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I had my consultation with Dr. German Newall...

I had my consultation with Dr. German Newall Thursday September 17th. I think I waited for about an hour. It wasn't too bad I guess. The staff was very nice. I love that they speak Spanish. Easy going. That's always a plus. I don't like snotty people lol. It's the truth. Anyway.. Dr. Newall was also very nice. I liked him. The consult did feel a little rushed to be honest. It was all pretty much self explanatory and laid out. I guess cause I've been researching so much and I have a friend who recently had a tummy tuck from another doctor and so Everything sounded so familiar. I messed up on not making a list of questions. I went home asking myself things that I should've asked while I was there so that was a bummer. I'm sure I can ask at another time. I am getting a full tummy tuck, lipo on flanks, hips, back and upper thigh and fat graft to butt. Im not so sure about the upper thigh. I've read a lot of bad stuff on it as far as skin getting loose and flabby. That puts me on edge. He says he won't be aggressive. I guess I'll have to wait till my Preop appt to ask all these questions. I have made notes on my phone so I don't forget. And yeah so that's pretty much it. I'm excited. A little nervous. I know time will fly by. Yikes! I hope I am making the right decision. Let's just hope for the best. I've heard and read wonderful things about Dr. Newall. So I'm sure I'll be in good hands. God willing.

Pre surgery photos

I've added some pictures of what I look like now. Can't wait to see the difference later.

Crazy dream

So I just woke up from a dream that I was pregnant and had to put my surgery on hold. It seemed so real. Lol. That just can not happen. I love kids but 3 is good enough. Just thought I'd share. Tee-hee

Preop done!

My preop went well. Everything is pretty much on the care packet they gave me to read in case I forget something. They took my pictures. Eek. I did forget to ask if he knew how low my scar would be but I guess I can just bring a bikini or my every day panties to help him determine that on surgery day. I don't ever wear anything too skimpy I'm more like low rise boy shorts..tee-hee. surgery is paid in full. I got my surgery time and it surprised me that it's at 2 pm. I was hoping a.m. I'm gonna be starving since I can't eat anything. I guess I'll wake up kinda late on surgery day so I don't feel it as bad. Lol. I also won't be having a nurse visit me the day after since I'm out of range. Boo. I'll be starting on the vitamins they gave me tomorrow. I talked to Dr. Newall. He answered a few of my questions. He spoke Spanish the whole time. I love it! Haha!! Ill have to stop my fat burners that I use for the gym as of today wahhh!! And I was told no alcohol. I was already planning on a margarita for tomorrow. Lol. Oh well.other than that everything checked out well as far as my vitals, iron count ect.. So yep that's about it. 2 more weeks and it's on!!


So I know its tmi but i'm starting to cramp. both my girls just finished their periods so i'm usually last. ugh I have a feeling I will be starting next week. just my luck. I am not regular, it just changes every other month. I could of sworn I had another 2 weeks before I started but it seems like I will be getting it sooner. This sucks!! I wonder if that will be a problem? or does the show still go on?? lol..why oh whyyyy


So these are the pillows I bought for recovery. The green one is for my upper body and I'll add a few other regular pillows to add more elevation. Then the one for my legs. It seems comfortable but that's now without pain. I tried my booty pillow under my thighs but my butt still touches the bed. I don't know if I felt a difference. So I'm gonna keep trying to find a way. Lol. I feel so overwhelmed. like I have a million and one things to do before Friday.

Surgery done back at home

So I'm home now after surgery. Feeling a little pain. Stomach feels really tight. For some reason I keep wanting to cough and I'm like trying to cough slowly although one cough came out pretty hard and ouch did that hurt!! I don't remember anything. The last thing I remember was them scrubbing me down before surgery. I'm just glad I'm alive and surgery came out well.


My goodness I have to pee all the time. It's getting annoying lol. I have been drinking lots of water plus I know it's the anesthesia as well. So far I'm feeling good. The last 2 potty trips I got up on my own. I just feel bad waking my husband up. He said it's ok but I know he's super tired. He woke up really early on Friday for work. I don't wanna pee anymore. Lol


I showered. Lol. When I took off my girdle I felt a little woozy but just for a little while. My husband bought me a shower chair. I think that helped. I got a glimpse of my stomach looks so flat and my waist so tiny. My butt is huge. To me anyway. Hope it goes down some. That's too much a** for me lol. I didn't really like the way one of my inner thighs looks. It looks indented. Hope this too gets better with time. Don't want to be too critical too soon. But I love my stomach. Scar is super low. Yay!! I'll take pictures at another time. I honestly was in no mood. It took forever getting all the padding in standing there with my back hurting. I know my husband did his best but dang he took forever. Lol.

One day at a time

Doing a little better. Anytime I feel pain is because it's time for pain pill. I don't take sleeping pills or nausea pills. I've been doing pretty well alone on that. Almost had a bm today but it was tough getting it out. Lol. Sorry. Told my husband to buy me some mom since a lot of you speak so good about it. So I'll give it a try. I walk around the house every 2 hrs. I get up on my own when I have to pee and get back on the bed myself very carefully. So yeah I'm showering later when my husband gets back home. My girls are helping me in the meantime with anything i may need. I will try to post some pictures with clothes.


So I've added a few pictures before my shower. Of course I'm swollen, bruised and all that wrinkly skin is from the padding and girdle. I love my flat tummy. My hips look big and the butt looks good I think. I know results will get better with time.

Yay for BM

Finally had a bm. I actually felt like going yesterday but had a hard time getting it out. I'm sorry y'all. But we're all grown here right? Any who..I took a laxative and that didn't do anything. So yesterday my husband bought me some mom I didn't take it till this morning before breakfast and just now I was like I'm gonna go try. I had no urge or anything but just wanted to try. Lol. It went smoothly. No straining or anything. Ugh I feel so good. I needed my honey to help me wipe though. That's is all. Just thought I'd share my experience. Lol.

Threw up this morning

So I woke up around 7am. took my 7 am pills and tried to go back to bed but one side of my back was hurting so bad. Like my shoulder blade. I don't know. So it was hard getting back to sleep and I decided to get up. Went to pee and wash up and as I was about to brush my teeth I started gagging and I was like oh no..no please. But I couldn't help it and I was throwing up and holding onto my stomach at the same time so scared that something would pop. I threw up yellow liquid. It was horrible. I've been feeling good this whole time and then this happened. Only different thing i did was take a sleeping pill last night. I have no trouble sleeping but I do wake up a lot so I wanted an uninterrupted sleep. I took a nauseous pill drank some Sprite ate crackers. My stomach still feels a little weird. Maybe my nauseous pill will kick in soon. My daughter made me some oatmeal but I don't have much appetite this morning. I just hope that doesn't happen again. Not fun. And then I wonder if it's all those vitamins I have to take. Too much. Ugh. Lol

Picked myself up a little

So I'm tired of looking tired and gross so I fixed my hair today. Curled it a bit. Ain't going nowhere but I look cute. Lol. And I tweezed my eyebrows. Lord knows I needed that. Tomorrow for my post op I'll put on a little makeup not full blown cause ain't nobody got time for that especially when it's a morning appointment. Lol. I'm feeling a whole lot better. I know this recovery is a roller coaster so hope I'm not speaking too soon. Lol

1st post op

Today was my first post op. I could not sleep last night. Just wasn't sleepy but I managed to wake up early enough to make time to eat breakfast first (made by my husband) then I took a shower. As I was drying up and standing while my husband put my garment on I started feeling lightheaded to the point I had to sit down. He gave me rubbing alcohol to sniff on cause I was already seeing double lol. It worked for a bit but once I stood up i felt as if I was going to faint so i made my way to my bed and laid there naked lol. My goodness. After a while I felt better. Got dressed and left to my appointment. I was seen pretty quick. Got my drain removed. She told me I didn't need the padding anymore but I think I'll continue using it around my incision just cause I feel the garment will irritate it. I don't know. Apparently when you remove the compression your blood pressure drops which causes the lightheadedness. I hate that feeling. I saw Dr Newall just for a short time. He said everything looked good and that I would look fabulous with time. (Blushing) lol. I'll see them again next week and then Dr. Newall the following week when he gets back from his vacation.

9 days post op

Every day is getting better. I'm standing straighter now but end up a little hunched by the end of the day. I only take one pain pill at night only. I'm still bruised up but getting better the swelling is getting better too. I'm more sore than anything. I don't feel lightheaded anymore when I take my garment off like I used to. It still feels weird but I don't feel weak. I've posted some photos.i will post one of my backside next time. It was hard taking it by myself and it wasn't coming out right. So I'll wait till my husband takes a better one. I thought my butt was bigger in the beginning but now it looks small lol. i hope I'm not ruining my investment. I try my hardest to not sit on it even though my doctor says the way he fat grafts I wouldn't have to worry about sitting or laying on it. I still try not to anyway. I do see the roundness and more shape to it than I did before and I did say I didn't want anything too extreme but I hope whatever I have stays put. Please puurty please. Anyway I love my stomach and my tiny waist. So far I am very pleased.

2 more pictures

13 days post op

Today was my 2nd check up. Everything looked good. The swelling and bruising I have is normal. No fluid accumulations. The pain I've been having on my inner thighs is normal too. Although the arnica I bought thanks to a real self buddy on here is really helping. The nurse said my belly button should look a little bigger once the swelling comes down and when the stitch falls out which I had no idea I had a stitch lol. I mentioned to the nurse how my garment was starting to bother me on the sides. It was digging into my skin and leaving indentions and marks so she showed me some alternate garments that I could move onto. It's exactly the same only its a pull on. No hooks or zippers and its capris style. I chose those instead of shorts so when I can wear my jeans the crease won't show. I took some pictures earlier when I was getting ready. Excuse the padding. I don't need it anymore but it's like a security blanket for my incision. I don't plan on wearing them anymore. Happy NewYear!!

3 weeks

I'm 3 weeks today! I started driving this week I'm sure most of y'all drove sooner lol but I didn't have to until this week when the kids started school on Tuesday. I've also already had sex. My husband did all the work lol. I tried to orgasm but I kept getting spams in my stomach so I was like yeah..never.. mind. I finally fit into my pre surgery jeans. I mean they fit me at 9 days post op they just wouldn't button but now they do. Finally! I still wear my garment religiously only take it off when I shower. I have 3 total so plenty of backups while I wash the ones that are dirty. I think once I hit the 6 week mark I will not wear it when I go out like in the weekends or so but other than that I plan on wearing it on a daily basis for a few months. It doesn't bother me at all. So yeah today I was bored and tried on a couple of dresses. And jeans. One of them still has the tag. Never wore it. The way the dress is made it looked weird on me before surgery. I looked like I had no waist and my butt was flat. I remember vividly. So now I can see my shape in it. you can see my swelling still and little bit of bruising. And the fact that I'm backed up doesn't help me either lol. I haven't gone all day today and I'm miserable. Had to take some m.o.m. To help and just waiting for it to take effect. I'm loving my results so far.

Few more pictures

Today was my son's 8th birthday and he wanted to go bowling so before my jeans fit I had ordered some leggings cause I was tired of wearing sweats out. I tried them on yesterday and took some pictures but am now just posting those. I could never wear leggings before cause I just didn't have the body for it. Now I love the way they look on me. So I wore them today. Went casual, and I loved them. Also took some pictures before I showered bending and sitting down.

Cleaned house

I cleaned my house today lol. I haven't done jack since I had my surgery. When I take it easy I take it easy. I called and asked if I could and I was actually told to wait till I am a full month. They don't want me to risk my healing process. But I did it anyway :X I was very careful. Took my time. Used my legs and arms to help me up like if I had to pick something up. My husband got home just in time to help me mop and vacuum. My house looks and smells so clean. I missed that. Obviously my girls just weren't getting the job done right. Ugh. I also asked if I could start a cleanse and she said not yet. So I'll wait. No biggie. What I did forget to ask was about some clear fishline looking thing I'm guessing it's the stitch sticking out from the end of my incision. It doesn't bother me or anything but i wonder if I should be seen for it or if it's normal. I guess I should've asked. Lol. I'll call later or tomorrow.

5 weeks

This past Thursday I had my 5 week post op. Everything looks good. I am very pleased with my doctors work only thing I would of loved is my butt bigger. Oh well. I had my prineo tape removed. I still had quite a bit. The stitches that I had sticking out from the tip of my incision was snipped off. My tummy tuck incision looks really good. It's thin and pink. I went ahead and bought the scar treatment kit they offer because the lady made it sound so good lol I started applying that same day. Once I'm done with that I will start the silicone tape. They also took pictures and gave me copies of my before and after. I didn't realize my stomach was so huge before. Lol. I was also cleared to do my normal activities and back to the gym. He said no heavy weights and no crunches. Sounds good to me. I actually started the gym this morning and it was okay. I power walked 40 min on a 6 incline and that's it. I'll build up little by little.


Took a picture of me with my workout pants yesterday. and today with my size 4 jeans that fit now. At first the button used to dig into my tummy but now they're comfortable. Of course I'm still wearing my cg. all the time only taking it off for showers and for the dirty dirty lol. I firmly believe in wearing the cg for better results. lol. Only time I hate wearing it is when I'm working out. It looks weird and feels weird. But I know it's necessary. I'm working out from home for now so it doesn't really matter. I started my fat burner yesterday and my meal plans and I'm back on it baby!

1st lymphatic massage

I had my first massage today. My masseuse, Lily was so sweet and friendly. She told me I still had some swelling on my lower abdomen and lower back and flank area. I agree. She recommended I get a smaller garment to add more compression and recommended I continue wearing it another 2 or 3 months which I plan to do anyway. For the meantime she gave me lipo foams to put into my garment so I can feel more compression and to help with the swelling. Also she said everything felt pretty smooth. She felt no lumps or knots so I should be okay with this one massage. I might get info on a place she recommended to me that is closer and maybe do 2 or 3 more sessions since she said that's the recommended time you should do it. That is all lol, just thought I'd share. : )

7 weeks

So far everything is great. Still dealing with some swelling. Mostly after I'm active..workout,cleaning ect..it's so annoying. Besides the swelling, my other complaint is the itching. I get it at night. I probably get it during the day too but I notice it more at night when I'm trying to sleep. I had mentioned this before to the nurse and she said that's actually a good thing and it's a normal part of healing as long as there is no rash and what not. Okay but it's a pain the a**. Anyway, I've been working out for the past 2 weeks. In my home gym. Only cause I still don't feel confident to do what I used to do so why bother when I can just get it done at home at my own pace. Today I ran 3 miles straight on a 5.0 speed and 2 incline. That's a big improvement from when I started. Um I'm keeping my weights light. I'm using 10 lb Dumbbells for now. Still getting a good workout. And I do all kinds of squats and lunges with body weight. My meals are good for the most part until the weekend comes around I mess it all up. Lol. That's always been my problem. I love food. That's why I work out as much as I do. Let's see..what else?? Um I'm still wearing my cg. I stopped using it when I work out and started using a fitness belt and it keeps everything nice and tight and then after my shower I get back into my cg. One more month and I'll be tossing it out depending on my swelling : / so yeah..that's pretty much it. I posted some pictures. This will probably be my last post until my next post op in April unless I have a drastic change that I must share with y'all lol.

Pictures didn't post

Pictures didn't upload with my last post. Let's try it again.


Trying to post a little at a time

Let's see if pictures work this time : /

i give up if it doesn't work this time haha

: )

11 weeks

I can't believe I'm almost 3 months. I feel great. Everything is back to normal. Sleeping the way I used to before. Working out 6 days a week doing everything except abs. I called the office cause I couldn't remember how long my doctor wants me to wait. The nurse said 6-8 months. So another 3 months or so for me. I have been on a meal plan for the past 2 weeks. I am allowed 1 cheat meal. I've lost 5 lbs already but I noticed I'm losing my butt too. That's depressing. I include squats in my workouts so I don't know why it won't grow. Lol. Other than that I still love my tummy tuck and lipo. I don't plan to lose much weight anymore, I plan on maintaining. I'm petite and almost at my goal weight plus I don't want to lose all of my ass : /. I'll post pictures sometime next month. Toodles!


i know I said I wouldn't post till sometime in April but I decided to do it now. Like I said before I'm 3 months post op. Feeling great. Trying to get into a healthier lifestyle (such a struggle) but I see it working. Leaning out some and noticing that my butt doesn't have much volume anymore. Especially when I'm naked but with clothes it looks alright. So here are a few pictures. Hopefully they upload lol.

Just cause

another picture. Motivation for myself. But wanted to share.

6 months

Still doing great. Scar still looks a little dark but flat. I'm so happy with my results. Just came back from a long overdue vacation and I sure as hell felt good in my bathing suit. Beyond happy with Dr. Newalls work.

Year update

Hi! Haven't been on here in a while but just wanted to add an update on my 1 year post op. I'm still very happy with my tummy tuck results. My butt is not big but looks better than it ever did before so it'll do. Only thing is I feel my hips look huge with certain things I wear like a dress for example. I may think about Lipo in that area in the future. My scar is still dark but flat and thin which is good. I've started working out my abs a little more now. I maintain my weight but really wish I could drop about 10 lbs ugh the struggle and I continue working out daily. I have posted 2 pictures. I'm super duper happy with my decision to have this surgery. So glad I did it! So glad I chose Dr. Newall and again I would totally recommend him to anyone.
Houston Plastic Surgeon

I am so glad I came across Dr. Newall. I researched many doctors and his work just caught my eyes. His whole staff is friendly and professional. The consults go a little quick but if you have questions don't hesitate to ask him, he will answer them. I love my new body. Even though I am still healing and still swollen my tummy tuck is awesome!! The scar is low and thin. My belly button looks natural. My butt is nice and full perfect for my body type. Dr. Newall did a wonderful job! He was professional from the get go. I love my doctor and would recommend him to my friends and family!

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