Please Tell Me This Gets Better...- Houston, TX

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Had medial thigh lift (in groin) 7 days ago with...

Had medial thigh lift (in groin) 7 days ago with lipo. my feelings are up and down. The fat rolls between my legs are gone but my thighs are sooooo swollen I can hardley walk and when I do walk, they rub together leaving pink on my skin. its so numb, i cant feel a thing. I can stand and lay, but it gets so uncomfortable to lay the same way in the same spot. Oh what I would do to lay on my side (the soreness from the lipo stops me real quick). Somebody out there please tell me this gets better. And how long am I going to have to deal with this tight, swollen uncomfortableness? All I can do is lay here and hope I didn't make a mistake :/

thigh update

its been 2 weeks since my surgery and i have to say, each day theres a new sensation. my thighs are still very swollen and they still rub when i walk so i guess i still need more time. i will admit its discouraging. before the pain was unbearable and now its mainly just uncomfortable. i am doing more and more around the house each day and trying to stay moving. maybe thats helping. i go to doctor next tuesday and he will probably tell me to get some sort of girdle or something but we will see.

3 week thigh update

ok so it has been 3 weeks since my surgery and I have to say this recovery has been really hard so far. the swelling in my thighs is horrible and causes me a lot of pain. Went for my 3 endermology treatment and it seems to help a little. I have several more treatments scheduled. Started wearing spanx yesterday, but to soon to know how much it will help. Thighs are so swollen they still rub together when i walk. So annoying, but trying to be patient. Please GOD let the final result be worth all this pain and discomfort

thigh lift update (1 month)

Its been a month now and I can see (some) of the swelling going down. But unfortunately I have a infection. I've been doing all the right things, but my body is rejecting the stitches and spitting them back out so that leaves little holes. My doctor says not to worry, gave me Oral and topical Antibiotics and already there is improvement. So I continue this journey and wait...and wait...and wait...I will definitely let you all know if the end result was worth it.

now just getting frustrated...

ask me in 6 months and i may say it was worth it, but ask me today and i would say hell no. i am so frustrated. i have been on hard core antibiotics for 10 days now and the 3 little holes did close up. i went to the doctor yesterday and he said i could start scar cream and so i did and today i have some oozing of blood right above where the (stitch) infection was. i am not afraid because i know my body is reacting to the stitches, but this is ridiculous. now i have another week of antibiotics. i still cant wear panties which means i dont go far from home and i am so tired of sitting and laying around the house. i went to the mall yesterday for awhile (in and then today the oozing starts. uugh...i wanna pull my hair out! anybody else experience this?
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