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Hello , I've been monitoring this site for...

Hello , I've been monitoring this site for sometime . Went this weekend to Houston for consultation with Dr. Amahdi . I scheduled date and paid my deposit . I'm nervous and excited.
I'm a mother of 3 grown children and grandmother to 3 grangirls.
Never thought I'd be in this position because I worked out, I took care of myself ,then found out I had cancer in2013 and had surgery . Every since the surgery I have gained more weight despite my efforts. This year I hired a trainer from the beginning of the year until end of June with no results but more weight gain! I'm 5'6.5 and with clothes on 202 when I weighed in yesterday I was 200. I'm normally ok with 170 my nice weight is 163.
My goal is to lose weight before surgery scheduled on the 20th of September. I plan to document along the way as others have motivated me????


I did not add that I'm having Lipotuck with hernia repair.

Weight loss

Today as I check my weight I'm down to 193.8# lbs.
I have 58 days until surgery. That means I still have time. I've lost 7 pounds since consult . I have to Keep pushing#

Weight loss before survey

As of this am my weight is 186.2. This is not an easy journey????. When your trying to do right and make healthy eating choices people try to temp you. I'm holding on. I can maintain this its as if I'm obsessed with monitoring my weight right now. ????
#48 days to go

Countdown LIpotuck ????????

Can't sleep ... Everything has begun to sink in 27 days and counting . Flying out on the 30th for Preop appointment . Not sure why it's 3 weeks away from surgery. I have mixed emotions. Excited to have this done but not sure that I have everything for post op. I've been reading and jotting notes of what else to get but now I'm overwhelmed. I will primarily be towing care of myself with no help. My mother will keep my grandchildren for 1 week and I hope that the 1 week is good to give me the jump start. I've lost a total of almost 20#s
Anyone on RealSelf have any suggestions ? tips ?
So far I have :
Bed pads
Special sheets
Hibiclens is on the way
Walker on the way
For later After care Ive purchased Embrace scar therapy
Step stool for my bed.

Not sure to get something like a faja or not or what particular type

Preop today

What a long day. Flew in to Houston this am and had my Preop done. All blood work was ok. Ecstatic about weight loss . There is no going back now. I feel good with the detailed explanations I received .
Roughly 2.5 weeks. today multiple pictures were also taken.

Countdown Next week this time ????

Healthy recovery and outcomes . Excited nervous all over the place. I have everything I need. Ready to start this process

It's real now !

48 hours post op

I think overall I'm doing well. I have pain but the pain medication helps and the biggest thing is not to overdo it! I also have a walker and I feel that it's great so that I'm not straining. The PS states that walking bent over is what is needed right now. I'm posting before and after pics below .

More pics

Sugar Land Plastic Surgeon

So far my interaction with the staff was awesome . They were detail oriented and answered all my questions.

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