Sono Bello---Houston, TX...chin, Upper and Lower Abs. 5'4 200lbs. Houston, TX

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I am having surgery next Thursday. Excited and...

I am having surgery next Thursday. Excited and nervous at the same time. I called Sono Bello to make an appointment and the whole
Process was really quick. Weird thing is I went to another consultation with another doctor and he told me that I couldn't do smart lipo until I dropped some more weight. When I went to sono bello they said that we can do it since my build only carries fat in certain areas. Weird. The whole time I felt I was being rushed and I only met the consultant who couldn't really give me technical answers. It was like speaking to a car sales person rather than the mechanic. I did enough research going into the place and decided I wanted to go ahead and made an appointment for surgery. I'll keep everyone updated.

Day of surgery

It was an over all good experience. One thing that annoyed me was I was scheduled a 3 pm appointment but somehow it was at 8. Not a big deal but annoying. Dr Thiet was very patient and funny. Considering she has been doing this for over 30 years I trusted her. I even named my fat!! Lol. They thought I was anxious because I was laughing and making jokes but honestly that's just my personality. The nurse was pretty nice and he was hilarious as well which makes the whole experience wonderful. During surgery I pretty much fell asleep. I snore so it was pretty funny in the room. The lidocaine was not bad only a certain spot. The sensitive areas around the rib cage but nothing bad. I didn't jump just said ouch in my drowsy mode. My chin though was pretty intense since there isn't much fat there. But I was pretty much snoring/sleeping so it was too too bad. Dr. Thiet kept me in the loop the whole time and she is definitely a perfectionist. Side note: the little bra and underwear they give you is ridiculous. My butt pretty much ate that thing I forgot to take pre-op picks with markings so maybe you can see from what I took.

Day 1 after surgery

Reading back my review yesterday. I was all over the place lol. Well the swelling is there and it definitely hurts. But I don't want to take any hydrocodone because it's too strong. Hopefully the regimen of Tylenol and arnica will help. Here are some's kind of weirdly shaped but I'm thinking it's still the fluids I do see it smaller thought. They took out about 2100 cc that's a lot. Well off to a good recovery.

4 days post-op and I'm back at work

I am back at work already. A bit of soreness here and there but overall pretty good. For some reason I haven't had a huge appetite ever since surgery. It could be medication or the pain around my neck area. I have been walking a lot since getting out of surgery. Even hit the gym yesterday. Only cardio. No abs or lifting. Overall, it has been a great healing process. I see a huge difference on my abs but my chin looks worse than before. We will see. One week post-op is this Saturday.

One week post op

So I find the pain is mostly gone. Numbness is still there though which is expected. I do have to say the staff seems a little distracted and I didn't even see the doctor post ops. They need to get better customer service in there. But the main thing is that I look great! I ended up losing about 8 lbs. I only lost about an inch off my's probably because of the build up fluids around where she measured. As you can see I don't have any significant bruising at all. My nurse was really surprised it was my one week. Lol. She asked me how I did it. I have no idea!!! I think the healthier you are and the quicker you get up to walk the faster it heals. I wear my compression gear religiously and that helps a lot.
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