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Take a look at the photographs, and you'll the see...

Take a look at the photographs, and you'll the see the problem: My face -- and especially my nose -- looks like a bulletin board that's had too many thumb tacks pushed into it over the years.

I bought the TCA Scar kit from Platinum Skin Care, and have just started to apply the 15% Glycolic-Hyaluronic Serum. The Platinum experts say that's a good prep for the 30% Cross that I'll do in days to come.

Not looking to regain the skin that I had when I came into this world. (Yes, I know that's impossible.) Nevertheless, I have a strong sense that therapy will improve the general situation quite a bit.

Will keep you posted. Wish me luck: My 68 year-old face needs it!

First TCA Cross, a few weeks later...

Well, I have a few comments at this point:
1. Yes, I do see slight improvements in various scars, but it's only been a few weeks since my first treatment.

2. The scabbing wasn't as bad as I anticipated, and that may be because the TCA was only 30%.

3. Going slow does not bother me. Having seen what 30% can do, I shudder to think of what 100% would be like... even when it's applied by an experienced dermatologist.

One big advantage of going slow is that I didn't have to leave work for a week or more, since I wasn't treating ALL the scars at once. Treating just a few at a time was fine for me.

4. My best guess is that it will take the better part of a year to build up the collagen in all my icepick scars.

5. A couple of tips for people who are treating themselves at home:
-- Put the bottle down when you're applying the acid. In other words, don't carry the bottle in one hand while you apply that TCA with the other. This seems like a simple and obvious notion, but you want to avoid even the slightest possibility that you might spill some of that stuff on yourself accidentally.

-- Also: I found it helpful to steady my application hand -- the one holding the toothpick. The way I did this was to brace it against the mirror (the WALL mirror, not one that's holding a portable mirror in the other hand).

6. Right after the little scabs fell off, some scars looked worse (i.e., deeper) because they were more reddish inside.

That didn't bother me because I spackled the holes with my favorite cosmetic -- a concealer that I've used every day for the last 40 years (literally). What is it? Good old ChapStick Classic. ( That may or may not work for you, depending on your skin color, but for my Fitzpatrick Type II coloration, the ChapStick fills up those icepicks very well.

In fact, if my TCA Cross closes up those icepick scars to the appearance level of what I get from ChapStick, I'll be delighted.

ChapStick...and Copper!

Two points to make, Maria Fran:
1. The ChapStick thing is ridiculously easy. You just shave a tiny amount off the top with your fingernail, and then just wipe this stuff across the top of your icepick scar. It's that simple.

I remember when I first got the idea to use it. I was at a party (in 1976!), and had to use the bathroom. As I was washing up, I noticed a tube of ChapStick in a tray next to the sink.

Earlier that week, I had been looking for a concealer, but couldn't find anything that worked. So, when I saw the ChapStick, I thought... "Hmmm? Wonder if that would work?"

40 years later, I'm still using it... and NO ONE during that entire time has ever said anything about it. Why? Because I honestly don't think anyone has noticed! (It blends in that well.) But I guarantee you: If I were to go to work without it, people for sure would be surprised by the number and depth of the holes in my skin.

So, anyway, give it a try. If it doesn't work, you will be out one dollar!

2. Now, about the copper. I made a couple of major discoveries today, only minutes after posting that review. In the Scar Kit that I bought from Platinum Skin Care, there is one item that I had hardly used at all. It's the little bottle of Super Cop 2X.

The only time I did use it, the icepick scar turned a little blue-ish, so that kind of turned me off.


Read this book:
Reverse Skin Aging - What Copper Peptides Can Do For You by Dr. Loren Pickart

I'm now totally convinced that -- as good as TCA Cross may be -- when that treatment is followed with copper peptide and emu oil (also in the kit), you've got some really powerful healing potential there.

Check out this page:
Good luck!

The Platinum Skin Care people answered all my pre-sales questions, and were very patient with me.

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