Hourglass TT with Lipo & Fat Transfer to Hips - Houston, TX

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I am super nervous this time around. I was charmed...

I am super nervous this time around. I was charmed and sold a dream on my bbl last Nov. I am so ready to get my hourglass shape so along with tightening my abs I'm getting HIPS! Never had hips so hopefully this helps to give me more curves and an overall better look. Orginally I was going to get my breast lift with implants at the same time but now I am going to wait. I think I will be in too much pain with the lipo and TT to have a breast lift too. I am staying in Houston so that I can have the best after care. I was thinking of traveling to the D.R. and everywhere in between. Since I'm a full-time stay at home mom it's just not a good look for me. This has been the hardest thing for me to come to terms with since I dont hate my body now I just want to improve it. My belly is flat as long as I dont over eat lol but the hernia is getting worse so this needs to be taken care of or I'll be looking prego! My mom is going to care for me 5 days post-op then I'm on my own. I pray this goes well. I know Dr. Cortes knows his stuff and is the most best dressed in the biz but all i want is results!!! I'm an open book feel free to inbox me ;-)

Before pics

Here's my narrow hips and uneven belly. I paid Dr. J extra to add hips during my bbl last yr. hopefully this time I get what I'm paying for.


Ab repair seriously needed

I am sick of staving myself to look good in my clothes. Every since I had my baby I noticed with my belly would blow up from eating or drinking. This never happen to me before unless I pigged out! I hope and pray that repairing my abs will fix this. Here's another before pic an hr after eating just 1 taco :(

Wish pics

It's hard to find someone with a similar built as me. I have a larger upper body frame then most. This is why I look forward to adding hips to even out my upper and lower body. I'd like to have a small flat belly with curvy hips like my wish pics.

Tt scars

So I'm trying to gather more info.
Dr Cortes mentioned an incision about 1" going down from my new belly button in order to give me a much lower hip to hip tt incision. I do want my scar to be as low as it can but I didn't want a scar in the middle of my belly! Cortes suggested covering it with a tattoo or belly ring. I think I would like a belly ring but only when I'm showing my belly. Under tight fitted dresses I would want a belly ring poking out. But tattoo can draw more attention and are too permanent.

Embracing the good

Embracing the good to avoid thinking about the bad. Most people are too focused on the neg things that come with a Tt. I was one of these people who couldn't get past the scars or the unnatural looking belly button. Since this is the only way for me to have a flat belly I'm going for it! I'll decorate my belly and make it pretty :) no need to fear. Here's some ideas I have.

Nightmare I looked like this

Oh my. Everytime I sleep I have the same nightmare that I came out of Sx looking like this! I gotta shake this fear. Less than a week away.

No to Dr. Cortes!

His office staff needs to improve. I didn't get my concerns addressed to feel 100% about what he was going to do. Therefore I am not going to do it. The last time this happen to me I went along with it and was very disappointed. I will go where I am more confident.

Wish it wasn't so

It's so sad. Dr Cortes is better than a lot of doctors in the states but his post op pics don't even compare to the work of Doctors in the Dominican. I know the risk of being under anywhere. I don't want to die but if I'm going to do this I have to have faith the doctor is capable of giving me the look I really want. Otherwise it's not with it. I am now looking at the DR even tho we know its not nice and the risk are greater. I'm just not ok paying 3x as much as others who look 10x better than me. I feel like dr J was the best bbl dr in the states and he charged me so much. I look very average but I paid for exceptional. I can't put my mind body or wallet thru that again!
Houston Plastic Surgeon

1st impression GQ! He looked very well dressed almost hollywood but after talking with him I could tell he was very nice and a peoples person. I am impressed with his work and skills. He knows his stuff!

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