42, Heart Attack Survivor, Mother of 3. Houston, TX

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I've been a yo-yo my whole life. I finally...

I've been a yo-yo my whole life. I finally conquered a healthy lifestyle in 1998 then found myself pregnant with my oldest son. I gained more than 70 pounds during that pregnancy. I eventually got my weight down but I wasn't really living a healthy lifestyle, just a whole lot of "movin and shakin". I managed to keep my weight down under 200 for the most part until I got married in 2005. A year later I was pregnant with my youngest son packing the weight on. I again gained about 70 pounds during that pregnancy. Whoever said every pregnancy was different definitely didn't have me in mind. For me, they all were the same. I threw up everyday, spit constantly, broke out in acne (which I only experienced during pregnancy, never in highschool), extreme weight gain, and heartburn. 10 month after birthing my second son I was pregnant with my daughter. Since I didn't lose much weight after having him I piled on another 30 pounds during my 3rd pregnancy tipping the scale at my highest weight ever, about 300 pounds. My daughter will be 8 soon and since then I have lost a good amount of weight but I seem to bounce from 220-240. I had a heart attack in 2012. It lead me to a healthier lifestyle but still I have not been able to achieve the much needed loss of weight. I was officially divorced April of 2015 and by the summer my PCP referred me to a surgeon to remove my gallbladder/gallstones who I soon found out was my heart Dr's wife. The surgery was a success and soon after she encouraged me to get the gastric sleeve. I started seeing a nutrition fall 2015 but I wasn't truly convinced it was what I needed or have to resort to. Finally after falling off the program I realized what a much needed and blessed opportunity it was. After much research, conferring with my Dr's, and YouTube videos I decided it was in my best health interest to take advantage of the opportunity. January 2016 I began the journey again. I figured during the 6 month process, I would give one more try at losing the weight on my own. EPIC FAIL! Now here is am 3 days from my surgery date. I feel blessed, encouraged, excited, and well informed. I was told i would probably immediately come off bp and cholesterol meds. All I wanna do and all I can do is say, THANK YOU MY LORD!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!

42, Heart Attack Survivor, 3 Children, BW240, CW225PREOP

I am 2 more days to the sleeve life. It has been an amazing journey. From learning so much about my body, health, and fitness to meeting some great people, on and offline. I feel very blessed to have this opportunity. I started this journey at 240 pounds. I currently am weighing 225.6 as of this morning with 2 days left on my pre-op liquid diet. I want to lose 80-90 pounds post-op. With following my Dr's, exercise, consitency, and dedication I KNOW I will achieve my weightloss goals. Here's to being happy, healthy, and whole!!!!

My Sleeve Day YAAAAAY!!!!!

Getting ready for surgery!!! Whoohooooo!!!

Less than 20 hrs post-op

Just a lil update
Pain, dry mouth, and I count it all joy!

2 days post-op I'm about to get discharged from the hospital

I've had the most amazing stay here at West Houston Hospital thanks to Todd Oliver, (CEO). From the ladies down in registration to the nurses who were charged with my care, Dr's, nurses, surgeon's, friends, family, etc . I even told i was in the largest room on the floor. VIP Treatment. Thanking my FATHER who art in Heaven for giving me favor with everyone involved. I had the most humbled and sweetest surgeon, Dr. Ese Otah. I pray that because of their obedience that you would bless them from the crown of their heads to the soles of their feet. In JESUS name. Amen

My journey pre-op to post-op

Give five on the sleeved side! Lol. Just wanted to share these pics with you all.

25 Days Post Op....REALITY CHECK IN

My children are my first motivation. Then the desire to be and live a healthier longer fuller life. I started this journey at 240 lbs preop, 224 day of surgery, 239 after being released from hospital, and now 212 to date. I've been on a stall for a little over a week now but I'm hope to be back on as I have been well enough to crank up my work out.

31 lbs down....Feeling Fantastic!!!!

I made my 1 month surgerversary on August 6, 2016. Ivery been to ER twice for dehydration, at a stall for about two weeks between 212-215, but Imy finally on the move again at my current weight of 209 lbs. That's a 31lb weightloss since my BW of 240, SW 224, After surgery weiggt 239 lbs. 31 lbs down and counting! Whoohoooo! I'm hoping to see Onederland by my two month Surgerversary. Pray with me yall!


Ok so I woke up this morning and jumped straight on the scale. 208.4??? Whattttttt???? YEAHHHH BABY! Off to the park and then the gym. You ain't never seen a girl this focused! Lol! The scale is moving again and I'm trying to take full advantage. LEGOOOOOOOO!!!! #TOGODBETHEGLORY #NewYouNewMe2016

One hour 500 calories burned. I DID IT!

I fell just short of 500 calories burned on the treadmill Saturday so today I was determined to reach the 500. I did it! Hmmm maybe next time I'll hit 550 or 600. I do have to be a little cautious as a heart patient I don't want to over do it but dang I want to push it hard. Oh well, slow and steady wins the race, right?!

The girl is feeling herself yall...LOL

I've been sitting on this outfit for a year. Almost 40 pounds down I thought it was time to show'em what I'm workin wit. Lol. Out celebrating one of my best friends Birthday /Bachorlette / Bridal shower party!!! #NewMe2016


I had to get it. I hit 550 calories burned, 2.6 miles. I actually hit 580 last week but didn't get my pic. That 580 had my thighs locker up on me. Ice packs didn't help, I just had to work it out and take it easy for a few days but I can't let that stop me. No pain no gain, right?!!!


I set my weightloss goal to reach Onederland by my two month anniversary date on September 6th....and I DID ITTTTTTT!!!!! YAAAAY! Un huh, oh yeah! Un huh, oh yeah!!!! 199 lbs, 41 lbs lost! #TGBTG

Puttin in work this morning!!! LET'S GET IT!!!

Finally, I did it, burned over 600 calories in 1hr. I kept telling myself "Don't stop, keep pushing, you're almost there! You got this!" I remember when the treadmill use to intimidate me a little but now I'm like, "What's next?" Lol. Only thing left for me to do is to start running on the darn thing. Soon I'll conquer that too and before you know I might even be able to run a marathon. The sky's the limit right? If you really want, just go get it!!!! :-) LEGOOOOOO!!!

Here Comes The Bride.......

Nooooooooo I wasnot the bride but the bridesmaid in one of my best friends wedding last Saturday. At the request of one of my sleeved friends I thought I'd share a few pics. We had a blast! Enjoy! Congrats to Mr and Mrs Ibe, Houston TX

It's My 3mth Surgerversary today!!!!

Hey y'all! I'm so happy I made this decision and GOD made it possible! I didn't hit my goal at 189 but this 193 still feels good! I'm am ever so grateful. I had a long stall this past month but the scale is moving again! I wanted to post and share this day with you. I'm praying all is well with my curent and soon-2-be, Bariatric family. I look forward to hearing from you! Enjoy the pics, be encouraged...Love. ???? TOGODBETHEGLORY!!! #NewYouNewMe2016 #LEGOOOOOOO!!!

WELCOME BACK Y'ALL!!!!!! From RealMeTx!!!!

I had my VSG surgery June 6, 2016 by Dr Ear Otah at West Houston Bariatric Hospital. It has been the BEST decision I've made for myself. BW240 SW224 CW191.2. At 3 months post-op that's 49 pounds lost. "YOU BETTER COME ON, ERIKA!!!! Oh how I've missed the girl on the right so very much! WELCOME BACK, WELCOME BACK!!!!

Goodbye 190's, thanks for coming! Hello 180's, Welcome! See you soon 170's!!!!

I feel GRRRRREAT!!!!!!! I've been working out at home, the park, and Planet Fitness... at this point I think it's time I step my game up a notch and start focusing more on toning in addition to the cardio. They warned me about this loose skin and it is here. Lol. I figure if I join a g that has more to offer, I'll do more. LA Fitness here I come!!! S/o to my good friend Walese for hooking me up! My Stats: BW 240 SW 224 (July 6, 2016) CW 189 That's 51 pounds down and counting! WHOOHOOOOOO!!!!

Celebrating 4mths Post Op!!!

I just wanted to check-in with my sleeve family as I celebrate 4months post-op. I weighed in this morning at 177 lbs. Whoop! Whoop! I'm still on track to reach my goal weight (140lbs) by my birthday in March. I hope and pray all is well with you all and you're experiencing much success, joy, happiness, and good health on your journey. GOD BLESS! :-)

Update pics BW 240, SW 224, CW 177

Update VSG #NewYouNewMe2016

BW 240, SW 224, CW 174....34 lbs to GW of 140.

Loving the skin I'm in! 5th Anniversary Update!

Well y'all my 5th Anniversary Post Op is Dec 6th and I've already ready reached my goal for the month weighing in today at 169! WHOOHOOOOOO!!! 150's HERE I COME!!!! #NEWYOUNEWME2016

Weightless Update!!!

Greetings my fellow sleevers,
It's been a while since I've posted. A girl been dealing with some things but IM BAAAAACK...with an update. I began my VSG JOURNEY at 240lbs, SW 224, and my current weight is.....DRUMROLL PLEASE....156LBS!!!!! YAAAAAAY! That's a total weight loss of 84lbs!!!! 16lbs to go to my goal weight of 140.


It's been a long time since I've updated but I'm here now! Lol. So here goes!!! My surgery date was July 6, 2016. BW 240 SW224 CW.....Drum roll pleeaassssse!!!! A whopping 145 lbs!!!! That's a total weight loss of 95 lbs in almost 9 mths. I am so happy in the skin I'm in!!! Praise GOD!

Then and Now! 96 lbs lost WHOOHOOOOOO!!!

Just wanted to share a few pics from
Sugar Land Bariatric Surgeon

I know that GOD works all things together for the good of those who love HIM and are called according to HIS purpose. I met my heart Dr because I had the heart attack. Then my new PCP referred me to his wife, Dr Ese Otah, who I didn't know of at first. On my last appt with her I expressed a few things in my life that had been weighing heavy on my heart. Before I got off the table, visibly in tears, she encouraged me all would be well then grabbed my hand and offered to pray for me. There was no doubt she was being lead by the Holy Spirit. I had never had such an experience with any Dr. I was truly comforted that day and I knew I was safe in GOD'S hands. In JESUS name! This is GOD'S WILL for my life.

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