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Once a heavy teenager, I decided to have a tummy...

Once a heavy teenager, I decided to have a tummy tuck after losing 60 pounds. Though I was happy with my weight loss, I was largely unmotivated to go to the gym after seeing how my skin was unresponsive and inelastic. I was at a better weight but then I would become depressed because my body issues were even worse after seeing how unsightly the loose skin was. I decided to have a tummy tuck around my 21st birthday. Though I am a lot younger than most people undergoing this process, I feel it is needed. It is more than cosmetic. It is about being happy and confident. I refuse to waste what should be one of the greatest times of my life being unhappy, especially when I've worked my ass off to lose weight.
I decided to have a Lipotuck by Dr. Ahmadi after researching surgeons across Texas. I have seen many tummy tuck pictures and I agree with Dr. Ahmadi; Many surgeons fail to create waistline curves and address areas that should be "blended" with the new tummy. I found Lipotuck online around midnight and was calling his office THAT morning to schedule my consultation. I spoke with Rachel, the patient coordinator, on the phone and felt so comfortable with her. At my consultation, I spoke with Rachel for a while and then the doctor came in. He was a bit short with me at first but even so, I knew he is a master at what he does so I still trusted him. I decided to have the procedure done. Scheduling for early Summer was a popular idea so I dropped off my check for 30% the next morning in order to reserve May 20. My entire procedure would have cost $13,500 but I got a $2,000 discount for paying cash before the surgery instead of financing it.
Dr. Ahmadi said that I needed to come in for a "pre-tuck" three weeks before my surgery. I wasn't really sure what this was until the day it happened. Basically, he does pre-tucks on people that he plans on doing very aggressive lipo on. The pre-tuck was about a 10 minute process in which he made 3 small incisions. It was explained to me that the body begins to heal these incisions and when surgery comes along, the healing blood cells are already in the area to jumpstart the healing process. I might also add that he was really nice at the pre-tuck. He made me feel completely comfortable and happy that I had chosen such a wonderful doctor.
I am now 2 days pre-op. WOW. It has been 2 months since my consultation and I swear it seems like it was yesterday. I was given very detailed instructions and I am SO ready to get this show on the road.

Doing my best to stay positive

I am now 2 days Post Op. Sorry if I'm brief with this update... My surgery lasted from 8:30-3 and I was told they were able to remove 12 lbs of skin and 10 lbs of fat. I am SO much smaller, even if I am still very swollen. Recovery so far has been tough. I think I am in the worst part of it. I hurt but I know it's worth it. My back hurts from walking so hunched over and taking a shower this morning was hard. I recommend getting one of those handicap shower chairs because standing in the shower with an aching back is NOT fun. I will post photos of the entire process when I am feeling a little better.

Sorry so late with this update!

Ok so let me just say that my last update was on the only real "bad day" for me. I soon learned that I feel fine as long as I do not push myself. I am now finally standing up straight. I thought I had reached that milestone at about 4 days post op but I think I pushed myself to do that too soon because I did have some additional swelling. Once I went back to being hunched over, I felt better & then I finally could stand up straight without discomfort at about 9 days post op. Here is an important tip for ANYONE getting a tummy tuck/Lipotuck: GET A SHOWER CHAIR. OMG. Please. Get yourself a shower chair, ladies. There are some weird sensations that may feel like burning or shocking while the nerves get themselves situated again but they don't last too long. My incision is still healing & my belly button is coming along as well. I still have a lot of tightness & swelling in the skin but it has been going down consistently. I will do a better job of updating. My next appt is in a week.

Couldn't be happier

Took a 5 min break from my garment to take a picture. It's kind of crazy how much of an hourglass I am now but that's exactly what I told Dr, Ahmadi I wanted to be. Thankfully, he understands curves & gave me the shape I dreamed of. I went for my 2 week post-op appt a couple days ago & Dr. Ahmadi seemed so pleased with his work, as am I. He told me that I am still very swollen but I am healing nicely & I can finally stop with the pads & antibiotic ointment over the incision & graduate to silicone tape. I am basically just doing what I can as far as activity goes. I'm feeling well enough to do things like going to the store, movies, restaurants, etc... Still not doing anything that really requires dressing up though because the garment bothers me when I wear it under anything but sweats. I am SO happy I did this. I had a little rough patch for a couple days in the beginning & recovery has definitely become a way of life but I wouldn't give this feeling back for the world. Lol. Sorry I don't have before pictures but I will have the office send me my official befores.

Patience is Key

I have been very diligent with my recovery & I think it's a combination of this & Dr. Ahmadi's god-given talent that has led my incision to start healing beautifully. There are some spots that are more healed than others & I can see that the scar will be pin thin. I am so excited. I have been making sure my protein intake is high & I have been taking it easy for the most part. I am still very swollen but even so, I am SO pleased already. I have virtually zero discomfort & I feel beautiful.
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Dr. Ahmadi is wonderful. I trust him and his work completely.

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