26 Years Old, Mom of 3, and All by C-section.. Ready to Have my Body Back After Being Stretched and Torn Up.

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In March 2011 I contacted Dr. Basu's office and...

In March 2011 I contacted Dr. Basu's office and was going for a Tummy tuck, Booked it in July of 2011 and the date was set for Jan 2012. Sadly we had to back out and shortly after we decided to add to our brood, finishing our family with 3 beautiful babies. (9.5 lbs, 9 lbs, and 8 lbs were their weights)

I had my last child, our first son in April 2013 and walked into the delivery room at a whopping 225 lbs. Leaving the hospital I sat at 215 and remained there for a solid 5 months. October of 2013 I joined the gym and from then till now (July of 2014) I've managed with healthy eating, heavy weight lifting, and some added cardio to drop my weight to 175 lbs. We've decided we are done for certain having kids so a month before this surgery I'm having my tubes tied off so the results from the tuck will not be altered. Right now we are eye balling and pretty set on Sept 17th as the surgery date for my tuck, muscle repair, and lipo of the flanks. This will take out old lumps and bumps from 3 c-sections and this terrible flap of skin on my 5'9" frame.

I'm going in to see Dr. Basu for the pre-op early september so I am beyond thrilled to have this happening. Scared of the surgery part and the pain that is to follow but looking forward in a clean slate, and after reading wonderful reviews with Dr. Basu.. having his artistic ability resculpt me back to a pre-baby body better than ever. Being from FL and going back to visit family a bunch since kids and not getting to enjoy the beach has been lame, but now I can as I did when I lived in Destin. Hello bikinis!! :)

I have a goal to lose 10 more lbs before surgery, putting me at my high school weight. I'm currently wearing pants I did in school even with the pooch so this makes me excited to know where I'll be post surgery! :)

8 weeks until! Wanting to show what 50+ lbs weight loss looks like.

I am so ready to have this fixed. Under 10 lbs left to drop before surgery. Hurry September!!! I wanna wear a sweater dress and get new clothes :)

It just purged my closet today of all maternity clothes. This cannot happen fast enough. I'm praying Dr. Basu is aggressive with lipo and gives me a teeny waist. Praying!

6 weeks out

So I'm just around 6 weeks out and I'm so excited. Weight is only 5-8 lbs within the range I want it to be before surgery. Working my buns off to get a few more off before the big day. Deposits and all that jazz are paid. Sept 2nd is my pre-op. I really wish Dr. Basu would be able to do my boobs as well this time. But I have 4 more years till I turn 30 so if not now then I'll come back. I'm going to see what he says when my pre-op comes up. I wanna get the gummy bear/silicone to replace my old ones.

Anyhow. I've been eyeballing TONS of before and afters and I think I"m going to make a mini-folder to present to him with what I'm hoping for. Anything will be better than my skin pooch right now. I'm also set to have my tubes tied for good in about a week an a half. I just want it to be September already so I can get through the roughest part of recovery.

My 'goal' shorts I've had since 8th grade (mind you I'm 26 now) fit wonderfully since all my weight loss so I can't imagine what things will be like once I'm healed. I feel like this is a good time of the year too since we will be approaching fall/winter in the upcoming weeks from the big day.

Dr. Basu, if you're reading this I hope you can tell how excited I am to have you as my Dr. Lots of great reviews and I've talked to a few people who've seen you and loved you. *SQUEAK!*

Common September! :D

One month out!!

So I had my tubes tied this past Thursday. Still deflating from the CO2 they pumped in to get around but over all the gas pressure (and starting my cycle 2 days following surgery, go figure) was the only compliant of discomfort I have from that. Hopefully by the end of this upcoming week I'll be all back to norm and ready to get this house prepped for my tummy tuck in a few weeks. My pre-op is in 2 weeks and I'm getting excited and anxious! I can't fathom what it'll be like with a flat tummy! I've lived with my saggy skin for the last 7 years and have known nothing different. I'm just ready to get this show on the road. :)

Dr. Basu, if you're reading this, I can't wait to see you soon! :)

Paid off! Count down begins!

Just a quick update! Final payment has been made and my pre-op is in 3 days (Tuesday) -- my excitement is gaining momentum! I've also reached the 160's in the past week so in ready to go! I'm going to begin a low sodium diet this week (well, lower than I have) and meal prepping for the weeks after)

Super excited to see Dr Basu again and get this bus moving! ????????????

I'll update Tuesday! 17 more days till the big day! *squeak*

Ready to have a flat tummy and no more wrinkled skin!!!

9 days! :O

So I forgot to update on Tuesday, but my pre-op went very well. I'm am getting anxious and excited for this to go. I'm battling allergies at the moment and am a little nervous about that, but I'm breathing and it seems to be just irritated/dry throat and a dry cough and watery eyes.

Anyhow. My incision is going to be very low and I'm thrilled about that. Getting our house together and things laid out. Blood work on Monday and picking up my scripts as well.

PRAYING this cough and water eyes from allergies... grass/weed pollen are the things I'm allergic to and it's in the air right now... but praying it's alleviated or gone away by then. I've waited too long and am too excited to push this back any further. If anyone out there is reading this, please send good vibes and prayers my way so all goes well.

Phase 1 complete. Phase 2 in 9 days. Phase 3 begins once I'm cleared at the end of October, early November :)

60+ pounds lost in 16 months. I'm between 168-171 (depending on how bad my sodium intake is) My ultimate goal weight is 150-155. I know this surgery will only take a pound or two.. so lets see what happens post surgery and when I hit the gym again with my trainer for Phase 3. (1 was loose the weight to hit the 160s, 2nd is this surgery, Phase 3 is to reduce body fat and build muscles a bit more to have my dream body. SO CLOSE! :) )

My Fitness blog.

I will be updating my progress more on this link than here, but I will make updates here. To keep up with more of my stuff go to my blog:


16 hours to go!

16 hours out from surgery. I'm getting anxious! Everything is ready to go. I'm PRAYING for a flat tummy I'll be proud of to show off in a bikini next summer. I'm so nervous that things won't be what I've been dreaming of for weeks now.. (well actually several years lol) I just pray he works some magic on my torso because I'm scared to death i'll be unhappy.

Keeping my fingers cross and praying that all goes according to plan and smoothly. And safely. Not making this post long. I report to the transformation station at 8am sharp!

I did it!

Tummy tuck was yesterday! Had an AMAZING experience with Dr Basu, Jenna, and the rest of the staff!

Very mild pain if any. (Get the experel!!)

Incision low and beautiful from what I can tell. First surgery where I never had nausea because they are THAT good! Coughing does hurt bit aside I feel like I just had a great workout -- pain feels like they say after a good workout lol.

I'm tried but up moving by myself to potty and keep circulation going. Pics soon. Took a peek earlier at belt button and I'm THRILLED!!!!

2 days post!

Making this quick as I'm groggy from pain meds. Dr Basu and his team were wonderful and I had a great experience with him and his staff! 5 lbs of skin gone! First drain will be removed sept 26 (next Friday) here is a before surgery and quick peek after!

3 weeks post!

So here we are!
3 weeks have come and gone in what seems like a couple of days.
My incision is doing great, drain sites have scabbed over and closed, I just have a couple of teeny spots left that are holding onto the scabs that I'm not sure are just ready to fall off yet. But it's only two ore three dot sized areas. I think one is part of a suture that needs to be snipped but I'll check it in a few days.

My next Dr. appointment is on the 30th, but I'm going to try to get it moved up just a hair for the early part of the week and try to obtain the surgery photos as well.
I have my tubal litigation photos (from inside the camera scope) I haven't posted yet (cool stuff) and then this surgery they took a handful from what I understand.
I don't remember much from that day though after the surgery until I got home.

So before I post more recent photos, my current measurements in short are:

38 bust (36c finally!)
32 under (on rib)
31 waist (and I suspect this will shrink too in the next couple of weeks)
32.75 on belly
and 38 hip.

I weighed in today too at 166/167.

My new current goals are to be:

36/38 bust (this is okay to stay if it does)
27/28 waist. I'm teetering on a 8-10 pant size but it varies with brands. I was a 10-12 before surgery.
and 36/37 hip, but I need to fluff my cakes so to speak. I've lost muscle since being absent from the gym these past 2 months from both surgeries. My weight I'd like to be 150-155 and I'll be in my zone. Smaller than high school, or any other time since Ive moved to TX. The healthiest and fittest I've ever been. I want my body fat to be between 18-21%. Not sure what it is now, but I will get it checked in a few weeks. :)

Here's my scar. Any time in the next week or two I will begin scar therapy to fade and strengthen it so it won't widen or darken any. I have a good history of any previous scars going totally flesh colored, so I'm feeling pretty optimistic about this. And after researching the therapy itself, it looks like it's pretty effective. :)

I love too that he made it where it can be easily covered up by undies, or a bathing suit bottom. No more "mommy" jeans! And these shorts I have in this pic are the ones I fought for a year to get into.. my highschool/middle school ones Ive had forever. Size 10. Now they are just about too big and would require a belt to keep on. I'm constantly pulling them up, even with the compression binder.
(I hate and love that binder by the way. It's like a big stretchy hug I wear all day, LOL, but then I wanna wear thinner tops and clothes but it shows through where the Velcro meets the binder, but only about 3 more weeks. Sometimes I pair it up with a spankx if I'm having any swelling issues, but so far this recovery has been crazy smooth.

Here's my side view. Love that my lower abdomen smoothly goes into my upper pubic area and there is NO SKIN FLAP! :D
I still do have that mark from my binder though from wearing it too tight the first week. Kinda like a burn or really bad garment hickey as what the doctor described. Hopefully it'll fade soon.

Seriously. I went from a 35/36 belly button to a 33 and with swelling! They removed 5 lbs of skin and detached places of fat. I had a 4 finger gap around my belly button (umbilical hernia, as well as diastasis recti from 3 pregnancies that ran from sternum to pubic bone.

So anyhow, I am super pleased with the results so far. It doesn't even feel real right now. I still over compensate when I put pants on and pull them up too high to cover something that's not there any more.

I wanted to also thank everyone who has supported me through this journey with the surgery and the decision to go forward with it. I'm extremely happy with everything!!
Every message and note I've had, thank you so much!
This opportunity was a blessing

2 months post!

Hey guys! I've made a big post on my fitness blog about my 2 month recovery. Lots of photos and even "meat" photos of what they removed. :)

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