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I'm getting ready to have a TT by Dr. David...

I'm getting ready to have a TT by Dr. David Altamira in Houston, TX. I have heard great things about him and how wonderful he is. But I haven't seen pics of his work. If anyone has had a TT done by him, if you don't mind please share your pics. Would love to see his work. Thanks everyone! Have a blessed day!

Date change

I had to re-schedule my TT :( due to female issues. But will post pics as soon as and send updates as soon as I have it! :)

Today's the day!!!

Can't believe today is here! Nervous And excited! It's just too hard to believe! Will post before and after pics in the next day or 2. Keep me in Yalls prayers. See y'all on the flat side! :)


Well the hardest done! Right now I'm wearing a full body garment haven't seen what my belly looks like yet. I get to take a shower today, I don't have to wait 2/3 days. :) once I see my results definately will share them with y'all.

One week today...

Well it's been a week today since I had my TT and back liposuction. My worse days were the 4th & 5th day. People say it gets better after the 2nd or 3rd day but not in my case. Today is my best day!! I really didn't feel any pain on my TT just a burning feeling where my drainage is at. Could be because I had Exparel injected. The back lipo feels like a pulled muscle, I couldn't wash my own hair, that was the most discomfort I felt other than that everything was fine. I have a walker that helped a lot, a plastic chair I use to shower in, it works just fine. no need to spend money on a shower chair. I've been sleeping in a recliner and it's worked perfect. I only need help getting up from the recliner. If they scoot me to the end of the recliner I can get up on my own. I am down to taking tylenol 3 one time a day. Today My legs and ankles are swollen which I've heard it's normal. I did break out in rash on my left leg not sure if it's a reaction to the meds for taking it multiple times a day for a week. Today I feel a lot better, had a nice shower. My husband and daughter have been great! Very attentive and supportive. Every time they change my dressing or bathe me they tell me what a great job Dr. Altamira did. I finally took a real good look at my incision today and it looks great. Here are some before and after pics.


Today was my first post op appointment, all is well. :) Healing good, back stitches and belly button stitches were removed. I go back Tuesday to have my drainage removed. Thank gif everything is looking good. Happy healing!

Prep Info

Some prep info I wanted to share. My physician gave me some Arnica and Bromelain to take 3 times a day, a week before my surgery. It was to help with the bruising and swelling. If you've seen my previous pics, you can tell I have very little and bruising. That stuff works. My diet after my surgery was peppermint tea w/lemon, green tea, ginger tea, ensure w/protein, activia yogurt, applesauce, raisins, broth w/low sodium, wheat toast w/eggs no salt or butter, mash potatoes, greens and chicken, salads and soups, Lots of water!!! Attach are pics of the supplements.

2nd Post Op Appointment

I had my 2nd post op appointment today. It went well, my drain was removed. Which I'm glad bc close to midnight last night my incision started leaking. It all worked out bc I had my doctors appointment this morning. I did have a little meltdown at the doctors office. Bc I'm ready to be 100%!!! I know it's only been a little over a week but I'm ready to get back to my normal self. The long recovery is what brings me down bc my husband has does so much and continues to do a lot for me and the kids. He doesn't mind but I do bc I'm use to being the strong one. I pray multiple times a day for God to give me a speedy recovery so I can get back to my family. I know we all face different challenges with our surgery but I also know we are strong mentally and physically. Praying for you all RS family.

2 week update...

Well today's 2 weeks since my surgery. I did a little better this week. Hubby took me to the grocery store Tuesday after my drs appt. and he took me out to lunch and a lil shopping today. The walking helps. But my back is so sore I can't stand for too long. The back lipo is no joke, the healing process is longer than I thought. There's really nothing you can do about it. I'm taking Motrin bc Tylenol3 makes me drowsy. The TT has been recovering well. I'm still swollen, itching and burning on my sides and around my belly button. There's nothing I can do for this either. I wear my gurdle day and night bc when I take it off I'm so sore and in pain. I can't win for nothing it's uncomfortable wearing it and it's uncomfortable not wearing it. I wear it for good support on my body, it does help but it's tight and itchy. My rash on my knee is getting better. The doc prescribed some strong cream. Lately I've been feeling spasm going down my legs multiple times a day and it hurts! Not sure whats causing it. The swelling on my legs and feet have gone down. Thought I would be doing a lot more at 2 weeks. Don't know how people go back to work in 2 weeks. Hope 3 weeks is good to me and I'm a lot better than these past 2 weeks.

Tea Time...

These are the tea's that I've been drinking since my surgery. It's for swelling and help use the bathroom. My favorite is Peppermint tea, you're suppose to drink it 3/4 times a day this is to help with your BM's. I tried laxatives Sonokat and it made my stomach cramp really bad I thought I was going to end up in the ER. I then tried Ducolax and that made my stomach cramp a little so I just did away with laxatives bc they made my stomach cramp too much. The peppermint tea really helps. I also took Gas-X to help with the bloating and gas of course. This really helped a lot the first week, when your whole body is numb and you can hear the gases in your stomach grumbling. Lol The ginger tea helps for swelling, you're supposed to drink this 2/3 times a day. All this helped me with with my internal challenges.

Good Days and Bad Days

Well...what can I say we have good days and bad days. This past Friday was my 1st best day! I felt the best I ever had since surgery. I cleaned the kitchen and polished. I even helped my hubby grill a little and invited my 2 sisters over for dinner. Come Saturday I woke up not feeling well at all. I felt like I took a little set back. I was in bed most of the day. Throughout the day I kept feeling my garment digging into my skin. Finally around 9p I looked in the mirror and my belly looked like I was pregnant thru my girdle. I couldn't take it anymore so I took it off, showered and went to bed. I woke up at 3am and I felt like day 1! I had to wake up my husband to help me get out of bed. I couldn't move, it felt like I had weights sitting on top of my whole abdomen area holding me down. My sides were aching swollen. Most of the heavy weight was on my sides, it was a weird feeling. I got a little scared bc I never felt like this before. My husband made me put my girdle back on, so here we are now at 4a trying to put this tight garnet on. I wear it day and night, didn't think 1 night without it would make me feel this bad. Back to bed, back to pain meds. Come to find out Mother Nature paid me a visit and has me super bloated! This is why my garment was digging into my skin bc I was so bloated. And here I thought I over did it on Friday. I was cramping so bad I stuck with the pain meds this weekend along with water pills. I put the heating pad on my back bc I wasn't sure if it was safe to to it on my new belly yet, since I'm only 2 weeks into my recovery. I can't wait to use a heating pad on my belly again. On that note, here are some updated pics of my belly and back.

2 week pics

Couldn't upload the pics on my previous post. So here they are...

3 Week Update

Hope everyone had a great Easter! Well last Thursday was 3 weeks since my surgery and I'm still swollen and in a little discomfort. My sides, back and abdomine area are sore. The numbing medication definitely is wearing off bc this weekend I felt pain for the first time in my right side of my ab area. I've been taking Tylenol 3 these past few days. I read that Chamomile tea helps with relaxing your muscles. I've also been feeling nauseas and dizzy these past few days. So I've been drinking that at night to help me sleep. Any tips on how to treat lipo, I'm desperate to get ride of this burning feeling. I go back to work Thursday and I'm nervous!!!

4 week update

Well I e

4 week update

Yesterday was 4 weeks PO since my surgery. I extended my FMLA to go back to work April 7th. Glad I did bc I started feeling better yesterday. I was able to get around more and do a little housework on my own without help. I started driving this past Monday. All I can say it feels good to be independent again! I saw Dr. Altamira today and he is just the sweetest. :) I just adore him!!! He always takes his time with me, very gentle and answers all my questions. Definately would go back to him for anything. He said I'm healing good! :) belly button and scar looks good. There's still a lot of swelling but will take time for that to go down. He also said I can do away with the garment if I feel secure without it. If not continue to wear it until I'm comfortable not wearing it. I still feel the sting throughout my body where lipo was done but I guess that's expected and it will eventually go away. I bought chamomile body wash by Aveeno to help with the soreness. I think I'll do some lympathetic massages to help with this healing process. Other than that I'm feeling a lot better. The healing process takes time and a lot of patience. Attach are some updated pics.

5 week update

This past week was better than the week before. I hope it continues like that. Well I started lympathetic massages Tuesday. Dr. Altamira's office has a recommended therapist for their office and boy was she great!! She does the massages their at his office Tuesday's and Thursday's. She also does house visits. My 2nd massage will be here at my house. It's very convenient. I started off with 3 massages for $300 and will take it from there.

I went back to work yesterday, everything was fine except for me chair. It hurt my back really bad so looking at other seating arrangements. Other than that I did pretty good. Just was ready for a nap when I got home.

I'm still swollen, still have the itching, burning and sting feeling throughout my body. And still wearing my garment, I swell worse when I don't have it on. I still rub Arnicare cream all over my abs, sides and lower back. I feel it helps with the pain. I bought that at Walgreens before my surgery. I started my scar cream this week. The doctors office gave it to me. Little by little life is getting back on track. Thank god!!! Attach are some updated pics.

3 Month Update

Sorry it's been a while. It's been so busy at work since I went back! I am swamp more than ever these days. Hopefully things will calm down soon. I have been hanging in there. My 6th- 8th week was very uncomfortable, guess the meds wore off. I am 14 weeks (3 months) My back lipo still hurts. When I lay down it feels good, getting up is the challenge. It hurts getting up, I feel like someone is ripping my skin apart. I do breathing treatments getting out of bed. Even when I sit on the couch, I have to sit straight up, can't get too comfortable or it hurts getting up. My last visit with Dr. Altimira was last Thursday and he said everything looks good. I am still swollen every where. He said it will be another 6-9 months before the swelling goes down. I did away with my girdle about a month ago, I miss it but it was uncomfortable at work so I just deal with the aches and pain. The lympathetic massages helped with the swelling and help released stubborn fluids in your body. I feel very tight during the night, when I wake up I am very tight around my abdominal area. When I get in the shower I massage it with coconut soap or chamomile soap to help relax my muscle. Still not working out because I swell up easily. Overall, I am doing good just taking it one day at a time. Hope everyone else is recovering well. Happy healing everybody! Will post pics soon!
Houston Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Altamira is great!!!! And his nurse Sonia is awesome, they were both very attentive to my needs and answered all my questions. He did a great job on my TT and back lipo. Even my husband is very impressed with his work. Definitely recommend Dr. Altamira to others. If there were 100 star ratings here I would rate him that. Great surgeon!

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