We'll Deserved Tummy Make over After 4 C-sections! - Houston, TX

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I have longed for a tummy tuck since 2005.... fast...

I have longed for a tummy tuck since 2005.... fast forward to 2016 and I'm finally ready to do it 3 more c-sections later. I'm scheduled and nervous. I chose Dr. Gill based on my friend who has worked with him in the past! She gave me rave reviews and when I went for my consultation... I felt comfort and empathy right away.

3 more weeks!!!

It's almost time!!! counting down!

Made it!!!!

Before sx pics

I'm so happy and excited! Dr. GILL is an angel! He did an amazing job and I'm very happy with my results! I feel very blessed!!!!!

Picture update


Day 3 Post-Op

I feel like crap today y'all! I discontinued my Percocet pills due to extreme swelling (constipation from narcotic) and its lethargic affect..... I would sleep all day.... not walk.... I'm so swollen I want to cry..... I'm drinking prune juice and have eaten light..... got out the house for about 30 minutes.... I've been walking a little bit..... I really feel awful..... I still don't regret having the sx just can't wait to heal up.... Words of encouragement are well needed

Day 4

Today I feel better than I did on yesterday! Switching from the Percocet to the ES Tylenol was hard for me and my menstrual cycle has just ended. Word of advice have your tummy tuck procedure right after your menses or two weeks before it's due..... It's very stressful having to ambulate while on your period..... I'm not in much pain just ready for these drains (they are now producing a light pink/clear fluid) to come out and to switch my tummy binder to a more comfortable garment

Yesterday was bad....

Yesterday morning was great. I took an afternoon nap yesterday in the recliner and woke up to a hard cough.... a pop noise...and a burning sensation which lasted for about 5 minutes... It brought tears to my eyes... So I left out of the house to go buy food with my husband and thought it was all over but around 6 oclock I fell asleep and woke up coughing again with the same burning sensation.... I braced myself this time though...... I went to sleep at 10:30 and coughed cautiously (stomach bracing) all night long with post nasal drainage too..... I finally stopped having phlegm at about 3:30 am after a bowel movement which burned (I know TMI but it was my second one since sx) now my throat is dry. I believe it was from the anesthesia. I'm worried about the pop sound I heard yesterday, it probably was a stitch. I was so depressed and didn't even want to talk... I'm only posting this because it might help someone else in their future recovery. I will call the Dr.'s office when they open this morning.

Got my drains removed today....

I'm really happy about that!!!!!

Dr. Gill

Dr. Gill.... his nurse and staff are so nice and welcoming! I would recommend anyone to them and I'm glad I picked him as my PS!

PO Day 8.....

I feel so good.... riding with my hubby and mom n law to the store.... The sun feels great! After I came home yesterday from having my drains out I developed a headache and fatigue so I took some Tylenol and went sleepy bye all night... Idk but I felt really tired...depressed and a little light headed. Today woke up and showered lotioned and dressed myself. Swelling has decreased.... I washed my binder... and now I'm out. I've been experiencing "swell hell" since day 3 and I'm a little less swollen today. I have a beautiful little belly button and my scar is low and neat! Once I'm a little less swollen I will update pics

Compression Garment

I'm struggling with the use of my binders.... Ive worn my binder since day one... Yesterday I put a cami shirt underneath my binder to minimize friction.... Last night I couldn't take it any more and felt guilty..... I woke up with less swelling. I put it back on this morning and it was right with so much friction that I have just taken it off at 4pm......I'm struggling.... can't wait until I make to 3 weeks post op


I purchased a new binder today which is less bulky!!!

My Bed

Lord.... I couldn't take my recliner anymore..... My bed feels so so good!!!!

First real outing....

Just came back from Walmart..... I could only walk 2mi/hr with a slight hunch..... Now that was embarrassing when elderly people are about to run you over.... I go back to work Wednesday.... I just know that will be a long day....

On another note.... can you say Anxiety

I am so paranoid that every little thing I do will compromise my muscle repair.... 1 week PO I had a hard cough heard a pop... felt a sharp burning pain for about an hour but stomach stayed flat and tight.....then I coughed periodically (guarded for about 3 days) after that (post anesthetic cough) then last night I had an unguarded cough (no popping noise and no pain) I did swell up though.... I put my binder back on this morning and I'm still flat.... I'm going crazy though... The hardest part of this whole thing is worrying about ruining my muscle repair.... Everything else is easy

Felt energetic this morning

Woke up early and got cleaned up.... I've ironed my kids school clothes for the week.... Now I'm waiting for my hubby to get ready to go to the store.... I'm walking about 90% straight but still kind of slow

3 week visit today

I had my tape removed and my incision is so thin..... Will post pics after my next shower.... I'm still very swollen but it will go down in time.....I purchased the small bottle of biocorneum from his office to rub on my scar....I will return in 3 weeks and get released from all restrictions and my binder!!!! I asked him a crazy questions I said... I don't sit on the toilet at work, will it be okay if I squat and he said yes lol



At work.....

I'm at work and I'm exhausted.... Wish I was rich! Come on 6 weeks.... I'm having to get up and down a lot.... When will this end



Headed towards 4 weeks po next Wednesday

Happy I'm almost at the 6 week mark but I nervous about next week.... My period is due next week and I will be at work having to squat to avoid sitting on the public toilets...I don't want to damage my muscle repair... Hope everything goes well. Everyone has complimented me on how good I look and my weight loss

Finally relaxing

Had to work half a day today.... Came home... took off my binder.....took a nap.... now I'm relaxing!


I feel good today... I went to the mall and walker for about two hours....I bought a spanx tank top and a couple of shirts! My husband carried everything for me!

Thanks Doc..


I will be 6 weeks post op tomorrow and I'm so glad I went through with my procedure and healing nicely!!! Pics coming soon!

8 weeks scar!!!!

9 weeks post op

3 months post op

Weight loss

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