RectoceleRepair/Vaginoplasty & Perineoplasty/Posterior Colporrhaphy/VRejuvenation..pick the Name YouWant to Call It! Houston, TX

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I've had 3 vaginal births, 2 of which would be...

I've had 3 vaginal births, 2 of which would be clinically described as "traumatic"....i.e. suction and forceps deliveries. I had vaginal and labial tears after each one. Sometime during my child bearing years I noticed I just looked "strange" down there. Pink skin tag sticking out, gaping opening with mounds of different tissue visible just past my opening, enlarged labia. My husband never complained, and, though I was disgusted by the view, as long as I didn't look, I could forget about it for a while! :)

Fast forward to the last few months. I've been having an increasingly difficult time while trying to pass a BM. If I get the slightest bit constipated, the BM would get stuck in my vagina, and I'd have to push on my perineum to get the BM out. Also, during sex in certain positions, air would build up in my rectum.....nothing like farting to kill the mood! :) These are classic signs of a rectocele.

So I had both medical and vanity complaints. For some reason, I only recently realized that I could actually fix both problems with one surgery. And since I had a legitimate medical complaint, my surgery would be covered by insurance. (**Well, I have a HDHP- high deductible health plan- so I still had to pay for it, but I was able to use our HSA funds and the amount is applied towards our deductible.) Once I decided to go for it, things progressed quickly.

I checked reviews of local docs and decided to go to the Women's Pelvic Restorative Center here in Houston. The docs are all Urogynecologists. I requested one particular surgeon who had good reviews and was able to see her within a couple of weeks. (Not naming her because I'd like to protect my anonymity, but if you want her name, feel free to msg me.) She confirmed that I had a grade 2 rectocele and would benefit from a posterior repair.

-----> So here's where a lot of confusion comes in. There are different names for the same surgery, depending on who is doing the surgery (Plastic surgeon vs. gynecologist). My urogynecologist performed a posterior colporrhaphy (AKA rectocele repair), and she mentioned that it would be just like the Vaginal Rejuvenations that plastic surgeons perform. So unless I'm wrong, the posterior repair that I received from her would have been called a vaginoplasty with perineoplasty at a plastic surgeon's office.

Ok, so back to the actual surgery.

My surgery was performed at their surgery center. I got there at 6 am and was gone by 10 am. The surgery itself only lasted about 30 min. I had heavy sedation, but wasn't intubated. I don't remember much. I do have a brief memory of being wheeled in to the operating room, but the next thing I know is my hubby trying to get me to wake up so we could leave. (Guess I was enjoying my nap!) :) I had to prove to them that I could pee on my own, and then we were free to go.

The ride home wasn't bad. I brought a pillow with me to sit on, but didn't use it. Guess I was still numb from the local she used. I had to climb stairs, and that wasn't bad either. I was still sleepy from the anesthetic, so I went straight to bed and slept the rest of the afternoon. I took a pain pill that night at bedtime, but that's all the narcotics I've needed. She also gave me an RX for Ibuprofen, and that's been enough (along with my frozen peas) to keep any pain in check.

As far as supplies go, I've only needed a couple of pads, some Dermoplast, and frozen PEAS! Several bags of those! :) I've actually busted a couple bags from sitting on them, so make sure you wrap them in a grocery bag. Trust me- there's nothing worse than having a wet butt that smells like peas!

Forgot to include a couple of things.....

A couple more things I thought about last night:

1) Another supply I've needed is pantiliners. I'm using those right now, and only have to change them 2-3 times in a 24 hr period. Discharge the first couple days was small amounts of blood, so I used pads for that. Days 3 & 4 I had light pink discharge, and switched to pantiliners. Today, Day 5, my discharge is turning brown, so I think the bleeding is coming to an end.

2) Another complaint I had about by vagina was my inability to use tampons or menstrual cups. When I put them in, they would immediately veer off to the right inside me, and my body would push them out right away (or, if I got them in far enough, I could feel them and it was very uncomfortable). I mentioned this to the doc, and she said it was likely that my rectocele was pushing against them so I couldn't put place them properly. Really hoping the surgery will fix this because it's been YEARS since I've been able to swim while on my period!

3) BMs. I was scared for the first one, but it truly didn't actually hurt. And it makes sense that it wouldn't, because she didn't actually operate in my rectum, just my vagina. I have been taking Colace and Miralax to keep my stool soft, so that's been very helpful. And I gave myself an enema on Day 2 because I could feel that I had to poop, but my body just didn't seem to want to...maybe because I was scared and couldn't relax, or maybe because of the anesthesia & pain meds? Anyway, I did the enema, and felt like a new woman after! :)

4) Activity- definitely take it easy while you're healing! I planned all our meals out for 2 weeks and stocked our fridge accordingly. Hubby took off the day of the surgery and half of the next day, and that was enough. I do have two preteen daughters who have been able to help with cleaning and meals and bringing me fresh bags of frozen peas. Between them and my hubby, I haven't fixed one meal or folded one piece of laundry since the surgery. I mostly lay down on the couch or recliner and let them take care of me.

On Day 3 I was feeling really good and wanted to go out, so we went for a drive. One thing led to another, and we ended up being out for 3 hours! That was a mistake. I was really hurting at the end of the drive. The next morning I felt "bruised" down below. Not sure if that was because of the too-long drive or just a normal Day 4 feeling.

I also haven't felt any pain or any thing inside me. All my discomfort has been on the outside where she stitched up my perineum. And that discomfort comes from feeling the stitches tug and dig in to my skin. I remember this exact feeling after having my kids, so this surgery has been almost exactly like healing from giving birth....except I'm not waking up every two hours to feed a newborn! :) we are at Day 5. I still haven't looked at the results! :) Just waiting for any "ugliness" to subside. I'm taking Ibuprofen and Colace each day. Just wearing pantiliners for the slight brownish discharge. And still taking it easy, though I did make my bed, and I am sitting up in a chair (on my frozen peas!) while typing this, but I will lay down in front of the TV soon.

I go for my follow up appt next week. Can't wait to see my final results! Until then, though, I'm thinking the surgery has been relatively mild and I would do it again. Hopefully I'll still feel the same after I'm cleared for sexual activity! ;)

Day 9

Hi ladies!

I'm on post op Day 9. I feel really good today- almost back to normal. I still have a stitch in my perineum that is bothering me. If the stitches are dissolving like they are supposed to, that bothersome stitch should be coming out any time now- once it does, I think I'll feel 100%! :) Only meds I'm taking are one colace each night. And my discharge is still more than my usual, but is tinged a light brownish-yellow. I'm changing pantiliners twice a day, and going without them at night to let myself "air out". Still sitting on frozen peas when I'm in a chair.....just cause I feel better with them there! :)

Days 6-8 were full of itching and irritation. I also was able to start feeling the inside stitches if I bent over at the waist, or sat down in a particular way. That felt pretty weird. But today is better.

Luckily, I'm a stay at home mom, so I don't need to worry about reporting back to work. If I did however, I think it would be safe to say that returning to a desk type job after Day 10 would be doable. If I was working 12 hour shifts on my feet in the ER, however, I'm not sure I would be ready for that.

My 2 week post op appt is next week. I'll update after that. And maybe I'll build up the nerve to post pics........ :)

Sex and the Final Results

Well, I am now 2 months post op, and I can officially call my surgery "Worth It"!

Looking at myself with a mirror, I thought that she could have sewn me up a little more....but after having sex for the first time this week, I glad she didn't!! :)

Medically speaking, my rectocele symptoms are completely gone. I'm still using the Colace everyday, and will until my prescription is gone. Though, a couple of times I forgot to take them, so my BMs were a little more firm than I would have liked, but they didn't get caught in my prolapse like they would have before. I'm cured!! :) (Though, I made sure NOT to rush things along and push the stool out forcefully; I just let my body do what it was designed to do.)

I've only had one period since the surgery so far, and I did not experience any large clots like I did before. (I think my blood was pooling in the pocket created by my rectocele.) I'm not brave enough yet to try using tampons or menstrual cups; I'll give that a few more months probably.

And now the thing every one wants to know about- SEX! :) From my perspective, it isn't bad, and is actually enjoyable after the initial penetration. I'm pretty dry, but she said to expect that and use lots of KY. I feel VERY tight, from the outside all the way in. I would call it slightly uncomfortable, but I just had surgery, so there's no way around that. In fact, she said the only thing that will make that better is sex....and the more we do it, the faster it will get better! :) I definitely won't be doing acrobatic maneuvers for a while, but overall it's truly not bad, and is actually enjoyable.

From my hubby's perspective- he says it is way he feels like I am gripping him and won't let go! hahaha And he swears he can feel a stitch in one certain position, so we are avoiding that position for a couple more weeks. :) He never complained before, but I can tell he is definitely enjoying the "new" me!

So, if you are thinking about having the surgery, DO IT! I am so happy with my results!

Phase One of recovering my body from childbirth is officially over. Next up: Tummy Tuck! :)
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