After 12 Years, Finally Pulling the Trigger- Getting a TT, Lipo, W/muscle Repair - Houston, TX

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Hi Everyone! After consulting with 5 plastic...

Hi Everyone!
After consulting with 5 plastic surgeons throughout the 12 years, I finally decided that life is short. So I might as well get it done instead of being unhappy with my tummy. Will post pictures before and after soon! Dr. Newall will administer Exparel for pain relief to the tummy area.

Tummy Wishing

Here's to wishing that my tummy will be back before motherhood. However, being a mom is the best thing that could have happen to me. Why am I doing this? For me. However, it does feel even better to look great and feel great; after all the heart aches. You see, my story is nothing special; however, I'm going to share. The day before thanksgiving 2004 (I'm pregnant with our second son) I find out about my ex-husband's infidelity. Made thanksgiving dinner the next day. Had our son December 16, 2004. Separated 2006, divorced 2009. Being a single parent is challenging to say the least (could write a book). Through the grace of God, I'm able to take care of us and pay cash for my tummy tuck. My fiancé does not think I need it, but supports my decision and will take care of me. The picture that I'm posting was when I was 22 years old in the United States Marine Corps.

Tummy after babies

Picture here is in Maui celebrating my 30th birthday with my than boyfriend who tried to tear me down and said "you're pretty but not that pretty. You have saggy titties and stretch mark city". He was just really insecure with himself, I kept my dignity and did not throw back insults to hurt him. Although those remarks did hurt me; I was not going to let any man tell me what I was or wasn't.

21 more days until TT surgery!!!, Yikes!

Days are just flying by. November 10th is my pre op meeting with Dr. Newall and than November 20th at 9 a.m. is TT.
Have been obsessing over things....what to buy, what foods to have in house ahead of time. Finished moving into our new place that has stairs, I don't know how I'm going to make it up the stairs after surgery, wondering if my fiancé can pick me up and take me up the stairs? Or is that a no, no? Hmmm.???? Do I need to get depends? I've read yes on Real Self and than the nurse said no. Will get manicure/pedicure before surgery, no nail polish? lipo foam? I guess, I just need to chill out and ask the nurse when I see her November 20th. Maybe I should also get the BBL while I'm at it? For ladies that have done both at the same time, do you recommend it? Would you do both again or separately? Thanks!

Pre op supplies and medications before November 20th surgery

Dr. Newall's care package before the surgery. Read great reviews on the VitaMedica recovery support program which is worth around $100 alone. The prescription medications had to be filled before surgery to be brought the day of surgery. Blood cot, anxiety pills, nausea, pain pills, and others I believe are for infections.

3 more days until TT surgery

Just started taking Bromelain with Quercetin today as instructed on an empty stomach, 2 pills 3 times a day, with my Clinical Support morning and evening vitamins after meals. I went to a wedding this last Saturday, and had a glass of Hennessy, hope that doesn't mess me up for surgery since instructions where no alcohol. I couldn't help myself with the delicious salsa from Pappasitos, I've been eating with gusto bc I know I will not have appetite after surgery and I know that I can't have salty foods, which I love!!! I've had time to reflect, and it's best that I just get a TT for now. Once I workout for a year, I'll decide if I need a BBL or BA or neither.

Beware of great reviews

I've been reading a lot of great reviews; however, the majority are missing pictures. Therefore, I believe some reviews are fake. Please be careful ladies. This Friday!

Post op day 1

Here's a picture as promised. The only thing that I remembered was up to the point that the nurse was wiping me down with a antibacterial before surgery and also inject into my IV something like having 5 glasses of margarita. Dr. Vu, who administered my IV has amazing, no pain (he found a vein on my left hand). He said that once I the nurse gives me the injection that he would come in and do his thing; which would know me out completely (sure did bc I don't remember Dr. Vu coming back). I woke up to another nurse who was very nice. Oh, before I forget Dr. Vu said he would put a tube down my throat to help me breathe for the TT. I woke up with a minor throat scratch only. I really like how low my cut is. I did not feel pain but discomfort from how tight my stomach is from Dr. Newall's expertise. I'm glad my extensive research for a TT doctor was successful and to listen to my own facts/intuition. Thank you still for trying to be helpful, I appreciate it.


So since I could not eat anything before surgery, I was hungry after surgery to say the least. My fiancé got two types of soup, I picked the vegetables one to eat. However, I threw it all up in the middle of the night. Ladies just eat clear soup.

Love Dr. Newall's Tummy Tuck Nov 20, 2015

I'm so happy that Dr. Newall worked his magic on me. His team is first class! Patty is the bomb (thanks for the tough love)! I'm glad I did not listen to some negative remarks that did not have pictures of the TT procedure. I'm glad that I went with my gut instincts when I met him (the way he color coordinated his suits spoke volumes to me, he was the one! (with great TT pictures to back up his work)! Today is post op day two and I have been walking around whole foods and target for an hour! Thank you Dr. Newall, Dr. Vu, nurse Nancy, and other nurses that I did not get to ask their names. Thank you to my fiancé for taking care of me (real love :) )

Do not over do it

Just spoke with the nurse, I'm supposed to take it easy even if I feel great. I'm supposed to be resting but I've been out shopping for a few hours today, it's going to catch up to me once the exparel wears out :(. Lol that's what I get for thinking walking is good for blood clots, so if I'm not tired from walking than it must not be bad...wish there was a precaution to say that after surgery you might feel normal, but beware that it's the exparel, take it easy still! Nurse also said to not put any scar cream on the open incision (just wash it with soap/dry it/cover it); however, I can gently massage arnica cream/gel on tummy that does not have open wounds. Rest and drink lots of water!

Post op day 4 front view

Swelling is going down. Healing wonderfully. Exparel is really magic bc I went shopping yesterday and feel fine today. Taking all my medicine on time. Took milk of magnesium last night and it worked (no pain)! Going to get some fish and greens to eat clean. Try and drink more water. I know I've read not to weigh myself but I just did today, lost 4lbs! I really recommend Dr. Newall for tummy tucks. My fiancé said that my waistline is getting tiny, I said that was the goal!

Post op day 5

Got drains taken out today. It was a struggle walking from the garage to the office (exparel wearing off)

Went to eat afterwards at French Riveria with my fiancé. I ate two sunny side up eggs w/fresh slices if tomatoes and a eclair, Yum!

My fiancé prepared a chicken dish with tomato basil feta and olives with asparagus (it was so delicious, I couldn't stop eating, I really was trying because I do not want to mess up my tummy tuck results). He bought a seasoning that had no salt, but gave the dish great a taste. Attached is the dish that I devoured....lmbo

Seasoning without salt

Just wanted to share the seasoning that was used.

Post op day 9

Here's the bikini that I brought on surgery day to have Dr. Newall mark my incision. I'm still bruised. Today I put on my compression garment (it was really difficult, my fiancé had to help pull it up from the back- he accidentally nudged my incision and I sucked in my breath from the pain). Since I have to wear the garment 24/7 for three months (only to take off during showers and bathroom breaks- I took a pad to line it so that I can keep it clean as much as possible (meaning in will change it out every day). When I go to see Dr. Newall this Tuesday, I'm going to get another garment to switch while one is being hung to dry. I was on bed rest bc I was bleeding from the place that the drain was taken out (due to sitting too long watching a movie last Friday). It finally stopped bleeding today from just forcing myself to not walk anywhere but around the house. Will take picture of compression garment to post later. Happy healing. God, I hope I can work tomorrow.... I saved my pain pills for work to get me through the days ahead.

Before and After pictures

Here are some side to side pictures.

Post op day 11

I weighed myself and I gained 2 lbs :/. It doesn't help that I ate some carbs, but I can't be picky when my baby sister brought me food to eat yesterday at my office (I was out of breath just walking back from the restroom, I was shaking by the time I got to my desk). When I got home from work, I just laid there from being exhausted and went to bed at 8:30pm lol. One of my sons said that I was too skinny and it made my butt look huge. Good thing I didn't get a bbl. I have to remind myself that this is coming from s 12 year old. Not going to hide the truth that it made me doubt my decision to get a TT for a second. Although I'm swollen, everyone can see how tiny my waist is. I treat people how I would like to be treated, so it was a let down that two of my co workers (both are moms as well) did not even ask how I was feeling (when they knew it was my first day back from TT surgery). I must sound like a baby. Lol. I'm sensitive

Re posting pictures

I took it down but I'm putting it back up.

Compression garment for TT

This garment is comfortable once I'm able to get in it. The first time was painful but then it gets better. Make sure you are siting on your bed to put it on. Throughout yhe day, you can unhook the crotch area (line it with a maxi pad to replace each day). Seeing my doctor December 17th and will see if I need to get the same size or go down a size. Hence the changing of pads. Lol

Took 4tbsp of Milk of Magnesium

Took MOM at 7pm still no BM. Have not gone in a few days, my belly is swollen. Ugh...going to drink more water, take a shower and put my garment back on. Hopefully the mom works!!! This sucks!!!

Day 12 post op

Feeling much better. Posting pictures of me in the garment and wearing my new boots (feel good enough to wear them) Finally was able to have a BM at 6:30 am! What a relief!!!

Post op day 15

Going to a formal event tonight.
Here's my outfit! Took a pain killer.

Pulled a stitch

So I was dancing a slow song with my fiancé and I was feeling great with all the champagne I've been drinking. I did I tiny dip and heard a popping sound, afterwards I felt my right side soaking wet with fluid. We went home and I washed the garment, so I had to sleep one night without it. This morning I called the office to let them know what happened and they got me in at 10:45 am. Dr. Newall is so sweet, he took out the blood from my stomach with a syringe, I looked away bc I hate needles. I did not feel a thing when inserted the needle into my belly to get the blood out. He got the nurse to bring in a machine to suck out more blood, however, there was not a lot. Dr. Newall was gentle when he was pushing on my belly with the machine sucking out the blood. I received a lipo foam to use since I did not feel my garment was compressing enough. Was instructed to put the stick side to my stomach while laying in bed to pull the garment over it. Totally felt more compression with it. Was informed that it will help the tummy be smoother and flatter with the foam. Love Dr. Newall!

22 days post op

Yesterday I was a little concerned about fluid (reddish brownish ting) gushing out of my left incision. So I called the call center to relay the message to a nurse on duty that fluid was coming out for two hours and nothing I did would stop it. I asked if I should be concerned and go to the emergency room. So while I was waiting for a call back, I googled what it could be. Supposedly it was normal. I was surprised when the call center called me back to day that Dr. New all was on the line. He said, "I do not want you to be worried, everything is going to be alright. Since you pulled a stitch last, more fluid is being produced. It will inventially stop. Come in on Tuseday so that I can check it." I felt very comforted by him, very caring. Needless to say, I put a guaz with a pad over it with tape to make it to my sister's graduation! Lol wasn't going to miss it. It's still leaking, but not as much as in the beginning. I took a shower to was it with anti bacteria soap and I could have sworn I saw my flesh opened (about to swoon). Got out to pay dry and covered it up.

25 day post

Saw Dr. Newall today. He said I had two options, 1. Get re stitch but might risk complications or 2. Do the wet to dry which will take a little longer to heal (soak guaz with saline solution to out over open wound morning and night). I said that I trusted him and will do whatever he recommended. So option 2 it is! On the positive side, no infection. I asked the nurse to look at the fit of my garment to see if I should change size; can't believe she said xs!! I was like, I'm going to fit in that??!! Lol

Open incision

Treatment is called wet to dry, using guaze soaked with .9% Sodium Chloride Irrigation.
To be applied once in the morning and at night. The yellow is not infection but fat? :/. Putting on xs garment was difficult but I managed to get in. Waist is getting less swollen.

Post op 27

I decided to use only one Lipo foam in the front with the compression garment and using the my waist binder last for comfort. Since my skin is protect by Lipo foam and compression garment, the binder is not so unbearable.

32 post op

Today I woke up feeling much better. Saw Dr. Newall today, wound is healing well. The nurse took off the tape with a special oil. I asked if I could have taken the tape off myself with oil and she said no bc what they use is made for taking off the surgical tape. Nurse was super gentle and kind, as all of his nurses. Her name was Genesis, unique name. Nurse Bianca looked like Santa's super sexy helper, man I wish I would have taken her picture. Lol will see Dr. Newall in two weeks since he'll be on vacation. Will post pictures later. Merry Christmas and happy new year RS ladies!

Post op 33 skirt sz

So I know I'm not supposed to be shopping for clothes until at least 3 months and the swelling goes down, but I really need new pencil skirts. Lol
I have been wearing Sz 6 after babies but now I was able to fit into a Sz 4! Yay!! That's with the Lipo foam and compression garment. The pencil skirt gave my waist a smaller effect.. Yes!!!

2 days away from 6 weeks post op

Still loving my results even with a hole on my left side. The open wound is closing up, I think?
On a positive note, I was able to fit into my Sz 4 pre babies skirt today (I was wishful thinking and kept it, lol- glad I did!). Not so sure how I'm going to heal with the scars :(

Jan 8th will be 7 weeks post op

Here are a few pictures of my journey. At the end of the day which these pictures are taken; my tummy is swollen. I bought ear plugs at the dollar store and use it for shaping my BB. The wound is closing. The one guaz on the right is not an open wound but I have these two tiny pin needle holes that I'm covering with dry guaz. Will be seeing Dr. Newall this Thursday. I'm still very happy that I did this for me.

7weeks and 1 day post op

Loving my figure, tummy is still swollen. Swollen tummy looks better than before photo. Dr. Newall is amazing!

Warning, gross looking

January 12 th will be 4 weeks since the incision opened up. Here's a before and after photos of the open wound (top is before/bottom is afterwards). The wound looks better (closing up but not fast enough), the scar doesn't look great (actually worse-I believe from eating shrimp last night). My bb is rounder in the after photo, I noticed.

Brand of waistline trainer

I'm uploading for the ladies that asked for the brand and were it can be bought.

Jan26 and 27th

Still no regrets on my TT surgery even with another little q tip Sz opening. The other wound closed completely. Wore my bodycon dress from MaxAzria yesterday, with confidence even with the swelling. Ran into my personal trainer who said I looked great as though I just got out from a shoot and that my curves were in all the right places. Lmbo bc I did not tell him about my TT. Here are some pictures of the dress yesterday and today's Lulu (shirt is a small and loose around my trunk :)

This Friday will be 12 weeks

Picture above is a few days after surgery.
Picture below is today, 12 weeks Friday.
I woke up and saw a difference.

Dress shopping was difficult at 12 weeks post

I have an event Feb 20; which led me to find a dress. I did not know it was going to be so difficult. The lady at Nordstroms took my measurements to do some kind of calculation on my ratio which came out to 7.3 (she said 7.1 is the ideal ratio). Hmm interesting.
The difficulty was that my top Sz would be a six while the bottom being a Sz 4. I find that dresses at MaxAzria, the bodycon line fits well; however, it's too sexy for engagement pictures with our kids. My mission was to find a dress that was a solid color (same color textured was ok), covered my arms, and not expose too much cleavage. Lol
I finally found my dress yesterday, now I how I don't look fat bc it's white, lmao. I read that white can make you look fat.
The dress feels comfortable and sexy.

15 weeks post op

Tummy is still swollen, but otherwise beginning to feel normal, with a little numbing/alien feeling (tummy). Can't wait to go back and get revision to scars from the open wound. Overall still happy with TT procedure. Started to workout last two weeks with treadmill and light weights. Taking pictures in the Bikini that I brought on the day of surgery for incision markings.

This Friday will be 16 weeks post

Has not been six months yet to work on abs, but I've just started working on them for 2 ish weeks. My tummy is swollen, gassy (from eating too much raw garlic in my salad. I hope the swelling goes down more, I've been wearing my compression garment with Lipo foam at home. I'm going to keep on wearing it until the 6 months post op bc I've read that the true results will show at 6 months. I'm working on shrinking my back fat some more. Not sure what's going to happen. My revision is scheduled for September 1st bc I requested to enjoy the summer months. Lol

7months and 7days today

Still loving my tummy tuck, looking forward to the revision where I had an open wound. Found 3 bikinis to hide the scar; however, I have to make sure and adjust swimsuit to cover scar after swim. I think once I get the revision I won't have to adjust swimsuits. What do you ladies think?

9 months Post, Dr. Newall Rocks!

Haven't been working out bc of school and other distractions. Who am I kidding? Just fell of the bandwagon of Juijitsu, hiking.

If you're on the fence about getting a TT like I did for 12 years, do it once you find the perfect surgeon for you. Thank God, I found mine, Dr. Newall! Checkout pictures of my tummy without working out. Looking forward to how it's going to look once I workout consistently ;)

Tummy Tuck Revision 4/17/2017. Dr. Newall

Posted on the wrong subject lol. So I took a picture of comment to not repeat myself.

10 days away from scar revision

Saw Dr. Newall last Tuesday and he's going to cut out the scar where I keloid. I'm not going to be eating seafood afterwards for sure like I did last bc I didn't believe what I remembered hearing when growing up. I'm not going to have drains like before, or the tape. He's going to Lipo my abs more, giving it more definition (first time with the TT he could not lipo my abs for safety reasons). The little dots are mosquitoe bite marks, not lipo marks.

Dr. Newall- scar revision with lipo!

Love my doctor!!! He's the best!!!
I'm all marked up and ready to go.

Post op Day 1 of scar revision & lipo

Feeling pretty good for it being day 1, just sore on my sides and incision. Moving around the house only, learned my lesson the last time. Tummy is swollen from lipo. I used the lipo foam with my compression garment and the front if much smoother. Ladies that have had lipo to your tummy, can you give any advice for me? Greatly appreciated.

Day 2 post- road cart to shop at costco

Feeling good enough to go to Costco with my fiancé bc I'm going loopy staying home all day. However, I'm walking hunched over and did not want to over exert myself so I road the motor cart around Costco with the help of my fiancé bc I cannot pickup anything over 7 lbs. I had to stock up on coconut water bc it's hard for me to not drink wine! I forgot to post side view pictures of my bruises. I think Dr. Newall did a great job lipo my sides and armpit fat? Lol

7 days post, bruising

I was healing without bruises bc I was wearing my compression garment and resting. However, I went out with some friends last night and had so much fun catching up. I drank wine and scotch. I woke up with bruises that made me call the help line to wait for a reply. I'm not hurting. I'm praying this is not necrosis forming. I'm hoping the bruises is from not wearing the compression garment and it's nothing.

Beware of good reviews

I was just surfing the net about deaths from plastic surgery and I came upon this article. I went on real self to check the doctor out and it did his license is revoked. However, you'll see pass comments of how he's a great guy. The clinic was vanity and now they've renamed themselves bc of bad publicity (4 deaths, botched lawsuits). I'm attachingvehat I read for you ladies. It's very important to do your research bc it's your life. Best wishes

Post scar revision

Here's a picture now of me at 141 lbs which is heavier than when I was 135. I've been in vacation eating.
Houston Plastic Surgeon

If you're in Houston and looking for a board certified plastic surgeon with an artistic eye for your Tummy Tuck, check Dr. Newall out. Today is my second day post op and I feel great! My TT incision is very low (the way I wanted it). He's not a man of many words but a man of results! He really does care about his patients and you can tell he takes pride in what he does. His team is first class as well, Patty is wonderful ( she knows when to give tough love)!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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