30 Year Old with One Child, Is This Right for Me? - Houston, TX

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Hello, I am a 30 year old mommy of one son. I have...

Hello, I am a 30 year old mommy of one son. I have struggled with my weight since college. My highest weight has been 240 and I am currently weighing it between 226-228... Did I mention I am only 4"11?! When i mention surgery people are alarmed because "You don't look that heavy", or "You carry your weight well". What they do not understand is that I stop breathing about 50x a night, I am ALWAYS tired, I have constant body aches, and suffer from idiopathic intracranial hypertension. I just want to be healthy!

Consultation Scheduled!

I have been reading reviews here for weeks and decided to take the plunge and schedule a consultation with Dr. Todd Worley in Houston, TX. I am nervous and excited! I have already found out that my insurance will cover my procedure, I was told there is a checklist of three things I must do before hand and that they weren't a big deal and would be discussed at the consultation. Anyone have any idea what these may be, I am insured with bcbs of Texas. Would should I expect at the consultation? I am nervous but ready to get the process started. I am a teacher and asked would a December surgery date be a possibility so that I can use my holiday break and was told it is definitely doable!!! I am attaching some current photos. I know my situation may not look like I need surgery but I weigh 226 lbs, am 4"11 and my BMI is 49.5... a change is needed and hopefully forthcoming in December!

Consultation Great! Tentative Surgery Date!

My consultation yesterday was awesome! Dr. Worley is amazing patient, kind, and extremely knowledgeable! My BMI is 49 and I have a history of sleep apnea so my insurance isn't asking for much to pay out for my surgery. All I have to do is blood work, one psych/nutrition visit on the same day, and an EGD. Dr. Worley is going to do the ekg and electrocardiograph on the same day as the EGD visit and that's it! Due to the fact that I have more than halfway met my family deductible of $1000 we are confident my other tests and other appts my son and I have scheduled aside from my surgical checklist will push me over so the most I would have to pay is $2000 but that isn't even likely. I am so happy! My doc went ahead and let his scheduler out in my procedure date for 12/20... the countdown to December begins!

Moving right along!

I only had three thing on my check list and so far I've gotten my blood work done and scheduled my psych/ nutrition visit ( only need one, occurring on the same day) for September 21st. My EGD will likely be mid September and my surgeon is comfortable keeping my December 20th surgery date on the calendar since I've scheduled the necessary pre op appointments! This is really happening... I'm
So close to changing my life!

Almost there

A couple of weeks ago I had my nutrition and psych consultations and they are amazing! All that is left is my EGD schedule for 10/21 and after that I should be in the clear! Too excited, nervous, anxious but R E A D Y!!!

I only had 3 requirements for my surgery and i...

I only had 3 requirements for my surgery and i have met 2/3! I have my EGD on 10/21 then my surgery date will be in December! I am so nervous and so excited for the change. I must admit that I still have some lingering questions. I am so anxious about recovery, swallowing problems etc. my therapist session before really got me to thinking about how I will feel mentally about the change as well


My EGD IS TOMORROW! This is my final step before scheduling my surgery! I am so nervous and so excited at the same time. Best news so far is that at the most I will only have to pay $1800 for my surgery!

It's official!

Hey y'all! I just got the call today! My surgery date is OFFICIALLY December 20th at 10:30 am! I have an electrocardiograph and ekg on Thursday and my preop/ registration appt is December 12th! I am nervous and excited all at the same time. I have to do a preop diet for a week. 4 days of Atkins and 3 days liquid, was this difficult for anyone? As it is now becoming a reality and not just a hope what else can I expect leading up to and after surgery?! Thank God I am steps closer to reclaiming my life!

So close

One month away from my surgery and I am getting soooooooo nervous!

It's almost that time!!! ????

Y'all my surgery date is quickly approaching and ish is getting real! My preop/registration appointment is Monday and I start my one week preop diet on Tuesday... I am so nervous and so excited! Ready to get it done!

And it is done

Hi guys! I am 1 day post op and I am hanging in there. The o oh pain I am experiencing is gas pain... and it is the absolute worst! I can't wait to finally be over the gas pain so I start feeling like this decision was worth it. The doctors and staff here are nice and keeping me comfortable though! I will soon head to radiology for my leak test. I am adding some before photos from yesterday and the day before. Thank you all for your support.

HW: 242
SW: 225

Almost 2 weeks out

Just had my post op appointment and I am thrilled! HW:240
SW: 237 (weigh in at start of preop diet)
In the last 15 days from preop to now I have lost 24lbs! I start my soft food diet Tuesday!

I was sleeved on 12/20 :-)

Healing nicely

I am doing amazing! 28 lbs down from preop diet starting weight of 237! I am healing nicely too!

Making progress

Hey guys! I am about 30 days out from my surgery and feel great! I have been strictly following my diet! My doctor said I should get at least 60g or protein in and it was a struggle initially. I was losing weight almost daily in the but hit a stall between the 3rd and 4th week... man... I was disgusted! I just kept asking myself "why the hell did you do this, it's not even working?!" I relaxed, did some research and sought support from groups on fb and made an adjustment to my diet. Once I increased my protein intake I broke my stall. I know I will hit more road blocks ahead but I will keep knocking them down!

So I am 3 months post op...

58 lbs down!
Houston Bariatric Surgeon

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