Starting TCA Cross

Take a look at the photographs, and you'll the see...

Take a look at the photographs, and you'll the see the problem: My face -- and especially my nose -- looks like a bulletin board that's had too many thumb tacks pushed into it over the years.

I bought the TCA Scar kit from Platinum Skin Care, and have just started to apply the 15% Glycolic-Hyaluronic Serum. The Platinum experts say that's a good prep for the 30% Cross that I'll do in days to come.

Not looking to regain the skin that I had when I came into this world. (Yes, I know that's impossible.) Nevertheless, I have a strong sense that therapy will improve the general situation quite a bit.

Will keep you posted. Wish me luck: My 68 year-old face needs it!

The Platinum Skin Care people answered all my pre-sales questions, and were very patient with me.

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