The Easiest and Best Decision that I Have Made for Myself - Houston, TX

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I have 2 wonderful boys, 8 and 4. Now, I also have...

I have 2 wonderful boys, 8 and 4. Now, I also have a huge gut that more than one Dermatologists have told me will not go away no matter what I do. Plastic surgery is my only option. I am schedule for a tummy tuck and lipo in June. I am so scared of the pain after. And I'm scared that it won't work. It's hard for me to imagine that I can actually have a flat stomach and smaller thighs again. Any advice would be truly appreciated. :-)

My TT and Lipo is scheduled for June 29th. I...

My TT and Lipo is scheduled for June 29th. I cannot get this off of my mind. It is all that I think about. Still super nervous and super excited at the same time. My husband has been amazing. At first, he was totally against me doing this but ultimately he wants me to be happy so he has been really supportive. I am a bit self-conscious and embarrassed to tell anyone this decision just yet so my husband and this blog are my only outlets.

Well, I've finally gotten enough nerve to add...

Well, I've finally gotten enough nerve to add before pics. Just under 5 weeks to go!

Hello Ladies! I haven't been on in quite a while.....

Hello Ladies! I haven't been on in quite a while...well before surgery I believe. But, on June 29th, my life changed forever! I had a TT and Lipo in my arms, back, hips, and thighs. I was SUPER scared because I am a total wimp when it comes to pain but it was not that bad at all. The Lipo was the worst part...really painful. But was sleeping in my bed after 3 nights (I hated sleeping in the recliner) and I was pretty much doing everything for myself after 6 days. I just needed my husband's help to get in my girdle and my under armour. I really feel like I dodged a bullet. I was expecting excruciating pain and to not be able to do anything myself and it was the complete opposite.

My PS (Dr. Franklin Rose --- AMAZING!!!!) only gave me 2 prescriptions - Ambien and Vicodin. I was concerned because I though I'd need more drugs. But, I have yet to take an Ambien and I only took 3 Vicodin during the first 2 days after surgery. I took regular Tylenol a few times but only because I was having migraines every day. I've had migraines since I was 11. That's it! It was all good!

Today, I can't believe how I look! Now, I need to consider a breast lift and reduction because my DD's look extra huge above my flat belly!

I started cardio 3 weeks ago and I started an work yesterday. I am down 11.5 lbs since surgery. I am so happy!
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