4 weeks PO - LOVING IT!!!!!

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I had a tummy tuck with lipo on the thighs, flanks...

I had a tummy tuck with lipo on the thighs, flanks & upper back on November 1, 2012. My husband is the one that pushed me to schedule the first initial preop. I went to the PS that my next door neighbor had used, as well as some of her friends. I really liked Dr. Atun, I thought he was sincere and did not seem in a rush at all..either time I went int! I was sold after the first consultation. I had worked out regularly for years. I am 5'8" and weigh 160 lbs. I have 3 kids, 11, 8 and 7 and no matter how much I worked out or watched what I ate, I always had the pooch & saddle bags. At 33 yrs. old, I don't want to spend the rest of my life obsessing about what I eat or if I got a work out in that day and still not be happy with how I looked. Summer time is awful, I have a hard time finding shorts that fit...and they have to be longer shorts to hide the saddle bags. I am posting this at 6 days PO but will go back to day 1 as it's all fresh in my memory!!

11/1/12 - Surgery day - To say I was scared would be putting it mildly. I woke up at 1 am and spent hours reading stories on RealSelf.com and it actually calmed me down. I got a couple more hours of sleep in before heading to the surgical center. Surgery was scheduled for 8:30 and I was told i could expect to be in surger for 2 hours. PS came in, marked me up and mentioned he was going to do a little more lipo then what we originally discussed...which of course I was ok with!! Next thing I knew I was out of surgery and heading home. My mom & husband were both waiting for me and they told me I was back there for closer to 3.5 hours. My PS wasn't kidding when he said he was going to do as much lipo as possible! He ended up taking as much cc's as he possibly could, all along my thighs, flanks, and upper back...in addition to my tummy tuck!! Went home and dozed most of the day. I could only manage a couple bites of food but was not in any pain. Became more coherent around 9 that night and was suprised that it didn't hurt like I thought it would.

Day 1 PO - 1st day po was not so bad, though I made sure I stayed on top of my pain meds. Getting up and down is hard, recliner made it easier. Went to the PS for po visit, got to see my new stomach and I LOVE it!! My husband was very pleased with the incision. He told the PS that it looked like he had put my head on someone else's body because he had never seen my body look that good!!

Day 2 PO - 2nd day was a little better. Continued to take my vicodin so minimal pain. Walking to the bathroom is easier with vicodin in my system then without...so taking it like clockwork. Areas which got lipo'd hurt a lot more then my stomach. Drinking lots of water to help flush my system out.

Day 6 PO - Each day is easier then the last. Still having to take my pain killers. I could probably do with just motrin, but I won't be up and about as much and I need to get up more. Had a 2nd PO consultation with the PS and both drains are coming out. I guess all the water I drank (@100 oz per day plus tea. ect.) helped. Drains being pulled did not hurt, just felt weird! I am brused all over from the lipo as well as swollen so have no idea what the final product will look like...however decided I didn't care because I love my stomach so much! Love how low the scar is!

Day 7 PO - Took a shower for the first time...was sponge bathing up until now. Shower was great but tiring! I can tell I am already a little swollen without the drains, but figured I would be from everyone else's experiences I have read about on here! I am wearing my compression garment and drinking lots of water & getting up to move around in hopes it helps with the swelling. One thing that surprises me is how hungry I have been lately; I am trying to eat good, but it seems like I am constantly hungry. PS says I lost blood so I am low in iron, maybe that's why all I can think about is a thick steak!! I took pictures today. Haven't lost much weight, but PS says for every cc he took out, he put another cc of fluid in. Really wish I could nap more during the day as I am exhuasted....but I just can't seem to fall asleep!

Day 7 PO still I am in awe of some of you who have...

Day 7 PO still I am in awe of some of you who have this procedure with young kids! No way could I take care of small kids at this point...I am thankful mine are in school and old enough to make their own sandwiches! Even more thankful since stuff came up with my husbands work and he isn't home as much as we anticipated before surgery. Oh...had to clean up a kool aid spill, I think to keep up and moving I will start working on cleaning a room at a time per day. Nothing major but did realize I can vacuum and mop just fine...even if its just a section of a room at a time. PS wants me moving to avoid swelling.

11-8-12: PO day 7 - so messed up on counting......

11-8-12: PO day 7 - so messed up on counting....today is PO 7, yesterday was 6. I ESS that's what I get for trying to think while on pain meds! I am going through the blues phase my PS warned me about. I am tired of being tired. Everything is ticking me off. My back is constantly hurting, but I have no energy to get the heating pad out and plug it in. All I want to do is sit in the recliner and watch TV or get on the internet. My CG fits but the leg of one side falls right on a lipo bruise and hurts. I am long torso'd so I am more hunched over in it then when I am not in it. I should have anticipated this as one piece bathing suits never fit right. I am going to try leaving my arms out while at home...so my whole body is compressed but its not making me hunched.

I work for my husband so I am determined to go spend an hour or so at the office. Its desk work but more importantly it gets me out of the house without much physical exertion. Then come home and go through the grocery store ads and match with coupons. Gives my mind a work out which I need....some mental stimulation! I guess because I am not saying owww any more my husband thinks I am back to normal...told him last night I am at 50%.....glad he sees me as a strong independent super woman....I guess!!??

Got an hour of work done at the office, had lunch...

Got an hour of work done at the office, had lunch with the husband, load of laundry folded and kitchen decently cleaned. All over a 5 hour span. I feel almost human again and have no problem taking it easy the rest of the day. Just wanted to share a tidbit my husband shared with me...not sure why I don't remember my PS telling me this, but anyways....PS stated it takes up to a week for the body to reach full sweeping after surgery, then a week or so to heal and deswell. Makes since to me and explains why today is the first day I have seen a change on the scale. Want to hear something funny?? Husband asked me last night if I wanted to go camping this weekend. Keep in mind today is Thursday and las Thursday I was going through surgery. Men, they just don't get it!

11-9-12: PO 8 - I finally slept in my bed last...

11-9-12: PO 8 - I finally slept in my bed last night, on my side. I was sitting in the recliner last night and all of a sudden I just couldn't do it any more and I got into bed. It felt so good not laying on my back (I am a side sleeper) that I fell asleep within 20 minutes. I kept waking up every time I wanted to turn over, but it was worth it. My back feels better this morning because of it! However, I will probably sleep in the recliner tonight just to avoid waking up. Plus, the puppy keeps waking up at 5:30 am and since tomorrow is Saturday, I would like to be the one to get up with her and let my husband sleep in...he's feeling the affect of doing half of my job too.

Lost another pound from yesterday! Not sure how much affect it will have on my clothes, hoping I can fit into a couple more pairs of jeans easier as I do need to swing by the grocery store. I have decided to take back my spanx (CG) and exchange them for a different type. I am 5'8" and long torso'd, the CG I am currently wearing is the type that goes over your shoulders, but you wear your own bra, and it compresses you from the chest to the thigh. It's not long enough in the torso for me. I should have thought of this before as I rarely can find a one piece bathing suit that doesn't ride up or down...but oh well. I am going to exchange them for the ones that don't have straps. Just something to think about for you taller girls! Other then that, just trying to find a good balance of taking it easy while feeling like I am doing something! Oh, kids have early dismissal today as well as Monday off. Lovely. :)

PO day 12 - I had lipo on my flanks & saddlebags...

PO day 12 - I had lipo on my flanks & saddlebags and I swear I still have a bit of saddle bag on one leg, definitely more then the other leg. Will this go away? I know lipo takes up to 6 months for results, but what can I say, I'm stressing a little. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

As far as everything else, healing from the TT has been easy these last few days. Part of this is because all my kids are in school full time, so I am able to get things done at my pace. Slept in my bed on my side the last 2 nights, which has been wonderful. Down another pound (154...started at @160)...and also joined Weight Watchers. My mom just joined and I would like to lose a few more lbs, but joined more to maintain then anything else. One thing I am learning is the older I get, the harder it is to lose weight, so rather stay on top of it then find myself needing to drop 15 lbs. 2 week post op is tomorrow, stitches should be coming out.

11-14-12 - PO13 - I went in for my 2 week follow...

11-14-12 - PO13 - I went in for my 2 week follow up a day early. Surgical tape & stiches were removed. I saw my scar & belly button for the first time, kind of weird! You have to go into this knowing there will be a point where you feel like Frankenstein. However, it doesn't bother me, just not used to seeing it! PS says I am still swollen and should see results in a few more weeks. He wants to see me again in January. Will post new pics tomorrow!

4 weeks PO - Today I am 4 weeks po. Wearing my CG...

4 weeks PO - Today I am 4 weeks po. Wearing my CG all the time. I try and drink @100 oz every day, and swelling is minimal. There is still some there as I also did lipo on my upperback, saddlebags & thighs. Over all I am very pleased. Not totally loving my legs, but they are so much better then what they were! Doubt I will ever be able to wear a bikini unless it's skirted, but at least I can show of my stomach now!! Not to mention I feel so much better about myself in my clothes. Popped a stitch, so I do have a small opening on my incision, but a little neosporin & a bandaid is all I am doing to it..per PS instructions. I will admit, I almost decided not to have a TT only because of the scar. However, my scar is so thin, that even if a bikini didn't cover it, I would totally do it again...and just rock a one piece! I spend maybe 5% of my life in a bathingsuit, so 95% of the time I can wear whatever I want and look good doing it!
Sugar Land Plastic Surgeon

I LOVE my ps! I said that my tummy tuck & lipo are going to be a one time thing because over all I am happy with myself, however Dr. Atun made everything so simple I am finding myself thinking of other procedures! My neighbor and a few of her friends used him...so glad I did too!

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