughter that was sitting in the waiting area and show her how to change the gauze.
OMG he took a scalpel and cut about a two inch slit on my incision and drained a lot of blood and puss.
My poor daughter looked so scared.
He showed her how to pack gauze inside of the incision and that was it.
He asked me to go back on Monday for a check up.
I have to say though my daughter has been doing a great job changing the gauze. I swear I don't think I could do it, so gross. Very bloody.

But I am happy to report that this morning everything is looking much much better. Thanks To God!
My skin around the incision looks pinkish again and the discharge has lightened up a lot! Whew
I just don't get how someone can have stuff oozing from their body for 19 days and not die! Lol
Oh well, I guess I will just have to wait and see what happens tomorrow. I will update when I get back!
God Bless.........

3 Week Post OP

Happy New Year sistas! Hope everyone is doing fine.
Well I went to see my ps on Monday and he said my incision was looking way better and that my daughter was doing an excellent job keeping it clean and changing the gauze. Unfortunately he found an ingrown hair on my pubic part and decided to pull it out! Ouch!!!!!!!!!!! It hurt so bad!
Then he felt that another small part on my incision needed to be packed so now my daughter has three holes to deal with. And for some reason that one hurts really bad every time she messes with it! Man sometimes I feel like I'm being punished for some reason! I can't wait til all this crap is over with!
Today I felt better and decided after my shower I was going to put on some make up and jeans a T shirt and sit my butt outside for somefresh air. And that's exactly what I did. After awhile my husband took me for a ride around town. I felt like a prisoner that was just released. Lol
I'm supposed to go back to work on Monday so I needed to get out for a minute. I felt so tired afterwards and came home and jumped back into my jogging pants and laid in bed.
I can't believe how tired I get without doing anything! That's crazy!
Still have lots of swelling but I'm not too worried about that! I look forward to building my body with exercise as soon as I can! This is going to be the best summer I ever had and only I can make that happen!
I pray everyone is feeling great and healing quickly :)

4 Weeks Post OP Today!

Well here I am four weeks into my recovery and I'm happy to say I am feeling much better!
I seen my ps yesterday and he said that my incision is looking way better and to just keep doing what I have been doing. I still have to pack the two holes on my incision but they are starting to heal very quickly. Pretty soon I should have nothing to pack! Yay

I returned back to work yesterday after my appointment and omg I thought I was going to die! When I got home I was so exhausted! I couldn't even move. Lol
I was so worried that I wouldn't make a whole nine hour day today. I also slept in my bed for the first time and luckily it was alot more comfortable than I thought it would be. I'm a side sleeper and hadn't slept on my side for four weeks. When I first laid on my side I felt pain in my rib area. I kept ignoring it until I finally feel asleep. I had like 6 pillows all around me. Turned out to be a pretty good nights sleep! Enough to give me energy for a whole day of work today. I didn't start feeling really tired until the end of the day.
I haven't taken anymore pics but will tomorrow morning after my shower. I will post them tomorrow after work!

God Bless each and everyone of you, I appreciate all of your comments and being able to share my thoughts and feeling whether good or bad with people that truly understand!
Thanks for all the love :)

1 Work Week Down, Whew

Boy I've never been so happy for it to be Friday! I worked all week long and am so exhausted! I can't believe how tired I am. Lol
Overall I did ok. I am still dealing with these two holes on my incision but my daughter swears they are shrinking. My next appt is January 24th hopefully by then it will be healed enough to not have to pack anymore. Buying all the medical supplies for this is getting really expensive too!
I try and stay positive and think how things should be by the summer!
I went and got my hair cut at the salon and will dye it tomorrow. Just something else to make me feel better!
I can't wait to go shopping for new clothes! Speaking of, I tried on several outfits from my closet the other day and was amazed of how great everything fit. Blouses that were snugged on me prior to surgery now fit big! That was an awesome feeling. :)
I even tried on a belt my sister bought me for Xmas. My life long dream was to be able to wear a beautiful belt with a shirt that's actually tucked in! I didn't look as good as I will when I'm not so swollen but omg I was so happy!!!
Enjoy the pics :)
Hope everyone is doing well, God Bless

7 Weeks Post OP

Hello ladies, I know it's been awhile since my last post but not too much has changed.
Today I had an appt with my ps and he was pretty happy with my incision holes. I was so happy he said I don't have to pack them anymore. He said just to cover it up with a dry gauze. I'm kinda worried about it being open a little without any gauze in it but he didn't seem to be worried at all.
I asked him if I should start massaging some kind of scar therapy lotion or oil on my incision and he said no :/

I ask if I could start working out and he said just walking for the next month. I was a little disappointed in that especially since I've been eating like a pig!
I swear I'm always hungry! Lol
I really was counting on sweating some of this all.
Oh well, better just do what he says!
I hope everyone is doing fine, take care my wonderful friends :)

8 Weeks PO today!

Hey ladies, hope all is well. I can't believe it's been right weeks. At first, time seemed to be dragging then once I went back to work, it's flying again! Lol

I'm pretty happy so far! Still swell up a lot everyday. Especially above my belly button area. I was eating out of control and managed to gain 8 pounds! Yikes
I had a long talk with myself about why I did this and how I need to make the best of it! This was a very expensive surgery and I would be devastated if I ended up where I started. It's just that when people start giving me compliments and telling me how good I look, it's like I can't accept it and start binge eating! It's crazy I know but I've always been like that. I know lots of people are happy for me and some are jealous but I have to just do me!
With that being said, I started working out on my treadmill which is all my ps will allow at this point. I'm walking everyday, 30 minutes one day, 45 the next for a min of four days a week! It's not much but I know it's better than nothing.
My boss gave me VIP tickets to go see the Houston Rockets game tomorrow and I'm so excited!

I hope everyone is doing good and staying positive. This is such a crazy journey. Rough at times but over all, worth it!!!
Take care ladies ;)

12 Weeks Post OP today! Hurray :)

Hello ladies,
I know it's been a while since I've posted but not much had changed so I figured I would wait until my next appointment.
I seen my PS on Friday and he was pretty happy with the results so far! I guess I didn't realized how different I looked from the last time I seen him a little over a month ago but everyone at the office were all telling me how good I looked! Needless to say I had a smile from ear to ear the rest of the day. Lol
He said that I needed to start scar therapy and sold me a product from his office. I haven't put it on me yet because I have to shave and I'm scared it's gonna hurt taking it off every night. I'm such a scary cat. Lol
I do plan to start placing it on my scar this weekend!

Speaking about my scar, the holes I had seen to be completely closed. Thank god! Sometimes I'm afraid my scar will open again but hopefully it never does.
He said I could start doing Zumba again! I was so happy to hear that.
Today I did my first Zumba video and felt like I was going to die! Lol
I have to admit my scar is hurting. I hope I didn't hurt myself. I swear I feel like it ripped open a little. I'm gonna have my daughter look at it before I go to bed. I'm just relaxing on my bed for now.

I posted a few pictures today to celebrate my 12 week milestone! I know I still have a long way to go to get to the body I have always dreamed of but I'm so so happy about the way I look today compare to before the surgery. I can't imagine the possibilities of how I can look with lots of hard work and dedication. I'm really for that next step! This is such a blessing to have the opportunity to have this type of surgery. It really is life changing!
I Love It!!!! No regrets!
Happy healing sistas, God Bless :)
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