41,year Old. Never Had a Flat Belly. TT Time. Houston, TX

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I am 41 years old with 2 kids. My whole life I...

I am 41 years old with 2 kids. My whole life I have wanted a flat belly. When I was 8 my sisters would say your rolls are so cute. When I was 27 I started working out 3 days a week. Lost 15 lbs. When I was 35 I started cleaner eating, workouts 4-5 days a week and lost 15 more lbs. Last year I decided to do a bikini competition. I though if I just work harder, eat better and do more it will flatten. It was better when but the skin was still hanging. The skin is mostly above my bb. Currently I am 5ft tall, 115 lbs. So sick of this bell . So sick of people saying how skinny I look. In clothes yes I look good, but the rolls make me crazy. Wish me luck. Praying it gets better not worse

1 week out

1 week out and feeling both excited and scared. No real updates except it is hard to sleep. I am waking up a lot I think it is stress,

5 days out

5 days out AND GETTING EXCITED. My cousin just did her full body lift 9 days ago and she is going strong. She is giving me strength to be brave for my big day. Merry Christmas ladies


Here are my last preop pics. The last ones don't really show what it looks like. Wish me luck.

post op day 1

Post op day one. Happy that everything went well. No vertical scar all the skin pulled down low. I have not seen it, but thats the news I am getting from the husband. Yesterday I hurt but not bad at all, today is much worst. Going to the restroom to pee makes me tired and hot. The meds dont take the pain away all the way but make it better. looking forward to day 4 as I hear that is a better day.
Drains- Yesterday I was getting 35 ml every 4 hours and it got less each time. this morning it was only 15. I am not sure what is good

the pain

So day 2 has been something. I had some milk, bad mistake. It made me nauseated and I threw up a little. Felt like someone was slicing my insides. Had my first post op and wow it is so flat. Swelling mostly on my back from the lipo, front side not very swollen, however my binder is tight. Shower tomorrow and I will take pictures

Post day 3 pic

So I am up and doing most things by myself. Can get up and to the restroom. Changed all my dressings and changed my garment. Had with that it is so tight. Belly looks so good already. Back is sore, but only taking one pain pill every 6 hours. Tomorrow I will switch to Tylenol.

Post op day 6

So post op day 6 was interesting. Day 5 drain out day 6 back to work. I talked to my PS she said if anyone could go back to work it was me. Don't think she really thought I would go. I did. I'm a dental hygienist , but have an assistant who loves me and kept the schedule very light with breaks. Very slow walking around and I could not sit very uncomfortable. So I had to stand for every patient (7 total very few for me). Resting in the dental was helpful because I could sit like my recliner and feet up. After the first pt I was tired and happy I had so many breaks. By 12 I was sad I was at work. By 5 I was swollen and extremely tired, but I got my patients cleaned up and it great not to sit at home. In my recliner by 7:45 and did not get until 6 am for work. Fyi my husband is driving me to and from work.

Day 7

Work was much better on this day. More energy was moving faster and did not start getting tired until about 3. I felt much better is was a big leap from how I felt on day 6

Day 8

Its Friday... Wow I feel so much better. Definitely going to be a good day. Almost moving at a normal speed, almost. Did not get tired at work. Did have to change my bandage twice as I am draining still. Not much but some. Had a work party after work. Did not do much but sit and try not to laugh. The swelling is still moderate and I have been off all pain pills including regular Tylenol since day 6.

Post day 9

Trying to keep track ,but today day 9 I think. Today is Saturday so I sat most the time. Tried to rest as much as I could to catch up from the week at work and the week to come. Food and rest.

I double hate the Garment. The binder sucks but the garment is a thorn in my side ... Literally.

Day 10

OMG, work up this morning to a flat belly. The swelling was gone. GONE. It almost made me cry I have never had a flat belly. Even as a small child. I know the swelling will return as the day goes, but wow its flat!!!!!! I will try to get pictures up????????????????????????

almost at 2 weeks

so 2 week post op 2 days early. Been going well. Got out my stitches today may have to have one small spot touched up. Where my old belly button was there is a opening. after i heal she will have to fix the scar in that spot. very small about the size of a nickel. Still at work and moving almost at a normal pace. I get to start scar treatment next week and walking on the treadmill type stuff.

My PS was shocked I went back to work. We talked about me going back , but she did not think i would really go. SHe said everything looks great and healing fine.

New pic

Finally got new pictures. Too excited. Now for the swelling to go down

2 1/2 weeks

swelling is going down everyday. parts of my scar are looking great, not super happy with the left side. I think she will have to smooth it out. I have a post on Monday and will see how long before I can do that. I will also see about my hole and hope that get resolved.

On a happy note I feel better everyday. Super flat belly it crazy to see it. Work is back to normal and does not make me tired and the back pain is gone. Sleeping is still not the best, but better everyday.

Newest photo

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