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I just started this tattoo almost 3 months ago. It...

I just started this tattoo almost 3 months ago. It wasn't an impulsive decision at all, I had been wanting a ocean themed tattoo for years but couldn't afford it until recently. About 2 months after initially starting the tattoo i started to regret it. I just started feeling it was too big, tacky, ugly, etc... I have become very self consious and ashamed of it which has caused alot of anxiety and other issues. I won't go into all that. The main reason I am on here is to get advice on whether laser tattoo is worth it, especially with a big piece like this one. 

I know its a huge time committment and could take years to complete. I'm just afraid of commiting alot of time, money, and pain for results I'm not happy with. I'm worried it may just lighten my tattoo and still leave a faint image of the tattoo or it may make it look worse and leave scars. In that case it may be better to finish the tattoo. Then I worry about if i finish the tattoo I'll have to live with being insecure about. I have been to one consultation and they said they thought the black and "red" would come off pretty easy since the black is pretty light in some areas. The yellow and blue will be harder to remove. They said they wouldn't know how many sessions I would need until they started. They quoted me about $7,000. 
Whoa! i'm assuming it would be more than that. I'm stuck trying to decide if i should continue with the tattoo and maybe it will grow on me, but it's hard to finish something I'm not excited about anymore. I haven't spoken with my tattoo artist about this, I was afraid I would offend him. The tattoo is covering an older one and it looks like it doesn't want to take the ink over the old tattoo, so that's another issuue. I have been doing a lot of research online about laser tattoo removal and that's what brought me here. I just wanted to hear from other people that have had successful/unsuccessful laser tattoo removal and hear what your thoughts were on the process. Would you recommend it for a large piece like this one?

Picosure laser

Hey all, does anyone know of a clinic in Houston, tx that uses the Picosure laser?? I've heard great things about it. I'm sure it's expensive, but since it takes less time for results it may even out in the long run.

Clean Canvas in Houston, TX

I have completed 3 removal treatments on the outline of a pretty large tattoo with John at Clean Canvas and I have been happy with the treatment I've received and the results. I'm very lucky to have found John. The first time I went in for a consultation, he took the time to educate me on the process and the laser for about an hour. He's very knowledgable about what he's doing. Since going to him, I have not experienced any scarring, blistering, or extreme discomfort after the treatment. I feel confident in his knowledge of how to tackle my tattoo. I wouldn't recommend other places that barely know how to use the laser they're working with and that will most likely burn you. I definitely feel safe with him and I can trust he knows what he's doing. Go see John!


I haven't written anything on here in awhile, but I'm reaching a point of no hope. I don't visit this site as often as I would like to, but when I do come on here and read other people's stories, it reminds me that I'm not alone because reading other people's situations is like reading something I wrote myself. I think we are all similar in ways. I don't even know where to begin since it's been so long since I've updated information on here. I feel like I'm going to lose my mind. I had my 8th treatment 6 weeks ago and I feel like my tattoo looks the same as it did a year ago. I do have to say I was smoking and not exercising during the first 6 treatments I had, so I always felt like that was the reason I wasn't happy with my results. I started getting treatments in March 2014. I quit smoking prior to my 7th treatment and I have been going to the gym (all these changes were motivated by the idea they would make my tattoo fade quicker) along with sitting in the sauna. I am really trying and working hard to get this thing off me, but I don't know what's wrong. I feel I'm not getting anywhere with treatments and I'm going from hopeful to severely depressed. I can't believe a tattoo can make me feel this way. I feel so self conscious and uncomfortable in my body. I feel I've put my life on hold until I can get this thing removed. I just look at it and cry. I don't understand how it can make me feel this way when the original tattoo I had never made me even think about it. I would forget it was there and now I obsess about this one. It's on my mind constantly. I should've left it alone instead of trying to cover it up. I'm tired of people looking at it and just making comments on how big it is. No sh@t, I know how big it is. I feel like if I can't get this removed I will never be happy again if it's caused by something I can't get rid of. I'm sorry I'm rambling on, but I needed to get that out. It just feels like even though I'm really trying now by living a healthier lifestyle, it's not even making a difference. It's affecting so many areas of my life, we'll all areas. Work, social life, love life, etc... Is anyone else experiencing something similar with their results? I've never been so anxious in my life. I feel so restless and far from myself. I'm wondering if I need to find another option.
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