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I decided to share my journey regarding Smile...

I decided to share my journey regarding Smile Direct Club.

I wore braces before and had an awesome orthodontist. I was given a clear top retainer and a permanent bottom retainer. After a while my top retainer became really loose; to the point where it wouldn't stay in. My bottom retainer was shaped wrong and caused two of my bottom teeth to push out. Eventually I had that retainer removed and was given a traditional "hawley" retainer which corrected the issue. For about 2 years, I wore no retainer at all. When someone saw my smile, they always complimented me on how nice my teeth were/are (even today no one sees an issue with it). However, I know that my teeth have shifted and they aren't where I want them to be.

Fast-forward to today...I kept noticing these ads on Facebook so I decided to read up on it. I noticed a few good reviews and then I read a plethora of bad reviews. I was really reluctant to give this a try. I decided to test my luck and on 08/09/2016 I began the process. I only had to pay $45 for the preliminary assessment because I had a 50% coupon code that I used. I received an email back the same day advising that my assessment was approved and that I needed to submit pictures of my smile; which I did the same day.
- 08/11/2016 - Communication letting me know the impression kit was on it's way.
- 08/19/2016 - Received impression kit in the mail.
- 08/22/2016 - Dropped completed impression back off in the mail.
- 08/24/2016 - Received email that impressions were received.
- 08/26/2016 - Recieved email that impressions were approved. Paid my $250.00 deposit as well.

Look forward to the journey and please feel free to ask any question.


Good Day All,

08/30/16 - I received my treatment plan via email and aligners were ordered. So far, Smile Direct Club has been ahead of schedule with everything. Now, the aligners should be here within 21 days.



Received an email that my aligners were in the thermoforming stage on 09/09/16

Still no aligners

As of today's date (09/27/2016), I still have not received aligners or an email letting me know what stage the aligners are in. The first few steps of the process were really quick and the transaction was smooth, however, I haven't heard anything else since the beginning of the month. Just like a few other reviews, there does seem to be a lack of communication and I feel as though if you don't reach out to them, then it seems like they have forgotten you've given them between $45-$99 of your money to start the process and an additional $250-$1500.00.

Aligners Came!

I received my first 3 sets of aligners on 10/01/2016. Before popping them in, I took 2 Tylenol Extra Strength. They were really tight going on. I had no issues with them not fitting or being too loose.

The next day, there was a little bit of soreness...specifically around the 3 teeth that I'm trying to move. However, it was nothing unbearable. I'm assuming the Tylenol had a lot to do with that. I did have to file my top retainer just a little due to jaw/cheek discomfort. Other than that, as of today, everything is going good.

3rd Tray

So I haven't done an update in a while. However, I am now on my 3rd tray (ouch...really, really tight). I have no issues with soreness because I always change the aligners at night and prior to doing so, I take 2 Tylenol Extra Strength. My treatment requires that I wear each set for 2 weeks and I will be done in about 3 months.

I can say, so far I have no complaints really; aside from the rough edges that cause a tad bit of irritation...nothing the file couldn't fix. I can tell a difference in the place where I needed the most focus on.

I will post pictures a little later.


Pics of my teeth. Sorry I don't have a before but the progress has been great!!!
Smile Direct Club

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