Frustrated With Wound Reopening Fixed and Reopening Again - Houston, TX

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I had my procedure on the 8th of June and it is...

I had my procedure on the 8th of June and it is now July 1st. He evacuated and restitched the area back up. I'm 43, non smoker and still have the same issue. As of the 28th the exact same wound reopened and it's reopening on the other side of my stomach in the same area. He placed another drain in and removed the next day which was the 27th. I am so discouraged and depressed. I do not smoke because I have asthma. How do I get these freaking wounds to close? Help anyone please. I am so so depressed. I've been off work since June 7th. My Dr. is great but he is not too concerned. I'm on Keflex 250mg what else can I do? I shower, dry off, and pack my incision with sterile gauze as instructed. I wear my compression garment over my incision once it's packed? Please advise.

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I rate my surgeon 9 out of 10 stars. I very happy with the Dr. but not happy with the outcome because of the problems with my incisions reopening, having them sowed back up and them reopening again.

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