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Hello I want to thank all of the brave women who...

Hello I want to thank all of the brave women who have gone before me, thanks for your stories, words of encouragement, and overall support that I've seen on this site. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!

About me: 5'9", current weight 220 goal 195, 42 y/o, pretty muscular build (except the tummy) I've seen tons and tons of stories and photos on the site, I have not yet seen a tummy like min. I've got a happy face and a sad face depending on which end of my body you are standing at. Nor have I seen anyone close to my situation so I decided to share my story.

Unlike many on this site I have not had children!! My arch nemesis has been with me since childhood. I was 9 lbs 10 oz when I was born, BIG BABY, my mom is 5'2". Sorry Mom. :) I recall photos of me as a child with my little pooch, mom loved putting me in halter-tops and shorts and documenting it with photos, guess that was her payback. Over the years I've struggled with weight gain and weight loss, my highest weight was 300 lbs. My most successful weight loss attempt I got down to 182 lbs. I looked good except my nemesis was STILL there!!!! I did sit-ups, crunches, wore belly hugger things, prayed, cried, kicked screamed and nothing worked. I kept the weight off for 5 years; after a divorce and a fight with depression the weight came back. I'm on the journey to lose it again and I"m not going to let it come back. NO MATTER WHAT!!!

I've been researching and talking abut having a tummy-tuck for over 15 years. On my 42nd birthday I decided to take the plunge. I interviewed 8 PS, YES 8; I"m a little OCD. Well I'm happy to announce MY TIME IS NOW...12/18/2012 I will say farewell to my arch nemesis. Take the journey with me...

BEFORE I scheduled my surgery I specifically asked...

BEFORE I scheduled my surgery I specifically asked about holiday plans and if I could do the procedure on 12/18. I have finals the week before 12/18 and 2 weeks off for Xmas so that date is perfect! They said oh yes no problems...we've got you scheduled!!! Well I just got a call from my PS's office!!! Guess what NOOOOWWWW he's going to be out of town and the office will be closed for the holidays. So guess who is not getting her procedure done on 12/18!!! Yep you guessed it ME!!!!! Freak-a-duck!!!! (My polite way of saying something else). So I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. I've placed a considerable about of $$ down (I'm trying to buy this car out right cash) and don't know when I'll be able to do the procedure.


Sorry to vent ladies but I'm really REALLY really REALLY PISSED right now.



First THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT during my melt down. I hope not to have too many more!!!
Second, I'm turning naked cartwheels again!!! Praying, crying, denial, and private tantrums really do work!!!! My surgery is BACK ON for 12/18!!! I just spoke to the PS's office and they gave me the good news. So all is right in my world again.

After my weekend in NYC, I have to do twice as much time in the gym. Can't go to NYC and not go to the Blue Water Grill!!! Well I think I did more denial and depression eating. :) Well NO MORE!!! I'm back in the game and on track.

Happy Healing Ladies
Thanks again!!!!


Ok Ladies, I'm counting down the days!! I need...

Ok Ladies,
I'm counting down the days!! I need opinions, from those brave souls who have gone before me, on a couple of things. Here we go:
1. Although December is the perfect time, I have not reached my goal weight (I've actually gained a few lbs), long story fell busted up my knee can barley walk on it much less run or jump around, should I push the surgery? Is it better to lose the weight then have it done?
2. As for the raised toilet seat, would it be better to get the ones with the handles? (I know dumb question but I don't know).
3. I'm getting/collecting my supplies as I go, what are some of your 'must' haves during your process. (I know this has been asked before but I've read SOOOO many posts I can't find/remember where the answer is).

Ok that's it for the OCD queen right now!! Thanks in advance for your input ladies.

I'm still VERY VERY excited about the procedure, haven't hit the quilt or doubt wall yet. Honestly I don't expect too as this is something I've wanted to do for a billion years, and I'M SOOOOOO ready to carry a small purse. LOL won't need the big one anymore because I won't have a tummy to hide.

Happy Healing or Obsessing like me. Flat side here I come.

OMG while obsessing over supplies I stumbled on...

OMG while obsessing over supplies I stumbled on this TT&L in a bag!!!!!! I've been wearing this thing EVERYDAY, I would bet it's a distant cousin of those BFF's CG you guys speak of. It actually found my long lost waist, which I hadn't seen it in years, I thought maybe it ran away from home for good. But I"m here to tell you it's back. LOL. In addition to it giving me a waist it also causes me to eat less a hugh plus since I haven't been able to workout. I've posted a couple of pictures for you guys to see how nicely (well I think so) it makes you look. These pictures were taken at the end of the day after breakfast, snacks, lunch, and tons of water. I'll have to take a morning photo...

Ok well 12/18 is a little over a month away and I've got some catching up to do, I gained some weight while I couldn't workout (see previous post for why). Now I have to work twice as hard to get as much weight off as possible. I doubt that I'll make the 195, I'm actually thinking about rescheduling my TT :(. I'll make the decision mid November. Hmmm wonder if this is a sign, second time that my 12/18 date is in jeopardy? Things that make you go hmmmm..

Happy healing all you Lovely Divas!!!!

If you read my previous post you know I gained...

If you read my previous post you know I gained some weight while not being able to work out. Well I'm in cardio overdrive right now!!! I've been doing BodyCombat, Zumba, and BodyAttack at the gym, walking at work instead of taking the shuttle, and parking at the EEEEENNNNDDDD of the parking lot. Anything I can do to get in some cardio, I'm doing it. It seems to be paying off I've lost 6 lbs (probably mostly water but still) so far. I KNOW some of you are thinking BFD 6 lbs but for me that is an accomplishment. I tend to gain weight really easy and most of the time it takes forever for it to go away. SOOOO I'm proud of me. :) I'll make weekly posts if for not other reason than I'd be embarrassed to tell you guys if I don't do what I should!! Wish me luck, my drop dead decision date is 11/22 Thanksgiving day.

Well ladies, 12/18/12 is just NOT my date. First...

Well ladies, 12/18/12 is just NOT my date. First it was the doc's schedule, now it's Mother Nature. This time of year Houston has strange weather 40s in the morning 70s-80s during the day, one day it's 40s all day the next it's 80+. Well my body does not function well in that kind of weather, I've managed to catch a nasty cold which has turned into Bronchitis. So guess who's on meds and has to postpone their surgery. If you said me, YOU JUST WON the lottery. LOL With my crazy schedule I now won't have my TT until May 2013. Guess that means more time to get the funds, more time to get into better cardio health, more time to lose weight, more time to obsess, more time to...

At least I've got every supply that I can think of that I need already so I won't have to worry about that.

Happy healing ladies.

OMG only 1 Week Away

Well hello ladies!!! It's been a very long time since I last posted!!!! (I feel like I'm confessing LOL). Lots of things have happened; as you know from my last post I got sick right before my surgery date and had to post-pone to May. My Dad was killed in a car accident in February; that was really HARD on us we are still trying to pick up the pieces. I simply couldn't ask my mom to take care of me during that time so I post-poned again. God is healing us and giving us strength to move on!!!

Sooooo shhh don't tell but August 6, 2013 I have a date with the flat side. I"m almost scared to be excited!!!! But I am!!!! I'm all paid up, I've had my pre-op; gotten my meds filled, gotten my FMLA approved and now its a waiting game. Funny thing is I've read so many ladies get tired of just sitting around doing nothing; I shouldn't say it but I'm kind of looking forward to it. I've been running non stop for the most part all year long. I think I'm ready for some downtime.

I've been working out at a boxing gym the last couple of months; I believe I'm in better shape at 43 (oh had a b-day) than I have been in my entire adult life. I love this place I burn on average about 930 calories in the 1 hour class; I get to actually wear boxing gloves and punch a bag. Talk about therapy and stress relieving!!!!

I've got new pre pics but I will post the latest and greatest the day/night before surgery.

Happy healing ladies.

Counting Down!!!! 2 Days

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen (sorry I forget about you guys),
The count down is ON!!! I'm only two days away, I'm so excited I can hardly stand it. I'm just putting together the last of my supplies, packing a bag, my mom won't let me come home for a couple of weeks I'm sure. I'm going to cook a few meals so she won't have to worry about that. My doctor gave me valium to take tonight and tomorrow night. I'm not anxious or nervous at all; am I crazy? I'm just READY!!!

I've attached a couple of pre-op collages; I may post more tomorrow night. I know for sure you'll get lots of post-op pics.

I'm off to take the valium...not sure how that's going to make me feel. I'm going to work in the am for a little while...should be interesting after taking this stuff.

Happy healing!! I'll be joining you soon.

Less than 24 hours!!! The doc gave me valium and I'm feeling pretty loopy!!!

Ok Ladies...it's less than 24 hours until I join the flat side!!! I'm so excited!!! The valium is making me crazy sleepy and loopy...I can't imagine why or how anyone would want to feel this out of control. I'm a lightweight with liquor and now I know I am with drugs too.

So I bid you ladies good night/morning/evening. I will see you on the flat side.

Happy Healing!!!

Finally made it!!!!!

Ok guys and dolls I've joined you on the flat side. I did an overnight stay at the hospital, just got back to moms. I'm really doped up...wanted to let you all know i made it will post more soon. Smooches thanks for all your prayers & well wishes!!! Happy healing

2 Days PO

WOW!!! I'm not experiencing any pain at all. I'm a bit uncomfortable when I get up from the recliner but nothing that I can't handle. I'm truly shocked I expected to be in a heck of a lot more pain. I've pretty much been staying on top of the meds, walking and resting as I've been instructed, and all is good so far. We've been taking pictures here and there as it's possible. I will post those soon. I'm for sure in swell hell right now...LOL I've got cankles!!!!!! Every part of my body seems to be swollen but it's all good at least there's no pain. I took my morning meds so please excuse typos. Hopefully I'll manage to get the photos posted later today. Its hard to have my laptop on my stomach, i'm using my iPad right now. Happy healing ladies I'll write more later.

PO Day 1-3

Ok Ladies and Gents,
I know my posts have been short and simple but now I'm ready to post. Its PO day 3 and I'm feeling FANTASTIC!!!! Let me start at the beginning...

Day 1 - August 6
I arrived at the hospital at 6:30 waited in the lobby until about 7:30 (I had done all my paperwork the week or so prior). They took me to the Pre-Op holding area asked me a billion and 1 questions did a pregnancy test and then made me undress to my birthday suit. They let my mom come back then after a small wait and a few more people Dr. L came in and wrote on me. :) I don't know what time they wheeled me back but at 43 years old when they started wheeling me away from my mom I started to cry. Go figure!!! I remember being wheeled into the OR and stating "It smells like an OR back here". I don't remember anything else until hours later when I woke up to the recovery nurses telling me to wake up and breath. (I remember THINKING I am breathing I'd be dead if I was not LOL...my normal sarcastic self...now let me sleep please). It took a while for me to come out of recovery because I was sleeping so much. My aunt was on top of things though she made sure they were taking good care of me. She asked every question there was to ask!!!!! Thanks Auntie. Spent the night in the hospital (pretty uneventful).

PO Day 1 - August 7
Nurses visited ALL through the night, took vitals all was good. EVERY nurse at the hospital was WONDERFUL!!!! Woke up the next morning and felt pretty good. No real pain just a little discomfort when moving. They took the catheter out and I had to go on my own and walk around the floor before they would let me go home. FINALLY did. It was a little painful to get out of the bed not necessarily my incision but more my back. Left the hospital about 5:30 or so. Really great night no pain, no trouble, just lots of sleep.

PO Day 2 - August 8
Finally home at moms, happy camper!!! Pain level 0. Every time I went to the restroom I would walk to the front door and back, have to keep moving. Had some fiber and a protein shake and low and behold a BM followed shortly after. No real events just a lot of sleeping and resting. My mom is a saint she is taking such good care of me. Mom if you ever read this; I can't tell you how much I appreciate you and what you have/are doing for me!!!!! I love you more than you could EVER possibly know.

PO Day 3 - August 9
I'm pretty much doing things on my own now; I could really stand up straight if I wanted to but the doc told me not to and I'm following all of his instructions to the letter!!!! Haven't had pain meds since the first day out of surgery well maybe one day after, I can't remember. Pain level is still 0 THANK GOD!!!!! I've been laughing with family, coughing because I was hot, no problems. Another protein shake, fiber, and a BM. YAHOOOOO!!!!! Took a nice LOOOOONNNNNGGGGG shower today and it felt SOOOOOOOO good. I feel like a human again. No real problems with the drains they are just there; have been very careful not to pull or tug. Mom is keeping me on lock down; she won't let me do too much. I'm still napping off and on through out the day but I think it's just because I'm lazy. LOL.

I was soooo prepared for the pain that everyone has talked about but luckily I have not experienced any of it!! My menstrual cramps are worse than what I have experienced thus far. I'm still SUPER swollen but it's a 100% (in my opinion) difference than what I started with. I've posted pics. Will post more over the next few days/weeks.

Happy healing ladies!!!

Darn Drains!!!! Pain in the A$$$

Ok I have been virtually pain free the entire time. My biggest issue right now is these stupid drains. They are beginning to pull and they hurt something awful!!!!! I'm still very swollen but progressing nicely. I'm back to my pre surgery weight which is great; hope it means that once the extra fluid and swelling goes away I'll be close to (or at) my goal weight. The bruising from the lipo is starting to appear; I look like I got run over by a Mac Truck.

OH I CAN SEE MY WHOHA!!!!! OMG I looked down in the shower this morning and almost fell over. That was something I asked for as I began this journey and Dr. L delivered. What a treat. I'm looking forward to the next phases of this journey.

I've got a slight bit of a headache today so this is going to be a short post today.
Happy Healing.

1 Week Today and OMG I just thought I'd visited Swell Hell

It's been a couple of days since last I posted; just being lazy I suppose. Things are still going awesomely awesome and I'm so very thankful!!!! Pain level is -0 at this point with the exception of the annoying drains. Spoke with my doc's office today (they have called once or twice a day since my surgery) GREAT GROUP of people; hopefully they will take the drains out tomorrow my left output is at 5-7.5cc and my right is at 14-16cc it was kinda clogged for bit. I milked and milked and milked until it got unclogged so it's catching up to the left. Even with the swelling it's still really neat to look down and not see 2 stomachs and to actually see a belly button!!!!!

So my mom brought home my FAVORITE food last night - Mexican - had 1/3 of an enchilada, a spoonful or two of queso, about 1/2 cup of chicken tortillia soup, and a few chips. OMG I thought I was going to expolde (still do). If THIS is the result of eating Mexican food I don't think I will ever eat it again. LOL The Pilsburry doe boy ain't got nothing on me right now. NO WAIT I feel like that Marshmellow thing in Ghost Busters (Yes I'm old). If someone just touches me I think I will pop all over them. I've been drinking LOTS of water praying that my system will flush the sodium and I'll go back to feeling kinda normal.

I guess I'm in the mood to randomly talk today. I have litterally been trying to escape the house for a few days now. My mom has me on house arrest!!!! I think if I set a toe out of the door alarms and sirens will go off and the swat and navy seal teams will appear. She even took my keys (I think), so going to the doc will be a treat in more ways than you can imagine...well I guess you guys can since you are in the same boat. :) As for the healing process it's moving right along; back still numb in places and tummy still feels weird to touch I guess numb. What's amazing is when I take pictures you see brusing that you don't see with the naked eye. I've got daily progress pics that I will post soon. I can't wait to really get a goood look at myself.

Ok I guess I'm done rambling for now...
Happy healing ladies!!!!

Ding Dong The Drains are GONE!!!! (Borrow from a fellow RS Diva)

I can't remember who that RS Diva is who coined the phrase BUT I DO understand what she meant. (Thank you for giving me the words to express my feelings of elation!!) OMG I was turning naked cartwheels when my PS removed those stupid drains. I could hardly contain myself; I feel like a new "new" woman!!! I took a pain pill just to be on the safe side but I think I was having such an adrenaline rush that I didn't need them; didn't feel a thing. It was so surreal to sit there taking to the doc (he was standing at the foot of the bed); I was naked waist down sprawled for God and all the world to see and we just sat there talking like old friends. I laid there kicking my legs asking questions while he answered and cracked jokes right along with me. It didn't dawn on me that I this was happening until AFTER I got up to get dressed. I was like WTF...I just had an entire 30-45 minute conversation with ALL my girl parts hanging out RIGHT in the mix of the convo. OMG I was a little mortified....

OK now for more rambling - not too much I promise -
Does anyone feel like they have fleas?!?!?! My back for the last few days has been itching so badly that I swear that I MUST have fleas!!!! I scratch and scratch and scratch and it seems to only subside for a few minutes then it's itching again. What's up with that? (For those of you who are wondering - yes I've taken a shower) LOL. I guess its just the feelings coming back after the lipo.

I'm going to play dress up tomorrow so you guys will get lots of pics. I'm enamored with the new me. Like I've stated, or at least I think I have, I have NEVER had a flat tummy in my life and this is so much fun.

Well enough rambling for the evening.
Happy healing Lovely Divas.

Progress Photos

Ok Ladies,
I promised that I'd eventually post new photos...well here you go. I'm 10 days post and experiencing lots of swelling but still EXTREMELY happy. I now know what everyone talks about feeling vain!!!! I can't stop playing in the mirror.

As for the pictures I DO realize that the bikini is WAAAYYY too small BUT I got it at Walmart for like $7. I wanted something that I could really track how this went and not feel bad about spending lots of money. If I keep progressing like this I may actually have to go buy a real bikini. I'm SUPER excited about how low my scar is it's covered even with that TINY bikini. I feel like a giddy school girl who is realizing her first crush!!!!!

Happy healing Divas!!!

Cycle + Swelling + Compression Garment NOT a good fit!!!!

I have been MIA in updating these days; since I'm 3 weeks today I figured I'd update. Funny you wouldn't know I was 3 weeks post op today with all the dang blasted swelling. My cycle is lurking in the shadows and I swear I gained 8 lbs over night; I have cankles again!!!!! I know that MANY of you ladies have gone through this before but DAMN!!! I'm not looking forward to trying to figure this one out.

As far as my progress; things are moving along well. My scar is healing nicely, had one little area near the drain site that tried to open. I didn't see it until the glue finally started coming off (week 2+2days) and it was already healing itself. I have a dog/wolf ear on my right side but it's cool it will be fixed when it's time to be fixed. I'm still EXTREMELY happy with my results even if the wolf ear never got fixed; though my doc is going to fix it.

I'm still pouting about not being able to go to my boxing/kickboxing classes...doc says he might release me to go back in December. :( That is the best exercise for my body type; I had awesome results. Soon enough though...soon enough; I won't rush anything at all. I've done super well thus far so it makes no sense to mess up now.

Oh I've posted some updated pics for your viewing pleasure. LOL JK they are really for my viewing pleasure. :)

Happy healing ladies.
Houston Plastic Surgeon

I interviewed 7 PS before I met with Dr. L, before meeting him I'd narrowed it down to 2. Ten minutes into the initial meeting with Dr. L I knew he was the one that was going to do my procedure no matter the cost. If I had to sell my brother's first born Dr. L was going to be my PS. Luckily I don't have to sell the kido. :) I'm sooooo excited that I'm turning naked cartwheels right now. I realized that Dr. L had done a TT on my friend several years ago and she recovered the first few days at my house. I ran across his name on this site and decided to go see him...glad I did.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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