May 5th TT with MR NO Flank Lipo... - Houston, TX

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Excited to my surgery date of 5/5/15!!! Finally...

Excited to my surgery date of 5/5/15!!! Finally getting my tummy tuck done after wanting it for many years! Nervous and anxious as I started having kids at 17 and missed my pre baby stomach!! I will post pics after my pre op visit on 4/20/15. I am still exercising daily since I was told this helps with recovery...

stop smoking ...

So I'm 3 days in of not having a cigarette. .. smoke mainly at work soooo this should be a challenge! Anyone else have issues with stopping smoking? Any Advice ? I'm afraid of gaining more weight prior to surgery ????

3 weeks out ...

Just have to say I have had wonderful communication with my PS office coordinator and nurse!!! They have been able to answer ally questions promptly. Come on May 5th already... I'm ready! Have my countdown app that I see everyday. I may get nervous come 1 week countdown!

EEEEKKK !! Pre-Op is on MONDAY !!!!

I received my confirmation for my pre -op yesterday and asked if it was ok to touch up my Botox in my face prior to surgery and to my surprise my PS office was doing Botox today!!!! Soooo I went in to be even more "refreshed". I said hey I just love giving ya'll my money don't I ???!!!

Anyways... I went to the May calendar and added a whole bunch of people to follow. I am new to this site and looking for advice, tips, and new TT buddies!!!


So I just woke up about to be in tears... I had a nightmare that my PS was at my house making me some post op soup to help my recovery and my hubby brought him my lab results and it showed my caffeine (coffee) intake was too high... my PS said no no no no no we have to postpone your surgery!!! This was in my actual date for my TT. Oh man why why why??!! Hopefully this nightmare is not a sign of bad lab results? Lol what a horrible way to wake up!

S#*t just got real !!!

Went toy pre op appt this morning
... signed allllll consent forms, had tutoring on the drains on how to clean them and the sites... PS drew on me to show how far back my incision will be. He assured me that end result will be amazing! I may need to go back if I get "pointy dog ears" he did say I may just be able to exercise that area. I did not do any lipo which I hope that doesn't affect my results but he said it shouldn't. (Plus he doesn't do tummy lipo with TT too risky)

Anyways I paid my balance in Full and scheduled my post op visit, got all my scripts and instructions!!!!

pre op pics 4/20/15 ... ewww

Soooo I cannot believe I am posting these... I'm ready to get rid of all this loose skin and fat. I have a cute belly button that has been hidden since I was 17!!! No matter how many sit ups and weight I lose it will never be visable. Not sure of you can see the pen marks toward my back on my sides? This is how far back my incision will go.

2 week countdown!!!

Wondering when I should start getting my supplies? I need thigh high anti embelism socks... hopefully I can get these is my size for my thick thighs!!!! I plan on getting all rx filled next week. Does everyone have to do Lovenox injections for 7 days post op as a prevention of PE? I've also been given a new pain pill rx called Xartemis... has anyone taken this post op? Kinda iffy about it since it's new and I don't want to be in pain once the anesthesia wears off

labs came back fine!!

Yay!!! I plan on filling my rx's this weekend and start getting my supplies!! Renting a recliner for a month ... I hear mixed reviews about getting a recliner. I have a bed from ikea that the feet and head can be elevated. Hubby said he us down to sleep the way I need... just worried about being a prisoner in my bedroom which is upstairs. Ahhh decision decision!!!

Supply shopping !!! Need clothing help...

What to buy for post op ?? PS nurse said maxi-dresses that I can just lift up (for post op visits so I won't have to change into a gown) Also, I will be back to work after 13 days. Sweats / yoga pants with regular shirts should be ok by then?? maybe?? Maxi dresses? Or even my scrubs?? Looking for suggestions from those who went back to work with drains still in what did you wear???!!! How and where did you conceal your drains??

Purchased some supplies today

I got wound care stuff (and the dredded magnesium stuff to poo) couldn't find the thigh high anti embolism stockings... also purchased 2 towel wraps with velcro on them as I feel those would be perfect for lounging in the house the first week. Also I will use them again as compared to grandma looking pj's or night shirts! Took all my rx to the pharmacy in case they need to order something... so close by yet so far away. It's almost May !

Tried on a bikini top today while shopping ...

Looks horrible now can't wait until it looks good again! I already told my PS I will be going back to him again for BA!!! Waiting to see how I look after the TT hopefully my boobs will look bigger...

compression garmets....

Has anyone used a Faja post op? I saw these at a women's expo and told them I was having a TT and said to get one of these that are high waisted and goes to the thigh. Was looking at Spanx but they don't seem to have alot of support.

It's May 1st! Are you excited it's our month?

Yay May is finally here! I'm soooo ready to be on the flatside!! Come on 5th I'm ready !!

rented recliner was delivered today ...

Decided to rent one for a month ... my mom had her TT done and said I would only need one for 2 weeks at the most. I decided to go with a month just in case. Also got some roll gauze and coban to go with my non stick gauze pads. Ahhhh nerves are getting the best of me. Off to go walk for relay (cancer) knowing this is my last "major" activity pre op makes me sad. I tried to get a girls night arranged but my best friends all cannot make it... guess my reveal party with be a fun girls night out!! Happy Saturday TT buddies ????

Twas the night before ...

Surgery and I am a mess!!! Hubby seems to be non supportive and he's my nurse for the rest of the week. He's also on kid duty. Geez this should be interesting. 9:45 arrival!!! Sooo ready for this!

see yall on the flatside!!!

Eeekkkk!! It's time ... well just got to my PS office and waiting on my nurse!!! I'll post when I can. Thoughts and prayers welcomed... this is really about to happen!!! Ahhhhhh

I made it to the flatside!!!!

Omg it really happened!!! Been home for about 30 minutes. I will post pics of how my PS marked me later when my hubby sends me the pics.

PS took 8 1/2 lbs from my stomach!!!! EIGHT and A HALF POUNDS!!! Omg wow. I begged hubby to let me peek when I went to the bathroom when we got home and amazing. My stomach has not looked like this since I was 16 years old!! (Had my first child at 17) I will post more pics of my new tummy later. I'll have hubby take pics for me. For now just a sneak peek...

No binder or bandages after TT????

I see everyone with big bandages and biners immediately after sx. My PS gives binder at 1st post op appt. Also they said I do not need to bandage anything. I have gauze/tape around my drains which I was told to remove tomorrow and shower. I can lightly wash my tummy incision and air dry and blow dry on cool... You can see from the pic my bb was bleeding... I had a small spot bleeding towards the back which was probably from my cough ? Other than that so far so good. Anyone else's PS advise no bandaging? I do have steri strip and tape along my incision.

On another not I can see my Vag!!! Started to swell a little and glad I took a pic before it started. I was told to walk hunched over until my 1st post op visit. I have walked about twice since I got home... I feel like I can walk alot more that I did but the lightheadedness gets to me and I have to go back to my recliner...

I will have hubby take some pics next time he does my drains.

1st day post op

Well besides the burning feeling in my upper abdomen when I move a certain way and my lower back from walking like an old lady I'm great! Been peeing since sx with no problems. Sleeping in a recliner is verrry uncomfortable. Hubby gave me a travel neck pillow and folded small pillow to put on either side of me and under my knees. I also have a boppy pillow under my knees (I knew it would come in handy one day lol)

I did not sleep when I got home yesterday around 5:30pm just watched tv in recliner. I walked a little extra each time I got up to use the bathroom. (Which has me out of breathe). I have taken my muscle relaxer once last night around 10 and vicodin 1 every 4 hours on the dot. So far so good on pain management... slept on and off for 5 hours.

I have 2 drains which hubby empties and logs each time I go to the bathroom. Is easier for me to be on the toilet rather than leaning against the wall and feeling lightheaded from the wall. Right drains less at 25-30 when left drains at 45. (May be the other way around) was told not to ask when they will be removed as this will not happen in my first 3 visits...

My incision if far back as he could get it with me laying down, is really low and thin! My bb is back!! Yay!! I have no dressing in if besides steri strips and clear tape. My drain sites have to pieces of gauze taped in place. No bleeding except a spot on each side in the back? Very minimal and glad I put sx pads in my rented recliner lol ?

I coughed unexpectedly immediately after waking up in the recovery room ... can't you say ouch!!! Nurse said to hold a pillow across my stomach and cough of needed. They want coughing post op to help with your breathing? Well a few light coughs were done at home and maybe this is why I have that burning feeling at times?

Well its 4:40 am and I need to pee. Have to wake up hubby to get me out of this chair... pics coming later today!

Happy Healing everyone !!

1 day po pics

Here is a before sitting and after sitting. PS said he took more off that he originally marked me !!! I can tell. I am swollen and cannot stand up straight until my post op visit. This back pain is no joke!!!

ooops left out post of sitting pic

Pressed update too soon...

recliners suck if I haven't said this before

Here it is 1:30 am and everyone is sound asleep in the house EXECPT ME!!! I have got to go upstairs today and try my bed. I have to go upstairs to shower so why not right? Popped a pain pill and now to try to get some sleep... sorry for venting !

2nd day po pics

Before pics with my markings and 2 days po!! I have alot of swelling right now but man I am impressed! I can't quit looking at it, rubbing and touching it! It seems too good to be true like I'm in a dream!!!

3 days po

I've been getting around better since yesterday evening. When I took my shower yesterday afternoon I was beat! I didn't take a muscle relaxer immediately after because I didn't want to be too out of it.

Still no BM just still gassy. Been taking gas x and MOM but nothing is happening. Guess by tomorrow I will drink the liquid magnesium citrate...

I have alot of dried blood in my bb and don't want to stick a q tip inside ... I guess this will eventually crust up and fall out or after multiple showers it will wash away?? I still really swollen it hurts... feels weird like my incision is about to rip open.

I will take some more pics later on as there is not a huge change from yesterday ... well today actually looks worse due to swell hell!!! How long for this to go down ??!! This is the worst complaint so far ... swelling and low back /neck pain from being hunched like an old lady. Hubby was chuckling at saying well I know what you will look like when you are an old lady! Lol sexy and flat tummy hunched over.

relief !!

Houston we have a BM!! Man Ohhhh man that was a close call. I've been drinking MOM and took a stool softer... well this last dose I took worked. Almost didn't make it to the pot in time!! Poor hubby had to wipe me cause I felt pressure reaching back. We laughed about it... it was like instant relief of 20lbs!!! Well that's how I feel. Happy Friday !!!

3rd day po pics

Swell hell!! When does it go down ? I know it takes months for the swelling to fully subside. Maybe I am walking too much causing swelling. Does it go down with a CG? Or will this help with killer back?

I have 2 gauze pads where I started bleeding. I noticed it on my towel wrap and also after I got out of the shower. Would rather have it covered than getting blood on everything.

Pics added for day 3 kinda dark but you can still see...

4th day post op pic

Swollen even more. Been up walking alot thinking it may be too much? I can't just "lay" on the recliner all day. I noticed my drains fill quicker if I an laid out on the chair or sitting up as compared to walking around. I would think it would be the other way around? Well happy Saturday and happy healing !!

Feeling independent!!!

Manged to walk upstairs and shower all by myself today!!! Told hubby I didn't want help because when he goes back to work next week I will be screwed. I wasn't prepared reach down for shampoo and conditioner so I had to call him for help *fail* dried off, got dressed and fixed my hair! Skipped my pain pill again and regretted that! (Took only regular Tylenol yesterday if needed) caved and took a pain pill a little bit ago...

Oh and those Levonox injections are bad... have a good purpose but I am bruised up on each thigh!!! Only a couple more days and those are history!

Had an issue with my drains where it looked like one was clogged. Haven't been "milking" them as I should have been well started to worry because there was no output and they have been needed to be drained at least every 3 hours... after a slight panic (walking more than I have been and leaning forward while sitting) get fluid to come out success!!! I was about to call my PS because nothing was draining. Ahhhh what a Saturday afternoon.

5th day po pic

Feeling great today! (Except for the swell hell) had to take a pain pill so I could tune out the swelling and pressure of stretching... had family over for Mother's day I was going to cook but decided to order Chinese food. Today was the first day I ate a full meal (shrimp and broccoli no sauce).

Happy Mother's Day!!!

6th day po pic

I noticed today yellowish around my bb... I didn't have a bruise or skin discoloration after sx or even a few days po. I noticed it lightly in my pic from yesterday and more today? I started taking my otc vitamins yesterday or the day before... wonder if it is something in them... I have not then them today.

Called my PS to ask if I can take ibuprofen now to control my swelling and the answer was no! Iburpofen causes the blood to thin so it must be avoided 2 weeks post op...

On another note hubby just gave me my last injection on Lovenox!!! Those hurt glad those are done with!!!

Other than that all is well. Tape covering incision feels like it is about to pop off due to swelling. Some is coming off but hubby says it should last until post op appt on Wednesday. Not sure if it will make it thru my scheduled shower tomorrow? Anyways been up walking all day, no nap yet nor pain pills. Taking extra strength tyenol for swelling and take a muscle relaxer at night because I have these weird body twinges when I try to go to sleep... been up and down my stairs twice today. Don't feel like I am over doing it. Hope everyone is have a great recovery !!

8 days po - 1st post op visit!!

Well my PS said all looks well! He said he is still amazed at my results from removing 8 1/2 lbs. He said the max swelling peaks around 8-10 days po (so I am there already) which again he is impressed at the minimal swelling. I said you call this minimal swelling??!! Boy oh boy I feel like I am 5 months pregnant again!

I received the dredded binder that I have been hearing many complain about. I must say I like it so far. Being without any support for over a week and then finally getting some makes me happy! I have been verrrrry cautious on how I have been moving around and getting up but now I feel like I can move better without fear of ripping stitches! I was told to wear the binder all day long and it is my choice if I wish to sleep with it on or not. I can say my drain sites feel more supported as without a binder they were just hanging and could snag on blankets or clothes...

I was told to shower tonight and while the tape along the incision is still very wet to remove it!!! I'm both nervous as well as excited as I want to see how it looks under there. Sooo I cannot wait to shower tonight!!!! I do not have to reapply and take or gauze I am free???!!! PS said I have 3 layers of stitches and I may see some coming out but its OK. No dressings needed any longer. I was told to clean out my BB with a q-tip (since I have excess dry blood still but if its a scab leave it alone to fall off on its own) and dial soap (which is what I have been washing the tape with from the beginning.)

I can now begin to start standing straighter and laying flatter. Not meaning just straighten my body today but to slowly increase daily. Can't wait for my back to stop hurting!!

I still have my drains :( they will not be removed until the drainage is 20-25 cc for a 24 hour period. I am still about 40-80 cc a day. Again, he said with the 8 1/2 lbs he took my drainage output is great! (yes he kept talking about how much he took off before pretty much each sentence) He also said you will feel/notice a difference when you start standing more straight... I said ummmm 8 1/2 lbs off whether hunched over or not I ALREADY FEEL A DIFFERENCE!!!!

Well no pictures yet as I still look the same as all the previous post op pics I have posted... I will for sure post pics later once I take off the tape. It is soooo crazy to me to hear what everyone elses PS is saying and doing.... each has their own methods...

Happy healing everyone !!! :)

8th day post op pic - all tape removed!!!

Sooooo I thought I posted this last night but it appears RS wiped out my entire review so now I have to try to remember what I posted!

PS said to take all tape off in shower well let's just say I'm glad hubby was awake to help me!! 3 layers of tape and it was taped very weirdly. I was standing for wayyyy too long and felt shakey. I had to take half a pain pill due to irritation and pain. Whew it was all taken off. On both sides in back were oozing/spotting blood possibly? Nothing enough to need gauze pads applied. I let my incision air dry for a good hour. Was debating to leave in open all night or continue to weary binder since I was told I do not have to wear it at night only during the day. I put a cami tank on then the binder... what is the trick to get the binder super tight like my PS nurse did? I am about to look this morning to see if I notice a difference with less swelling by sleeping with it on.

Posting 8 day po incision/swelling pics.

Hope everyone is healing well!

11th day po pic AMAZING!!!!

Ok I haven't been posting pics for the last few days as there was no change ... swell hell was bringing me wayyyy down. This morning I showered and decided to try to put on a regular bra (instead of a sports bra as I have been due to swelling everywhere my bras wouldn't hook ????) also decided to try some panties as well since my incision looks good. Well holy s#*t balls I LOVE THE WAY I LOOK TODAY FINALLY!!!! Yes I'm still swollen so I can only imagine a few weeks from now. So for those with alot of swelling and regrets of doing this stay strong the swell hell goes away after the peaking of 7-10 days po (as per my PS the other day) I walked downstairs like this is my hubby did a double take! I could walk around like this forever... well can't since I have kids! Guess who can't wait to go bikini shopping when these drains come out???!!

Happy Saturday and happy healing!!!

purchase of the day... arnica

A friend of mine is all for natural stuff soooo I decided to try this out. So far I have only taken the pellets twice. (Haven't taken my binder off to notice reduced swelling) I plan on having hubby run some gel on my back later to see if I get relief from the "hunched over for a week and a half pain"!! I'm not putting any on my stomach until I get the ok from my PS on Monday... anyone else taking these pellets or using the gel and have relief?

Follow up appt today ...

PS says all is healing well! Had some stitches removed from my bb and incision... the rest will dissolve.

My bb is still scabbed and I don't want to put a qtip in it with soap and water (as told I can) I don't want to rip the scab off and make an ugly scar so I will let it be for now.

I was told I can start using oil on it in a few days because if I start now it will irritate it since stitches were pulled....

I still have my drains in grrrrr but I know its for the best. Right is at 15-20 and Left is between 30-45. I get 1 out on Thursday and should be drain free by the end of next week!!! Was hoping that I would be drain free to enjoy a long weekend... I "milked" my drains because I saw alot of skin or fat and now have no output soooo I need to keep an eye on that!

I asked about this pooch I have when I am sitting and was told thats due to swelling since I am still really swollen. I was told by my PS that once you hit the swelling peak it usually takes 6 weeks to go down to about 25% of swelling.... then that will take 6 months more to go down. Whew I'm glad because I didnt pay to have a tiny tire or pooch!!! So those that continue to swell keep your head up its a lonnnng road to full recovery! I just keep looking at my before pics and enjoy my new swollen tummy????

As far as the hunchback I still got it! I am laying flatter in my bed and walk pretty much upright but eventually start walking hunched. Habit or tummy telling me its not ready yet.... who knows. Still using arnica pellets and gel on my thighs and lower back also taking muscle relaxer once a day... combination of all 3 are really helping.

No pictures since I still look the same as day 11. Happy healing everyone!!!

2 weeks post op and back to work

Almost made it thru my first day at work. Ended up leaving 2 1/2 hours early because drains seemed clogged. I didn't being any gloves or alcohol pads with me. Don't think I should mess with them at work anyway... went home and milked them and good to go!!

I tried to wear scrubs with panties which didn't work too irritating with the drains... ended up wearing a long maxi dress going comando. Looks like this is how I will dress in the office until I ditch these drains.

Went grocery shopping tonight and ohhh wow! Luckly I had my daughter with me to push the cart because it was too heavy. I was hunched over in pain stomach was so tight. I had to take half a pain pill BLAH! On the plus side I'm barely draining even after that walk of the entire grocery store...

Maybe I'll post pics tomorrow if any changes ????

Got one drain removed this morning!!!

I must say I was sooooo nervous about the pain... 2 stitches hold it in place were snipped off and then the nurse said I will slowly remove it. I was watching the entire time as it came out and didnt feel a thing!!! Whew nerves bad for nothing! I have thick gauze and tape covering the hole. I was told I don't have to wait until it closes to shower (it will close quickly) and to put a maxi pad in that area of my panties as it may drain. Well atill going comando since the left drain is in and panties snag it... I will be stick with the left drain over the long weekend booo but I know its in for a good reason!

I was told if I notice fluid building up on the right to push it towards the left side so it will drain. Sounds crazy but ok will do if it happens.

Also got a smaller binder today since my other one was too big!!

Pic of the drain removed a maxi dress of the day... bet you cant guess which side my drain is on lol ???? I may pin it higher up because I am already too curvy in the hips and don't need anymore!!!

Oh my 2 VS bikinis came in the mail yestetday and I can't wait to try them on as soon as this last drain is out...

Happy healing !!!

2 weeks po pics ... 17 days!

Took 2 pics this morning since I haven't added a week 2 pic. That's a medium shirt from aeropostle!!! My hubby bought me 2 shirts... I was like no way will these fit me. Wow they actually do and look good!!! Annnnnnd I am not wearingy binder in this picture!!! I put it on over the shirt after the pic though...

Hubby was checking me out this morning while I was getting ready and I asked if he likes what he sees? His response was I liked what I saw before... awwwww how sweet but I know deep down inside he likes my body more now!!!

I get asked if I had a boob job the answer is nope (I wish I did) maybe in the near future...

Happy Friday! Happy Healing everyone!!

3 weeks po pics!!!

Still with my left drain in tow... waiting to see if I can get it pulled. Had a rough weekend as the stitches looked like they ripped out from the drain site and it hurts sooooo bad and scabbed up.

Other than that healing nicely I must say. I feel great except for that drain site. Walking straight but still laying at a slight incline.

Ready to get back to working out already!!

Happy Healing everyone !!

well ... still with last drain ... aye

PS said I am on the border of taking it out and leave it in for a bit longer ... he figured the smart thing to do was to leave it in until Friday or Monday depending on my output. I will be walking even more than I have been to see if this makes the output higher or if it stays the same. Slowly on my treadmill or outside of this crazy Houston weather lets me! I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel as he said he expected me to have my drains for the full 6 weeks since all he took off...

Other than that he said I am healing well and very impressed at my BB!! I love it too!

Happy Healing !!

sooo still with drain in tow...

For sure he said Monday morning it will come out. I am never in a hurry for the weekend to pass but HURRY UP MONDAY!!! I want this drain out... at least I don't still have 2 in for a month!

Incision healed and putting bio oil on scar twice a day. It's darker in certain areas and light in others. Hope it fades nicely! Will ask about scar cream or treatments on Monday.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Happy Healing!

sooo I couldnt wait to try on bikini tops ... 3 weeks 4 days po pics

Can't try the bottoms due to the drain but too impatient to wait any longer... I must say that VS is my new place to shop for bathing suits! I hit up the swim sale online. I bought one that was add too cup sizes but idk about that one! It seems like too much for me... then the regular top is the one I am aiming more to keep. It can be tied tighter so I dont look as saggy.

I also tried on pre op jeans in a junior size 13 and even with swelling in stomach, hips and thighs they are huge! Again I couldn't wait for the last drain ro come out! I'm ready to try stuff in my closet that looked ok before ...

Happy Saturday and Happy Healing!!

last drain gone! I'm FREE!!!

3 weeks and 6 days po! I have never neen more exited to wear panties and jeans!!!

I love my coke bottle shape / hourglass shape!!

I have now been released to wear Spanx as this will help with my mons swelling. It felt too weird so I put my binder on top of the spanx. My pre op jeans are snug ony thighs due to swelling but back and waist are loose... good thing sonce6O decided to go with extra support from the binder.

Still no heavy lifting more than 10 lbs... my poor baby girl (3) misses mommu picking her up. Muscle repair is still not healed so don't want to do any damage. PS says I will have a nice crease at the top of my tummy which will have it looked defined! Wooo hoo! Still have ways to go to recover but he's impressed as always!

Will post more pics tomorrow at 4 weeks!

Happy Healing Happy Monday!!

4 week post op pics

Not much different from my 3 week pic. Swelling still the same but incision is looking good and so is my BB!!

5 weeks po pics

No changes for the better ... just swel hell! These pics were taken after 40 minutes on the treadmill and a warm shower... thw shiny is not sweat its cocoa butter and vitamin E.

Also a before and after pic from Saturday when I got a little sun. Amazing!!!!

Hope everyone is healing well!!

before and after pic didn't upload...

Come on RS!!!

6 weeks post op pics

Hope everyone's healing well or getting ready for surgery!!

6 weeks 2 days po and back to fill cardio... no ab exercises for at least another 2 months... Healing well and seeing better results each day! Wearing a columbian waist cincher now (non latex which was approved by my PS) ouch its tight!! Next appt is in 3 months and I will discuss my concerns then after I hit my workouts hard during that time! Also going to do a BA consult!!

Follow me on IG @niptuck_5.5.15

some comparison pics.

I am still in shock with where I came from now. Still swollen and have some pounds to lose. My TT was my motivation to get to my fitness goals! Minus that apron I can do sooooo much more.

8 weeks post op

Everyday I am lovin my results more and more! Just swinging thru to update... been working out since my 6 week po visit a little harder than slow walking. See very minimal swelling post workout. Went an entire day shopping at the mall without a cg and swelled a little. Sleeping with binder every other night still... just can't let that go!!

I'm posting more pics on instagram so if you want to follow me its niptuck_5.5.15

Happy Healing!

9 week and 10 week post op pics

Just a little update... went thru swell hell from not wearing a cg all day the other day and went shopping... never again will I go without a cg (well I will carry it with me if I'm not wearing it)

Posting 9 and 10 week po pics. Hope everyone is healing well!

11, 12 and 13 weeks post op!

Been MIA from realself. Hope everyone is doing well in healing!

I have been back to full exercising since a few days after the 12 week po mark. By full exercise I mean I have now added abs into my workout routines. Was nervous at first but listening to my body.

Scar is smooth and flat. Lighter in some spots darker in others. Still using vitamin e and cocoa butter. Scar strips were a fail for me. I plan on asking for a scar compound rx at my next followup visit...

14-19 weeks po pics

Been MIA from RS mainly updating on my IG page... hope everyone's healing well! Follow me on IG @ niptuck_5.5.15

Posting pics from 14-19 weeks po. Still have minimal swelling. Just bought a latex waist cincher in a smaller size than what I had yay!! Hope it helps with the swelling...

Update 1 year 1 1/2 months post op!!

Hey y'all hope everyone is doing well !! I have been MIA... Going for a coolsculpting consult tomorrow and another on Friday to see which has better pricing ???? Here's my 1 year post op pic! I'm not sure where I left off at posting pics ...
Philip Straka

Dr. Straka and his staff are wonderful. They have prompt communication and excellent bedside manor. I originally consulted with Dr. Straka in 2006 but I wasn't 100% sure I was done having children. Well now 2015 I went back to him after consulting with 2 other PS in the area... I was drawn to Dr. Straka. His prices were better too. I plan on getting a breast augmentation in the near future with him. Need to recover and enjoy my TT results first!! If you are looking for a wonderful PS he is the one!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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