34yrs with Low Self Esteem and Tired of Being Ask if I Was Pregnant - Houston, TX

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Hi my name is Erika Sanchez I'm 34yrs old and a...

Hi my name is Erika Sanchez I'm 34yrs old and a mother of 3 beautiful children for the past 12 years I had been struggling with my weight with the ups and down of diets and exercises I went from 181 pounds to 133 pounds at that point everything got back in place except my belly.I used to wear lose blouses to cover it up sometimes I will had people asked how many months pregnant I was or even touch my belly to feel the "Baby" even thought it hurt it was my motivation to excersise continue losing weight. I got to the point of hating my belly yes you read that correctly I just hated it every time I was going to get dress it was a nightmare just imagine not feeling sexy or appealing to your husband and making all those excuses to avoid intimacy with him it was hard and he was frustrated with my complaints , my low self steem and depresion episodes . My husband has always been very supportive and he always tried to motivated me he knew I had done it all and nothing was working . He was the one that suggested plastic surgery and encourage me to start looking for one to me make my story short I went to 4 different doctors and none of them meet our criteria until we meet Dr. Wilberto Cortes we visit him on 07/01/15 first consultation went well he is very professional and he answered all our questions. What really caught my attention was his honesty he was the first out of the other 4 doctors that did not offer me extra procedures to resolve my issue he was the only that told me I was not fat it was just excess skin and I also liked the fact that he preforms his surgeries at a Hospital that gave me confidence I needed to make my decision. On the same day we schedule my surgery for 08/07/15 preoperative appointments and hospital registration went smooth. On surgery day I was sooooo Scare that I wanted to back up but like always my husband was there to give that extra push that I need it. Got to the hospital at 5:30am was put in a room at 6:00am got prepare for surgery doctor went in and explained procedures and did all his markings I went in the operating room looking pregnant 4 hrs later my body was completed transform when I came out new belly button , new hips and a very tight belly . The healing process has been very slow like any other surgeries it will take time and patience there is pain, swelling , muscle cramps etc but it is all wort it. I love my results . Dr cortes changed my life now I feel sexy, appealing and the most important thing I feel secure about my self I'm super happy I love the new me. If you are considering plastic surgery do your research verify doctors credentials and pay close attention to the before and after pictures it will show you the doctor techniques and detail to his work. I will highly recommend Dr. WIlberto Cortes

I just updated my photos

Ladies I forgot to mention that you have to wear a Colombian girdle 24/7 you can get those from dr. Cortes they are specially done for his procedures plan to do linfatic massages the girl that did mine is really good and affordable .drink plenty of water and off course watch what you eat . I drink a lot of pineapple tea is easy to make just cut the top and bottom part of the pineapple wash it throughly and cut up the rest including the shell add 1 cinnamon stick and boil it in a big pod . Drink tea through the day add sugar if you prefer I drink mine without sugar.

3 months post operative update

Yesterday 11/11/15 was my last Doctor visit. He told me everything look good and he did not have to see me unless something happen . Here is the deal at this point most of the swelling has gone down and I was left with 4 things that I did not like after my preocedure 1. Pocket looking loose skin left side under insicion 2. Folded skin / big wrinkle in the middle of my insicion 3 . Painful ball near my belly button 4. Small dog ear on the right side Doctor Cortes told me it was normal . I feel that he did not addresed my concerns I still very worry . Dr. Cortes seemed very rushed during my visit all he wanted to do was take pictures I had to insist on my issues besides this everything else is good I feel super secure /sexy and I think now is the time to hit the gym and go shopping for new clothes ;). Here are some photos of my 3 months

Not sure what is going on !!!!

Hi ladies here is my update it has been exactly 6 months after my surgery swollen has gone down in most parts of my belly everything looks ok but I feel that the doctor did not do enough lipo or thigten enough skin. I have been having problems above my belly button it hurts constantly and get swollen I had 2 episodes were it has completed pot out I have addressed my concerns to the doctor but he said is nothing wrong. This pass Wednesday I went to see him because belly button came completed out not sure if it was because the swollen .Nurse (Doctor wife) entered the room I explained my concern she asked me to get undress for the doctor to see me 20 minutes later he walks in ask me to take my rope off all he said was you are looking good let me go get the camera and left the room few minutes later he came back and took pictures he was about to leave again and I actually stopped him and told him my concerns he just put a glove on and touched my belly then he asked me how was my weight I told him I had lost 4 pounds after surgery from 144 to 140 he pretty much told me I was fat and to start excercing which is not the case I excercize Daily and watch what at eat after all the money I expended I will not get weight again . To wrap this up I feel there is something wrong with my belly buttom area is not normal to get a swollen painful ball around it This doctor has not paid attention to my issue I though by now he should have order a ultrasound to see what is going on but instead he suggest that I'm fat . This coming week I'm planning to start looking for other surgeons opinions . lately there are a lot of complaints about this doctor I'm not saying he is a bad doctor and some of the girls got very good experiences but lately it appears that the only cares about the money once he has you and things does not come out as you expected you are on your own so ladies please take your time to read all the people reviews and then you make your decision. Best luck on your upcoming tra formations and I hope you all get he body you desire.

Asked for a revision

It has been almost 7 months since I got my full tummy tuck I wanted to let you all know that I'm not happy with the overall results my apparence did improve a little you can tell the difference but I still have a bulky stomach and a mustache looking scar in front of my abdomen I went to dr Cortes office today it was third time trying to address my concerns but it turned out the worse experience I had ever had my appointment was at 12:15pm got there at 12 after 2 hours they put me into a room the nurse asked me to get into a rope a few minutes later she brought my before and after picture she told me the doctor had sended it . After 2 hours of being naked the finance lady to walk in just to let me know if I wanted to get my revisions (fix his mistake )I will have to pay another $6000 really !!!I the worse part is that the doctor never came into the room to see me . I do not think this is fair I had saved for 9 years hopping to get my body back and the most important to feel Good about my self and he simply took my money did not do a complete job. I am aware that it was not going to be perfect but I least I expected a flat belly no more pregnant looking .
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Dr. Cortes changed my life he is the best.

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