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Hello, I am a 42 year old mother of four and my...

Hello, I am a 42 year old mother of four and my motivation is my husband. I cannot remember a day in which my husband does has not told me how beautiful he thinks I am. I on the other hand rarely felt as such. My first 18 year marriage was extremely abusive...physically, emotionally and mentally. So you can understand that after years of hearing how fat and ugly I am, it's pretty hard to believe when anyone tells me I am beautiful. None the less, my husband pounds it into my head and never allows me to dismiss him.
With that being said. After much research and plenty of face to face consults with surgeons, I opted for both a tummy tuck and a breast lift with implants. I had exercised for years thinking that if I worked out enough, my overlapping belly would somehow go away. Well, it didn't. Even at my thinnest (which was a size 5/150lbs) it was STILL there. You see, at my heaviest I weighed in at 260, my breasts yoyoed between a 40dd and 36d. I had four C-sections and breast fed every single one of my children.
I chose Dr Mark A Schusterman because from the moment I walked through the office door, I felt "SAFE!" The staff was warm, pleasant and very eager. I had been to three other offices and although some held a very high and prestigious reputation, they lacked people skills. I remember feeling at one point that, although I was standing in front of the doctor, he didn't see me. Dr Schusterman and his entire staff see "you" as soon as you walk through his doors. The initial consult was difficult because he was so thorough and honest but, by the time I walked out of the office , I knew he would be my doctor.
I cannot stress how much this surgery has changed my life. I don't believe my husband had ever seen me completely exposed. I am no longer ashamed to have my belly rubbed and I actually go to bed without a bra now. I have to say, the recovery itself is rather difficult but, if you follow your doctor's instructions, you will have amazing results.
I am so grateful for what Dr Schusterman has done for not only myself but my husband as well. This surgery has improved my self esteem and allowed my husband and I to become more than what we were. Now when my husband tells me I'm sexy, or beautiful...I tend to believe him.
I'm also thankful to Dr Schusterman's entire staff. I'm thankful for answering every question, taking every phone call, coming to my room with a bouquet of flowers and a get well card after my surgery. You ALL have gone above and beyond.


Dog ears

Hello RS sissies (and bros). I haven't been on here in quite a bit but I wanted to update seeing that I'm 16 months po. I hadn't really been able to update as I would like because I was living abroad and hadn't even really be enable to f/u with ps since my tt and bl. Anyway, I had been really bothered by the right side of my incision. I had what was to me, a horrible looking dog ear. So, today I went in for my revision and I will update with more pics as I begin the healing process. I'm excited and looking forward to the final result.

Dog ear revision

This is my two day PO update. I still have my terry strips on and am a bit swollen. I find it a little difficult to lay on my side and my underwear is a bit bothersome. I am looking forward to my f/u visit with my ps coming up Wed. 9/17/14. Will continue to update.

Dog ears and TG scar revision

Ok, after reading a few of the answers from the RS Plastic Surgeons, perhaps I should clarify as to why I hadn't been able to follow up with my ps as often as expected after having a tummy tuck or bl. I have to reiterate that I never stated nor decided (as Dr Elizabeth Morgan expressed in her answer to my question) that I was left with awful results. I did however say that I didn't like the awful lookin DOG EARS I was left with. It is my body after all and it is my opinion that they are quite unattractive. None the less, my WONDERFUL ps has revised my right dog ear and I am also scheduled to have a revision done on my uneven scar. May I just say that I am still in awe with the understanding and attentiveness that my ps and his entire staff display every time I have been in their office. Seeing that I was living in Tokyo, Japan and couldn't just drop in for a consult every three or six month like I would have liked, he has been quite understanding and is always eager to please whenever I do have any questions about my surgery. So, with that being said...16 mons after my surgery is when I have finally moved back to the US and am able to f/u more consistently. I still and will always stand by my choice of ps. I can honestly say that I thank God for placing Dr Schusterman in my life.

Dog ear revision

Well, my steri strips finally fell off but, I'm not so sure if there's much of an improvement. Perhaps some lipo is needed but...what do I know.ni love my ps and I know he's only human so I can't exactly expect miracles. I know and have no doubt that he'll do whatever is needed so that I am truly happy with the end result. I'm hoping that it might actually be some swelling that's causing that bump! I tried at least ten times to upload updated pics but I think RS is having issues.

Dog ear revision.

It's been two weeks since my dog ear revision but, I'm not seeing much improvement. I'm hoping it's still a bit of swelling but...when knows. Can't wait to see my ps for a follow up and get his opinion.

Breast lift with small implant 16 month po.

I opted for a natural look vs a high profile implant. I may change my mind as I get older but as of now...I'm super happy with my results!

Abdominoplasty. This was at about 6 months po.

Surprisingly, I liked my results better then than I do now. I've developed dog ears that don't wanna go away even after a revision, and...my scar is super uneven right beneath my navel area. Great news is that my ps surgeon is beyond awesome and will be revising my incision in the near future. I had taken these pics for a friend who was going in for her Tt and wanted to see what she could expect. Of course not everyone heals the same but I obliged.

TT scar revision

as you can see, the steri strips are falling off and Theres still quite a bit of swelling. I'm excited and can't wait to see what the final results are. Again, I am so thankful for Dr Schusterman and his awesome staff!

Tummy tuck scar revision

Looking really great. The revised incision is beautiful. One month po revision.
Houston Plastic Surgeon

I can't imagine there is a finer doctor that I could have selected. So blessed to have found him.

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