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Little about me I am 46 years young 5'2 and 145...

Little about me I am 46 years young 5'2 and 145 lbs I have a son who is 25 years old and a daughter who is 5... believe me when I say I was in shock when I found out about her. But she is my joy in the morning , noon, and night. I am a small frame person and for the most part I was size 4/6 in my 20;s and 30;s my weight in my 20's was 105 to 115 then my 30;s hit and I jumped to 120-125 lbs.. I really felt good at the 125 lbs..I never exercised, had a high metabolism I guess? .. until I hit my 40's lot of life changing things happened for me... pregnant at 40 with c-sec and Hysterectomy at 43..
My weight escalated afterwards in my 40's and with the hysterectomy my belly is looking more like I am 3 months pregnant at times--- I hate it!!!

I even have a name for the belly its called 3rd boob- seriously she needs to GO!!

My husband says he loves me the way I am and I don't need to have the surgery-
I use to be a real confident woman with my sexuality, but since 3RD boob appeared I
am not as confident as I was in my 20's or 30's- I hate to try to hide my 3rd boob from my husband.... I am tired of sucking in the stomach at times or wearing loose fitting clothing...

So here I am today- 46 years and ready for the old me to come back... oh How Ive missed her.

Meet the 3rd Boob

Picture before surgery

Pictures added before surgery

Shoebox came in handy

So today I went to cvs and bought what I could or think I may need post op-- 3RD December is around the corner.. Oh boy!

Another pic of the shoebox

Tried taking the pic from my iPhone but this time side ways- I'm seeing if it matters which way you take the pictures so I know and be able to post better pictures . Bare with me while I try some different photos

Granny panties ?

Just thinking if anyone would suggest I buy some granny panties ? I hate them but I'm thinking I should invest in some... Hmmm
I remember when I would have my periods and on those heavy days I did own a few . Also the compression socks I know the hospital will give but was wondering if I should invest in some Extras ?
Any thoughts is appreciated ladies- thanks

Lipo could cause scar tissue ?

So about a month ago I had a breast biopsy done- results came back negative ( thank god)however few days after the incision I noticed a hard nodule I called and spoke to the nurse and was told that it was probably a blood clot. And this would dissipate with time. Well several weeks later it is still a hard firm nodule saw The doctor yesterday who confirmed I have scar tissue-- so this got me thinking because of the procedure of the biopsy The instrument used for the biopsy would go in and out several times in my breast to get samples, similar to a lipo suction instrument going in and out ,but of course on a smaller scale-
So I went to the Lipo suction questions and answer forum typed in lipo with scar tissue and there's several posts about this ---
I wasn't aware that this could be a possibility if you have lipo suction-
So on my postop visit on 26TH November I will certainly bring this concern up to my plastic surgeon--
Hope this helps somebody who wasn't aware that it could be a possibility with scar tissue .
Will update once I have spoken to the PS


I've been trying to update this evening not sure if my review was too long or why it hasn't posted yet- but here goes again but a shorter version....

Went to Chase received my cashiers check to pay the doctor his fee tomorrow at that moment it hit me the guilt the amount of money and do I need this and maybe
I really don't need the surgery since your husband is happy the way you are and accepts you and the 3rd BOOB...

But my reality hit me, I am tired of trying to find tops that will mask my belly and I am tired of sucking in my belly when my husband is checking me out, although he is always complimentary of my wardrobes... today speaking to my husband I confessed that I was tired of sucking in the belly he laughed and I did too!

So I go in tomorrow more excited then nervous I just want to start the healing process and get on with life!

Will write more tomorrow RS- happy healing everyone!

Doing lab work today pre op

Seating here at labcorp waiting to be called thought I post my before pics from the doctors office today - my pre op went well and I feel so confident I selected the right doctor for me !

Happy Thanksgiving RS

I know we have so much to be thankful for- I am thankful for this group without you guys I would be in the dark and whole lot scared about the procedure so thank you for blogging about your personal experience it has helped me to face my fears.

Want to wish everyone a happy thanksgiving and happy healing and a new you for 2014!!!


72 hours before I have my flat tummy that I have been wishing and dreaming about for so long is almost here for me... excited about this!! Well just to keep you posted on how my days are going, Friday my CG arrived in the mail it is from MD Contour my PS uses this company for CG, I like the fact that the zipper is on the side of the garment instead of in the middle going over the incision.

Following my pre op instructions two days before I am to be on a soft food/liquid diet.. this will be hard for me because I like to eat, but I am going to adhere to my doctors instructions I want the best outcome for me, so my diet will begin tomorrow.

Also 24 hours I am to use the fleets enema to clean the ole system out... not going to like this one bit, but again I will do what my doctor is prescribing for me.
Also NO diary products 24 hours-

I had the cleaning service come in yesterday to deep clean the house 24 hours latter my living room shows that a kindergartner resides here... oh vue

I plan on going to the grocery stores today to stock up on groceries and also
purchase a few of those family size frozen meals for dinner .

I have my friends mother who will be coming by in the morning to pickup my kindergartner, we will do a run on Monday so that my daughter is familiar with who will be picking her up - I go for my surgery on Tuesday.

Yesterday I went to the salon to have my hair washed and styled this was really nice, I enjoyed my 2 hours seating in the chair .

Last night I went out with some girlfriends and did the paint with wine, this was my second time doing this, but if you have not tried it I would recommend getting a few girlfriends and trying it out- Just to explain for those who may not have heard about this- you are in an art studio and there is an easel in front of you with paint and two brushes and one instructor and plenty of wine to go around- oh the wine is byob and your welcome to bring in your own snacks- the ladies last night we had wine and cheese and crackers and fruit salad it was a nice treat for me. The experience lasted for 3 hours great way to get with friends - you can also have a private party maybe for a birthday?

Saturday morning and the family is still sleep guess I will get up and cook breakfast and start my day -

Have a great day RS- be kind to yourself!

Today is my turn !

The last few days I've been running around trying take care of everyone needs first before my own - (does this sound familiar to anyone )

yesterday I finally picked up my meds and just so happen I read the pill bottle instructions and one of the pills I have to take pre op - mid day and also pre op at bedtime and day of surgery morning take the last pill . Good thing I took the time to read each bottle , normally I would of just tossed the pills into my purse and not worry about them until post op -

The nurse may have explained the pills and I think she did , there was so much information given that day pre op.

I'm packed debating now if I should take my Iphone - I'm so attached to this phone can't imagine going 24 hours without my phone -

I feel constipated all though I've been on a soft food and liquid diet for the last 48 hours - also I had to give myself an enema last night , not sure I was as successful, could be I'm empty but just fill constipated .. Think my body is reacting and is locked up ?

I'm going to miss my little girl for 24 hours :/ She is my little mommachan
:) she is only 5 but I swear she already has that protective instinct - and will voice her little opinion -she wants to make sure everyone around her is okay -

I find myself looking in the mirror one last time , think I may video my tummy for my memory of the 3 rd boob .

Welp I best better roll out my bed and get my feet moving -- it's going to be a new day for me.

I made it to flatside !!

Hey ladies I'm here and recovering at the hospital - everyone Is so nice .currently I'm in no pain at all,
weird huh? Just very sleepy but wanted to write - will write more tomorrow --

BACK HOME 2 day post op

Hello RS
I came home yesterday and I am sore , funny thing is I am sore on my thigh and back I don't think I got lippo there but really sore there .

Also OMG I am so hunched over it is ridiculous , seriously hunched over :/
By back is killing me- the incision part only burns if I strain my core I noticed .
I've been on top of my pain meds so I guess without my pain meds I would be crying from the pain .

I have two drains the output is 45 on the right and 35 on the left - doctor says I will have drains in to the next visit which is on the 10th.

Sleeping in the recliner wasn't bad .
I will post more pics soon:)

Back spasm and no butt ??! 4 day postop

Hey RS
Just a quick note - I am doing well for the most part , the only real pain I feel is from my back being hunched over . I can't walk too far due to the back spasm I get :/

To get by I have strategically place some chairs from my dinning area and place one chair next to the stove and I have placed another chair near the kitchen sink .

This helps me when I am in the kitchen and i can't stand for long periods of time .

I am still camped out in the center of my living room using my recliner which has been helpful to get up with- I scoot down towards the edge of the recliner and use my arms as leverage to lift my body , not bad but I did have to get used to doing this- I can't imagine sleeping in my bed and tying to get up from the bed .
With the recliner I use the foot rest and spring upwards to get up .

My incision is low and appears to be one clean line- I will upload photos soon.

I am swelling but I hear this is normal also I have not had a BM yet I have taking two stool softness today and yesterday I sip on some MOM.. Yuck!!

Tomorrow goal is to work on having a BM.

One thing I have noticed because I have been so hunched over my Butt is not there ? I have been blessed with an apple bottom I hope this is temporary ?? Right now my back is ruining into where my ass used to be :/

This afternoon I stopped taking the pain med and I continue with the antibiotic med.

I want to wish everyone happy healing :)

Six day post op

Hello RS
I have been stopped taking my pain medicine two days ago, no pain on the incision line but the real pain is coming from my back - I have back spasm .

I can only walk from one room to another room then I have to sit down- to give my back some relief.

It still hurts to cough and sneeze I have to cough "gently" and brace before I sneeze .

I am walking hunched over and I still have my drains - tomorrow info see PS and I believe I will be drain free , my output has been 15cc within 24 hour period.

I still have not taken a shower just a French bath hitting the important areas.

I am happy with my scar it is very low and neat with a nice curve outline.

I have no regrets in having the surgery and I am looking forward to the day I can stand up straight

I have been house bound so far but I already have an explanation on why I am walking hunched over -- I have a slip disk will be my story . Hopefully I won't have to say this too many times to people.

To all my RS sisters wishing you happy healing and to my my new RS sister thinking about having the procedure go for it you will love the new you .

Drains are gone

Today I went to PS office the nurse removed my drains and steri strip and stitches in BB also was given a foam board to wear inside my CG for added compression .

I go back next week to see the PS
I still have pain in the back and I am still hunched over :/

Other then that I am still happy with having a TT.

Hope My TT sisters are all healing well and the to the new TT sisters thinking about it - go for it -

Drains are gone no pain

I forgot to mention the removal of the drains did not hurt , I actually did not know they were removed until I saw the nurse walking towards the bio trash with the drains in her hand -
Let me add that -
My stomach is still numb and as I was laying down she was removing the snitches I could feel the tug on the snitches from my BB but with the drains there was no pain or weird sensation I didn't feel anything .

Walking is Painful- are you kidding me?

Hello RS

Yesterday I was able to take a long shower for the first time -I felt wonderful - also I am no longer wearing maxi dresses . Wearing my comfy sweats and T-shirts and just seeing my tummy silhouette in the T-shirt is amazing ... Say flat :)

I do find myself getting tired very easily . I have read about this but Omg... this tiredness is from walking?!

I wouldn't of believe it being an active healthy person prior to surgery that I would be down for the count on this issue of walking

walking in the grocery store down the aisle I have to stop and rest against the cart-- WTH?

I went to SAMs club today and thank god they had those motorized cart -
Just the walk from the parking lot to inside SAMs club was hard and painful :/

Earlier this morning I went to my daughter school and omg .. Just walking in the school to the cafeteria was a chore , I wanted to give up as the pain was unbearable , ( I felt like I wanted to give up & cry and lay down right in the center of the school hallway ) but I knew I had to keep going ...keep in mind also I am considerably hunched over and i do know this is the main reason for the back spasms and pain which contributes to being tired when I walk.

Parking the car in the parking lot and what would of been easy breezy walk to the stores have now become unbearable .. Truly RS this really sucks :/ especially I have always been a get up an go kind of girl .

I have driven myself but I prefer to have someone drive me around now.

when I drove yesterday for the first time it was bit uncomfortable - I just hate to rely on a person to drive me around -- I know physically my body is not -100% ready to start driving -

Thank god I have a friend who is retired and lives close by and has offered to drive me around so I can do my errands .

I have realized the sooner I am able to stand straight the back issues and walking should no longer be an issue ?

-- anyone know the longest period someone went hunched over ?

My incision is healing beautifully with no pain just my darn back :/

I hope no one is experiencing what I have been dealing with and wish everyone happy healing with NO back spasm :)

Two week Post Op-- WOW

Hello RS TT sisters

Today was 2 week post op visit and my doctor snipped my anchor stitches and he said I am healing nicely . He does not want me to do any treadmill workout and advise me to wait another two week when I'm back to see him in Jan.2014

He did stress to continue to wear the CG and to watch the sodium and continue to drink plenty of water.
I did ask him about a small opening i have along the incision- he said it was normal not to worry and also discontinue the peroxide but continue to keep area moisten- I have been using Vaseline .

On my 1 wk post op I was advised to use aquaphor ointment - the nurse applied the first round of the ointment but I never got around to going to the store so I improvised and used Vaseline .
The doctor could not tell from today's visit . I may get around to buying some aquaphor to try it out .

One thing sisters --
Doctor did ask if I had swelling in my hands or feet i have not experienced
this, if my answer would of been yes, my doctor was ready to prescribe water pills . This is something I have not read about

I did drop six pounds since day of surgery I'm happy about that.

I continue to walk hunched no change in that arena - I have a walker and it has helped tremendously .

I have noticed when I'm in the car I can feel every bump in my tummy I also have this weird sensation in my tummy from all of the bumps in the road - it's weird , kinda like internally vibration -- has anyone experienced this ? I forgot to ask my doctor but will call his office in the morning --

I have been sleeping in my bed now for the last few days - however I can't lay straight , I can sleep on my sides with pillows and my legs curled --I did sleep one night without my CG-- i just wanted to be normal.....

I am still swollen -- no change in that arena ... Yet !

I am now back to driving my daughter to and from school, yesterday was my first time in two weeks -

I am almost done with Xmas shopping , I did a lot of online shopping this year , not bad - tree is up -- just realized I need to buy Xmas dinner and all the fixins ... Yes I plan to cook--- one year we did the Marriott in Sandiego for Xmas dinner it was nice, but not the same as being home , so since then I have always insisted on cooking holiday dinners -- any other time I'm good at eating out.

I still fall short in the sweets department - the other night my daughter who is 5 -we were in the kitchen baking nestle Toll house choc chip cookies ... Yummy they were good and hot - I had more then I should have --- I'm still working on this ..

I did give up salt and let me tell you I was a salt fanatic , I sure did like to shake it-- I now shake pepper instead -- I'm more aware of my sodium intake

I am grateful for being alive and to continue to love the people who are in my life -

I wish i did this in my 30's ... Maybe not-- god knew when it was my time

If your thinking about TT you came to right place -- look around ask questions around the forum -we are supportive - we've been in your shoes

Wishing everyone a happy healing and a safe and merry Christmas and a flat & sexy New Years !!

24 Days Post Op

Hello TT sisters
Hope your all doing well , happy healing - looking forward to the new year and the new You!

Wanted to update it's been 24 days post op for me and wanted to share what's been going on.

Keep it moving

This has been my anthem for the longest prior to surgery - this is something I really need NOT to be doing at this time - I admit I have been pushing myself not intentionally but trying to take care of everything and everybody .. Yup that me .. No plans for this weekend -

Yes, I'm still slightly hunched but I can cheerfully say my back spasm are no longer an issue - I do see light at the end of the tunnel- I was hoping by 3 weeks I would be able to walk straight , but I've always been a late bloomer when it comes to milestones -- so I'm looking forward to week 4 ? Will see ...

Sitting and getting up

Yes, I find myself when I do sit for a period of time and try to stand up , it's not as easy as just springing to your feet and going oh no .. .. I now have internal suspenders ( this is what I call them ) that will raise a tantrum if I move too fast .. When I spring to quickly from a seating position and begin to walk I can feel the tugging of my stomach muscles trying to keep up with my walk, it's a weird feeling the only way I can describe this is by imagining suspenders clipped above your BB and the other end clipped above your incision line , and I also have two more suspenders on each side slightly below my breast clipped and the other end clipped directly below the incision line - and now I have the tug a war going on internally and also the feeling of burning across the belly and at times when I get up to stand , I can feel the the internal skin/ muscle sticking and trying to unstick -- I remember TT sister Northstar writing about this she described it as skin sticking and when I felt this I knew immediately what she was describing... Just a weird feeling .. But if you do feel this , just know we have something in common :)


Now this is really weird last few days I noticed when I would breathe in deeply I would take a extra breathe automatically ? Not sure I can explain but I did call my nurse today and she did ask if there was pain or shortness of breathe which I am not experiencing . Anyone else felt this ?

I continue to wear 24 hours at my last post op visit I was given a square foam pad to wear with CG
This for added compression .. I like

Scar treatment
I notice my scar is thin but has some dark discoloration areas along the incision line , I started to use silicone sheets as of yesterday will let you know how that is working out for me on next post - also I have used Aquaohor ointment for moisture to help the incision per PS

My Ass

I think it's my best part of my body - I have been blessed naturally to have nice butt and a
Nice sway ... But since the surgery and the hunching over, my ass has disappeared .. My backside is now a flatside too ??! Lol
I need to have my ass back ... LMBO.. Okay , I can't laugh but you know what I mean :)

Below my BB it is hard and pulled tight, like a drum skin I have numbness below BB and I can fell above the BB- will the hardness of the belly ever get soft again ?
In the morning I am super flat by days end I'm swollen , i think it's more of being active then eating that causes the swell hell ? I eat at times like a bird the other times like an elephant but I'm consistently active ... Go figure


I'm sleeping in my bed with pillows I haven't tried to lay on my tummy I think i may be scared , I sleep on my sides no problems

I have no regrets in spending the money - I love what I see and the thought on how I will look at six
Months and a year from now is so exciting and I can't wait to go out and buy some sexy tops I am waiting for 3-4 months before i splurge on myself .
Even when I am swollen my tummy appears way flatter then when the 3rd boob was around .
I certainly don't miss the 3rd boob!

Continued happy healing sisters

27 post op picture added

27 days post op wanted to upload some pics so I could go back and see my transformation down the road - hope everyone is healing well :-)

4 wk post op visit -l like what I'm hearing

Today I saw my Dr and it is my 4 week post op visit - Wow! Time has flown by so fast . I wanted to share how I am doing with the recovery post op office visit and this is a milestone I wanted to be at prior to having the surgery -- made it , now to the next milestone which will be at my next visit at 2 month . Third office visit will be with photos ... Wow! I'm looking forward to that visit .

Fat lippo removed was little over 2lbs and skin was 1.6 1lbs so far I have lost 7 lbs I'm happy with this and hope to lose more .I don't have my measurement prior to surgery I wish I did but I feel I have certainly lost inch or two in the waist . Ladies if your starting out remember to take your measurements. The day I was getting fitted for my CG the nurse forgot to measure me and basically she guessed I would be a XL this was wrong I should have questioned this , i have never been XL but I have made up for the ill fitting CG my purchasing another one . I'm okay with this mistake I have gotten over it . Just happy my belly is flat .

I can tell you ladies I know I truly picked the right PS for me I am happy happy if that is possible .. Lol
There are two ladies in his office that really stand out that made this journey bearable and pleasant that would be Myra and Tiffany - two lovely ladies .

My doctor says I am healing well and I will be in my CG for 2 more weeks and then I can go to shape ware like spanx or maiden form anything that will still hold you in.

I can do treadmill for about 20minutes I did ask about free weights nothing over 15 lbs and no core exercise yet - but I will need to really listen to my body - I am still slightly bent, but looking at me you really cant tell - although I know I'm not standing at 100% yet.
Still difficult at times to stand from a sitting position because I can still feel those internal "suspenders " tugging me downward at times :/

The office offers lymphatic message first treatment complimentary I will set up a time for this in the near future and write about the experience

I also purchased two products from the office for scar treatment one is silicone base named Prosil reminds you of Chapstick and I am to rub this along the incision two times and the other is for pigment lighting for the dark areas around my scar this one I'm more excited about and this one will be delivered to my home residence in the next few days .
Both were pricey at 50.00 each but if it works the way I hope I will be one happy TT sister !

I am still swollen my BB is for the most part an innie but there is a part in the center that is blown up a bit and my PS said once the swelled subsides the BB will relax more and go more in - I did ask about the ear plug since I read this somewhere on the forum , my PS said I could, but thinks it not necessary since it is not pushed out . So I'm relieved to hear it will go more in once the swelled subsides.

I did ask my doctor about the sex question no worries ladies don't hold back it will not hurt the work internally - of course consult with your own PS on this matter just sharing :)
My husband works overseas so he has not been in town at all for my recovery - he is ticketed to arrive home towards the end of this month so for me I did have more time to heal, I am so excited about seeing him and without sucking in the belly :)** big smiles

Scar treatment with pic 5 weeks post op

Hello ladies
I see most of the nation is caught up in that winter freeze- hope y'all are staying warm -

I woke up and my furnace went out :/ it was 27 degrees this morning when I took my daughter to school I have the heating compnay coming out today hopefully it will not cost an arm & leg ... Sigh

Well TT sisters wanted to share with you that last week, which was 4 week - post op I started the prosil silicone and yesterday I received the skin bleaching cream in the mail for the dark areas around the scar.

I took pictures of the 4 week scar and also 5 week scar- to have a reference several months from now . It is too early really to say , but I am remaining optimistic .

Happy healing everyone !

Six weeks ... Wow !

Hello RS

I am now 43 days or 6 weeks and one day , wow! I love love the new belly even through the swell hell periods I know you ladies that have gone before or going though the process can totally relate the feeling of Love it !

Physically I am walking up right I can still feel the internal tugs or as I like to call them internal suspenders , not sure if they will go away?

I still will get tired if I go go on my feet without any rest periods.

Yesterday It was one of those days and at my last stop, I was shopping pushing a cart and I could feel my lower back starting to ache , so I had to cut the trip short and get home to rest .

I have to stop thinking large when I look at tops kinda weird, will take some getting used to, I am back to a medium in shirts and I can actually wear some small tops , I haven't been a small , oh gosh in over 15 plus years ? Lol

Oh and I really must try to stop eating chocolates that is my weakness .. Sigh

I find lately I am swelling more above the BB and I noticed my garment is no longer feeling tight so maybe that explains the expanded swelling ?
I will be shopping for a smaller garment.. Yeah on losing inches .

Below my BB is hard, hope this will soften - I know I was sewn tight with the MR no doubt about that !

I want my Belly to soften so that my BB can relax and become more of a innie, but I'm still happy with it .

My scar treatment is working I am happy to report I can visual see the changes ... See update at 5 weeks for scar products .

My husband has been working overseas and he will be back in the states next Monday and he has not seen any pictures of the new me - I am totally excited about this :) * big smile * he actually was supposed to be back in February which would have given me more time to heal but I think he is just as excited to see me since he pushed the date to come home earlier .. He never does this and he always has the option to .... Lol

I know summer will be a fun time in wearing tops that i could only imagine wearing weeks ago ... Really looking forward to it :)

Continued happy healing!

ER visit -- shortness of breath

Hello RS
I am six week out --

I've been having shortness of breath for the last few days , it just came on ,it seems I just couldn't catch my breath so yesterday I went to the ER, now I did not have the swelling in the leg or pain associated with blood clots but I did have the shortness -- once I arrived to the ER I was immediately whisked away for battery of test , blood, X-ray and CT scan with iodine injected in my veins all test came back negative for any blood clots I was very relieved to hear -

I spoke to my PS after getting the all clear at the hospital ,'my PS asked if I wanted to come in to see him , he is a very caring person -but since I had the all clear form the ER I would just keep the original appointment on 30TH Jan. My PS did state he didn't think I had clots since I was so far into my recovery - basically Im out of the woods for that - it was just alarming to have the shortness of breathing and my first thought was blood clots . Glad I went and got checked out - the ER doctor had no explanation but referred me to a pulmonary doctor .

Coming home yesterday I did not sleep in my garment I felt free and breathing was more regular - I've had this particular Garment for several weeks so not sure this could be the cause in restricting my breathing ?

Monday I have some calls to make - but wanted to share this with you ladies .

Continued happy healing ladies !

Swagger in full effect 2 month out

Hello RS
Hope all my TT sisters are healing nicely - I am 9 weeks post op and last week I had my 2 month visit with my PS-

2 month follow up ---
According to my PS I am
Healing nicely and scar is thin -
The above swelling above my BB is normal to have at this stage also I still can't do any core exercise and I am not to pickup anything over 15lbs
I can do treadmill workouts - I guess my PS is being careful with his work . My lower tummy used to be hard it is now softening up.

Clot ---?
From my previous update I am doing fine - think I may have had an anxiety attack causing the shortness of breathe --BUT please know it is a possibility to have clots and know the symptoms which are shortness or shallow breathing , swelling in leg and or pain in chest and leg - does not have to be all symptoms together

How I'm feeling / doing at this stage - 2 months post op

1. Sex is wonderful with multi O!!
Sex has always been great but now I have multi O each time - love it !!
Not sure if it's just me feeling more secure and sexy with my body but hubby and I sure love it!

2. I am totally walking straight.. Yea! I still can feel the internal tugging every now and then as a reminder I guess ? It doesn't bother me as it used too.

3. Driving is fine I no longer can feel the road vibrating in my tummy - it was a weird feeling several weeks ago but I no longer have those sensations

4. Eating habits - I am still aware not to use salt and pay more attention on what I consume - but I still have the weakness for chocolate ...

5. Exercise --- okay although I have been cleared to do light exercise I haven't started yet.. And I have a very expensive treadmill in my bedroom ... Lol

6. Weight loss
Yes i have lost a total so far 9 lbs and have maintained this loss, so far I hope to lose more- the total surgery removal of skin and lipo totaled 3.5 lbs per my PS

7. Energy level - I would say my energy level is high I do not tire as easily but if I walk for long periods and distance I find my body will react by telling me to sit my ass down and rest ... Lol no pain are associated with this

8. Reactions
Even earlier in the weeks people would make comment on how thinner I looked- I have only shared the good news to a few that a TT was the reason for the new appearance .

9. Tummy - my tummy swells above the BB mid afternoon it doesn't matter if I ate or not but it still swells no getting around that but the funny thing is earlier in the weeks it was my lower tummy feeling swollen and hard now it has moved to the upper abdomen, my tummy is flat in the morning where I can feel the hip bones so I guess this is progress... I laugh because even with the " swell hell"
I am still in awe of my very flat tummy :)

10. Confidence and sexiness
It's back with a vengeance - I don't want to sound vein, but I truly feel I look better now then in my 20's I am not as thin in my 20's but with my womanly curves and the maturity of years of life experience and the confidence mixed in now and with the flat sexy tummy, my husband is so entranced with my new swagger ... Lol

No regrets with this surgery, all though it was costly for us ,what it has given me there is no price this girl can tax, that has given me my old and new improved self back --

Continue happy healing TT sistahs

Checking in 2 1/2 month post op

Just been reading and trying to catch up on RS seeing how everyone is doing - I am little over 10 weeks - wow!

I do notice that I am still careful with my core - I can't just can't spring up if laying flat maybe I can but my mind is trained already to send me a message on this ... Lol

When i cough or sneeze I can feel some discomfort in the core but not painful at all.

I am moving around like I didn't have surgery 2 months ago - it's amazing .

My scar is thin and is fading nicely will have to up load a pic.

Hubby's is in the kitchen cooking breakfast and it smells wonderful .. Yummy , I'm lying in the bed feeling very loved and pampered :-)

Hope ally TT sistahs continue to heal nicely

Standing straight ?? 10 weeks post op

Hey ladies hope everyone is healing well , wanted to drop this quick note that my husband made me realize - although I can stand straight and tall I still walk with a slight hunch - strange eh ?

I guess I was so hunched for several weeks that my body has adapted to the hunch walk automatically ??

My husband told me I was still walking hunched , I didn't think so , and when he told me stand straight and tall I could really tell the difference in standing tall.
He also pointed out when I stand straighter he can really see my sexy tummy - so I guess I have to be more aware of standing tall when I walk .

Anyone of you ladies doing this ?

Products I didn't need post op - what I learned

I wanted to go back and speak on supplies that I bought prior to surgery for my little shoe box that I used to store all of the over the counter products - you can see the shoe box pic with all the products in my pre post --

Out of all the products in my shoe box I only used were a few items tape, gauze pad and gauze roll and peroxide and I bought aquphor ointment also scar silicone strips I used .

What I purchased and did not use in my shoe box are the following products : neosporyn, caladryl lotion , Benadryl , cough drops, I could of used the neosporyn but the hospital gave me bacitracin ointment which I did use .

Also pre op I bought granny panties and realized after surgery I did not need them , the reason my CG had a large enough hole I could pee and also my CG had side zippers which made it easier to slip in and slip off - I actually ended up giving my grannies panties to my mother .

I continued for several weeks to cover my incision with gauze roll this also helped with my concern if the my jeans would rub against my incision or if my regular panties would cut into the incision , the gauze roll was used as a barrier to protect the incision .

I know for the ladies doing their research and looking to buy supply items they may need , looking back now it was so simple -
Do invest or borrow a recliner and for those having muscle repair look into a walker - I got my walker late but it was helpful!

I wish you all happy healing :-)

Stop the nausea after TT surgery

I enjoy reading the progress of my fellow TT sisters - I have read how some have been nauseated after waking up from surgery - trust me this is Not the time you want to be vomiting after the TT surgery --

I've had 5 prior surgeries not including child birth and each time I would vomit after each surgery. I always figured this was the way my body dealt with anesthesia and I reluctantly accepted this as my fate whenever I had surgeries -- BUT.......

During pre op I was telling my PS how many surgeries Ive had , and how my body responded with the nausea and vomiting without fail , thankfully my PS listened and prescribed Zofran I took two pills the day before and one pill the morning of surgery and I can tell you this was the very first time I did not feel nauseated or vomited - I was so happy for those pills ..

So my RS friends if you are preparing for the big day and you know already how your body will respond to the anesthesia, I would ask your doctor if he could prescribe those pills- for me it was a miracle drug .

Happy healing !

This is what SWELL HELL looks like 10wks post op

Hello RS
Wanted to take a photo of my very own swell hell from the morning I am flat but as the day wears on I find myself in my very own "swell hell"

Above my BB is where the swell is taking place - I am over 10 weeks post op in the photos

My tummy is hard when this happens and it feels like my tummy wants to burst - there is no pain associated with this feeling - just a felling of fullness I have in my tummy.

Most people not familiar with the struggle may find this to be funny or I'm being over critical of myself - but I know my TT sistahs can understand .

Yes- by far I still look better in my clothes now , even with the swell hell is ranging on- but I wanted to share this, what it looks like at this stage in my journey .

I know it is a process and I still have a long way too see the final results - but what a ride it's been !
I've enjoyed every step of this journey .

Happy healing to all !

Stomach muscle twerking?

Hello RS
Just being funny on the title of my blog :-)
Just a quick observation on my TT
I noticed every know and then I will get a muscle spasm in my tummy it doesn't hurt at all just a strange sensation letting me know my nerves are healing .

This happens more if I'm laying down and if I turn over or stretch out I think it has something to do with my core being stimulated to work?

Well I hope everyone continues to heal well -

First time workout -short & sweet

Welp I did it! I've been putting it off ...my workout

Okay I was motivated to get on the treadmill this evening by one of our dear TT sister Bailkenzhen

Poor treadmill been looking at me every morning and every night, it was becoming a piece of furniture where I would hang my shirts or toss a jacket on it -

Prior to surgery I would work out regularly but since the TT surgery I haven't had the desire to work out since having the surgery , tonight I did a 30 min brisk walk on the treadmill and now I'm swollen above and below the BB , the tummy is feeling tight - shower felt good and now I'm wearing my CG to bed .

No pain at all, actually It felt good to work out - I forgot how good it felt after a workout - although my workout tonight was short ..

Think I will do again tomorrow ?

Hey did I over do it last night?

Okay so I did the treadmill last night it felt good --but today for some reason I've been swollen from below the BB and on top of my belly button - this is from the morning I woke up to now --I'm thinking I may have did too much ??

But all I did was 30 min brisk walk on the machine , it was my first time since having the surgery -

I normally just swell above the BB
But this has been both areas - so tonight i am going to pass but I do hope to be back tomorrow ?

Think my body went into shock maybe ? Hmmmm .. Hope in the morning it will at least be flat?

Will keep you posted - anyone else go through this ?

Okay TT sistahs going to read some of your posts and relax now but first going to wipe kitchen counters down and run the dishwasher .

Happy healing everyone !

Weird Ghost sensation 11 week post

Hey RS
Think I read this once on this board didn't really give it any thought until now ..

So I'm really swollen and on top of that I went out and gorged on some Japanese food and you know that is full of stuff that will surely make you swell .

So my tummy is full to the max and I have this sensation to push my tummy out, and I can't - but it feels like my tummy is there ??

Anyone felt this way or tried to push or expand their tummy out ?

Just weird sensation .

Happy healing everyone

Shape wear ---- my fav 11 weeks post

Hello ladies
I have tried on several shape wears but what I found to be one of my favorite is a waist clincher it has the three rows of eye hook going down the center so you can adjust accordingly and I tell you this waist cincher gives me more compression then my medical CG-

I was losing inches after surgery and the medical CG that the doctor suggested was expensive and I did purchase the med CG It could no longer keep the compression earlier in my stage I ended up having to wear a foam pad in my CG just to add more compression to the medical CG.
Anyone else go through this ?

So after I got all clear from my doctor that I could wear shape wear - I went shopping I tried on several different shape wear , wore several different shape wears madden form, spanx , nicole , some others that I'm too lazy to get up and look at the tags .. Lol but you understand where I am going with this ...
I like the waist cincher the best --it adds enough compression and it really snatches your waist . Also another fav or mine is the vest .

I never wore a binder only the medical CG- for those that have worn the binders I imagine the waist cincher to be be more comfortable ? From what I've read most are ready to burn their binders ..lol

Happy shape wear my TT sistahs

3 month with Bikini - say what !

Hello RS
I am now 3 month - wow! I saw my doctor last week for my 3 month post op and I am healing well - I did discuss with my doctor the feeling of being so swollen that it feels like my tummy wants to burst at times - he did explain to me that because I was sewn above the BB with the muscle repair this is a normal feeling, also he said that if I wasn't feeling tight now , then in six months I would not be happy with the results --

I decided to take the free lymphatic message that my doctor offers the first visit is free ,and I go in next Friday for this .
Anyone have this and if so how has it helped ?

Oh and I gained 2 lbs :/ I have not started a daily routine in exercising - I did try the treadmill once after surgery and that was disaster! I went over board being it was my first time back on the treadmill and my body reacted to this by swell hell to the 5th power .. Lol

I do feel I have lost inches big time
I am now wearing size small shape wear and I think I may be able to go XS soon -- I have not bought any new jeans yet - I can still wear my jeans but with some room in the waist and leg area . Happy about that !

I have not worn a bikini in 20 plus years I was so embarrassed of how my tummy would look that I would wear a one piece early on those years with a big t- shirt before I had my second daughter who wrecked my tummy even more - so for some reason I kept this old bikini , maybe a glimmer of my youth or hopes to one day be able to wear it again ? I'm not sure why it has traveled with me from state to state but this evening I pulled it out of my drawer and was able to wear it with a smile on my face :-)

No regrets at all - happy with my results and happy with my doctor

Happy healing TT sistahs

Update 4 month next week - wow!

Hello RS

Well next week will be 4 months , wow time has flown I guess as we heal we slip back into our daily routine were the focus is not so much on the tummy anymore --

Ladies this site has been a godsend , I really relied on what Ive read from other sistahs and the virtual sisterhood bond we created to get us through those early days, and weeks in recovery - I hope my TT sistahs and especially my Dec 2013 sistahs are healing well and life is treating you all well - god bless you girls !

So I know there will be future sisters doing their research so I want to jot down how I'm doing at 4 months .

If I stretch and pull with my arms extended towards the ceiling standing up I can still feel a slight internal tug .. It doesn't hurt at all just strange kinda feeling . This only happens if I stretch further then normal

My stomach is sooo numb still and it tingles at times kinda like if your arm went to sleep and now it's waking up - the sensation is across the belly .. Tingling tingling
My stomach is soft when i lay on my back but when i stand up straight my stomach is very taunt .
There is no burning sensation - I did have the sunburn feeling early on . Also note if I run my fingers across my stomach as to massage my tummy the tingling feeling runs all across my stomach


I stopped chasing the scale week or two after the sx- when I go to my post op visits that's the only time I weigh myself - I have lost a total of 12 lbs, but most importantly I have lost inches - and I have not started back exercising yet !!!
The weight loss is from watching what I eat - the surgery made me more aware of what I consume - I no longer use salt and I watch my sodium - I am incorporating more vegetables daily in my meals .

Swell hell ... Bye bye ?

Well ladies the last week and half I started to wean myself off of the shape wears I noticed I wasn't swelling as much with or without the shape wear, could this be I have made it through swell hell ? Yeah ...
Oh let's all pray I'm done with swell hell .

I have not tried to work on my core I know I need too, I find myself depending on my arms as leverage when I lay in bed or needing to turn over and rather just use my core to bring myself up as i lay in bed , I was depending on my arms a lot early on in recovery and I think it is a mental thing with me ? Ive read how you ladies are doing core exercises and I'm like in amazement .. I am 4 months ... Must do better

I have been using 100% coco butter lately and my scar is fading nicely - I really think the scar strips were the most effective in flattening the scar -I have used the bleaching crème prescribed by my doctor and I can't say if it really made an impact ? I am only using coco butter because I remember my dad would use it on my face when I would have uneven blemishes when I was a little girl ... If it doesn't help at least the memory of the coco butter is priceless to me .. So I continue to use coco butter :)

The girls
Since the tummy tuck my girls have been getting some attention , I've had ladies that I told about The TT - question me if I had the girls enhanced ... Lol
The truth is they may look larger - thanks to a good bra , but since the 3rd Boob been removed I'm thinking about a consult down the road ... Will see ... Heheehee will keep you posted .

No regrets ladies ... I'm happy as the singer Pharell Williams new happy song !

Looking at TT things to consider

Hello RS
Hope my TT sistahs are healing well and to the ones who are doing research for their PS
Let me suggest a few items for you to consider when you are looking for a PS- cost is only issue if absence of value is not present

It is very important to have PS first that has the credentials and skills to be called PS- note not all doctors who perform the procedure are PS .

Incision line --
Secondly look at the doctors work closely - does his incision look clean or is there a "W" look ? How does the incision look on the side photos of his patients - I was considering a PS until I saw the side profiles of his patients - the front of the incision looked clean until it hit the sides and the hip area the incision line went too high - I knew a low cut bikini or panties would not be abel to hide this . I also had two PS tell me I would need a vertical from BB down - the one I selected told me it's been over 20 years since he did a vertical -- and I do not have a vertical with my incision - so please sisters, skills does matter not just the credentials .

Belly Button ---
Take a look at the PS work on the BB- this is something I did not pay attention too- but I am happy with the outcome of my BB-- I have seen and read some sisters who were disappointed with their BB
So take this into consideration as well

Office visit ---
All PS have a guideline as to how many post op office visits they will see you - I think this important - for me I have a year of office visits and a set of dates for milestones - I have read after 3 months that some doctor discharged their patients - to me that is still too early in recovery - so ask the PS how many post op visits -- my fee is also included in the post op visits .

Garment --
Ask also if the fee includes the CG
My fee did not cover this and the medical CG is an out of pocket expense it was pricey but worth it


I wrote about this earlier in my blog - for the new sisters doing their research ask your PS about this wonder drug -- it is given at the time of surgery injected along the incision and it numbs your for days - I was never in any pain from the TT surgery . Although pricey it was worth it .

I am 4 months post op and loving the new me -happy healing and happy research for those beginning their journey .

5 month review

Hello RS

Wow! Time sure has flown for me - I can't believe I am 5 month out from my TT-- I've missed you all !!
I've been meaning to write but you know life gets busy --

Well I am loving the new me and I am back to my normal daily routine - I've actually been back for awhile now.

What I can tell you is that at 5 month my tummy is hard but not in a bad way - my stomach muscle is very tight- you call feel how taunt my stomach muscles are I was sewn tight from my MR , and I was hunched for 4-5 weeks -- I didn't think I would ever be able to stand straight up - but girls let me tell you it was so worth it !!

I appreciate the work my PS did on me and when I walk I can feel my stomach muscle , the best way to describe this is kinda like being pulled tight and wrapped tight - it is not annoying feeling at all - but
I can feel something if I pay attention to my tummy- most of the time I am to busy to notice .

My stomach is still numb and this is normal I'm told. I stopped wearing shape wear about a month ago -- nice to feel free

I have lost 15 1bs since surgery and I wear size 6 pants I use to wear 8-10 . Happy about that.

Ready for summer girls !

I have uploaded pics from pre surgery and pics at 4 month -

Wishing my fellow TT sistahs continue happy healing --

7 month post op -- happy !

Hello RS sisters-
I've missed you All!!

Welp I am at the 7 month mark and it seems it was just the other day I was camped out in the living area in the recliner and hunched over wondering if I would ever stand up straight again ... Lol

Wow! I can tell you girls, the best part for me is how the shirts/blouses fit on the new torso .. Lol

Welp let me share with you girls what I've been experiencing at the 7 month mark -

I will go back to PS at my 9 month anniversary - I did see him at 6 month all is well per PS

Okay girls so I started with an expensive tube silicone prosil tube which cost 50.00 and also I was using a bleaching crème I think I started at 1-2 month mark post op I needed a script for the pharmacy for the belching crème it was the high percentage bleach, well I can say for me neither worked where i could see a "real" improvement , so at my last visit my PS suggested I try an acidic crème I've been meaning to swing by and pickup at his office will try to go this week. So I've only been using 100% coco butter and leave the rest to Mother Nature and Father Time .. Kinda over it, with the look of my scar . I'm good with it .

Exercise --
Let see at 7 month I have not started any real exercise routine at best I do a few stretches that's the extent of it.

Side effects --
The only thing I continue to have is the feeling /sensation of my tummy being pulled really tight . My tummy is very hard and still numb.. But the feeling of the skin being pulled is weird, not painful but just weird .

I continue to maintain the new weight since surgery total of 15 lbs lost.. Yeah !

I still avoid salt and watch the sodium and eat more veggies every now and then I will slip up and treat myself to some sweets :)

I can say swell hell has passed I remain flat for the most part but on those days that I've over eaten or went hard for the day I will slip on the ole waist cincher to curb the feeling of my tummy wanting to burst ,although there is no real physical sign of a big belly.. Kinda weird feeling when this happens .

Walking --
I want to share this with you, when I am doing extensive walking I can feel my stomach skin being pulled with every step I make , like my tummy is retracting or reacting to the walking, this is not painful but again just weird feeling .

Well girls I send out happy healing vibes to those on the flat side and to those researching continue to read but don't be afraid to move forward it will be one of your best decision :-)

Stay happy All!


7 month .. Belly swell??! Oh no!!

Hey RS

Just wanted to quickly let you know about bulging belly upper part above my belly...

Well as you know I truly thought I was past the " swell hell" stage being that I am 7 months and 2 weeks , but last night for dinner I made a pot of chicken curry with dumplings and boy I tell you it had all the spices ! It was delicious so much that around 10pm last night I had a second large bowl... Oh no ..
You guessed it !

Well this morning I awoke to belly so bulging the upper part it was crazy so of course I wore my waist cincher all day, sill have it on .. Kinda of afraid to look and take it off ?

Is that strange or what ?
Will update you ladies latter on..
Just quick note

9 month update --- Happy !

Hello RS
Not sure why my earlier post disappeared ? So I'm typing this a second time . Tomorrow will be officially 9 months post op , yeah..

I can tell you sistahs that I am still ecstatic that I did this for me!

Let's see what can I share with you girls at 9 month ...hmmm

Well I can fell my tummy it is not 100 percent yet, but it's nice to have feeling when I touch my stomach in certain areas .

Flexibility & Core
My core muscle is weak and it has nothing to do with the surgery, I know the reason my core is weak is due to no core training at all, ladies I realize I need to rebuild the core , but I haven't started yet .. I am flexible I can stretch and lay flat however when I try to sit-up from laying on my back I am only able to raise a little and then my body pulls the breaks, there is no pain associated with this .
I can lay on my side and spring up with no issues it's just from my back I have the issue . I hope to start on the treadmill soon :)

Well ladies I have gained 6 lbs .. Boo ....and the reason I gained the weight is I have slacked off on mainly eating vegetables , I hope to get back to better eating again soon .

Do to my ethnicity my scar is hyper pigmented- my scar is thin however I have dark spots/blemishes along my scar . I stopped using any crème or potion it's been over a month now. See picture

Picture was taken today you can see the dark Blemishes I was describing as well as the thin scar .

Mostly I have no swell issues only when i over eat I will feel
Puffy and then I break out the ole waist cincher and will go to bed wearing this and in the morning I am back to flat . So ladies hang on to your binder, CG, or waist cincher it may come in handy down the road .

Since having the TT my boobs appear larger this is a bonus- I am
Strongly considering getting the girls worked on ... Hmmm

Well ladies I love I did this for me and I send out positive vibes to all-- happy healing **

10 month post op-- No Margarita pls!!

Hey RS!
Today is 10 month since I had the TT & MR with lippo on the flanks - I feel great !

It is 3:23am and I am wide awake so I thought I jump on this forum and update my sistahs I hope everyone is doing and feeling well!

I did notice something recently I would like to share with you girls, first I am not a drinker at all, if I do have a drink I will have a glass a wine and most times it is only half a glass. That being said , this is what I discovered ..

So recently I had a margarita with my fajitas and my belly felt so "overly" stuffed I had to unbutton my pants . I didn't pay too much attention just thought wow, what a great meal! ..did I go overboard on the fajitas? Hmmm

Next... one day my husband brings me a cooler margarita he bought at the local grocery store not sure why, since he knows my drink preference but anyways I have the margarita drank half the bottle and soon afterwards my tummy is feeling so bloated like it wants to explode it wasn't a painful feeling more of internal feeling of the tummy wanting to expand ? Also there was no heavy meal involved If that makes sense, at that moment I had one of Oprah's "ah ha " moment and bingo the margarita was a no no for me , could it be the alcohol in the margarita ?
Anyone else have this experience?

Well thankfully the waist cincher came in handy as I write this I'm thinking I need to give it a name ?
Sasha, Betty or Lucy? I'm leaning toward Sasha similar to Beyoncé stage persona Sasha Fierce..
She's been my go to saving grace this ole waist cincher

Oh one more thing to bring up I know I have written in previous post dealing with my core , well I am happy to report I am now able to lift myself up while laying completely flat on my back and spring up from a flat position without any assistance from my arms . No I have not done any exercise or core training just letting my body heal on its own.
Or maybe I'm just lazy ... Ha ha

It's true!! I have not gained any weight/fat in my tummy however the fat has moved south I've noticed my saddlebags are more not drastically but more also it seems that the fat also traveled up north and landed right under my chin /neck area?? Double chin or worse turkey neck ?Total weight I've gained back remains at 6 lbs
Also girls I have not started on any exercise regiment yet ..

The good thing is when I do decide to do any more nip/tuck I know where I will go to do my research this forum is so honest the good the bad and the ugly .. Cheers to you girls who have crossed over to the flatside!


Muscle repair failure ? 10 month

Hello RS
Not sure what happened to my previous post - okay something I want to share with you girls -

Couple weeks ago I went to see my PS because of an issue, I thought I had MR failure - the first thing my PS said is that my stomach is distended and if I was constipated? -- okay girls I am irregular but did not think this could be the reason for the "roundness" or bowing of my stomach -

My PS did check my stomach at my request and he did explain. That it would take serious trauma or injury for my MR to fail- and I haven't experienced neither.. Heck I still don't do any core exercise .

Please see picture to show you how my stomach was looking everyday morning to night it was bowing out and rounded , this would make any one think the worst eh ?

Well soon as I got home I took two ex lax for the next few days and the distended look disappeared I am now back to and remaining flat unless I drink or eat something that will cause the bloating feeling --

So I share this with girls if you have the "roundness" or bowing of the tummy it could be that you're irregular ?

Well ladies wishing everyone a happy holiday- December will be a year for me and I still love my new tummy !


One Year Update

Hello RS
I am actually 13 month post op TT surgery with MR & Lippo on flanks was performed 12-3-2013

What I know is at the year anniversary you really see the permanent changes -it truly takes close to year to see the final results -- believe me I was loving the results early on !

At the year mark I have learned to gage what will make me swell ,
Yes if I don't watch what eat or if I am constipated I get the swell or puffiness but to most people I am completely flat still ,but because you know your bodies temperament the giving and pulling back . Only another TT sistah will understand :)

I can still feel the skin pulling taunt especially when I stand I have to accept this feeling - I just know I was pulled tight :)

Oh yea, one thing there is no fat on my tummy it has moved to my thighs and butt and arms :/
Did I hear someone say Lippo?

I am also looking into facial fillers and also towards the end of the year getting the girls done :)

Sending happy wishes to everyone !

2 year TT UPDATE Houston TX

Happy New Years RS!

Well it has been 2 years since I took the plunge and crossed over to the flat side --- lol
My date was december 3rd 2013
I had TT with MR and lipposuction of the flanks .

I am a little late in posting my 2 year update , but here it is

My life is back to normal I no longer have thoughts or some type of internal physical reminder of a TT - this actually stopped way back .

I still love looking at the new me and it's amazing even now , I do enjoy going clothe shopping and going into the fitting rooms Lol- I am wearing XS tops!!

I have lost more weight since having the TT and I think mentally having the TT I wanted the rest of other body parts to catch up and look just as good - I hope that makes sense .

I do still have some numbness that Ive learned to accept. It's a welcoming trade off.

I do wish by now my scar would of been less visible . I do have dark spots along the scar line ,this is also another thing I've learned to accept .
My scar itself is very thin and very low and the scar itself is flat but I do have dark spots in certain areas along the scar line for those that may be thinking this - No I don't have any keloids and no my scar is not raised , i have tried prescribed bleaching cream no bueno . I was offered some other options to remove or reduce the dark spots but in reality ,heck I was more then pleased with my outcome and hubby certainly loves the new me .. Lol

I have included the most recent 2 years pic and you will see the dark areas along the scar.

If asked today would I take the plunge to have the TT my answer would be a fast YES!! and with the same PS too !

The only advice I could give you girls that are reading and doing their research is to make sure you are working with a board certified PS also please don't let the price be your deciding factor in selecting the right surgeon .

Do read the reviews on the PS and be your best healthy self this is including weight and mental health . It is a journey and I pray that it will be a fantastic journey for you all !!

Blessing and happy healing
- skinnyinside

The only thing

So far so good, I have interviewed 4 PS- and Dr Lyos really took the time to show me examples of how I may look with similar body types, he really took the time and you could see the way he really cares about his skill as a PS . Although this doctor was more pricier then the other PS - I feel I made the right choice.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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