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Had my last child in Apr 2013 now I want to get...

Had my last child in Apr 2013 now I want to get rid of the belly! I want a waist line!!! Can't wait to wear a belt just because!! :)) I have been trying to get rid of belly fat since I had my first child back 1999! I'm traveling 4 hrs to Houston to have my surgery. I would have like to have had it closer to my home but no dr around my area would do lipo and tt at the same time! I'm so nervous and have been stalking the internet doing a lot of research! I don't know weather that's a good thing or bad! I also have a 1 year old that loves to be picked up and I'm not really sure how that gone work out after my procedure! :(

I have the most flattest butt I've ever seen, but it looks just like my mom and sisters so I'm having some of the fat put there, maybe I can get a lil curve back there! :))

Any of you who has had their procedure already have minimal help? When did you start back driving? And is the pain really that bad!!! Ha ha I'm sure it is!!

Picked up meds

I picked up medication for surgery. I have to be in Houston for pre-op tomorrow at 2. I'm so excited but more nervous. I can't believe it's almost my turn gosh I can't wait to be on the flat side!!
Are things that I should and shouldn't eat before my surgery? I'm going grocery shopping for my boys so I'll have nothing to do after surgery but sit here and heal!


Today I had my preOp appt. I am less than 10 hours away from the Flat Side!!! :)) Wow!!! I got all my scripts and the soap that I have to bath with!! I'm so sleepy so I told him sleeping medication wasn't needed! I'll update you all tomorrow when I'm on the flat side! Pray for me!!

More Surgery

It's to Years from TT and MR and I'm going for more. ???? I've developed so much back fat! Ugh and my mum parts are huge... so the 31st is my date. I'm having extensive Lipo to back, flanks, ab and mum area.
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