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I have finally decided to focus on me. After 3...

I have finally decided to focus on me. After 3 C-Sections and failed marriages, I am ready to start again with my new husband and best-friend. I would like for him to have the best of me and I would like to travel the world with my husband, be healthy and stunning in a body that looks almost as good as his :)

Bloodwork Tomorrow

Ok...I think I should have scheduled my bloodwork prior to the holidays as I have packed on another 5lbs. I am hopeful that everything will go as planned. I will keep you guys updated. I have posted a wishpic. I hope my surgery looks as good as the lady on the picture.

Iron too low :(

Ok the Dr called 5 days ago and said that my iron is way too low.....(7.7)

I have been scarfing down steak and iron pills religiously! Tomorrow they will check me again to see if I'm progressing.....pray for me!

The results are In

Good news....the results are in and I am going to get to have the surgery.
Bad news...just found out the Man I thought I would be with the rest of my life has been having an affair...I can't tell a soul, but since this is pretty anonymous, I figured this is a good place to vent....I have uploaded some more wish pics.

Due Day

I'm waiting to be taken back I'm so excited minutes until I'm on the flat side!

I'm flat I survived

Thanks for all your prayers I'm home and recovering....the last couple of weeks have been an emotional roller coaster I'm so glad it's husband and kids have been nursing me back to health and I can't wait until I can put on clothes and look good...still a bunch of swelling...and I'm more depressed than ever but hopefully that will change soon :)

Ok I Couldn't Resist

I know it's too soon but I found myself alone and wide awake....i usually try to walk from one side of the room and back to my bed but I remembered this wish bikini I had been hoarding for a couple of years ... My drain was just removed and I am 7 days post-op

Sorry it's been so long 4mos

I haven't been making my appointments I have been so busy... I'm making an appt soon because I'm ready for the gym!
Houston General Surgeon

So far the experience with Dr. Phu Do's office has been great. I had just left one Dr. in Houston who had me in tears. He basically told me the Tummy Tuck could not be done and that he could give me a little lipo and that if I maintained the weight loss I could do the Tummy Tuck 6 mos later. It wasn't what he was how..he was very callous. I am so excited that I didn't give up and kept looking. I will keep you updated.

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