Scheduled for Butt Implants with Fat Transfer with Wilberto Cortes - Houston, TX

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I have my surgery this week I was supposed to...

I have my surgery this week I was supposed to have a pre op consultation with Wilberto Cortes yesterday but they told Me last minute that He was unavailable & that I would be able to talk to him right before My surgery ???? How is he supposed to know how big of an implant I'm looking for if I have not talk to him I only meet Him for 2 min on My fist consultation I figured once I paid almost 13,000 He would have time to hear My wants & needs, I was wrong ???? Now I'm terrified ,not a feeling I wanted to feel the week of My surgery.

Had a consultation with Dr Wilberto again.

So I requested another consultation with the Dr & got it today, I still felt like He rushed through it but He said He knew exactly what I was looking for. I'm very excited but also very nervous about the results ???? I have faith that everything will be great ???? He is obviously one of the top surgeons for a reason so I'm ready to put all my trust on him

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY I can't wait

I can't wait I'm so excited & so scared I'm feeling so many emotions. Does anyone have any tips or advice on the recovery from Butt implants ?

1 day post op

So I had My butt implants yesterday. I know the say you can't tell the results right away but It looks like I still have a small butt :( no difference at all ,Maybe if He would of took the time to listen to exactly what I wanted maybe I would of seen better results if it's true what they say that My butt will go down from all the sweeling and the %30 fat you loose then I'm very disappointed with still a small butt & on top of that He didn't have time today to see Me before getting discharged.

Bad Lipo

My stomach is uneven & Lumpy :(

Garment I was sent home with

This is it , butt with not very projection & when I took off My garment the implants seemed to be to low He didn't inject the top of my butt with fat

Hour glass

Does this seem like an hour glass? I see a square shape still :( & when garment is off My right side still has a big fat muffin top

Is it normal?

Is it normal to feel more tightness in one butt implant ? When I walk it still feels tight and painfull how long before the stiffness goes away??

So disappointed

Now that the swelling is going down My butt is getting smaller and my right butt cheek is bigger then the left as if he put the implant more up. I'm so disappointed & I know if I bring this up to them they will say it's My fault the way they said about all of the other complaints I brought up about other clients.
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