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Hello every one, five days from now I will be...

Hello every one, five days from now I will be having body sculpture andBBL with implants with Dr.Cortes in houston. I'm trying to get everything ready for post op care. Can any of you share your experience and what things I should get to make this recovery a little less painful? I am beyond excited!


Day 3 swelling


As soon as I woke up from surgery I felt good. A few hours later I was getting up by myself to use the bath room and walking around. The days to follow we're going well, I was even wearing heels! On the 9th day I started noticing fluid coming out of my wound where the implants are and high fevers. I called the doctors office and they imidiately put me on a regimen of antibiotics and instructions on how to clean the site. The next day I saw the doctor and he told me this is not unusual. The are is not infected but we must keep a close eye on it. He cleaned it and noticed I lost a suture. He send me home with it open (small hole) and said to let it drain. He will close it tomorrow. Meanwhile I am in a lot of pain. I got a new girtle with the but out and it's so tight that it causes so much pain, so I am not wearing anything at the moment. I am not feeling so great rite now, feel like iv regressed in my recovery. I feel like day 1 again but with not the same high spirit. I know it will be ok, I just go used to no pain and now here I am again. The results are looking great so that's good.

28 days

Recovery has been tough, I hate sleeping on my belly and the swelling in my body is driving me crazy. I can't wait to start the massages so it will go down. Butt looks good and bruising is almost all gone.

Almost a month!

Looking better, swelling has gone down a little bit.

Can't believe it's me!

5 months post op


Very unhappy and emotionally distraught. I paid to look like a monster with out clothes or faja on.

I had unnecessary complications with my implants for 6mo (Acording to 2 other doctors) and after that time I lost one implant to a suspected infection and had them both removed.
I have lipo burns on my stomach and back and my stomach is defigured. I was told that it was just sewelling but after consulting with other PS and swing similar reviews on here I feel the need to speak out.

Sent an email to jazmine with bellavita

So I am supper excited! I just emailed jazmine with bellavita. I told her what I need help with and now I'm just waiting on the price so I can pay and then make contact with Dra.Duran.
I just had to share that because I'm so anxious!!

Yay yay I can't wait!!!

I just paid my invoice to bellavita so now I'm just waiting to get my quote! I requested quotes from Duran and cabral as a back up. I can't tell you girls how anxious I am to feel like myself again!!!
I want bbl, tummy tuck, bl & ba done. I hope it all goes well
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