27 Yo 5'7" 118 Lbs BA 440 Sientra Round HP. Houston, TX

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After breastfeeding 2 babies for 1 year I decided...

After breastfeeding 2 babies for 1 year I decided to get breast augmentation. I was a B cup before pregnancies but after I went down to an A cup. I just want to be more confident and feel more femenine. I will be getting my BA this Friday November 21st... 2 more day ????????????. I went to 2 different consultations and I decided to go with Dr. Hustak in Houston. She has been very attentive and takes her time with me with any concerns I had. Also, Soledad Muniz, the patient coordinator has been extremely helpful and responsive with any questions and concerns I have.

The toughest part... trying to find the perfect size!

This are some pics of the different sizes I got to try on. I'm getting extremely nervous ????. They called me from the medical center to get the final details and info and they told me I should be there at 5:30am. The patient coordinator, Soledad Muniz, also called and told me I could take a Xanax today before 10pm to help me sleep and relax. I will be picking up my prescriptions today from Walmart, without insurance they told me it would be $60 so I'm hoping my insurance covers most of it. Oh and Soledad told me that they ordered 2 different sizes to try during surgery. 435cc and 465 cc ???? this makes me nervous as I had prepared myself mentally on the 440. Oh well I guess is not a huge difference anyways. I will try to update you ladies tomorrow before the surgery or after depending on how I'm feeling. Wish me luck!!!#

today is the big day!

I am currently waiting to be taken in and to get marked. I already filled out the paperwork work. I'm not as nervous as I thought I would be. Next time I update I will be on the big boobs club!!!!

Finally did it!

I finally did it!! I got to the medical center at 5:40 am and after signing paperwork for 5 minutes they toom me is to to get my IV and to get marked by my PS. Within a few minutes I was ready to be taken to the OR, but before going in they gave my what they called 'the margarita mix" and after that I just remember going inside the OR. When I woke up i wasl very sore and felt a lot of pression on my chest. I couldn't keek my eyes open. When I woke up my DR had sent me some beautiful flowers and that made me really happy. As of now, 10 hrs after I still feel a lot of pression and some discomfort. My husband has been helping me with everything and he gives me all the medicine, feeds me and keeps me warm. Right now my breast are wrapped and super tight, they feel extremely hard. Let me know if you have any questions i would love to help someone thinking about breast augmentation. Forgot to mention that my dr tried a few iizes sizes and she went with the Sientra 435 cc silicone under the muscle inserted thru the breast crease. I will update more tomorrow.

I found this photo of my breast before surgery

They look kind of big here buy I was still breastfeeding my babie and this picture was taken a week after I stopped breastfeeding her

1 day post operation

Today was the same as yesterday, I can't do anything by myself and that has me very frustrated. I still feel a lot of soreness on my chest especially it hurst a little bit but it's not as bad as I had imagined. I saw my breast today in the morning for the first time before the surgery and they look so wierd! Today a nurse came in to do an examination so I had to shower and I realized that I can not get up because I get dizzy and i feel really weak. I'm hoping tomorrow is a better day ????????????

first pic on day 1 after surgery

They look horrible but I am very happy with the size

getting better

This is my second day after surgery and I am feeling a little better! I was able to get off my bed without assistance, I went to pee on my own and I was able to go to the kitchen for water. I don't noticed any difference on my breast yet but I'm sure slowly they will drop into place. I forgot to mention that my PS Kristi ZHustak send me flowers and a card after my surgery... I got sa happy when I received them and I can't believe how sweet she is :)

day 2 post operation

I definitely feel better today! I can get up on my own, go to the bathroom without assistance and walk a little bit around my house. My boobs are still really high and hard but I know they will start dropping soon. I forgot to mention that my PS Kristi Hustak sent me flowers and a beautiful card wishing me a great recovery and thanking me for trusting her. I will continue to update as things start to change .

Day 3 post op

Today I'm feeling a lot better, my right boob is not aching at all except for the incision and a little pressure. Now my left breast is still hurting and I can't move that arm to do anything and my left boob is a lot higher amn more swollen. Today I have my first appointment to check how everything is looking. Yesterday I started getting very itchy not only on my boobs but in my whole body , I don't have bumps or anything but I remember that with my second child when I got the epidural I got very itchy too. I'll ask my PS to see if it's safe for me to take benadryl.

Back to work on day 4

I am still in pain on my left boob! I feel sharp pain that goes from bottom of my boob to the nipple. It hurst a lot at some points and my left breast is very swollen. Yesterday my PS told me she struggled more with my left side because the muscle was harder to lift so it was normal for that side to be more sore and swollen. On my right side everything is flowing great, I can almost do everything on my own and I have no pain :). I will take more pictures when I get home from work but nothing has changed anyways. Nobody knows at work that I got breast augmentation and they don't really ask, they know I had a procedure done and they are being extremely helpful :)

day 4 pics

Today I emailed my Dr because I was having a lot of pain on my left breast, a shooting sharp pain that would go from the side of my breast to the bottom and she is got back to me really fast telling me it's most likely muscle spasms. I was at work and have a long drive so I didn't want to take the Xanax there so I came home from work took the Xanax and feel a lot better. My right side feels great and that's a big help since I'm right handed.

pictures from day 4 post op



I'm having problems uploading pictures ,????????????

feeling better

At this point I feel like it gets easier and easier every day. I went back to work on day four but left early because I was having some pain on my left breast. My Dr said it was normal and it was my muscle contracting. Next day I decided to work from home so that was nice. My husband stayed home so he took care of our daughters while I stayed in bed sending out emails and working. I am still having pain on my left breast but my PS told me she definitely struggled more with that side so it was normal to feel that. The pain is not unbearable is just a random sharp pain that goes away really fast. I also feel like I am not helping because I have a 12 month old that wants to be with me all the time so I have been carrying her a lot. Over all I feel like it has been easier then I expected.

2 weeks today!

Hello ladies! I have been wanting to post but I have been working a lot and didn't have time. For the past week I have been feeling good overall except for a few things that make me get worried. I try to stay positive thinking that I'm barely 2 weeks post op and I still have a lot of healing to do.

1. I have been feeling some discomfort on my left breast and it's not very pleasant. It feels like a painful muscle cramp that last from 5 minutes to 3 hours. I emailed the patient coordinator and my PS called me to talk to me. She told me from the beginning that she struggled on that side and this would probably happen. She told me that what I had is pretty much a strain muscle and I had to try to avoid lifting heavy things even though I find it impossible because of my 1 year old. It only happens a couple of times a day or less so it's ok I'm hopeful it will get better soon.

2. Today I felt like something is changing with my implants!!!! I feel them really heavy. Almost like they are pushing on my lungs and it's hard to breath. I'm hoping this means they are dropping... ?????

3. Typical concern about my left breast being a lot higher and bigger. I know I won't see the final result until a few months from now but I still worry.

4. My boobs look huge! I feel like all my clothes look ridiculous on me now :( every day I change several times before I can find something that would look good. Will I ever feel good about my clothes?

I am attaching a few pictures from 2 days ago and hopefully today I can take new ones for my 2 weeks.

Excited! Slowly dropping!

I did a comparison from previous pictures and I am so excited to see the progress! Obviously they need A LOT of progress but I am happy and positive!

3 weeks

Yesterday I hit my 3 week mark and I have been feeling great so far. My left breast gives me the most trouble but I really think it's because I keep picking up my daughter and I carry her on that side while I use my right hand to do other things; I know I should be careful but I forget. A few days ago while carrying my daughter she jumped on my breast and I felt pain inside my incision. Thank God I had my post op next day and my Dr checked me and told me everything looked fine and probably she pulled on one of the sutures inside. That happened early this week and I have been feeling great with no more pain or discomfort after Tuesday. My left boob is also taking forever to drop and the difference is really really pronounced :( I am trying to stay positive and I don't pay much attention but when I take the pictures for the updates I can really tell how high it looks still. Patience patience!!!! All I can say is I still love my breast and I would rather have this than what I had! :D


Here are my pics from week # 3

week 4

I am so exited! My boobs are finally starting to look a little normal :) they are also getting a lot softer and move a lot more. With that being said, I also feel like they are smaller and I'm a little sad about that. I glad I went 435cc because at first I wanted 350 or 375. The first 2 weeks went by really slow but after the 2 week mark the time has been flying. My husband's Christmas party was this weekend and I wore a dress with no bra and my boobs looked amazing, I never thought I could were a dress with no bra and look so good!. On the bad side, this week i noticed on one of my incisions that there is a suture coming out :( I thought it was a scab but I can't just take it off so my Dr thinks that one of the sutures. I will have to go in so she can take it out :( grrrrrr! I'm upset because I think is going to hurt :( I will update you after I see her.

week 6

I didn't have a chance to post last week so I will do my upday for week 6 today (tomorrow is the actual day for 6 weeks post op) from my last post I feel the biggest change is that my boobies are really soft now! I can squeeze them and they haven't gotten hard for the past week. I don't think I see any changes or at least not noticeable ones. I went to VS and got sized at 32DD! I would have never imagined being able to fill a bra that big lol. I couldn't help myself and bought one bra I wanted to buy a lot more but I keep telling myself they will change more and I have to wait at least one more month. Another change is that I started sleeping on my stomach again! I woke up on my stomach and it felt normal. My breast feel part of me and I love them everyday more and more and I am extremely happy about getting my BA. I will enjoy them as much as possible this 2015!

7 weeks

Hello ladies! I don't think my breast have changed much from my last post so I wil post pics on my 8 week mark. My life has been back to normal from week 5 on without feeling any discomfort or feeling like the implants are foreign. I still wanted to post that I feel really happy with my BA! I love how feminine and curvy I look. Everything that I wear looks great and it gives me a confidence boost. My husband loves them too and he is always telling me how great my girls look, they are far from perfect and still have some more d&f to do but I still couldn't be happier with my results! All I can say to the ladies out there thinking about BA is that every penny you pay is worth it and we all need to do something nice for ourselves. I felt kind of guilty spending that amount of money on myself but I feel like it has been one of the best decisions I have made!

2 months

Hello ladies! I am finally 2 months post op and I definitely feel like I'm back to normal 100%. My breast are still not very even, my left one is bigger and is looking really good since it finally started to drop. I love my boobs so much! Unfortunately my scars are not healing really well :( they are really red and bumpy and I feel like they are becoming keloid ???? I massage them everyday and I apply the silicone stick every day as well but i don't see any improvement... do any of you have any tips or recommendation I will greatly appreciated it. I hope you guys are all doing well!

2.5 months

Hello ladies! I am a little over 2.5 months but I thought I would update Anyways. I love my boobs more and more everyday :D they still need more progress and improvement but so far I'm happy.

Finally... 3 months!

After my surgery I felt like the 3 month mark was an eternity away and I am already a little over a week past my 3 month mark and I am still loving the girls!! Not much has changed since my last update, my breast are nice and soft but my scars are healing very very slow :( at least they are very well hidden under my breast crease :) I still feel they are smaller than I would have wanted but I am better than before. my right boob is also smaller than the left but this has always been this way so I am fine with that. I hope all of you ladies are doing great! Happy healing!!!

Thermitight vs Tummy tuck

since you ladies have been with me in my journey for BA I wanted to share another procedure I want to get done. After my first daughter I was left with loose skin and lots of stretch marks, I used every possible thing to prevent them but nothing helped. It seriously depressed me and made me extremely unsecure about my body! I love the beach and wearing bikinis and that meant I could never ever wear a 2 piece again :( I consulted my PS about Tummy tucks but unfortunately because I have a lot of loose skin above my naval the scar would be very big. My husband doesn't want me to get it because he doesn't like scars and he tells me I'm fine etc I alo dont lIke the idea of a scar... at my last appointment my PS told me about a new procedure called Thermitight that specifically helps with loose skin!!! She told me it is the best procedure, other than surgery that can give amazing results, not as grest as the TT. It costs $3,500 so I have to save for a few months before getting it done. I have mixed emotions though, I am extremely exited about it, so exited that I cried when I was telling my husband and at the same time I am extremely nervous and scared of being disappointed with the results. It's $3,500 so I don't want to just throw that money to the trash :/ any advice from you ladies?

4 months post op

I have been really busy and I didn't do my 4 months update but I took pics and I will do my updated today and my 5 months next week. I love my breast! I am extremely happy with the decision I made of getting BA! at 4 months they are far from perfect but I am being optimist and thinking that hopefully by 6 months or by 1 year they will look even. On my last updated I felt like they were nice and even but my left breast dropped more and fluffed more and the right one is not changing at all. it feel tighter and a little more hard which was making me worried but at my last appointment my PS said that as long as it was not always hard it meant that I didn't have CC. It gets hard when I flex and it feels tense but when I'm laying down and relaxing it feels really soft. My left one on the other hand is always soft and squeeshy. I am trying to be optimistic and think that hopefully in a few more months my right will catch up and also I keep myself thinking that at least I am better than before BA :) (got a keep it positive) I went to a Victoria Secret outlet and bought a few bras for $10 each lol... I could have bought so many but the store was packed and I got inpatient! So I think I only bought 5 or 6... I will definitely go back soon!

extremely sad! might have CC

So I talked to my PS regarding some concerns about my right breast hardening and it looks like the my worse fear is becoming a reality :( from all the questions she asked me she said more than likely I'm developing Capsular Contracture. She gave me some pills and I need to be massaging rigorously. I will go by to see if she sees any improvement next Monday. Just for your information I want to share the symptoms I showed. My right breast started feeling harder than usual and I kept ignorin it because it sort of felt like it did a month after surgery, I kept thinking that it was the healing process and it would soften up eventually. I started paying more attention to it and noticed my left was always soft so it seemed extremely weird that the right one wasn't. I also noticed it started looking more round than before and it looked a lot smaller, it feels like it is more compact. Also, when I lay down I and lift my arms,I feel the hardness of the right implant. I'm am really hoping this is some sort of healing thing my body is doing. I was very hesitant to share this here because I am very sad but I figured this is what this site is about and hopefully I don't feel so lonely on my journey.

capsular contracture confirmed

I had my appointment yesterday with my PS and she confirmed I started developing Capsular Contracture :( even though I was expecting to hear that I am still really devastated about the news. She is very positive and firmly believes that the medication can help me get rid of it. She put me on Singulair for 3 months and she wants me to give her updates on my status every 2 or 3 weeks. She said I caught it early enough that the anti-inflammatory might still fix it. Even though she is so positive my hopes are down because I have been reading all this reviews on CC and all of them needed correction surgery. It is really hard for me to share this with anybody, so far only my husband and one of my closest friends know because I don't want to worry the rest of my family, especially my mom. In the pic I'm attaching you can definitely see the difference on how my right breast has been contracting and getting higher and smaller. Thank you ladies for all your support!

CC picture

It is getting a lot more obvious now because my left one keeps dropping more while the right one is contracting :(

CC update

I have been taking singulair for a little over 3 weeks and I have not seen any improvement so far which makes me think I will be needed a revision. Surprisingly I have been really calmed about it so hopefully I can stay calmed and positive. My breast are very uneven right now because my left boob is dropping and fluffing more while my right us tight and high and just like a ball on top of of my chest :/ at least with clothes they look great still

Really sad

Hello ladies! I have Been missing because I didn't want to focus on my breast and the CC so I don't get stressed out. I had my appointment to follow up on the CC and the my PS didn't see any improvement and decided that she needed to to a surgery to correct the issue which has gotten a lot worse since than. I hadn't taken any pictures in months and right now I took some pictures to update my profile and cried :( there is a huge difference in my right breast! If I wear a bra you can't really tell unless you pay super close attention but if I don't wear a bra you can definitely tell. Let me just say that I completely love my left breast! It is so natural and soft and I love the way it falls and the side boob... it is the complete opposite from my right breast. I really don't feel confident to post this pictures but this is what this website is about :( I haven't decided when I want to get the surgery done because I am still debating whether to do the surgery with local anesthesia or with general anesthesia. The price difference is so much and I don't have the money to be spending an extra $1,600 right now; however, the local anesthesia is only a couple hundred but it scares me :( has anybody ever gotten a surgery with local anesthesia?

Revision surgery in 2 days!

Hello ladies! I will finally be getting my revision for CC this Friday and I am super excited! I am also really nervous because this will be done with local anesthesia only and that makes me very nervous. I got a call past Friday telling me my Dr had an opening for this Friday and without think about it twice in agreed which is good because I haven't had enough time to think about all the scary stuff and I'm concentrating in having my house ready so I don't have a long list of things to do. Wish me luck and please pray for me! I really don't want another surgery soon! Love y'all and thanks for all the support!

CC surgery was today!

I am so exited! Everything went super well and my PS was amazing! Let me just say I rather have this done again than get a tooth filling lol! I got in and they gave me a Valium to start relaxing then they took me into the room where they procedure happened and told me to get my shirt and bra off and to lay on the comfy bed they had there. She started ton inject local anesthesia and only the first couple of injections hurt a little, nothing crazy just like a normal shot. She started checking with a sharp tool to make sure I didn't feel anything and then she started to cut and theven whole time she was talking to me and distracting me make conversation. After than she started taking the capsule out and putting more anesthesia as she was going to make sure I had no discomfort. We talked the whole time and sheffort was explaining every thing she was doing. After taking out the capsule she took out the implant and it felt like I gave birth to a 435cc implant lol... there was a lot of pushing and pressure buto no pain. She put a lot of antibiotics and what she called "bug juice " to prevent another CC and she made sure everything had the antibiotics and then she put in the implant using a funnel so she didn't touch the implant at all. After that she closed the incision and I got up to change like nothing had happened. My boob looks awesome so far and beSt of all its do soft! It still needs improvement but I already see a huge difference. Thank you for all you support and your prayers ladies I really really appreciate it... like my husband callso you ladies you guys are my breast friends! Lol

Loving my results!!!

It has been 3 days from the revision and I'm in some pain that is tolerable. Regardless I have been taking really good care to prevent any complications. My boob is now really soft and looks a lot more even now. I can't wait to see the final result one the swelling and bruising goes away :)

3 weeks post CC revision

Hello ladies! Tomorrow will be 3 weeks after my revision for CC. I have been feeling great so far like nothing even happened. My breast are still not even. My right breast is smaller and still a little higher than the left, i don't know if this will improve as the breast settles and heal or if it will stay that way since my right breast has always been smaller. Regardless of difference I am still loving my results! And the softness!

1 year and 2 months

Hello ladies! I have not connected in the past month but I always glance and see how everyone is doing. It has been 1 year and 2 months since my initial surgery and 4 months after my capsule correction and I am extremely happy with my results. I still massage my right breast to prevent any capsule from forming. My breast are not perfect but I am happy with what I have. Missed you ladies xoxo
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