Almost 39 Years 1 child, TT, lipo to flanks and a little BBL - Houston, TX

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I've been on here checking reviews from many of...

I've been on here checking reviews from many of you for quite some time and I finally convinced my hubby to let me get a tummy tuck.

I work out 4-5 times a week and life weights. I'm at a decent weight and with clothes you can't even tell I need a TT but it bothers me when I wear a bikini or tight fitting clothes. I want a flat belly which I've never had.

I plan to get a TT with lipo on the flanks and then get a BBL. I hope it all goes well. I'm so scared. And I hope I have a speedy recovery.

Pre-op pics

These were taken 3/14/16 In a non-flattering VS suit.

Pictures of me in a bathing suit that looks somewhat decent on me

So this is my favorite bathing suit bc it hides a little bit of the bulge. I can't wait to see how it looks after the surgery.

PLEASE!! What do I need to buy for my surgery??

Okay ladies I've seen your posts and noticed that everyone recommends buying certain things for the recovery. I'm having a BBL, tummy tuck and lipo on the flanks. What do I need to buy now for it?

Trying on dresses before

I love this dress and hope my stomach looks flat after my surgery.

Close up of tummy

I hate how my belly pops out on this dress.

AAAA!!! It's tomorrow!!!

So I've been eating so bad lately. I'm sure that is not good. I don't know what's wrong w/me. I've just had all these bad cravings which is wierd b/c I normally eat so healthy. Anyway, say a little prayer for me ladies. I hope all goes well.

My plan is to get a TT with lipo on the flanks and then inject the fat from the flanks (the little I have) to the backside, BBL.

Markings from today.

Yay it's done and I'm not In excruciating pain like I thought I would be. I'm setting an alarm Clark to take pain meds around the clock every 4 hours 1-2 a day.

I do like my results so far and will post a pic tomorrow after they remove the big bandage bc it's hard to tell now.

I had the TT, vaserlipo and fat grafting to butt (BBL). I didn't have much fat injected bc I really didn't have any to start with so crossing fingers the little they put stays.

I'm so thankful that my hubby is home with our 3 kids at least for 1.5 weeks while I recover with my parents who thankfully have a walker and a hospital bed. I feel spoiled and very blessed.
I took 3 weeks off from work so that should help too.

Thanks to everyone who posts blogs here with before and after picture...I plan to do the same and help others as we get through this together ??????.

1 day post op

Okay ladies so I feel so fired today. I think bc I hardly rested waking up so often to pee.

Also felt light Headed earlier and felt like fainting. The dr said its bc of the anesthesia. Well as promised here is my first set of Before and after pics.

Taking it slow

So ladies I'm moving around very slowly and going to the restroom a lot to pee but no BM yet. Yesterday was hard and when I got up to pee I felt like I was going to faint. The dr said it was the anesthesia wearing off.

Today I woke up feeling better and am laying a little bit on my side which makes my back feel much better.

I don't like that my incision is as high it is but hoping I can hide it with a bikini bottom. I'm changing my dressing today so I'll take another look at how high it is again today.


finally I was feeling awful but now after BM I feel much better. I took a laxative bc prune juice and fiber alone weren't working nor stool softener. I'm still moving around slowly and can't wait to be further away from this.

I'm hoping to get the drains removed next week especially since there isn't that much fluid coming out anymore.

Laying down changing dressing

This was me yesterday. I'll try to post another one today. I'm feeling good overall. I took a stroll outside and walk without assistance some but on longer walks take the walker with me.

I honestly can't stay just laying down for too long bc I get anxiety to get up and move. I don't want to over do it though so still asking for help and not lifting anything.

My sister washed my hair

My sister is so sweet for washing my hair today. I fee so much better. I can't wait to get the drains pulled out next week and take a full shower.

Feeling better each day

Hi ladies. I'm doing better. Recovering well. I'm using the restroom easily by just taking fiber and am on extra strength Tylenol for pain every 4 hours. My drains are under 24 cc's in a 24 hour period so hoping to have them pulled out tomorrow.

I can't wait to take a full shower.

I'm wearing long maxi dresses during the day and a vata at night. I have the best help my mom, hubby watching our 3 kids, and my sisters.

Drains removed....yay!!

Yay finally they are out. Now I have to wear some kind of compression garment. For now I'm just wearing yoga pants. Little steps. I'm excited that I get to shower today too! My legs are so prickly and ashy right now so I can't wait to shave them. TMI But I'm so glad I got my Brazilian wax right before the surgery. Best decision I could've made.

A new compression garment

So I got this Cupid torsette Cami at Walmart and I really like it better than the other kind that have the bottom attached one piece. It helps with my back too. It doesn't hurt as much. I started to order it on Amazon but I didn't want to wait that long to get so I went to Walmart and just for it there. I really don't need pain meds this week either. My main problem is the swelling but I think the Cami helps with that too. Other than that I'm walking a lot and resting a lot. I'm eating food and no issues with the bowls.

Trying on my old faithful

I'm so sad that my scar is so high. I really hope some scar cream helps to make it vanish. And this swelling sucks.

Before and 10 days post op

I hope I can find a decent bathing suit to wear to hide the incision.

Trying on more bathing suits

Today I feel good. I had my consult with dr. Gallas and as usual him and his staff were so nice and friendly and told me I'm healing well. They told me that I was clear if I wanted to start the silicon scar sheets and that little self massages in the swollen areas would help ease if up.
Still not walking completely straight but getting there. Happy healing dolls!

Scar away

Okay trying these starting today. They are supposed to stay on for 12 hours and I should see some improvements in 4 weeks. I'll keep yawl posted.

Wish me luck!

With my jeans shorts from before

I'm happy that all my clothes from before fit me loose this early after the surgery considering I'm still swollen.

I can't wait to see how everything looks a little further along.

Scar update

So far so good. I'm still walking a little irregular. Not sure when I will walk straight completely but hopefully soon.

Back at work

I'm happy to say that returning to work hasn't been a nightmare like I thought. I'm still a little hunched over and swollen yuck. I keep hearing at 6 weeks it will ease up.

I'm hitting the gym next week so hopefully that'll make me feel better too.

My scar is looking better too. I'll have to share pics later.

I hit the gym finally!

Hi everyone. Still swollen here. In so ready to not have this stiff tummy of mine. I have a trip on the beach at 7 weeks post op so I'm hoping im better than this by then.

If anything I hope I don't swell more by then. I went to the gym yesterday and did the treadmill and walking slowly at 20 min miles and did 5 mins on the elliptical at a slow pace. I will keep this up 4x a week atleast. I'm thinking at 6 weeks I'll start with light weights.

From this past weekend

I'm finally not walking hunched over anymore. Yay! Baby steps but I'm still swollen. I'm still wearing my CG bc it just gives me that support I need for my back. This is my 2nd week working out. I'm doing the elliptical for 30 mins 4x a week. It doesn't feel bad like it did that first day.

Other than that hoping I feel and look better with the results in the coming days. I still wake up flatter and more swollen at night.

6 weeks post op

From my trip at almost 7 weeks post op.

Hi ladies. Im still sore but the pain is deff gone now but I don't think it helps that I stayed at a resort and ate so bad this week. Oh well gotta get back to my routine now. Other than that I feel good and can't wait to see the progress in the coming weeks.

I hope everyone is doing great. Happy healing!

pics from 2 months post-op 7/4/16

So I need to take more pics but I just get lazy. I figure I'll update on 3 months post op etc. I still feel quite swollen esp. the saddle bags. I'm hoping things look better at 6 months. I am glad however that I can fully w/o and eat normal. I'm hoping saddle bags go down with the flat belly in the months to come although I am doing planks now too and I'm sure that will help I just have to be consistent. I'm also lifting weights and cardio. :)

Happy healing dolls!

Dog ears and still swollen

Well I'm doing pretty good I'm just mad that I have these dog ears. I'm thinking of waiting a while though before I really consider a revision. My scar is lighter and I still get swollen after working out and hope this gets better with time. How's everyone doing?

Post op 5 months

Hi ladies. I hope everyone is doing well. I'm feeling better and my scar has gone down a lot. It isn't as lumpy as it was. I still get swollen at night and gained a little weight but overall feel good and have no regrets.

Happy healing everyone!

8 months post opp

Hi ladies! Long time no post. I'm still so happy I did the TT but still don't love my obliques. I think that will take some personal training.

I'm looking forward to my summer results now that I'm working out more.

I'm ready for the summer

Hi ladies I'm doing good. I don't hate trying on bikinis like I use to. I'm still pretty pleased with my results.
Katy Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Gallas is a wonderful dr who answered all of my questions and concerns. He and his staff are very friendly and easy to talk to. I'm also very happy with my results and would definitely recommend him to anyone getting a TT in Houston. He is double board certified and listens to his patients needs and concerns.

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