**Big Day June 13, 2013** - Houston, TX

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I will be having TT and fat transfer to Hips! I am...

I will be having TT and fat transfer to Hips! I am a 23 year old mother. I have 1 son (4 years old). I live 1 hour away from houston, I decided to get my surgery done in houston, tx since I live in a small town and don't have surgeon around here. I am nervous and scared at the same time. But hopefully everything will turn out good!

Tomorrow preOp omg!!

OMG... I am soooo nervous even for my preOp I am nervous. I have everything ready clothes, Tooth brush, my pillows and comfortable clothes, oh and the hotel is already have been booked since April.... Hope everything goes well! Here some pic's of my body before surgery !

Ok so today I had my 2 preOp!!

Ok so today I just had my 2 preOp at Dr. Cortes office and at the hospital. At Dr. Cortes office I had my pictures taken and went over everything I need to know before, during and after my surgery. Then I headed out to the hospital for my preOp the a nurse took blood and when over my medical history. I sooo freaking nervous I can bearly eat. At time it comes to my mind the what if, what if I die during my surgery, what if am not happy with my results. But hope to god everything goes good!! Wish me luck! Oh here some more Pics at the preOp


Here is some pic's of me when I was at Dr. Cortes office for my preOp!!!

At Dr. Cortes office for my preOp

Here is another pic

At Dr. Cortes office for my preOp

Here is another pic

I survived ....

I survived .... I am out the hospital and in my bed resting. Everything went well I can say that it's been the best experience in my life other then having a givin birth. I got to the hospital at 5am, gave me a room around 5:40am nurse started with everything IV, stockings and some more blood drawn. Then around 6:30am Dr. Cortes went in and stated marked my body. Then 7am I started felling weak and dizzy from the IV. All I can remember is 2 nurse taking me into the surgery room and askin me if I was ok and after that I don't remember anything. Then I was working by a nude asking me if I was ok. I was sooo sleepy because of the anesthesia then after that I left the hospital around 3pm. I am not in pain at all I guess because of because I took the pain pills. But I have to admit the hospital staff was so nice great very nice and caring. If I had the option to do it again I would.

Sorry guys for my......

Sorry guys for my misspelling words! Also want I thank everyone that wished me the best Thank u :)

Here some pics

As y'all can see I am very swollen ill try to take a picture standing up tomorrow!

Ok so I am

Ok so I am home now and this 1 after my surgery....I am sooo bruised up I think it hurts more then yesterday but it bearable. my boyfriend has helped much and sooo supported I don't know what I'll do without him i love him so much for what he has done of ....ok ok am getting emotional here but anyways me when I take a shower later on i ll post some more pics. Will try to keep y'all update. Sorry for any misspelled word just took my pain pills that make me drowse!

Having trouble

I am having trouble breathing actually I have shortness of breath! I called Dr. Cortes he advised me to take a bath and can also mean that my garment is too tight. But I think that was the problem because once I was in the shower I felt more more better. But when I lay down I keep have trouble breathing. The good thing is that I will be seeing Dr.Cortes tomorrow. I am not going to lie I am in a lot of pain but hopeful I will feel much better tomorrow!

I went to see Dr. Cortes

Today I had an appointment with Dr. Cortes he said I look great he also took out my drainage tubs OMG THAT HURTED SO MUCH!!! Once they (nurse) put it out I felt burning. But I can say that feel a little better with out them. Dr. Cortes also wanted to put me in a tighter garment I said "oh on with the garment that I have I can bearly breath" but everything is fine thank good. I also wanted to thank everyone who has commenting my review and also are concerned about my health!

More pics

Here are some pic of my new body I know it still swollen. I am in pain my boyfriend still has to help my get out of bed, recliner, chair. I also can't stand up straight I feel if I stand up straight my cut will come apart! How I'll feel much better tomorrow!

I am feeling out of

Lately I been feeling shortness of breath even with out the garment. Does anyone felt like this if so let me know please!


Here is alittle up date I am now feeling much better I have controlled my breathing. The only 2 problem that I am having is sleeping! I can sleep I keep waking up. The other problem is when I get up or stand up I feel like my scarf will com will come apart. But other then that I am doing great oh another thing every time I stand I very shake but only when I stand. I will let my ps know!


Hahaha I just noticed that I put scarf instead of insinsion lol!!


I really hate updating on my phone it auto corrects me ****incision****

Hi ladies

Hi ladies .....................I feeling down today after taking a shower I just wanted to bust out crying but I just wiped a few tears that came down. I have been feeling awful emotionally and physically
Emotionally because I don't feel right I can't stand up not even for 5 mins if I do stand up more then 5 mins I run out of breath and my back starts to hurt so bad. I am also shakie my hands shake a lot!
Physically because I don't see my figure my hips look really weirdo and just not right ( I will post a pic so y'all can see what I mean).
I wanted to cry soo bad but I couldn't because my husband was their and I don't want him to see me crying or even hurting. My husband made a comment that kind of hurted he said " please don't shake like that you make me feel horrible like something is wrong" it might not sound that horrible but to me it did! I know I am swollen but I have seen other tummy tucks that are 3 or 4 post after surgery and they look great even being swollen! I just hope that when the swelling goes down I can be happy with my results. I have an appointment with Dr. Cortes on Saturday hopeful he can tell me when I am able to see my results ....I'll keep you guys a updated hopeful tomorrow ill feel much better! Good night my ladies :(

Here another pic


Hi ladies I am worried because my inner legs are red, itches, burns, and feel tingling and numb too. They are also very bursed. I don't know what to do. Me and my husband are worried! Has this happend to anyone? Other then that i am doing good. I will post some photos!

Hi ladies

Hi ladies just an update I am feeling fantastic. I can now get out of bed, couch, etc. I also can do some house chores by myself. I still walk like an old lady but after taking some steps I straighten up. Like this morning i heard a loud knock in door I went to see who it was and it was the "POLICE" I got scared do many thoughts came to my mind as to why he was here come to find out someone took my husband lawnmower and my neighbor saw the person that took it and she was the one who called the police ( what a loving neighbor I have always watching over us) anyways did a report and off to Bed due to my meds I took at 6:00am which makes me really Drowsy. When in bed I thought to my self how the hell (sorry i don't like to talk like that) did I get out of bed so quick! I was just shock how quick I got out of bed ???? lol. Well hope each one you ladies are doing good. I have an appointment with Dr. Cortes tomorrow can wait!

Back to work

Hi ladies it has been a very very nice vacay for me but nothing is for ever today Monday is my first day back to my job since I had my TT. This morning was a bit hard to wake up at 5:00am. Oh how I miss my bed! But anyways I had an appointment with Dr. Cortes this past Saturday he said that I am twice my size that I am suppose to be, that means I very swollen. He also put me in a garment really really tight so tight that I could not sleep saturday night I had to almost take off my garment because it was too tight! But other then that tight garment he made me squeeze into I am doing perfect I will be seeing him in 2 weeks, oh how I wish this 2 weeks fly by! I will be posting some Photo maybe this afternoon. Hope everyone has fantastic day!


The new garment Dr. Cortes made me squeeze in! I am still a swollen! Oh next procedure will be my breast hopefully in a 1 year!


Hi ladies here some pictures of my new body. I took this pictures at work today I actually had a bowl movement today this is my second one so I had to go in my job, I only like to go when I am in my house but when I have to go I have to go! Sorry ladies that i am talking about this kind awkward ????????, but anyways some of my co-workers have told me I look skinny but I don't dear say I had a tummy tuck I try to wear lose clothes just don't feel right telling them that I got TT. but anyways here is some picture i took still swollen and still have one more tighter garment I have to fit into when I go see Dr. Cortes on the July 13 (so these pic are not my final results).


Sorry guys it only lets me post 2 picture at a time!

2 wks post op

Update well actually 16 days post op.... I am doing great! I can almost bend down to pick up anything. The only problem I am having is with the swelling! I have swelling in my legs, they look like when I was 9 months pregnant I called Dr. Cortes this past monday but he only told me that i can start my lymphatic massages. but I don't live in Houston so I cant get the messages until next week. i bought Arincare cream for the swelling I really couldn't take the swelling so I went to Walgreens to ask the Pharmacist for anything that can help with the swelling but she told me that I couldn't use anything I had to ask my doctor for a prescribed medicine. My feet were really swollen that I did not care what the pharmacist said i went back to look for a cream so i bought Arnicare which it did help not a whole lot but it did help....But other then that I am doing great I am back to work. I don't need my husband for anything I can do mostly everything on my own. One more thing it seems to me that my hips are a little to big, but I think they are big because I am still swollen hopefully they shrink just a tiny bit more my jeans don't fit from my hips. But I will give it some more time hopefully they will fit!


More pictures

Last ones

3 wks op update

Hi ladies ... Here is my 3 wks update I have been feeling and looking really good. It's only been 3 weeks since my surgery. I love my new figure ..... But there is some little discomfort, I get some small shocks on my side. I am still swollen and my swelling from my legs has gone down! Now I am just so itchy from my incision so I called Dr. Cortes and he advised me to buy Benadryl cream but he preferred for me to take the gels instead. Other then that I am good just also get tired from time to time. Well hope all you ladies have a great and safe 4th of July!



Hi ladies I was wonder If anyone can get me on some advise health eating. I lately have been eating bad I was wondering if any of you ladies can give some tips or what your diet based on! Please and thank you.


Hi ladies just wanted to see if this had happened to any if you ladies? and if so what did you do to get rid of it!I have been itching like crazy from my incision I also have like small rash tiny little bumps around my incision and it itch a lot especially when I have my garment I also get chills when I am so itchy. I have been applying Benadryl itching cream but I think it has gotten worse with it! I am also concern with my figure right side is really swollen from my left side. On my right side I look like I am on 1 week post op a little concern has this happened to anyone of you ladies if please let me know what did you do? I will be call my ps today once they open to let them know about my itching problem. I will also let my ps know about my swelling problem on Saturday when I have see him. I'll try to add some pictures so you ladies can see the small rash I have but it will be really hard to tell because they are not red they blend in with my color of skin you would have to touch it to feel the rash.


Picture update

6 weeks op

Hi ladies .. Here is my 6 weeks update. I been feeling great I can say that I am about 70% better I have no pain but some small shocks on my hips and tummy i mean they are bearable. I can clean and bend down without hurting me. There is some things that are bothering me like I am very swollen everyday I am eating clean. Another thing is that non of my jeans fit since I got fat transfer to my hips, I also have a lot of gas I don't know if this has happened to anyone? Well that's all I can think about I will post some picture I have an appointment with Dr. Cortes on Saturday and will update until then.

6 weeks op pictures

7 week op updated

Hi ladies
Just updating this is 7th week op. nothing has Change still the same. Today I called Dr. Cortes office to see when I can start working out but I have one more week until I can start working out CAN'T WAIT! Dr. Cortes also still has me wearing my garment, I will see him in 4 week then I will have to buy a new one!

7 week op update pictures

Update 2 months and 2 weeks post

Hi ladies another update. I haven't been feeling very great that's why I haven't been updating the last time I felt great was back since my 3week post after that week my days and weeks have been awful. I don't know if I am still swollen or if I been gain weight? But by belly just seem to big. My garment keeps coming down where I have a crease in the middle of stomach ( you will see on the photos). I have been eating healthy and also exercising. My stomach feels very puffy. Hoping this well change I have an appointment with Dr. Cortes on September 7 hopeful he will let me know if I am gaining weight! Ugh I just can wait!!! Hopeful I will update you ladies soon (: .......:(

2 months and 2 weeks update pictures


This is how I looked this morning before working out! Thank god I am still a little flat from my tummy. I haven't felt this way or looked this way since long time!

Sorry forgot to post pictures

4 month and 1 week update post

Hi ladies
Just updating on my TT nothing hasn't change everything is the same. It been about 4 to 5 weeks that I have been working my a#% off about 4 to 5 times a week and even sometimes twice a day and haven't lost no weight. It's about 2 weeks that I went to see Dr. Cortes and he even asked me if I gained weight it very hard I also managed to squeezed into a medium in a garment it really bother me because it very tight. Please let me know if it looks like I have gained weight! P.s my husband has also been dieting with me and excersing he lost like about 18lbs! It so frustrating :((

Meant to say 3 months and 1 weeks update pictures

4 months post op.

Hi ladies
I have still been feeling the same no changes. I still have swelling in my upper abs and lower abs too. It get to a point where I look like I am pregnant! But in the morning my stomach look flat. I have been working out almost everyday. I also been having a lot of cramping on my legs this had happened ever I had my surgery they are horrible. I have a appointment tomorrow Saturday with doctor cortes hope I don't have to wear my garment.... Yes I am still wearing my garment, he says that the longer I wear it the better the results will be hope this is true.!

4 months post op pictures

5 months and 2wks update

Hi ladies
It been a long time I haven't updated. I have been super busy this Past 2 months. Now to my update nothing really has change, only that I have a lot of swelling once I take my garment off. And yes ladies I am still wearing my garment I had stop wearing it last month ( October ) but I would get really swollen or maybe it was just fat that was left behind. I wear my garment all day and all night but once I take it off my stomach looks flat but after 5 or 10 mins it blows up ( sorry I am being exaggerating but you can see a little Bit of tummy sticking out) I wish I would have a flat stomach :( . To be honest I am not completely satisfied with my surgery because of that. When I went to see doctor Cortes he said "to keep in mind that he can't take all the fat out completely and leave my stomach flat" , he told my like when I went to see him for 4 month appointment. But I guess I will have to keep on working my butt in the gym to have a flat stomach.

5 months and 2 wks picture update

Question ladies

Hi ladies I am concern about some bruses I been getting especially in my legs. Ever since I got my TT I had about 5 to 6 bruses since June, they just appear all a sudden. I know I did not hit my self with any thing. Please ladies if any of you has or going through something similar let me.

Here some pic of the bruising

7 month and 4 dys update

Hi ladies sorry I been MIA took a loonng and wonderful 3 wks vacation to Mexico for the holiday's, just came back to reality (home) this past Saturday ugh! Anyways the same as all updates nothing has change well actually I only lost 10lbs since the last update I feel much better and comfortable with my body, I still want to lose at least 10 or 15 lbs more. I haven't been wearing my garment since the last update. It just soo uncomfortable, I still have swelling ( I think it's swelling) because when I wear something that compress on my belly it looks flat but the other part of my belly that was not being compressed on looks puffy ( well I think it swelling). I will be seeing Dr.Cortes on Feb. 1 can't wait to see him I have a lot of questions to ask him. And if anyone of you ladies have any or a lot of question feel free to ask me.

7 months and 4dys pictures update


Any of you ladies know where I can buy a good and comfortable garment please please let me know!!!

8 months and 2 wks update

Hi ladies
Hope you ladies been great. I've been good too, I am still trying to lose about 15 or at least 10lbs more, so far I've lost 15 lbs slowly but surely. Nothing has changed everything is still the same, I did want to mention why I haven't changed weather my TT was worth it or not because some ladies have messged me asking me why. Don't get me wrong I am happy with my figure and my TT but there are some things I am not too happy with and I have been mention 1 of them on my previous updates. I know nothing is perfect but I still have a patch burn on my side due to the lipo and it's on both sides. When I went to see Dr. Cortes last month he said to keep using the bleech cream, I've seen a difference since I've got my TT but it's just taking too long, or maybe I am just being inpatient ( I will add a picture ), another is the puffiness on my upper abdominal Dr. Cortes said that it's fat and that it's impossible to take out all the fat in my stomach for completely but I am 100% sure that it's not fat because every morning my upper abdominal is flat like a the wall but throughout the day I get that puffiness especially after I eat ugh I am just tired of the puffiness that I feel and see, It feels similar like when your bloaded it feels awful.

8 months and 2 wks update pictures

Picture sitting down 8months and 2wks

This is how my tummy looks when I sit after 8months and 2 wks after my TT!

11 months and 2.5 weeks update

Hi ladies it been a while since I have updated on my TT. I am doing good I am at the lowest weight I have ever been since having a baby I feel great and hope to maintain my weight, I feel so confident I just love it! As far as my TT nothing change. I haven't been to Dr. Cortez in awhile I will have to call asap to set up an appointment for the side burns from the lipo because I need him to help me disappear those ugly scars, and the same as always i still get that puffiness in my stomach and looks horrible I love my figure but that's the only thing that is bothing me!

11 months and 2.5 weeks update photos

1 year and 8 months update

Hello ladies
I have been tooo lazy to update but here's a bit, everything is good my weight right now is 126.4 I did gain about 5lb which for my is a lot I am working extra hard to lose those 5lbs. Now to my tt everything is the same I am still getting the puffiness in my lower and upper abs and mainly when I eat and my scars have not gone away or at least I don't see them fading away I went to see dr Cortes this past December but he said that he would get one of his assistant to call in a prescription cream to the pharmacy and they would contact me after word BUT never heard a word from them and I have been sooo busy to call them and I have been forgetting to do it too. Here are some update pictures

4 years update

Here is my 4 year update
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